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Waverly Township, Morgan County IL

Waverly Township
Morgan County, Illinois
Township 13 North, Range 8 West, Third Principal Meridian

1875 County Map   County Map Sketch


The towns in Waverly Township are:

Cemeteries in Waverly Township


Cemeteries in Waverly Township
Allis /Old West / Bethel NW¼SW¼, Section 11
Caruthers NW¼SE¼, Section 14
Conlee E½NW¼, Section 35
Jones NE½SW¼, Section 18
Rogers NE¼SW¼, Section 10
Turner NE¼NE¼, Section 21
New Hope aka Muddy SW¼NE¼, Section 19
St. Sebastian Catholic City of Waverly
Vulberdon Burial Site S & W of Waverly Section 32
Waverly East Waverly City Cemetery

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