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William & Mary Vaughn Ratekin
Morgan County IL

If you can claim this picture, contact the county coordinator. I have the email address particulars on these photos. Not sure that these people may have been residents of Morgan County IL after 1850.

One cousin wrote to another cousin about finding these pictures, “Today I took apart a picture frame that Nancy purchased at an antique store in Durango Co. last summer. She purchased just for the frame it has old  glass and is very old. Inside I found in very good condition except for some water Marks around a few edges these two photo’s size 20″ x 16″ and were protected by the print of an Elk, it, too, is old and was printed in Philadelphia. They are more of a painting rather than a photo and on the back of each are the names . I don’t know if they were from back East and came West but was wondering if you might could do a check and maybe locate a relative through”



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