Winn, Amos, Reamer, Williams Family Photos
Morgan County IL

All photos on this page submitted by Shirley Williams

James Amos (1794-1867) and Matilda Fraley Amos (1803-1888)

Nathan P. Dawson (1817-1898) and Ruth Amos Dawson (1827-1901)

Philemon D. Reamer (1840-1874) and Matilda C. Dawson (1846-1936)

George E. Winn I (1840-1874) and Cora Reamer (1868-1954)

George E. Winn II (1903-1986) and Nelle I. Rhodes (1904-1984)

Bill R. Williams and Shirley E. Winn married November 26, 1968

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