Old Newspaper Articles, Morgan County Illinois

Old Newspaper Articles
Morgan County IL

Excerpts of newspaper articles on this page:
November 13, 1852
May 4, 1853
November 2, 1853
August 1866

[transcribed by and permission to print here given by Patty Havens from Miscellaneous Newspapers M-18A, Illinois I-303]
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A Weekly Paper- Devoted to Politics, News, Miscellany, Amusement, Telegraphic Reports and the Markets
Volume 1 Jacksonville, Illinois, Saturday Nov.13, 1852 Number 33
Printed and Published every saturday, by T.H. CAVANAUGH

Rates of advertising

Business Directory [same as June]
T C ROUT - Dealer in Dry Goods, clothing and Choice Liquors, west side the square.
GOLTRA & STRYKER - Dealer in Hats and Caps, Clothing, Boots, Shoes &c., west side of the square.
WESTERN HOUSE- J W CHENERY, Proprietor, west side of the square.
L M THOMPSON - Physician and Surgeon, west side the square.
Mrs M STEWART's - Paris Millinery and Fancy goods, west side the square.
B & J PYATT - Tobacconists, west side of the square
C CHAPPEL- Boot and Shoe manufacturer, west side the square
J S ANDERSON - Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, west side the square.
J H ALDERMAN - Clothier and Tailor, northwest corner of the square.
J H WESTERMAN - Tobacconist, north side the square
D ROBB - Dealer in Dry goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes &c. north side the square
WYLLIS CATLIN - Dealer in Books, Stationery, Music, Musical instruments &c. north side the square.
G J EXLEY - Saddle and Harness Maker, and Carriage Trimmer, north side the square.
J W GALBRAITH - Dealer in Stoves, Tinware &c. north side the square.
CORCORAN & AUSTIN - Dealers in every variety of Groceries, north side the square
MANSION HOUSE , By George W FOX, north side the square.
TROUTMAN & CO - Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes &c. north side of the square.
F STEVENSON - Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes &c. north side of the square.
P B PRICE - Dealer in Watches, clocks, Jewelry and Fancy Goods, north side of the square.
J F LONGLEY- Fashionable Tailor, east side the square.
MALLORY'S - Great Sky-Light Daguerreotype Saloon, east side the square.

A.R.JONES - Produce Forwarding and Commission MERCHANT - St Louis, Mo.
UNITED STATES HOTEL (Formerly Scott's) ..corner of Market and third street, St Louis, MO.
Locust street, Between Fifth and Sixth streets, Saint Louis, Mo.

G WORTHINGTON & Co. - G Worthington and J Ensminger -
Exclusively Commission and Forwarding Merchants - St Louis, Mo.

Isaac SCARRITT - Wholesale dealer in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods - ALTON, Ill
J & L.S.METCALF - Wholesale and retail dealer....Alton, Ill
ORVILLE PADDOCK- Commission and Forwarding Merchant -near the railroad depot-Alton
Springfield Music Store - A.M.LANPHEAR & Co
Bakery and Confectionery- E & W Hamilton
accounts are due- P.B.PRICE

column 2

DR. E. R. ROE - Will hereafter devote himself to the practice of medicine, in Jacksonville and the surrounding country- Office- over W Mather's store, east side of the square.

Dr J A EDDINGS- Eclectic Physician..at his residence on Springfield street, two doors west of Dr Shirley's.

Medical Notice - L M THOMPSON, MD - ..adjoining the Jewelry store of Mr J W KING...
....reference is made to Drs. E J DUNLAP and JOHN J CASSEL.

ISAAC MORRISON, Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Chancery

Mrs VEITCH - Instructress on the Piano Forte-
Residence-Church street, north of state street.

Barber and Hairdresser. G.W.RICE...

Head Quarters! Clocks, Watches...P B PRICE, North side of the Public square.....

IRON and STEEl- Every variety of Bar, Hoop and Bard iron.....J.W.GALBRAITH
Stoves, Tin-ware &c - J W GAlbraith
Clothing! south side ...Peter VAIL
Variety Store- west side - Edward SCOTT

DAYLIGHT LINE- Between Alton and Jacksonville-good horses, careful drivers...D.J.KIRKMAN.
Boys Do you Hear This? - Thomas SMITH...Boot and Shoe business....
Blacksmithing in all its Branches..now...on Springfield street...E DAWSON & Co
The Cheapest and Best - R M BIGGS - Well Pumps

J.S.ANDERSON -removed his Cabinet Wareroom to his new building -assortment of furniture
September 27, 1851
Jas S ANDERSON - Fresh Arrival - variety of handsome parlor and common furniture....
May 8, 1852

Grave Stones- Now or never- as I ...intend closing my Marble business October next,...John M Taggart

column 3

The Result
....the recent conflict....returns...returned to Congress, as their Representative....
Results of the Congressional Election - 6th District

column 4
OBSERVATIONS - No.2- By We, Us and Company
Only Yates to Beat.....quotation from the Springfield Register......
A Miscalculation

We have hitherto forgotten to give notice that the name of the Bruckville Post Office has been changed to Orleans, there being another Bruckville in the State.

column 5 and 6


Page 2

A Boy Wanted
We would take, as an apprentice to the printing business....

When Dr RUTHERFORD was delivering his Course of Lectures.....

Robbery- the store of Messrs. Goltra & Stryker, immediately under our office, was broken upon some time during the night of Monday....

Gov. FRENCH, has issued his proclamation.....a day of General Thanksgiving....

We received a telegraph on Thursday, the following melancholy announcement:
"Died, on Monday last, of Billious Inflamatory Fever, E.A.FILCH, editor of the Carrollton Banner, and the Telegraph Operator at Carrollton, in the 20th year of his age."
Mr. Filch formerly lived in this place, where he was highly esteemed. In the midst of his promise of future usefulness he is cut down by death, that spares neither the young nor the old, leaving friends and relatives to mourn over blasted hopes, and blighted anticipations.

What has become of all the butter?....
The Committee appointed by the last Legislature.....

POST OFFICE - The Postmaster General has established an office at Cedron, Cumberland county, Ills, and appointed W.H.WOODBURY, P.M.
Also, has changed the name of Hickory Point, McDonough county, to "Industry"

Thanksgiving Day- The Governor.....
The vote in Louisville,
A new counterfeit $20 bill on the State of Ohio......

column 2

Gen. PIERCE is elected!!.....

We learn from the Alton Daily Courier, that the "Illinois and Mississippi Telegraph Company" have suceeded in laying their wire cable across the Mississippi river, at St. Louis......

We see by a private letter.....from Peoria....the Whigs up there.....
A Small Mistake...review of the "New Carmina Sacra".......
Mr Charles Laman....State Department at Washington.......
Iron has advanced in the English market.......
Union-....."Madison County Record" ...sold to "Alton Telegraph".....
The Bank of the Potomac.....unable to pay its notes.....
Returns from the new census in Ohio.....
Thanksgiving day in New jersey and Pennsylvania.....
Dr. E.R.ROE, of this place, is lecturing .....Geology...
The official returns from the Senatorial......

column 3

The Chicago Democratic Press and Judge Douglas.-

We have received.....a paper, dated September 11th, published at "Olympia, Puget's Sound, Oregon Territory," called the "Columbian,"........we ever expected.....a newspaper....
we copy a paragraph.....:
" We.....the country....has no superior on the continent.....farming, grazing, horticulture....magnificent forests.....destined to become the great commercial mart of Oregon.....road across the mountains for the next immigration.......

Mr Webster's Forebodings of Death.-....he seemed fully sensible of the ravages which time and disease were making upon his system.......

Election Returns- Illinois.-
The following from the Springfield Journal,......political parties.....

column 4
OBERVATIONS- By WE, US and Company.-
A gentleman, ....said to us...election, should end all political.......
Maine Liquor Law.-

column 5
Communicated -
To the editor.......J.B.Turner, as trustee of the Board of the insane Asylum,.......

Honest Confessions. Mr. Editor:.....fellow citizen Joseph Morton......J.B.TURNER

[another letter from] W.B.WARREN.....having been drawn into a personal controversy.....
Capt. Jno.L.McConnell, who was present...Mr E.S.Miller.....Messrs. Saml.Hunt, James Dunlap, A.C.Dickson, W.S.HURST, and Benj. Pyatt who will confirm......

Mr Editor:-....I have not been unfaithful in any trust....I have no interest in the controversy between Col. WArren and Prof. Turner....J.L.McCONNEL


>From reliable information.......elected

column 6

Letter from California-
The Star of the West....
The Pacific....
The steamers Brother Jonathan, Cortez and California.....
Political excitement.....
The California papers are filled with the names of the dead overland emigrants

Washington- November 1- The Republic publishes a letter....
Land Warrants- Buying prices - Selling prices

New Advertisements

House and Lot for Sale
...his house and lot, situated on College avenue......for terms apply to W MATHERS,..

New Goods!Directly from the Eastern Cities
RICHARD BIBB- North side Public Square, Jacksonville.....Dry Goods...

Oyster Saloon - Over SCOTT's store- West side of the square- L.F.BARTON

Administrator's Notice-
.....County court of morgan county....James W COFFMAN, late of said county...

Central Christian Advocate
The late General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Boston, authorized the publication of a paper at St Louis.....the Committee ...have met, and nominated Rev. W.D.R.TROTTER, Editor....size will vary between that of the Western Christian Advocate and Zion's Herald.....All the interests of the church....
F.CARTWRIGHT, Chairman L.B.DENNIS, Secretary

page 3

Telegraphic Dispatches
News from Havana
Cincinnati - The river has risen six feet since last night.
Baltimore - Cuban expedition
New Orleans
Arrival of the Glasgow
France - anxiety.. at Paris, respecting the crisis at Belguim.
New Orleans - Flour...bacon....whiskey
St Louis- Weather cold and stormy - Lead $4.50 - Flour $3.85....

column 2
New York
New York - evening
St Louis
Arrival of the Africa

Grand Division S.of T. of ???- cause of Temperance....officers elected....
James BERDAN, of Jacksonville, G.W.P.
H.S.THOMAS, Vermont, G.W.A.
L.S.NORTON, Carrollton, G.S.
H.RIBLET, Pekin, G.T.
C.R.LAME, Pittsfield, G.C.
J.F.Heslop, Alton, G.Sent.
Timo. CROSBY, Pekin, G.C.

>From the St Louis Republican- Illinois - Yates Elected
See Telegraphic column for interesting news in relation to Cuba.
The Unruly Member - Heavy Damages - ...session of the MAine superior court.....
The Erie Railroad Company.....forbid......intoxicating drinks........
Grain Measures- .....produce dealers at Chicago.....

column 3

Oysters-....Mr L.F.BARTON
Richard BIBB advertises....

On the 9th inst. by the Rev. B.F.BRISTOW, Mr RUSSELL COX to Mrs. JANE RADFORD, both of Morgan county.
At Lynnville, on the 9th inst. by Charles PACKARD, Esq., Mr. JAMES HENDERSON and Mrs. HANNAH HAWK, all of Morgan county.

St Louis Live Stock Market
Produce Market
Louisville Cattle Market
Louisville and Madison Hog MArkets
New Orleans Cattle Market
Illinois Currency
New Corn
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad-....bonds issued....
Indiana Wheat Crop

Mr G.B.Lingenfelter has sent us a half a dozen potatoes which weighed 1 1/2 pounds apiece. He says he raised 28 bushels on a piece of ground 105 by 20 feet wide, which is equal to 588 bushels to the acre-(Liberty Tribune.

BIG CORN - Mr. S. COLLINS sent us the other day a corn stalk which measured 19 feet in length with an ear of corn 24 inches long. This is the kind of corn the people of Upper Missouri raise.-(Liberty Tribune.

Dental Surgery - S.H.REESE performs all operations....For his character....refer to H.OWSLEY and J.OWSLEY.
Rooms, at present, at the Western House.

Wanted to Fill Orders- Twenty Thousand Bushels corn......JOHN BOOTH, At Brostow & Warren's Store.

column 4

Large Stock of New Goods! - James H. LURTON
Chapman Warner's Suction, Lifting, Forcing and Antifreezing PUMPS-ROSS & HAMMOND
Grind Stone Rollers- Second Hand Stoves-Horse Powers- Wagon Boxes- Foundry and Machine Shop- Fire Irons - Sad Irons- ROSS & HAMMOND

Dress Goods - TROUTMAN & Co's cash store
Spring Bonnets-Looking Glasses-Marseilles quilts-TROUTMAN & Co

By Express! Emporium Of Fashion - Mrs M Stewart- west side of the square, Jacksonville

National Magazine- Ed'd by Abel STEVENS-...elevated literary tone.... CARLTON & PHILLIPS

Look Every Body! J.H.FINCH....has fitted up a large and roomy OMNIBUS......
Wall and Window Paper - R. & J. HOUKENHULL

column 5

Proposals for Carrying the Mail
of the Unitd States......will be received....S.D.HUBBARD, Postmaster General

Morgan House- J.H.FINCH
Hotel Notice - B.F.CHURCH

Public Notice
Is hereby given, that the undersigned, guardian of Mary Jane B. Craig, minor child of John B. Craig, deceased, will at....the County Court of Morgan county, Illinois.....make and render a complete statement...ELI WILHITE

For sale- a New and convenient house on Main ......J.W.KING

column 6

New Goods! D. ROBB [21 ads]
Choice Millinery...Mrs M. STEWART [8 ads]

Tailoring and Clothing
Mr. D.C.CREAMER still superintends the tailoring, and cutting....
J. H. ALDERMAN-North west corner of the square

DAVENPORT & FOREMAN- South side...three doors east of Coffman & Son- Ready-Made Clothes.

New Goods. PILCHER & SHARP.North-east corner...(old stand of Davenport & Foreman)
Groceries- Dry Goods - Clothing - Boots and Shoes - J.D.PILCHER & SHARP

Jacksonville Shaving and Bathing Saloon

page 4

>From the Richmond Age- Our Little Sister's Bed-[poem] By Eulalie
New Form for Deeds- State of Indiana
Form of a warranty Deed
Form of a Quit Claim Deed
Form of a Mortgage

Important Case Decided-In the United States Circuit Court-city of Philadelphia

A Fact, Every word Of It.-from the Mount Vernon (Ohio) True Whig-....to grumbling subscribers to newspapers.

Hon. John EWING- ...two speeches.....[Washington (Ia.) Journal

The Largest Hog In The World -...at Mr James S. Boles livery stable, ...raised by Mr Nathaniel LAMB, of Milltown,....... [Calais (Me.) Advertiser

Family Grocery- LINCOLN & SELBY

column 2

St Louis. New York. (Successors to Nourse, Crane & Co.)
Manufacturers and wholesale Dealers in Hats, CAps, Bonnets

R.H.MILLER & Co. (Successors to N.E.Janney & Co.) St Louis, Missouri.
Wholesale and retail Dealers in China, Glass and Earthenware

H. & R.B. WHITTEMORE- Horace WHITTEMORE- New York- Robert B WHITTEMORE- St Louis
Wholesale Hat and Cap House

JOHN R. HUGHES & Co.- George M. BETTS- st Louis
Wholesale Dealers in Boots, Shoes and Leather

Carriage and Ornamental Painting- Wm F HALL.

BLANKS of all kinds for sale at this office, such as Deeds, Bonds....

column 3

Sign of the Golden Anvil
Wm D. Woods & Co- Importers and Dealers in Hardware and Cutlery- St Louis
New Groceries- St Louis- John McMECHAN
HANFORD and brother- N.B.THAYER-Manufacturers New York- St Louis- Clothing,...
500 Book agents wanted- J & J.L.GIHON, Publishers, Philadelphia.
Virginia Tobacco Agency.- THOMAS MULLEN- Tobacco Commission Merchant.St Louis, MO.
Jas. Thomas Jr's superior Brands Tobacco- THOMAS MULLEN - St Louis
500 agents wanted- Daniels & GETZ-successors to W.A.Lear & Co, Philadelphia
At it ANEW! EDWARD LAMBERT - ...I have again commenced the BUTCHERING Business....

column 4

New Arrival from Saint Louis- THO. C. ROUT - dry Goods
P.B.PRICE- New arrival- Tremendous stock
Health! No Quackery - Dr H D GRANT - study and practice of medicine
Health Insurance-- Mechanics' Union Association -- St Louis, Mo- J.A.MALLORY
Summer Complaint-...Hamilton's...syrup.....pills... at E & W HAMILTON & Co.
Sligo IRON and Groceries - W Mathers & Co.- MATHERS & WADSWORTH

A Pleasant Residence. I offer for sale on reasonable terms, the dwelling which now occupy, with the lot of ground..near the N.W. corner of the square...John M TAGGART.

A Great Mistake - Rumor says that the Jacksonville Marble Works has changed hands -
This is not the case -I am still in possession and as ready ....marble work of every description. JOHN M. TAGGART

Made to Order.
J.F.LONGLEY. Taylor, ...he has opened a shop on the east side of the square, over the Clothing store of L D RAWLINGS.......

column 5

By the President of the United States
In pursuance of law, I, MILLARD FILLMORE, President of the United States..., do hereby declare and make known that public sales will be held at the undermentioned Land offices in the State of Wisconsin......
At the Land Office at Mineral Point.......
North of the base line, and west of the fourth principal meridian.
[land descriptions] Townships...range.... into column 6

column 6
Notice to Pre-emption Claimants and to Lessees......
John wilson?- Acting Commissioner..........

Estate of Aaron Hart, deceased......Morgan county.....
Alice HArt, adm'x

Administrator's Sale of real estate....Morgan county....
Hugh smith, administrator of the estate of James Johnson, decd

Valuable Town Property for Sale
...Circuit court of morgan county.....case of Crow, McCreary, & Co. vs.
James H Finch and another...
Isaac L Morrison, Comm'r

Valuable Land for Sale- IN CHANCERY
William THOMAS for the use of heirs of Peter R BOYCE, deceased-
Henry C WRIGHT & John M Metcalf
....by order of the Morgan county Circuit court...in the town of Waverly......

Sale of Real Estate at Public Auction
In Chancery to foreclose Mortgage
Susan Bosarth
John C Hatfield & Jane Hatfield
....will proceed to sell.....

Land for Sale
...under a decree of the Circuit court of Morgan county
DAVID A SMITH, Guardian of Martin D and Samuel S HARDIN [page folded]

...late of Morgan county.......
A.C.WOODS, Admr.


JOB Work -...this office

genealogical items of interest gleaned
for your enjoyment by
Patty Havens
from microfilm of Misc IL newspapers
contact me for a copy of the image

May 4, 1853 Jacksonville Constitutionist
A Weekly Paper - Devoted to the Interests of Illinois, Politics and General Information.
Volume 2 Number 4
Jacksonville, Illinois Wednesday, May 4, 1853
T.H. Cavanaugh. Editor and Publisher
Office- North west corner of the Public square, over Hughs & Lockwood's store.

Business Cards

Dr.E.R.ROE - Medicine...
Isaac L MORRISON-Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Chancery
CORCORAN & AUSTIN - Wholesale and Retail Grocers
G.Y. SHIRLEY, M.D. - Dental surgeon
Dr.P.K. LANDIS - Botanic Physician
Mrs. VEITCH- Instructress on the Piano Forte.
J.W. GALBRAITH - Iron and Steel. Stoves, Tin-ware &c.
Peter VAIL - Clothing
EDWARD SCOTT- Variety store
E DAWSON & Co - Blacksmithing in all its Branches.
R.M. BIGGS - Chain Pump
Js. ANDERSON - Cabinet Wareroom
John M TAGGART - Jacksonville Marble works
JACKSON & ELLIS - Jacksonville Shaving and Bathing saloon
MATHERS & WADSWORTH- Sligo Iron and Groceries
Edward LAMBERT - Butchering Business
Jas.S. ANDERSON - Furniture
John M TAGGART - Grave stones
LINCOLN & SELBY - Family Grocery
Wm.F. HALL-Carriage and Ornamental Painting
S.H. REESE - Dental Surgery - over I.D.RAWLINGS' store

column 2
ads - St Louis Businesses

column 3 thru 6
Laws of the United States,
Passed during the second Session of the Thirty-Second Congress.
Public Act No, 30
An act to establish the Territorial Govern- of Washington.....

column 7 and 8
>From Gleason's Pictorial.

page 2 *********************************

I.S. HICKS, Esqr. is our authorized agent to collect....

>From Havana....
Mr Cassell- lumber for sale
Girls...the census...In San Francisco, 29,166 males to 5,145 females...six to one...
Jonathan Jones, Esq. - Jones' Commercial College removed to North third street....
J.J. RICHARDS, agent of the Sangamon and Morgan railroad at Naples........
Rain Storm.

column 2
Gen. Santa Ana having been recalled to Mexico.....
Gold Mines in Texas..

New Paper at springfield.
We Have heard reports that Col. E.D. TAYLOR and his son-in-law S. SNOWDEN HAYES, Esq. are making arrangements.......

Public Education. The following extract....

column 3
Strikes and Striking
Letters of Credit Abroad
Pacific Railroad
Our Courts
Going Down Hill
...A paper from Havana, IL called "The Mason County Herald"
J NEELY & Co- ad
GOLTRA & Sryker -ad
The World's FAir
Home of the Friendless
Chicago circuit

column 4
To The Constitutionist- signed Moses GREENBAG

column 5
The Colt, a Catholic paper in Buffalo,...
New Counterfeit
Illinois River Bank
The Alton and Jacksonville Railroad
>From Texas
Affairs at Washington
The Independence - St Louisans Lost
Non Residents ??/ in Delaware
Later from New Orleans
The New York Printers Strike
The Genessee Farmer in noticing the Shanghai breed of chicken...
The County of Franklin, OH

column 6
Telegram Gleanings
New York
Arrival of the Humboldt
New York
Arrival of the Uncle Sam
arrival of the Canada

column 7
New Orleans
The rivers everywhere are bank full...
Two merchants were standing.....
arrivals and Departures of the Mails at Jacksonville
New advertisements
R & J HOCKENHULL - [3ads]
J J RICHARDS- Freight and Passage East-
W B JOHNSON - Cooking stove
Public Sale of Lumber......on the premises lately occupied by Messrs. RUSSEL & HALDANE as a lumber yard, in the town of Jacksonville,.....order of the Circuit Court of Morgan county, sitting as a Court of Chancery......JOSEPH J CASSELL, Receiver &c

column 8

Estate of THOMAS WOOD, Dec'd......of Morgan County....JOEL HEADINGTON, Adm'r
Estate of JOHN SAMMONS, Dec'd....of Morgan county.....JEREMIAH COX, Adm'r
Estate of ISRAEL TURNER, Dec'd .....of Morgan county.....ISAAC CONLEE, Adm'r
Estate of ELIZABETH MANSFIELD, Deceased ....of Morgan county....JAMES MANSFIELD, Adm'r

Commercial- Jacksonville Retail Markets
The New York Times --Daily and Weekly

page 3 ***************************

We have received no mails.....sufficient excuse for the lack of the latest news.
The Railroad....proceedings of the meeting.....
Troubling of the Waters......the river is rising....
Beautiful Extract
See advertisement of W B JOHNSON, .....
Historical Enigma ...by Lizzie

Railroad Meeting
At a public meeting of the citizens of Jacksonville and vic...issuing county bonds...Jacksonville and Carrollton Railroad. Upon motion,
Richard HENRY was appointed Chairman, and
T H CAVANAUGH and Paul SELBY were appointed Secretaries.
On motion of Col. James Dunlap a committee......
James Berdan, Richard Yates and Murray McConnel be that committee.......
Ordered that David ROBB, James DUNLAP, Fleming STEVENSON and J W KING be appointed a Financial Committee.........

The world's Fair....clothing.... J H ALDERMAN [9 ads]
St Louis Business ads [2]
D. ROBB [2 ads]

column 2

Delinquent Lands and Town Lots, upon which the taxes for the year 1852 remain due and unpaid. Owners'
Names.Acres.Description.sect'n.Tp.Range.Value.State tax.County tax.

[separate post]

column 4
Jacksonville ads
Books, Stationery & Music
Always Ready for Work
administrator's notice [the best part of the page is unreadable!!]
administrator's Notice [argh]
???? Yates- Attorney
E. HAMILTON -Bakery and Confectionery
J.C. WHITE - Fashionable TAILORING Done to Order
St Louis business ad

column 5
Jacksonville ads
D. ROBB - [19 ads]
The Fine, Fast Running Passenger Steamer NIAGARA

column 6
Jacksonville ads
Mrs M STEWART - Millinery & Dress Making
B.F.& C.P. FORD-Every Description of Harness
WM. HAMILTON, Jr- Western House
J O'CONNELL'S shop- The Cheap Cooking Stove
J.W. CHENERY- Dwelling House for Sale- ...Beardstown street
D. ROBB- New spring Goods
J.M. LURTON - Clover seed
R.S. ANDERSON -New Store and New Goods
A. McDONALD - Notice to wool Growers in Morgan and other Counties.
SAM'L GATY, Mississippi Foundry- For sale at a bargain- a New steam Ferry boat....
ROSS & HAMMOND- Stoves- improved

column 7
ad- Balsam of Wild Cherry
St Louis ads

page 4 *************************

column 1
>From the New England Farmer - The Garden-
>From the Valley Farmer - Yeast-

column 2-5
St Louis businesses ads

column 6-8

column 6
R & J HOCKENHULL - Hardware...Druggist...Teas....
AYERS & CO- Hardware .... Cutlery... Shot Guns....
DAVENPORT & FOREMAN...three doors east of COFFMAN & Son- ready made clothing
ROSS & HAMMOND - Foundry and Machine shop - [9 ads]
Richard BIBB - Dry goods, Groceries,...Boots and shoes...

column 7

JOSEPH CAPPS } Directors

Ayers & Co - Honey of Tar
Wm H ELLIOTT - .....has purchased the Stone Quarry formerly owned by JOHN S HAMILTON, 1 mile east of Winchester....

Penmanship- Dan's room open...evening class......in Coffman's Brick store

column 8

Jacksonville and Carrollton RAILROAD-an election...bonds of the county....
James BERDAN, County Judge
S S DUNCAN} Associate Justices

Mat. STACY - House and Lot for sale

Petition for Partition
....by vitrtue of a decree.... Morgan County....for sale.....
.....also in Scott County.....
HUGH DIXON , Commissioner to sell.

Honor to the Patrons of Agriculture [I eventually realize it is an ad -but...]

At the exhibition of the Morgan County Agriculture Society, held at Jacksonville, October, 1851, the following premiums were awarded:
For the best one year old colt, the first premium was awarded to CORODEN COX, for his bay horse colt by Hartley's imported "Onus".
The certificate as second best was awarded to COL. JAMES DUNLAP for his black colt by imported 'Onus'.
The first premium was awarded to COL. JAMES DUNLAP for his bay filley, by imported 'Onus'.
The certificate was awarded to David ROBB for his bay colt by Hartley's 'AZAN,' as second best.
At the exhibition held by the Agricultural Society of Morgan county, in Sept. 1852, the following premiums were awarded:
For the best two year old stallion, the first premium was awarded to the Hon. J. A. McCLERNAND for his black colt Black Hawk, by Hartley's imported "Onus."
The second premium was awarded to CORODEN COX for his bay colt, young Onus, by imported onus.
The first premium for the finest gelding was awarded to HAMILTON STALEY, for his brown horse Zack Taylor, four years old, by imported Onus.
The first premium, of silver cup, for one year old horse colt, was awarded to MICHAEL HUFFAKER, for his gray colt, Peacock, by Hartley's 'Gazan.'
The second premium was awarded to Rev. JOHN C. HAMILTON, for his black colt by Gazan.
For the best two year old gelding the first premium was awarded to the Hon. JOSEPH MORTON, for his gray colt, by imported Onus.
The first premium on year old colts was awarded to Hon. JOSEPH MORTON, for his bay filley by Gazan.
The second premium was awarded to JOSEPH STALEY, Jr., for his bay filley, a grand daughter of imported 'Onus.'
The premium of silver cup, was awarded for the best horse colt, to BENJ. MILLER, for his colt Wagone, by Hartley's 'Windsor.'
The first premium for sucking filleys was awarded to Hon. JOSEPH MORTON for his bay filley by Gazan.
The second premium was awarded to Ropt. carth for his bay filley by Gzana.
March 5, 1852- M. H. CASSELL, Sec.

That Paragon of Nature - IMPORTED ONUS, has returned home to Morgan County, and his services are offered at the extremely low price of $5,00.
My Favorite and Premium Horse - GAZAN....
The Blood Horse -Commodore Stockton's WINDSOR.....
April 13, 1853 W H HARTLEY

ad -St louis business

Delinquent Lands and Town Lots, upon which the taxes for the year 1852 remain due and unpaid. Owners' Names.Acres.Description.sect'n.Tp.Range.Value.State tax.County tax.

William Kay
Thomas Anderson
George G Holmes
George Carter
C Shinneman
H Hitchcock
Alfred Blair
Starr & Carter
Robert Cheek
George Carter
Ebenezer Jones
Wm Chambers
Starr & Carter
George Carter
J M Holmes
S Cummings
S Cmmmings
Edgeman & Carter
W W Talkington
Anson McMahan
Felix Doughty
John Turner
Mary Ann Hart
J Thompson
Wm H Cummings
John Sparks
Jonathan Thompson
A sevier
C G Selleck
P R Boice
Mary Ann Hart
John Sparks
J Ross
E C Pullam
? Doughty
J Ross
Harlon Farmer
Van Warmer
John Conley
Joseph Duncan's heirs
Ralph McCormick
Benjamin Vaughn
State Bank Illinois
Isaac S Wright
A Wright's heirs
Edward Jones
State Bank illinois
T W S & J M Cox
Emily C & Ira H Whitlock
Geo & James Kirkman
C Jenkins
R C Baldwin's heirs
H Jones
Wesley O Dennis
J M Tribble
Meacham & Challen
Harriett Dinton
Edward Hamilton
John B Nichols
Martin Willson
A ? Collins
Jefferson Mitchell
Wm G Gallaher
Willis Turner
D McCullough
Alex Roland
State Bank Illinois
R Dennis
John B Nickols
John B Nichols
D L Lumm?
Samuel Murray
D L Lamme
Samuel Fanning
James F Nichols
John B Nichols
Marcus Tunnell
John Wilbourne
Rich'd Wilkinson
Samuel Murray
Jacob R Embry/Emory
Samuel Murray
John Orr
John Strawmat
Samuel Murray
James A Barrett
R F Ruth
Nath'l English
Isaac R Diller
N English
Joseph Adams
Daniel Huey
R B Barnett
Wm G Gallaher
W A Thompson's estate
Joseph R Roach
Wm D Meigs
____ Todd
F Miner's heirs
Thomas Biddle
Wm Clark
Wm Sample
Thomas Biddle
R McCormick's heirs
J C Lankton
Francis Clayton
Stout & Lombard
Heinrichsen & Reinback
Mrs McGin is
H D Taylor
Emily C & ??? H Whitlock
Bank of Illinois
G Bartholomew
Geo & Jas Kirkman
G Bartholomew
Wm Bailey
Geo & Jas Kirkman
A Renton
Michael Clary
Stephen Wilcox
R F Bar?tet
John Barrett
James Henderson
Thomas Wood
Wm M Patterson
Charles R Willson
Jacob M ?eavers
Samuel Weaver
Daniel smithers
Jacob M Seavers
W & H B ?own
Jacob m Seavers
Samuel Graves
Jesse Rosson
Stephen Green
Thomas Sparks
M sparks
J G willard
J Carlock's estate
J Whitaker
Wilson Smith
James Beavers
J Carlock
anna Bonds
Wm M Layton
Z B Bartholomew
George Crisman
Ira Kimball
Samuel Mason
Wm M Layton
D Smart
J F Warren
Callan & Mason
N Collin
James K Cox
G O Binion's heirs
same [7]
T C Reese
G Coons
albert Hickox
Isaac N Redding
J F Bergen
I N Redding
J G Bergen
John Duvall
Wm B Warren
Melinda Ray
M A Short
B F Cummings
Thomas Emerson
B F Cummings
John Liter
G O Banion's heirs
William Stice
Wm Hodgson
J B & R D Thompson
Wm B Warren
J B & R D Thompson
W Conover
Elizabeth Workman
Jesse Munroe
Austin Clayton's estate
Burk Handy
James Neal
Henry Dusenbery
John Whip
Alex Fuller
Davis Fuller
John B Thompson
D J Moody
Hannah Long
Davis Fuller
John Moore
Thos Richardson
Isaac Rubert
Isaac smith
Joseph shaw
Davis Fuller
Joseph shaw
Joseph Shaw
alex Johnson
Levi N Webster
Rich'd & Sarah Hays
Henry C Long
Levi N Webster
David Hodge's estate
David Hodge's estate
D B Bush Jr
Robert Thompson
J M Webster
Elias smith
O C Ide
W Post
Davis Fuller
Jas A Barrett
John Huddleson
samuel Hatfield
O M Hatch
Henry Gi bert
Davis Fuller
Israel Lake
H R Gillespie
E Eldridge
Weeks & Carler
J Bergen

column 3
W L May
Mrs Shannon
Rich'd Hays
O C Ide
H R Gillespie
same, same, same
G W Snow
G R Gaither & Co
D & J E Waldo
James F Reese
Sarah Huddleson
N Coffin/Cottin/Collin
R F Barrett
J B & J G Loose
O S Wentworth


Richard Routt
Mrs. Drexler's heirs
Lewis Gibbons
Lucien Berry
George Deterding
John L Jones

Miscellaneous Lands in Jacksonville

William Stevens
Joseph Capps
George Dedering
William Brown
J Porter
J M Lucas
N Koscialowski
L R Chapman
Adams & Shelton
J H Givens
Adam Young
E O Brown
John Evans
Jacob Coffman
Wilson allen
Jesse Smith
R B Mitchell
Miss Hammond
M S Gillham
James Johnson
A H Dunlavey
same, same, same [6]
Ebenezer Tingle
N Co???
??????? McKay
same [5]
Royal T?ff?'s heirs
Joseph Shepperd
Bordwell & McCord
Matthew Ainsworth
Augustus T?llord
Nancy j Turney
Mrs T?ff?
Enoch Snelling

Starr & Carter
Ebenezer jones
John Ham
S Hotelkiss
Starr & Carter
same, same
John Chail?n's estate
same, same, same
Starr & Carter
Thomas Jarmine
Starr & Carter
Wm M Hol
El Ha
H ? W
M Murray
Starr & Carter
Gabriel Dennis
Anna Phelps
L C Sweet
J L Prim
R H Beasley
P C Arnett

Alexander Scoles
Z V Ward

Robinson Dobson
T Swales
A ?enton
Saml Cannon
John Groves
Unknown [2]
----- Henderson
Unknown [4]

Daniel Troy
N Coffin or Collin
J T Longley
John Wa lihan
J R & L H Calloway
John Carlile
M ? Edmondson
Wm M Layton
same, same, same, same
George Crisman

D L Lamme
R B Butch/Hatch?
Geo W Finch
J M Bucklin
Bank of Illinois
Pratt & Conn
State Bank
N Collin
Wm A Conn
S C Clotfelter
Eliza Ebaugh
Samuel Jones

Joseph Heslep
G P Plant
R B Hatch
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Elias Eldridge
J M Cooley
Clark & Self
State Bank
Clark & Self
P Aylsworth
State bank
same, same, same, same, same,
Danl Waldo
State Bank
Danl Waldo
State Bank

Warbarton & King [15]

Lands forfeited to the State on the 14th day of June, 1852, for the Taxes of 1851.
Acres. Description. Sec. Tp. R'ge. ST CT os Int Co

NOTICE is hereby given that I will apply to the County Court of Morgan, Illinois, at the June Term 1853, for a judgement and order to sell the foregoing lands and town lots for the amount of taxes interest and costs due thereof for the year A.D. 1852, and that I will attend at the Court House in Jacksonville, on Monday the 27th day of June, 1853, being the third Monday next succeeding the day fixed by law for the commencement of said June term of said County Court, and sell the said lands and town lots, for the sale of which an order shall be made for the taxes, interest and lots aforesaid.
MARTIN H CASSELL, Collector of Morgan county.

two columns above column 4,5,6

I, T H Cavanaugh, editor and Proprietor of the "Jacksonville Constitutionist," a weekly newspaper, printed in jacksonville, Morgan county, Illinois, do hereby certify that the annexed and foregoing list of lands and town lots was published in said newspaper on wednesday the 4th day of May, 1853, and that said list has been examined with the original, and found correct, and that the same was printed in all the papers published for that number, and distributed according to law.
T.H.CAVANAUGH, Editor and Proprietor. Jacksonville, Ill. May 4, 1853

DELINQUENT LANDS AND TOWN LOTS UPON which the taxes for the years 1850 and '52 remain due and unpaid.
Owners names
alfred Blair
A Wright's heirs
D McCullough
G W McLean
B F F??ing
C Daulton
S muel Weaver
Ebenezer Jones
G W Legrand
John Mcginnis
Wyatt's Addition
Levi Buchanan
J Z Zimmerman
Wm M Layton
A M Heslep
COBB & AYLSworth addition
W Wackerly
H Hitchcock
Richard H?del?eson
M C Clayton
J C Caldwell
Meacham & Challen
Wm G Gallaher
Jas H Curby
Christopher Shineman
Wm Gall??her
Nancy James
Jas henderson
J G Willard
Presley Crisman
J P Warren
M A Short
Thos Emerson
? ? ?ekens
Thos Richerson
same [3]
Nicholas Long
H Gilbert
Saml Jones

Jacksonville- Lots East of alley D
McHenry Johnson's Addition
N Kosciulouski
J Challen [4]
Ethel P?et [2]
R N Ham
Meacham & Challen
Sons of Temperance [2]
Henrichsen & Rineabek [3]
John Mcgennes
WYatt's Addition
Sam Graves [2]
James Ward [2]
Charles Ebaugh
Bank of Illinois
Pratt & Conn [2]
Sam Jones
Wm A Conn
Sam jones
S O Dow
Elias Eldridge's estate
Sam Mason
W Wackerly
Clark & self
W Raymond
State Bank

NOTICE is hereby given that I will apply to the County Court of Morgan, Illinois, at the June Term 1853, for a judgement and order of sale for the said lands and town lots for the taxes interest and costs due thereon for the years 1850 and '51, and that I will attend at the Court House in Jacksonville, on Monday the 27th day of June, 1853, being the third Monday next succeeding the time fixed by law for holding said June term of said County Court, and will sell said lands and town lots, for the sale of which an order shall be made for the taxes, interest and cost aforesaid.
J NEELY Former sheriff. May 4th, 1853

I, T H Cavanaugh, editor and Proprietor of the "Jacksonville Constitutionist," a weekly newspaper, printed in jacksonville, Morgan county, Illinois, do hereby certify that the annexed and foregoing list of lands and town lots was published in said newspaper on wednesday the 4th day of May, 1853, and that said list has been examined with the original, and found correct, and that the same was printed in all the papers published for that number, and distributed according to law.
T.H.CAVANAUGH, Editor and Proprietor. Jacksonville, Ill. May 4, 1853

November 2, 1835 Jacksonville Constitutionist
A Weekly Paper - Devoted to the Interests of Illinois, Politics and General Information.
Volume 2 Number 30
Jacksonville, Illinois Wednesday, November 2, 1853
T.H.Cavanaugh. Editor and Publisher
Office- North west corner of the Public square, over Corcoran & Austin's store, and the Post Office.

column 1
St Louis Cards
[ads from St Louis businesses]

column 2-4
Poem - Uncle Ben's ram
>From the Flag of Our Union- The Christmas Tree- story

column 4
Spirit of the Press - Political

column 5
Ladies Department
Seasonable Advice
To Boil a Duck or Rabbit
About Fashions for the winter
New York

column 6
Iron - Important Discovery
Cholera....emigrant ships

column 7
Come this way Father
Cuba, England, and Africa
American Cutlery
Self-acting Rake and Bundler- We mentioned a few weeks since that Messrs. Brown & Maber, of Upper Alton, had invented a very ingenious rake to be attached to their reapers...

column 8
The Tune of the Heart
[other little stories]

page 2 ****************************************

column 1
a pamphlet of 44 pages...
The Insane Hospital
[Messrs Warren, Dunlap, Dixon, Hurst and others]

Sons of Temperance- .....elected the following officers..
H.C. Cotton, of Ottawa
H. Burnett, Alton
L.S. Norton, Carrollton
H. Riblett, Pekin
Rev. J.C. Stoughton, Mt Morris
E.S. Wells, Jerseyville
?. Moore, Metropolis

The Northwest Passage

column 2
Hogs in Ohio
Thanksgiving Day in Illinois
The Beautiful and Useful
Transfer of contract

column 3
News of To-day
sale of Imported cattle- Ohio
Resolutions- Sons of Temperace

column 4
Illinois Conference M.E. Church

The following is the list of appointment of Preachers, for the ensuing year, made at the Central Conference, which was recently in session at Beardstown:

QUINCY District- J. Montgomery, P.E.
Quincy station -L.C. Pitner
Chile Station - L. Shelly
Warsaw mission - Milo Butler, D.P. Lion.
Pulaski station - Wm McK. McElfresh, one to be supplied.
Rushville station - D H Hatton
Littleton station - C Powell
Astoria station - T J Starr, J J Littler
Mt. Sterling station - Jesse Cromwell, one to be supplied.

GRIGGSVILLE District - Hardin Wallace, P.E.
Griggsville station - William T Bennett
Perry station - James H Barger
Perry circuit - Emmer Elliott, one to be supplied
Milton circuit - Ira Emerson
Hardin circuit - Solomon McCall, one to be supplied
Barry station - B F Northcott, one to be supplied
New Hartford station - Giles C Wood
Payron station - S H Clark
Liberty mission - J S Kirkpatrick
Quincy mission - James L Crane

JACKSONVILLE District - George Rutledge, P.E.
Jacksonville East charge - C D James
Jacksonville West charge - R W Travis
Jacksonville circuit - Wm Hindall, J D Hurd
Naples station - E Corrington
Winchester station - Samuel Elliott
Bethel station - M Shunk
Whitehall station - Joseph Lane
Carrollton station - C P Baldwin
Greenfield station - B C Wood
Scottville station - J A Holderman
Franklin station - Newton Cloud
J F Jaquess, President, and B Newman and Robt Guthrie, agents, Illinois Conference Female college - Members of the Quarterly Conference, eastern charge

PLEASANT PLAINS Dist. - Peter Cartwright, P.E.
Beardstown station - Reuben Andrus
Virginia station - J Groves, W B M Colt
Meredosia station - to be supplied
Petersburgh mission - to be supplied
Sangamon circuit - J B Houts, Wm R Howard
Island Grove circuit - James C Finley
Havanna circuit - Edward Rutledge, one to be supplied
Peter Akers, President McKendre College, and member Meredosia Quar Conference.

SPRINGFIELD Dist - J C Kimbor, P.E.
Springfield station - Thos Magee
Sulphur Spring station - Wm M Pallett
Verdin station - W Owen
Waverly station -to be supplied
Carlinville station - W S Prentice
Carlinville circuit - A Semple
Fancy Creek circuit - W G Piper, Jas H Lucas, John C Baker

BLOOMINGTON Dist - G W Fairbank, P.E.
Bloomington east charge - W J Rutledge
Bloomington west charge - to be supplied
Waynesville - to be supplied
Mt. Pulaski mission - L Anderson
Clinton - S Garner
Randolph Grove - J W Aneals, one to be supplied
Decatur - S T Sterritt, D Bardrick
Monticello - W C Blundell
Mechanicsburg - H Buck, John M Lane
Mt. Pleasant - Sampson Shinn, one to be supplied
Wm Goodfellow, Professor? and John T Barger, agent Illinois, Wesleyan University - members of eastern charge.
C W Sears, Professor, and W J Newman, agent - members western charge.

DANVILLE Dist. - A Brad.....
Danville circuit - P Wallace
Vermillion - To be supplied
Georgetown- Wm H H Moore
Homer - W Sim
Urbana - W E Johnson
New Albany - John Slater
Sullivan - A Don Carlos
Edgar - Christian Arnold
O S Munsell, Principal Danville Seminary, and member Danville Quarterly Conference

PARIS Dist. - R c Norton, P.E.
Paris station - Wm Stephenson
Grandview - J H Purgess
Marshall - E Montgomery
Martinsville - To be supplied
Cumberland - S Huckstep
harleston mission - John C Long
Paradise circuit - O P Light
Shelbyville station - C W Munsell
Williamsburg - A Buckner

England and Cuba. In another column.....
The St Louis Intelligencer says
The NY Courier and Enquirer says
The NY Evening Post has no hesitation in pronouncing the whold story a hoax.-

Large sale of Wheat

column 5
The Mormon War and Shawnee Bank
New Orleans, 19th Oct.1853
Pittsfield, Ill- Dear Sir: ...."Francis' Power Press".....myself and others, who, during the "last forty years" have labored to improve the Printing Press. John G NICOLAY.

To the Public.- Upon mature consideration, I am induced to withdraw my name from before the people as a candidate for County Clerk of this county, and would respectfully recommend F T MILLER as a suitable candidate........WM. N. ROSS.

column 6
Telegram Gleanings
Arrival of the Niagara
England and Cuba
Rev. J.M.Peck...excellent author...
The Evening Post

column 7
>From the New York Herald
To Up County Pork Packers-from St Louis merchants
Change of Foreign Postage

column 8
Straight Through-The Chicago Press....

New advertisements
A.C.DICKSON - Cash for Grain
J.H.ALDERMAN - ..prepared to sell, at present, at St Louis prices.......
Fulling and Cloth Dressing at Springfield....established..at Wm.E.McEvers Mills near Jacksonville....H.M.ARMSTRONG & Co.

Estate of William H Long, deceased...Morgan County. MALEN BEA???

Estate of Jorden R DAVIS, deceased...Morgan county. CYRUS MORRELL, Admr

Administrator's Sale of Real Estate....Morgan county...land belonging to the Estate of the late Thomas WOOD, deceased,....JOEL HEADINGTON, admr.

The Contract of Insurance....policies issued...Mat Stacy, agent...
Cheap Wholesale Books- St Louis

page 3 ********************************************

Agents of the Constitution
John Gordon, Esq. Lynnville
W L Graham, MD Waverly
O H Rush, Esq. Berlin
John W Trover, Esq. Meredosia
M M Studley, P.M. Meredosia
D C Callen, P.M. Bethel
J Dunlap, Jr. arenzville
I H Salmon, General traveling Agent

The Law of Newspapers
Post Office Stamps
Apprentice wanted
Railroad Vote
Ladies Repository.
National Magazine
Arthur's Home Magazine
Mr Aubrey's Route between the Sierra Nevada and the Del Norte.

Books, Stationery & Music-....Willys CATLIN

column 2
Special Notices
Sigma Pi Library Lectures
Resolutions by the People.....Mustang Liniment....
Great discovery
Prof Wood's Hair Restorative
Dr Easterly's Fever and Ague killer..
An Inconte-Tible Fact - McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment
ad-St Louis

Hospital for the Insane- a meeting of the trustees....
J Neely & Co- South-east corner of the square, Jacksonville...Groceries, Queensware...

Important to all- A W Jones' Honey of Tar...
ads- St Louis

Maple sugar - Corcoran & Austin's

column 3

County Judge....James Berdan, the present incumbent....

Associate Justice....
John B DUNCAN, Esq
William McDONALD

County Clerk
Ebenezer T MILLER
Matthew STACY

County Surveyor - Geo. M. RICHARDS

County Treasurer

Justice of the Peace - James W ENGLISH

William A TURNEY

Jacksonville Retail Market
Chicago Markets
St Louis Markets
Livestock Market
Ad- St Louis

column 4
Dr...Compound extract of Iodine and sasparilla
Dr...Female Cordial

column 5
Mustang's linament
Volcanic Oil Linament

Desirable residence for Sale- being about to leave the state- on Springfield street

$100 reward - Stolen.....large brown mare....$100 for mare and thief, $50 for mare alone.

nursery- near st louis

For Sale- ...my residence..formerly owned by Mrs Clay...Eleanor C CALDWELL

column 6
Mrs M Stewarts- Fall and Winters Styles, Millinery and Fancy Goods.....[7 ads]
Hair Restorative
ROSS and HAMMOND - Rags- Sad Irons

column 7
D ROBB- New Fall Goods.....[24 ads]
BRISTOW and WARREN's- Old "Number 10" ahead- [9 ads]

Estate of John Selby, senior, deceased
Public notice.....Morgan county....settling and adjusting claims
John SELBY, Jr, Executor

column 8
Improved Extract of Yellow......
India Cholagogue.....
Vegetable Sanative.....
Music- St Louis

Notice to Builders
Until the 15th of November next, according to plans and specifications to be found at the store house of Mr. A. McDONALD in this place, in behlf of the trustees of Illinois College, we will receive sealed proposals for the following.......
Presidential Committee, Jacksonville

Ayers & Co

page 4 ********************************************

Business Cards -Jacksonville
C.K.SAWYER, D.D.S.- Dental operations
Dr. H.D.GRANT - Botanic Physician
Richard YATES - Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
ISAAC L MORRISON -Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Chancery
CORCORAN & AUSTIN - Wholesale and Retail Grocers
G.Y.SHIRLEY, M.D. - Dental surgeon
J.NEELY & CO. - New Store- Groceries and Provisions
J.W.GALBRAITH - Iron and steel
Edward LAMBERT- Butchering Business
LINCOLN & SELBY - Family Grocery
S.H.REESE - Dental surgery
Dr SHIRLEY - Correction- he does not give Ether indiscriminately.......
GOLTRA & STRYKER- Hats and Caps.....Trunks, Carpet Bags, & c......
James KLEGG- ...has taken the business formerly attended to by Matthew AINSWORTH....
J.W.CHENERY - Dwelling House for Sale
AYERS & CO - Axes,.....locks, latches....
P.B.PRICE - Clocks, Watches, Jewelry....
two ads St Louis businesses
D ROBB - Salt

column 2

J.H.LURTON - Dry Goods [10ads]
CORCORAN & AUSTIN - Apples and Peaches
ROSS & HAMMOND - Suction, Lifting, Forcing and Anti-Freezing Pumps....[6ads]
AYERS & CO. - Drugs, Chemicals.....
A McDONALD- prepared to purchase wool...-new..store.... Groceries, Queensware
CHICAGO and MISSISSIPPI Railroad- E KEATING, Superintendent.
two ads St Louis businesses

column 3 and 4
ads- St Louis businesses

column 5

Jacksonville [ads]
Richard BIBB- Dry Goods, Groceries....
R & I HOCKENHULL- French Zinc Paint....
AYERS & Co.- HardwARE
W B JOHNSON - Cooking Stove
R & J Hockenhull- [5 ads]
J C WHITE - Tailoring- Shop over Smith's store
W H BROADWELL- Ploughs...
R J Hockenhull - Druggist
Corcoran & Austin

column 6
Jacksonville [ads]

DAVENPORT & FOREMAN- Ready made clothing....three doors east of COFFMAN & SON,
M P AYERS - Exchange and Banking House
J W KING - Watches, Jewelry, and Fancy Goods
B.F. & C.P.FORD - Every Description of Harness
J. O'CONNELL's Shop- Cooking Stove....Tin Ware...
R & J Hockenhull
CORCORAN & AUSTIN - [10 ads]
Ayers & Co- Honey of Tar
WILLYS CATLIN- Books, Stationery & Music
Corcoran & Austin- Maple sugar

column 7 and 8
Ads - St Louis Businesses

genealogical items of interest gleaned
for your enjoyment by
Patty Havens
from microfilm of Misc IL newspapers
contact me for a copy of the image

Jacksonville Business College Register August 1866 2 pages

Page 1*****************

Jacksonville Business College Chambers Hall, North side of Public square

Prof. R. C. CRAMPTON, A.M. President and Professor of Business Arithmetic and Commercial Calculations

E. H. BOWMAN, JR., Professor of Theory and Practice of Book-keeping and Lecturer on Business Forms and Correspondence

G. U. HALL Professor of Business and Ornamental Penmanship.

HON. H. E. DUMMER, Lecturer on Commercial Law, Ethics, etc.

SAMUEL M. ALLEN, In charge of the Telegraph Department.

Additional teachers, and practical accountants of skill and experience, will be employed in the book-keeping department during the fall and winter months.

[Descriptions of classes] [Terms]

pg 2 - [Headlines]***************

Rapid Improvement Educational Monopolies Life scholarships

ad for Illinois College J.M. STURTEVANT, D.D.

ad for Young Ladies Atheneum WM.D. SANDERS, D.D. Superintendant

genealogical items of interest gleaned
for your enjoyment by
Patty Havens
from microfilm of Misc IL newspapers
contact me for a copy of the image

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