Female Academy - 1836 - Jacksonville Morgan County Illinois

Contributed by Morgan Area Genealogical Association (now defunct)

1836 Jacksonville Female Academy

From an article in a Jacksonville newspaper by Ensley Moore. (Undated, Ca 1916)

The catalougue of the Jacksonville Female Academy for the year 1836--eighty years ago--is interesting. It was a booklet of twelve pages, besides the cover of green glazed paper on the outside, and white inside.

The title page states the publication was "For one year ending August 1836. It was printed in Jacksonville, Ill., by "E. T. and C. Goudy, Printers, 1836." The Trustees were Mr. Elihu Wolcott, President; Hon. Samuel D. Lockwood; His Excel. Joseph Duncan; Mr. Benjamin Godfrey; Rev. J.M. Sturtevant; Dr. Bezaleel Gillet; Dr.Ero Chandler; Matthew Stacy, Esp, Treasurer; William Brown, Esq., Secretary; Mr. John P. Wilkinson; Mr. Dennis Rockwell; Mr. Ebenezer T. Miller; Mr. David B. Ayers, Supt.

The teachers were: Principal, Miss Emily P. Price; Assistant Pupils, Miss Ann Hart, and Miss Ruth W. Bateman. The addresses of three pupils were vut (sic - probably "left") out on the first page, and the names and addresses of three others on the second page. The latter are supplied herein. The names then, and since--so far as known to the writer--of the sixty eight pupils were:

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