Old Newspaper Articles, Morgan County Illinois

Old Newspaper Articles
Morgan County IL

Excerpts of newspaper articles on this page:
July 17, 1868
February 7, 1876

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Jacksonville Weekly Sentinel July 17, 1868

One Page

The Jacksonville Weekly Sentinel J. R. BAILEY, Editor Jacksonville, Illinois July 17, 1868 Vol. 14, No. 19.

column 1

The National Nominations. We have placed at the head of the democratic ticket under our editorial head, the names of the nominees of the New York National Convention..... The Journal charges.....

column 2 The Radicals Charge that Maintenance of the Constitution is Rebellion. ...slavery... Indianapolis Sentinel...

column 3 A Transcript of Delinquent Lands and Town Lots On which the Taxes are now due and unpaid for the year 1867, as returned by MILTON MAYFIELD, Sheriff and Collector of the County of Morgan and state of Illinois, this 15th day of July A.D. 1868. Cost on each tract of land 75 cts and on each town lot 35 cts.

Township 13 Range 8 Owners name & description. sec. acres. Val. Total Mary B Hitchcock Geo Carter Pat Hines Jas McCormick B F Collins hrs W Beesly's hrs H J Buck E C Peet C H Luckett G H Dennis L Deatherage hrs Sanderson & Peak Chas Wood Eliza J Sevir W B Warren Henry Edwards W D Meigs J H S Miller Martin Milton A R Gage Samuel Edgman ? H Veary Andrew Thompson Chas Turner G T Holmes Miss G Nelson Benj Taylor Jordan Edwards Milt Turner's heirs Jas W Brian Wm Fletcher Zachariah Sands Saml Brickay

Township 14 Range 8 Jas A Parratt P Warren H Botsmer M T Scott Alex Huey Robert Edmundson Mary Arnold's heirs J J Arnold guard Jas Weatherford Jas mcCormick Geo Carter

Township 16 Range 8 Jas M Short

Township 13 Range 9 H C Woods Jos Fanning Alf Spear Jake Strawn's heirs S Cane H Carlisle Mary J Fanning J M S Cox J D McCullough & Bro J Braum W L Pulliam Sam'l J Williams S T Crawley Mary Fanning O P Reaugh Jas Butt Geo Rearick Geo W Wood H Batsmer Jas Groves hrs Jas White Wm White's hrs Isaac Allen Isaac Haines Benj F Thompson Geo W Cary Jas Langley J Steely Benj Kingery Steely & Kingery Wm Wilkinson's hrs Geo W Cary Jordan Galloway Robert Covey

Township 14 Range 9 J Gregory's heirs Jac Samples heirs W H Gray B Barrows Joseph Fanning J Langley C P Randell

Township 15 Range 9 W B Smith Jas G Biggs Jas Richinon Jas G Biggs

Township 16 Range 9 J M Short J Mathers & others Wm Short E W Turner G W Weaser James Hutchins John Walker J B Pall W Creed Jos Termains Wm Goodall W B Warren David G Strawn Jeptha Dunlap Alexander & Fitch Wm Stice Logan Brown

Township 13 Range 10 John Wright James Hubbard William Stapes James H Hubbard G S Brown J Wright Daniel Hull W Austin James F Jackson A Fuller W A Austin James Bass Jerard Stockton John Steeley Nicholas Rodgers

Township 14 Range 10 Wm McAvoy Catherine McAlister Ira Angelo St L J & C R R Ed R Henry Wm Staples J R Harney

Township 15 Range 10 John Taylor D Davenport Jos Ferara Jos Fernans Jos Smith Jos Desnes Geo W Spotts Fernan Nunes M D Hamilton St L J & C R R Wm Green St L J & C R R St L J & C R R

Township 16 Range 10 Jesse Spicer John A Petefish W H Downing James M Petefish B Davenport Chas Keltts G W Reid's hrs

Township 13 Range 11 Sam'l Reed's hrs Dan'l P Caldwell's hrs M E Clarkson C Birdsell R D Tolin W McDonald

Township 14 Range 11 Henry Shirtcliff Stephen Lawson J W Babbitt Richard McCoppin Miles Owens N Coffin James Dikes

Township 15 Range 11 Geo M Reed's hrs Samuel Cannon H Moss

Township 16 Range 11 C Fletcher P Arenz G & J Renslir Mary F Berry H C Martin Cyrus E Jackson Charles Donnelly Miles Holliday

Township 15 Range 12 Steph Hobson Geo Matherson

Township 16 Range 12 Anderson Laureax & Co A L Bascue Geo Camp Ed Lusk N B Fanning

column 4

Owners name and descrip. Sec. Acrs.Val.Total W S McPherson

Township 16 Range 13 A Sibert S P Thompson M Carpenter J W Thompson M Carpenter D Waldo Joseph Hershey D Waldo Reeves Freeman D Waldo R Freeman D Waldo Reeves Freeman

Town Lots Jacksonville Saml Cobb W D Humphrey R W Allen Martin H Cassell Wm Dunlap D G Henderson Saml Cobb A Smith H C Fuller Jane Trotter W D Humphrey R Wolcott W Wahle Miles Murphy A H Kellog George Owen Mary Masters

Fractional Lots W B Litton P A Berry

Miscellaneous Lots W A Cobb W C & J Cole Nancy C Russell N Buckingham T R Smith L C Ebey Wm Swan John Crocker Stephen Thornberry T H White

Dunlap's 2nd Addition Michael Carney Michael O'Brien

Litton's Addition Barland Peates

Maderia Addition Jesse Bedwell Jos Rodrigues

McHenry Johnson's addition DeLouw Brown & Cassell

Chandlers' ad Joshua Fisher Stevenson & Rettars ad Wash Dickens King, Dayton & Adams' ad Thos N Troy Rightmire & McDonnell Jacob Brown West Jacksonville ad Charles Wilson Mrs Williams Gallaher & Strawn College Hill ad A Dematos Edgmon's ad Sarah Branham Margaret smith John Ruark Edgmon's 2d ad Alex Armstrong J M Ayers Isabella Stagg Elizabeth Daily Duncan & Clark's ad Adam Young hrs Dolly Smith Jordan Duncan Ben Henderson Daniel Burton Hackett & McClung's ad Martha Smith's hrs Wm Thomas' ad Wm L Conover Church's heirs ad Derick Tendick Edwin Smith B B Rucker M H Cassel A McGinnis South Jacksonville ad A H Graff Susan Alford A McGinnis Simmons' sub div Wade Hamilton Cassel, Yates & Coffman's ad A Benedit Lurton & Kedzle's addition Henry Boshen Josh Ainsworth Chas Dutton David Spencer W J Williams F C Doty Robt Smith Sanderson's addition C D Roberts J D Tyre Catherine Tyeon J W Dunavan Jesse J Dunavan Chamber's first addition W W Foreman J N Campbell R C Warriner Chamber's second addition J H Lacy Thomas Hine M Hoblick D H Lacy H Bushfield D H LAcy W White Sarah James W T Dunavan Marcus Holmes Harmon Givens Lurton's sub div E A Couchmam Henry Miller Philip Manchman Buckingham & Sharp's div Wm Buckingham Harris Hocking & Wilson's div Stephen Thornburg Wilkinson & Brown's ad John Atyeo Wm Vanwinkle John Taylor's ad Rectine Teft Anthony Murphy McConnel's ad Elizabeth Hayden Zarilda Haynid's hrs Isaac Ayers John Herron Mathers & Newman's ad Wm Alexander St L J & C R R John Snyder Johnson J St L J & C R R Jos Rusternyer Warren's addition Wm Ousley Richard Schofield Askew & Springer's addition C J Lucas E wilson C R Wilson Mathers & Vanwinkle's addition J N Campbell James Colton Mrs Welch Yates & Mather's addition Jos Coria M Killeron Yates' addition Ann Murphy Bibb's first addition W L Conover Bibb's second addition J W Babb Jos Ironmonger St L J & C R R Ratekin's addition J C Chatham Robertson's addition Henry Miller Kaiser's ad Jas Keys Eno's north ad Jos Coria Anthony Rodrigues Wolcott's ad Pat Fearon

column 5

Ebey's ad Owners name and description Value. Total. Antony O'Nellas John Blane Theodore Roberts D Howe M Bryant Spencer Taylor's ad Gardner Tilton & Cassell's ad G F Long

Waverly O P Owner Lot.Bl'k Value. Total. W L T Meacham T V Welch E D Meacham Jester Shearer E Miner W L T Meacham Miner & Lankton T J Harris Jere Graves ????ney Jester Salter's addition Tho J Harris Walter Skehan Isaiah Turney Levi Jester's hrs G W Hanley W F Ward

Franklin O P W M Layton's hrs Jasp Arthur W Harney J Caldwell Moses Turner Wyatt's addition John Mann Isaac Allen Sarah McGinnis J M Weatherford Lewis Massic

Murrayville Kennedy & Hornbeck Jas W Kennedy Roaugh's addition Jos Morris Murray's addition Jas W Kennedy G B Britenstine Masters' addition Jno K Fanning Jas M Masters Willis Mclung John Duckworth Jas M Masters North div Woodson Jas Hatcher John K Fanning South div Woodson Robert Adams Lynnville Mary Renton Holmes' 1st add Willis Davis Bryant& Co Bethel W J Ethel's hrs J L Pratt Neelyville H???on Vertman Robert Aitken John Boil Solomon Patten Meredosia - Original Town Lewis L L Finch unknown Cobb & Aylesworth's ad James Kerr S P Thompson's hrs W J Cadle Ben Brown A Sibert S D Hambaugh L C Mitchell Robt Ingram H R Gillespie F Peabody S P Thompson's hrs

Concord W H Davis H C Fuller S H Mitchell J B Fairbank H Englebaugh Arcadia J M Dougherty Ed Ward J M Dougherty Johnson's 2d add Henry Maul Wilson's addition J M Dougherty Yatesville A Buraker T J Thomas

Alexander Alexander & Gray Thos Deaton Alexander & Gray Robert Thompson Alexander & Gray John Blatter Will Gray

Prentice S C Jackson E ??all ? Buddon E ? McQuillan Jordan Grogan John Daniels St L J & C R R John Colton Now therefore notice is hereby given that application will be made to the county court of Morgan county, Illinois, sitting for the transaction of probate business, at the august term thereof, to be holden at the court house in Jacksonville, A.D. 1868, for judgement against said lands and town lots for the taxes and costs thereon for the year A.D. 1867, and for an order to sell the same for satisfaction thereof, and all lands and town lots for the sale of which an order shall be made by said court, will be exposed at public sale at the court house door, in the city of Jacksonville, on the Monday next following the first day of the term of said court, being on the fourth Monday of August, A.D. 1868, for the taxes and costs due thereon as provided by law. Milton MAYFILD Sheriff and Collector Morgan County, Ill.

I, J. R. Bailey, publisher of the Jacksonville Sentinel, a weekly newspaper printed in the city of Jacksonville, State of Illinois, do hereby certify that the foregoing list of delinquent lands and town lots for the year A.D. 1867 are published in each and every copy of this day's issue and that it is a true copy of the list furnished me for publication by Milton Mayfield, Sheriff and Collector Morgan county, Illinois. July 15, 1868. J. R. BAILEY. Publisher Jacksonville Sentinel

[Note from transcriber- These names are often hard to decifer, so if it looks close to what you are looking for, email me for a clip of the page, so you'll have all the info-sec#, lot#, etc. PH]

EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Ann Dines, deceased. The undersigned...executor.....last will and testament of Ann Dines, late of the county of Morgan....county court....4th Monday in august next.....having claims... 8th day of July, 1868 CYRUS EPLER, Executor.

column 6

Groceries, Etc. Etc. GRASSLY & MOORE, successors to Grassly & Bro, East side Square, Jacksonville CITY AUCTION ROOM. H.J. Simpson & Co., auctioneers. Clothing. Davenport's Old stand. TOLEDO WABASH & WESTERN RAILROAD - Change of Time. Shortest, quickest and only direct route from Jacksonville to Toledo, Chicago..... R ANDREWS, Springfield, Ill, Superintendent Western Division MYERS & KNOLLENBERG - Tobacco, Cigars - East side square - Jacksonville, Ill

Sash, Blinds, Doors- Notice to Carpenters and Builders The undersigned...inform...they have removed their shop to the rear of the Turning Shop of J C Cheatam & Co. east of the Christian Church, ..prepared to make .. Shop on Sandy Street - opposite Catholic church, near T W & W R R Freight Depot Sale room at Howard & Thompson's Warehouse, west of T W & W R R Freight Depot J C & J MITCHELL

THOS. H. McELROY....sewing machines Office in Dr Stewart's Drug store, East State street

Advertisement -Information- growth of hair...Chemist.New York

column 7 Miscellaneous Carriage & Buggy Manufactory...at his old stand West State Street...SAMUEL COBB

Jacksonville Brewery...establishment, one and a half miles north of the public square... ...established a depot for ...wholesale, in the basement of Hatfield's block, north-west corner of the square....RICKS & CO.

Peoria Pekin & Jacksonville Rail Road - Time Table - John ALLEN, President John S COOK, Gen'l Freight Ag't

St. Louis Jacksonville & Chicago Railroad. Train Arrangement C.M. MORSE, Sup't E.W. DAVIDS, Asst. Sup't

Home Woolen Mills - Manufacture....woolen goods

ad- Manhood: How Lost, How restored...Celebrated radical cure....

Jacksonville Mills - Flour meal.. orders left at MILBURN's Family Grocery Store, East side of the square or at HATCH'S Drug Store, west side of the square...prompt attention WOLCOTT, KNOX & CO.

column 8 ATTORNIES

Henry B M'CLURE Henry STRYKER, jr M'CLURE & STRYKER -Attorneys At Law-North side public square, over Dayton, Adams & Co.

John A McClernand, N M Broadwell, W M Springer McClernand, Broadwell & Springer - Attorneys At Law and Solicitors in Chancery. Springfield.

MORRISON & EPLER - Attorneys at Law-north side..square over Palmer & Ross' Boot and Shoe Store.

D M WOODSON. H C WITHERS WOODSON & WITHERS -Attorneys At Law- Carrollton, Ill's- Office over Pierson's Bank

Wm BROWN. JAS.M. EPLER BROWN & EPLER - Attornies and Counsellers at Law. Jacksonville

A.H. ROBERTSON, Wm H BARNES ROBERTSON & BARNES - Attornies At Law - Jacksonville...over W S Dickson's store.

KETCHAM & ATKINS - Law Firm - at Ketcham's Old stand. Hatfield's building.

E. P. KIRBY - Attorney At Law and Real Estate Agent....over W. King's Jewelry store.


C. J. LUCAS, M. D. Physician and Surgeon - office at the International Drug store

Dr. OWEN M. LONG - announces to his friends that his health is again restored sufficient to allow him to resume his practice. He may be found at his office over Hatch's Drug store, West side Square, during the day, and at night at the residence of dr. English, on College avenue. April 7th, 1868.

W. D. LEMOM M. D. - Homepathic Physician Office - East side of the square, over L. C. Ebey's store Residence - Corner of Fayette & Duncan street, and 1 block west of Capps' Woolen Mills.

H. K. JONES M. D. - Physician and surgeon - Office and residence on West College avenue, Jacksonville, ILL.

DR. J. H. DETRICK, ...located permanently in Jacksonville...office at Dr. Long's old residence, on east Court street, near the calaboose. Residence on west side of South Main street, south of the brook.

Dr. C. HENRY - DENTIST -Office in Osborn's new block, north east corner of the square, over Fitch's Dry Good Store...

G. V. BLACK - Dentist - Office...over Mathers & Wadsworth's store, Jacksonville


Auctioneer - D. W. GORDON- Post Office address - Lynnville, Ill.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Jacksonville... F.G. FARRELL, Cashier STEPHEN DUNLAP, Pres't JONATHAN NEELY , Vice Pres't Directors - John Trabne, Dr. C H Knight, Samuel Wood?Weed, J T Holmes, C S Goltra, Jonathan Neely, and stephen Dunlap

Special Notice- ..meeting...Board of Trustees of the Illinois Hospital for the Insane.... W. H. BROWN, President E. P. KIRBY, Sec'y

SIERER & RIFE - Carpenters & Joiners - shop on Mauvalsterre street,........

genealogical items of interest gleaned
for your enjoyment by
Patty Havens
from microfilm of Misc IL newspapers
contact me for a copy of the image

The Evening Enterprise Jacksonville, IL Feb 7, 1876 4 pages

page 1

The Evening Enterprise Jacksonville, ILL., Monday, February 7, 1876 Vol. 1 No. 1

column 1 Ira S Reed, agent -advertisement - Fire Insurance Jas. T. KING'S - Dry goods J. M. FOX, - for the correct time - watches....jewelry H. B. THOMPSON & CO., - Boots & Shoes ISAAC C. COLEMAN, Contractor, Carpenter and Builder...S. Main St, S of College SNYDER's New Harness Shop, East state street, Opposite Rutledge & Mathers' new Marble Front. Wm. D. Sanders, Sup't -The Young Ladies Atheneum - Jacksonville Illinois Conservatory of Music, Jacksonville, Illinois

column 2 To the Unemployed -The Evening Enterprise will publish.... "Situations Wanted" and "Situations Vacant" free of charge....

Wanted - Situation ...C.R. care of Evening Enterprise Wanted - Situation ...L.H. care of Evening Enterprise Wanted - Situation ...W.O.T. care of Evening Enterprise Wanted - Situation ...W.M.C. care of Evening Enterprise Wanted - everybody to know...silk hats..repaired and cleaned....by J. MACK, Lafayette avenue, also, Umbrellas and parasols repaired by J. KELLY, same place.

AMUSEMENTS Soiree Musicale - Pupils of the Illinois Conservatory of Music, ..... The Ethescope! at Turner Hall

The ATHENS Laundry - Stillwell & Stout, Props., RICHARD WAHLE'S - Steam Dyeing and Scouring Establishment

column 3 WEIL'S Merchant Tailoring - Wedding Suits

Gold closed... The Democratic convention.... Speaker ..... is favorable of...for the presidency. .....the forthcoming report of the Indian commission..... While there is an abundance of corn in Central Ill.... Retrenchment is beginning .....House programme...... It is remarkable to see......Congress...... Speaking of the foreclosure suit....Rockford, Rock Island, and St Louis R.R. Late advices from Washington....the appropriations committee.....

column 4 TELEGRAPHIC Congressional.... Senate. Washington, Feb 7..... House. Spain. New York. Bishop McLaren at Peoria

column 5 St Louis, -General...appeared in circuit court FIRE. New York city. Paper mill at Rockton, Ill...Chicago paper firm... Failure. London, Through the Heart. The shooting caused by Jealousy. Chicago. John Heich killed Edward Campbell. Weather Report. Thaws and Cloudy weather predicted......

column 6 More Crooked whiskey. The cord drawing around the New Orleans ring. PERISHED. A mother and Two Children....LaSalle, Ills., ...George Heindle, near Homeaway.... Desparate DEED. A City Marshall Fatally Shot. Rantoul, Ill., Nominated - Washington - John L Rinaker for U S Attorney for the southern district of Ills. The Gentler Sex.

column 7 J. S. ANDERSON & SONS, Dealers in Furniture, Jacksonville

Markets by Telegraph Financial - New york Commercial - New York Market- Chicago Market- Livestock- St. Louis market - Milwaukee Market. -Jacksonville market.

Page 2 image 63 and 64

column 1

WADSWORTH & PATTERSON -Sleighs Ready to Iron. Hardware, Iron, Steel....

The Evening Enterprise, Published every evening except Sunday, by The Enterprise Publishing Company. (Hatfield's Building) Corner Court and Sandy streets. The Evening Enterprise...... The Weekly Enterprise, a large and newsy sheet,..... J.S. HAMBAUGH, Editor

Business Notice. In launching forth in the publication....The editor has associated with him for the purpose of publishing this journal, Messrs. C. W. Bovard, Jas. A. Whipp, J. H. Clements, .... Politically, The Evening Enterprise will be Democratic.

The citizens of Dubuque, Iowa..... On Friday......manager of the western Union Telegraph Company at New Orleans.... ...a call for the Democratic National Committee to meet..... A London dispatch.... ....concerning the International Rifle match.... ....tomorrow...crooked whisky trial.... The cadets at West Point.....

column 2 The Army and Navy Envy.

Enoch C. Burden, a well-to-do farmer, of Jersey county, went to Brighton the other day, got drunk, and when returning, fell out of his wagon and killed himself.

column 3 Political Notes Southern Immigration The So-Called Hog Cholera.

column 4 >From the Century Weather Report Work should be paid For. No Economy There. The lower House of Congress..... The Brain Food Zone. At Burnt Point, Washington Territory, two men..... The earnest desire upon the part of the people....

column 5 Saved By a Drummer- Winning a Bride from the Grasp of a Midnight Robber. >From the Nashville American Returning Prosperity (?) Supply of Gold. Those who fear to go into the next Presidential campaign......

column 6

George E. Matthews, Bath Tubs, Pumps, sinks, ....fitting up buildings with hot and cold water. McDONNELL'S, -Wall paper...window shades...oil cloth...No.2 Masonic Temple G. W. FOX - Cook stoves. Tin work S. CAFKY - Upholsterer and Matress Manufacturer, West state St. Chamber's Block, Jacksonville, picture of a Well-Auger

Page 3 image 65 and 66 column 1

Wabash Fast Mail Route - schedule - R. ANDREWS, General Supt. W. L. MALCOLM, Gen'l. P. & T. Agt. C. W. McLAIN. Agent. Jacksonville

Chicago & Alton Railroad - Jacksonville and Missouri Divisions - schedule C. M. MORSE, Division Superintendent

Peoria, Pekin & Jacksonville Railroad - schedule. JOHN ALLEN, Pres. and supt. JOHN S. COOK, Gen. Ticket agent.

Jacksonville, Northwestern and Southeastern R. W. & ILL. Farmers' Railroad E. S. GREENLEAF, Supt.

IRONMONGER's - job Printing - west side of the square, over Carter's Drug store. agents wanted....sewing machines.

column 2 A Song [a poem] Aunt Jerusha at the Circus

column 3 A Very Bald Story

column 4 A Mysterious Bird-Charmer Taking His Life A Hard Question

column 5 Caprices of French Singing Masters. Curious Collection of Fossils

column 6 H.E. DUMMER, Wm. BROWN, ROBT. D. RUSSELL Dummer, Brown & Russell, Attorneys and counselors at Law. Henry E Dummer, William Brown and Robert D Russell, have entered into a co-partnership for the practice of law. Office over Central Bank, West state street.

James N. Brown, W.T. LAYMAN BROWN & LAYMAN. Attorneys at Law and Notary Public....collections

WILBUR? GOHEEN, Att'y at Law and Solicitor in Chancery,

JOHN G. MORRISON, Attorney at Law. EPLER & CALLON, Attorneys at Law

DR. A. W. TIPTON. Physician & Electrician Henry C. STEWART, M.D......at his Drug store

HENRY P. HUNTSINGER, Manufacturer and Dealer in Monuments, Headstones.....

D. E. REINBACH, NewsDealer. Franklin, Illinois. School books, notions...

ads-Cleveland, O., Middletown, Conn ads - N.Y., Chicago, Philadelphia ad- what are piles? N.Y. ads - N.Y, Chicago, NY, NY, St. Louis , Organ, Pianos, NY

column 7 ad - Organs, Pianos, P.O. Drug & Music store, Jacksonville, Illinois, agent ad - Blood Searcher or Medical Bitters

page 4 image 67 and 68

column 1

Chambers & Bro. Wholesale and Retail Grocers

The City. Weather pleasant. Cass County Circuit court conveined this morning for a term session. Judge Epler, of this city, presiding. Sleigh-riding, we predict, is, at least for this season, at an end;... .....indulged in the pleasure Friday and Saturday. Smokers and tobacco users generally will find .... Manufactured and for sale by Walber & Moorhead, West State street During the present week there will be regular daily religious meetings in the lecture room of the First Presbyterian church at 3 o'clock pm. Dr GLOVER, and others will preside and a very pleasant and effective series of meetings is anticipated. On Thursday evening of this week (10th) the Rev. Eli CORWIN, D.D., will be installed pastor of the Congregational church. The installation is said to be beautiful and impressive. The ceremonies will be public. We are informed that Helen Parker will give an entertainment at the Opera House...... Attention...the advertiser...Athens Laundry, Messrs. Stillwell & Stout, proprietors.

Death of an Old Citizen Mr. Wesley Tunnell, 82 years of age, an early settler of this county, died at the residence of his son, Stephen S. Tunnell, some nine miles Southeast of Jacksonville about eight o'clock this morning February 7th 1876. The funeral will take place to-morrow at Franklin, the hearse leaving the house at 10 o'clock. Rev. Newton Cloud, of Waverly, will officiate.

Marriage Licenses The following permits to tie the knot matrimonial have been issued the clerk: David Hart and Sarah E. Austin. Jeremiah Doolen and Jane Wilson. Wm. Nichols and adaline Mathews.

The Poultry Exhibition Saturday evening's display......interesting and instructive as far as the nature of poultry is concerned. Mr. Hatfield, the President of the Association, and Messrs. Craven, Bartlett and Gilbert, are to be credited with an energy and labor in the cultivation of blooded poultry that bespeaks future success to the association.

City Election. ...has arrived

column 2

Here We Are!....the publication of a local page... James N. Brown.

Spectacles- Eames, Ward and Bro. Fine and Fancy Valentines at Mason & Stout's Moore's - coffee


J.D.D. McCully of Mt. Carroll, Ills, is now in the city, visiting friends.

Mr. C. W. Atchison of Chicago, formerly of this city, now in the business department of the Saturday Evening Herald, is sojourning for a few days in the city.

Henry P. Day, Esq., formerly of this city, now local editor of the Daily Peoria Democrat, and Evening Review, spent Saturday and Sunday in the city. Henry looks well; and was gladly met by his many acquaintances. In this connection we can, with some pride, mention him as one of the youngest, and for his youth one of the ablest journalists of this State. Having been raised among us, the valedictorian of his class in Illinois College, and withal a young man of rare ability and promise, we take pleasure in common with all who know him, in commending his accomplishments and predicted future success to all.

W. P. Hopkins, of Virden, spent yesterday in town with his family. While in the city he dissertated upon the nature, character and cultivation of C. W's. His visits, though "few and far between" are a source of much pleasure to his many friends.

D. Frank Clark, of St Louis, "stopped over" during Sabbath. It is a noticeable fact that every traveling man who is in the least acquainted with Jacksonville, makes it a point to spend sunday and every other leisure day with us. this certainly speaks well for us.

Eames, Ward & Bro. - ad

column 3

Old Probs Weather Maxims Reduced to Plain English

ads- Eames, Ward & Bro - Diaries for '76 Mason & Stout's- valentines Moore's - california dried peaches Minter & Ironmonger - boots Eames, Ward & Bro - pictures framed Dr A. H. Lane - dental rooms Eames, Ward & Bro - Centennial Note paper and diaries

The brick pressers.....Police, investigate. Eames, Ward & Bro - School books

column 4

Damage By Water At Huntly, Evans & Co., and Bronson, Mathers & Nellis' Establishments Yesterday morning about half-past eight...the entire floor was covered.....with water. .....a stop-cock had been opened....... It seems the water pipes had been frozen.....It did thaw, however....much damage to leather and other things.

Our Debt Views of an Old Citizen I know I am called and old fogy, but I believe I can be classed with many others; for when we write we do it over our own signature. Query: Why do not all do so? Now, I want it understood, I am only responsible for my views. I see by the Springfield papers they are resisting the taxes as illegal. When we applied for a city charter I opposed it because Springfield was paying more interest on her debt than all our taxes. I was answered, we would not increase our city debt....C. M. Chambers.

Eames, Ward & Bro- gold pens Moore's - lowest prices cigars Mason & Stout's - valentines Eames, Ward & Bro- Picture frames A. N. McDonald - The Jacksonville General Insurance Agency Lon McDonald - valentines Walber & Moorhead Moore's - prunes

Death of Mrs. Batty. Mrs. Batty residing on north street died last night after an illness of a few days only. It seems from what we have learned that the lady contracted a cold recently, and it grew worse until last night when she was called away. Notice of funeral will be given.

Eames, Ward & Bro - periodicals

Centennial Plans The work of Capt. Switzer, at the Deaf and Dumb Institution, upon plans, elevations and a perspective of the buildings, is about completed. Our other institutions should, by all means, be represented at the Centennial, and we hope judge Whitlock, Drs. Carriel, Wilbur and Phillips may agree with us, and proceed to the work......

Eames, Ward & Bro.'s - Imported Stationery Manuel Pier's grocery store

Anna Dickinson is going to Cuba to recuba-rate. The physician says she needs a rest....

column 5

Romantic History of a Waif - N.Y. Cor. Chicago Tribune .....sisters of Glastonbury..... ....fun in going skating......

Special Notices - ad ....Root Bitters.....

The Ladies' Friend - The Improved....sewing machine R. A. NANCE, agt.

John N. MARTIN - Taxidermist, Ornitholog'st and.....

ad- Hearth and Home.......newspaper

Stephen SUTTON, -Notary public,Conveyancer, Loan and Real estate Agency

....Flower and Vegetable garden, New York

J. J. BOLES, Proprietor - Lake Shore Hotel, Meredosia

column 6

METCALF & FELL, Southeast Corner Square -Millinery stock..... RUTLEDGE & MATHERS' - Price list of groceries, ...Marble Front Building, East State Street, Jacksonville.

genealogical items of interest gleaned
for your enjoyment by
Patty Havens
from microfilm of Misc IL newspapers
contact me for a copy of the image

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