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The narratives provided by Robert Bland.

Robert Emmett Bland was born 18 July 1833 in Amelia county, VA, the son of John Archer Bland and Mary Ann Dickinson. During the Civil War (War Between the States) he rode with General J.E.B. Stuart and at the end surrendered at Appomatox. He became the book keeper for what is known now as a conglomerate of railroads and shipping along the Atlantic seaboard. When Emma B. Walton visited relatives in Norfolk, VA they met and began a courtship via letters which I have in my possession and reads like a novel! They finally married in Jacksonville 18 July 1894, on his 61st birthday! What a birthday present. They lived in Norfolk when my father, Robert Walton Bland, was born 14 January 1896!. Robert Emmett died 5 November 1896. Emma and her young son came back to Jacksonville to live.

Robert Emmett had been married prior to the war to Martha Webster and had three children, Molly, Patti and Willie. If there is anyone that can add to this information, especially of these earlier children, please contact Robert Bland.

This southern lady (below) was Emma Bates Walton, daughter of Robert Alfred Walton and Emily Caroline Bates. She was my grandmother. Her mother was the daughter of Frederick Bates, second Governor of Missouri. Emma was born 7 November 1853 in St Charles, MO, the first capitol of Missouri. She died in Jacksonville, IL in my parents home on 5 February 1938 in her 85th year. She lived a block south of the 'brook' on the corner on the west side of South Main Street until her death.

Editor's Note: According to information on the back of this photo it was taken on September 8, 1890 and is of Emma Bates Walton. The studio that did the work was Goebel Artistic Photography, Saint Charles, Missouri. the firm was established in 1856. There was also a small advertisement - "By sending name copies can always be obtained of this or any other photograph made at this studio at reduced rates. Pictures of every description copied and enlarged."

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