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Abstracted by Florence Hutchison

The following Death Dates were abstracted by Florence Hutchison from the Original Record Book of the Old Settlers' Association, which is housed in the Jacksonville Public Library. This list does not include the Registrants Lists. The Death date is included in all entries, Birth date is included in a few instances, as well as the Age, how many Years in IL and their place of Birth/Nativity. This is an invaluable research tool for those whose ancestors stayed in Morgan, Cass or Scott Counties IL. As Cass & Scott counties were a part of Morgan until 1837 and 1839, these people were also eligible for membership in the Association.

There may be mistakes. Refer to the Original Record Book. This list does not include ALL of the Old Settlers' deaths for this period.
I checked the 1890-91 and 1894-95 necrological lists and there are names in those lists not listed here but other names on the 1890-91 and 1894-95 are here.gf

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