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Morgan County IL
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CHURCH, Thomas
DAVIS, Bristow
FOX, Elisha
GISH, Samuel
OMMEN, Omme Jacob

ETHEL, James W.
ETHEL, Willis J.

I Elisha Fox of the City of Jacksonville, Morgan County, State of Illinois, being of sound mind and memory do make this my Last Will and Testament, and do declare and publish this as my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all fomer wills made by me. I.

I direct that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be fully paid. II.

Having in the past given to my seven children herein after named money, personal property and real estate of the total value set opposite each of their respective names to each of which I hereby direct that such sum is to be charged as an advancement.

To Flavias C Fox, Four thousand four hundred and fifty dollars; to Samuel L Fox, Twelve thousand five hundred dollars; to my deceased daughter Mary L runkle Five hundred dollars; to my daughter Emily J K Hart Three thougsand five hundred dollars; to my son Thomas U Fox Three thousand five hundred dollars; to my daughter Nellie May Sperry Twelve hundread and five dollars; to my son Eulalia E Fox, Three thousand five hundred dollars.

I direct and it is my will that each of said children and their heirs and legal representatives be charged with said sums set opposite their respective names as so much of an advancement to each of them. And I drect and will that the portion of Mary L Runkle, deceased, who would have taken a childs part under this will be divided amoung her three children, Elisha Runkle, Marion Runkle, and Lewallen Runkle, share and share alike, reminder to survivor. It bring my intention to divide my whole estate among my seven children equally share and share alike, and that after charging to each the sum heretofore given then and set down herein as an advancement if there is enough to make them equal to the sum received by Samuel L Fox as an advancement if there is enough property or estate for that purpose, share and share alike. III.

I direct and will and hereby appoint Thomas U Fox and Samuel L Fox, the executors of this my last will and testament, and hereby authorize them to sell at public or private sale any property personal or real estate that it may become necessary to sell to carry into effet this Will and settle my estate.

I hereby authorize my exectuors to convey by deed all such lands so sold to the respective purchasers for the purposes aforesaid.

Witness whereof I have herunto set my hand and seal this ninght day of January AD 1895. Elisha Fox (seal)

The foregoing will was signed by Elisha Fox, aforesaid in our presence and attested by us in his presence. Frank H. Thomas Frank J Irvinmonger

Whereas I Elisha Fox of the County of Morgan in the State of Illinois did make my last Will and testament in writing bearing date of the 9th Ninth day of January 1895 and did thereby provide in that Samuel L Fox my son should be charged the sum of twelve thousand and five hundred dollars $12000 as advancements to him, now instead of said provision I hereby direct that the said Samuel L only be charged with the sum of three thousand and five hundred dollars. I also direct that Flavis C Fox, my son be appointed and directed to act as my executor with Thomas U Fox instead of Samuel L Fox. I also and hereby declare this to be a codicil to my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand seal this September 21st 1895. Elisha Fox (seal)

The foregoing codicil to the this last Will and testament was signed by Elisha Fox in our presence and attested in his presence. Benjamin R Upham Geo W Smith

GISH, Samuel


Admitted to probate on the 30 of March 1832

Recorded in Book A of wills Page b1.62 & 63

In the name of God, Amen. I Samuel Gish of the County of Morgan and state of Illinois being of sound mind and memory and understanding and considering the necessity of this life think best to make this my Last Will and Testament in the following manner though as touching my worldly estate, it is my will and desire that all my just debts be faithfully paid first. First, after all my just debts be paid I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Gish sixty five acres of land off the East side of the North East quarter of section twenty two in Township No. Sixteen North, Range No. Eleven west, to have and to hold the aforesaid land or if she should choose to sell deed and convey the land to whom she may think proper and if she sees fit to sell, the money is to be divided one half to my son David Gish and the other half is for the use of my beloved wife Elizabeth Gish.

Secondly, my mill and all the balance of my lands to be sold within twelve months after my decease to the highest bidder one half in hand and the other at accredit of twelve month and if my beloved wife Elizabeth Gish shall see proper to enter the place I now live on she may take one hundred dollars of the money of the mill place to enter the same and the said land to be for the use of my son David Gish after her death.

Third, my horses cattle and hogs I want my well beloved wife Elizabeth Gish to keep as many of each for her own use as she may think proper for her own uses and benefit and then the balance to be sold at public sale to the highest bidder and the money arising from all of said lands tenements and stock to be equally divided between my well beloved wife Elizabeth Gish and my son David Gish.

Fourth, I want my beloved wife Elizabeth Gish to have my son David Gish to be put to school till he learns to read write and cyper as far as the Double Rule of three.

Fifth, All of my household and kitchen furniture I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Gish for her use and benefit and for the raising of my son David Gish. I likewise make constitute appoint and ordain my beloved wife Elizabeth Gish my only and solo exectratrix of my last will and testament. I do hereby disallow records and disannul any and every former Testaments Wills Legacies bequeaths and Exectors by me in anywise before named willed or bequeathed ratifying and confirming this my beloved wife Elizabeth Gish to be my Last and Testamonial Investing Exectratrix with sole power to make titles to the said lands and tenements. In testimony where of I have set my hand and affixed my Last Seal, Samuel Gish (+ his mark)

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us, this tenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two.


Andrew Arnett

Stephen Henderson

State of Illinois, Morgan County Court of Probates

Be it remembered that on the thirtieth day of March AD eighteen hundred and thirty two, Stephen Anderson and Andrew Arnett the subscribing witnesses to the within will and testament appeared before this Court and made oath to the same and that they subscribed their names thereto by the request of the Testator and that they believed the Testator at the time of executing the same to be of sound mind memory and understanding.

Transcribed as best I could from a photocopy of the original that was provided by the Morgan County Circuit Court. Kenneth H. Soper, Jan 31, 2009

OMMEN, Omme Jacob - from the Cemetery Book - Tholen Cemetery

Jacksonville Journal of Friday, Jan. 3, 1896
Filed For Probate
The last will and testament of Omme Jacob Ommen, deceased, has been filed for probate with County Clerk Frank J. Heinl. The instrument, which is dated Nov. 21, 1888, is witnessed by John H. and Milton Brockhouse and provides that all the proceeds of the property, both real and personal, of O. J. Ommen, shall be devoted to the maintenance of his two youngest children, Charlie R. and Carrie Ommen, until they shall become of age, at which time the whole estate is to be divided equally among the nine children. John F., William and Jacob Ommen are named as executors.

RATLIFF, Thomas H - transcribed and contributed by Krista Willis Holst

Probate of Thomas H Ratliff –

 Court of probate Justice of the Peace – Morgan County, Illinois

In the Matter of the administration of the Goods, Chattels and credits of Thomas H Ratliff deceased.

To Matthew Stacy Esq. Probate Justice of the Peace of Morgan County

The Petetion of William J Ratliff respectfully showeth that Thomas H Ratliff is dead.

That said deceased departed this life at his residence in said county on the 9th day of June 1845 without leaving any last will and testament to the knowledge, information or belief of petitioner; that said deceased died possessed of certain personal property in the State of Illinois, the value whereof does not exceed the sum of about three hundred dollars, as your petitioner has been informed and believes that said deceased has left him surviving Eleven children and no widow. William J Ratliff, Jane C Henderson, Thomas Ratliff, John Ratliff, Maria Dean, Richard Ratliff, Robert Ratliff, Granville Ratliff, Mary Benjamin, Balis P Ratliff, Joseph Ratliff who are the children and only next of kin; that said deceased was at or immediately previous to his death, an inhabitant of the County of Morgan, by means whereof, as your petitioner has been informed and believes, the ordering and granting administration of all and singular the goods, chattels, and credits whereof said deceased died possessed, in said State; also , the auditing, allowing and final discharging the accounts thereof, doth belong unto the Court of Probate Justice of the Peace of said County.   Your petitioner therefore prays, that you will appoint your petitioner and Lewis Dean administrators of all and singular goods, chattels and credits which were of said Thomas H Ratliff deceased. And your petititioner will ever pray.
William J. Ratliff.

Dated July 1, 1845

Bill of Sale of the personal property of Thomas H. Ratliff deceased held at his residence this 25th day of July 1845

Purchaser's Name Description of property cost
Robert Ratliff One weeding hoe .14 3/4
William Layton One grubbing hoe 0.75
Joseph Ratliff One ax 1.00
Lewis Dean One lot of harness and chain 1.25
Lewis Dean One part of stretchers 37.50
Daniel Willson One levis .12 1/2
Daniel Willson One diamond plow 3.50
Jane Henderson One reel 0.50
JW Ratliff One big wheel 0.25
James F Davis One lot of old rion 37.50
Abram Ansborn One old ax 12.50
Jane Henderson One fire shovel .06 1/4
Jane Henderson One sieve .12 1/2
Wm. Ratliff One bell 87.50
Lewis Dean One iron wedge 0.25
GW Ratliff One large pot 2.00
Charles Benjamin One skillet .31 1/4
GW Ratliff One stew pot .87 1/2
William Johnson Two skillets 0.75
Lewis Dean One flat iron 0.31
Charles Benjamin One flat iron 0.31
Wm Layton One lot of tin ware 0.20
Wm Ratliff One churn 1.00
Wm Ratliff One pail 0.31
Lewis Dean One pigim .12 1/2
GW Ratliff One bucket 0.25
Joseph Ratliff One chest 11.50
Robert Ratliff One old chest 0.31
Charles Benjamin One shot gun 1.56
John Ratliff One shot gun 2.20
Wm Ratliff One shot gun barrel 0.35
Wm Ratliff One table 2.00
Wm Ratliff One bedstead 2.00
GW Ratliff 3 chairs 1.62 1/2
GW Ratliff 3 chairs 1.12 1/2
Wm Ratliff 3 chairs 1.12 1/2
Lewis Dean One pr pot hooks 0.20
Robt Ratliff One hamer .37 1/2
GW Ratliff One pr pot hooks 0.20
Jane Henderson One barel .06 1/4
GW Ratliff One lot of old barrels .12 1/2
Daniel Willson One bridle 0.70
Charles Benjamin One steer 3.50
Charles Benjamin One black sided steer 3.62 1/2
Joseph Ratliff One heifer 3.00
Wm Layton One red cow 6.60
Richard Ratliff One brindle cow 9.00
John Turley One lot of six hogs 24.00
John Turley One lot of six hogs 18.60
John Turley One lot four hogs 6.12 1/2
Jane Henderson One lot of two hogs 1.00
W Moss, Jr One lot of 5 sheep 7.06 1/4
Benjamin Moss One lot of 5 sheep 5.25
Benjamin Moss One lot of 5 sheep 3.12 1/2
Joseph Ratliff One sorel mare 60.00
Philip Thompson One bay mare 50.00
Richard Ratliff One grey filly 35.50
Edward Samors One wagon 35.00
Robert Ratliff One breast yoke and chain 1.00
Robert Ratliff One set of breaching 3.00
Daniel Willson One farming mill 18.50
Lewis Dean One bee stand 1.62 1/2
Robert Martion Two bee stands 2.25
Charles Benjamin One piece of sole leather 2.56 1/4
Wm Moss Jr One pair sheep shears .62 1/2
Jane Henderson One wooden box and mug .12 1/2
Jane Henderson One lot of plates .37 1/2
Lewis Dean One pitcher 0.27
Wm Reed Pepper box and salt cellar 0.25
Lewis Dean One teapot .06 1/4
Isaac Moss One bottle 0.10
Issac Moss One cupboard 3.00
Jane Henderson One clock 2.50
Richard Ratliff One bed and stead 9.06 1/4
GW Ratliff One bed and stead 11.00
Wm Ratliff One bed 10.50
Lewis Dean One bed stead 1.50
Joseph Ratliff One bed cover 1.87 1/2
Robert Morison One coverlet 4.00
Robert Morison One coverlet 4.00
Charles Benjamin One coverlet 4.00
Wm Johnson One coverlet 4.31
GW Ratliff One bed cover 1.85
Robert Kershaw Three bed covers .72 1/2
Robert Morison One blanket 1.12 1/2
John Ratliff One blanket .62 1/2
Charles Benjamin One jar .18 3/4
Jane Henderson 3 crocks .43 3/4
GW Ratliff One lot of eleven geese .47 1/2
GW Ratliff One coffee mill 0.41
Isaac Moss One blanket .37 1/2
Cornelius Turley One basket 0.25


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