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Meredosia Township, Morgan County IL

Meredosia Township
Morgan County, Illinois
Township 16 North, Range 13 West, Third Principal Meridian

1875 County Map   County Map Sketch


The towns in Meredosia Township are:



1816–(1832) Said to be named for a French Priest, Antoine D’osia who settled on a lake (mere). First mentioned by Murray McConnel (1816) and named by J. E. Waldo ahd Phillip Ayelsworth. There is some controversy about the origin of the name. Some say it was named after the lake (mere) and the Willows (osia). The town was plotted in 1832 by Thomas T. January. It is a thriving Illinois River town yet today. (Carl E. Black research)

Augustine - SE¼-NW¼, Section 36
Beagle aka Kunzeman NE¼-NE¼, Section 25
Oakland - NW¼-SE¼, Section 22


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