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Old Newspaper Articles
Morgan County IL

Excerpts of newspaper articles on this page:
March 22, 1832
June 14, 1834
July 12, 1834
July 26, 1834
March 10, 1836
April 30, 1837
Dec 19, 1840

[transcribed by and permission to print here given by Patty Havens from Miscellaneous Newspapers M-18A, Illinois I-303]
Thank you, Patty. If you want a full transcript or a scan of an article, contact Patty Havens.

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The Illinois Patriot - Jacksonville, IL
March 22, 1832
page 3
[transcribed by and permission to print here given by Patty Havens from Miscellaneous Newspapers M-18A, Illinois I-303]
Thank you, Patty. If you want a full transcript or a scan of an article, contact Patty Havens.

Some excerpts of interest
FATAL ACCIDENT - Mr Samuel McAdams, a young man familiarly known in this place and vicinity, having been in fact a resident of the county from his earliest days, died recently, near Wheeling, Virginia, of tetanus (lock-jaw) occasioned by his horse falling with him. Of the particulars of the injury we are not in possession; but such was the extent that he survived but a short time. He left here a few days before with a drove of horses; and was then in the full vigor of youthful health -
Urbana Collastrator

Administrator's Notice
I have this day taken out Letters of Administration on the Estate of
JAMES JENKINS, deceased. All persons interested in the aforesaid estate are hereby required to present their accounts properly
authenticated, within nine months from this date, or afterwards be precluded. Also, persons indebted to the said estate are requested to
make immediate payment.
DARCUS JENKINS, Administrix.
Feb 1, 1832

page 4

By ANDREW ROBINSON, on the head of Henderson, in Warren County, three head of cattle, to wit; one red steer, four or five years old, marked with a crop off each ear, and appraised at twelve dollars. One brown cow, eleven or twelve years old, marked with a crop off each ear; appraised at eight dollars.; and one heifer, three or four years old, marked with a crop and under bit in the left ear; appraised at eight dollars, by Thos c JENNINGS and Silas SAMUELS, before JOHN B TALBOT, Esq. A true copy from my estray book. DANIEL MCNEIL, jr. Monmouth, January 9, 1832

page 5

State of Illinois, Morgan County - Gillett & Gordon, plaintiff vs. BANTON H CREWS, defendant

The partnership in the heretofore existing in the Cabiniet-Making business, between
JOSEPH MCKEE, is this day dissolved by mutual consent......Jacksonville, IL 17th February 1832

Administrator's Notice
I have this day taken out Letters of Administration on the Estate of
BENJAMIN WORKMAN, deceased. All those having demands against the estate of the deceased are required to present them to me, or to the Court of Probate of Morgan County, properly authenticated, within nine months from this date, or else be precluded. Likewise, all persons indebted to said deceased are requested to make payment without delay.
JACOB GIBSON, Administrator Feb 13, 1832

Administrator's Notice
To the widow and heirs of
JOHN ANKROM, late deceased, of the County of Morgan and State of Illinois, and all other persons interested in the estate of the aforesaid deceased, take notice, that I shall apply to the Circuit Court of Morgan County, April term, 1832, on the 4th day of said term, for a decree of said court to sell the following described tracts of land, situate in the county aforesaid, belonging to the said deceased, viz:
E1/2 NE qtr Sec 10 Twp 18N R7W 80 acres., ALso, 40 acres
E1/2 of w 1/2 of NE qtr Sec 10 Twp 18N R11W
REDDICK HORN, Administrator of JOHN ANKROM, dec'd March 5, 1832

Administrator's Notice
I have this day taken out Letters of Administration on the Estate of
WILLIAM GRIMSLEY, deceased. All persons interested therein, are requested to forward their accounts, within nine months, to me or to the Judge of Probate, duly authenticated. Also, all persons indebted to the aforesaid estate, are requested to make immediate payment.
FIELDEN GRIMSLEY, Administrator Oct 1, 1831

The Illinois Patriot Jacksonville
June 14, 1834

pg 1
[transcribed by Patty Havens from Miscellaneous Newspapers M-18A, Illinois I-303]

In conformity with an order of the circuit court of Morgan County,
made at the May Term 1834, I shall, on the 21st day of July
next......... at the house occupied by
Enoch Beaty situated....expose to sale at public vendue to
the highest bidder the said lot of land......
ARCHIBALD NORTHCUT, Adm'r of the estate of
June 7, 1834

In conformity with an order of the circuit court of Morgan County,
made at the May Term 1834, I shall, on the 22nd day of July
next....at the post office in Manchester in Morgan County, Illinois
expose to sale at public vendue, to the highest bidder, a lot of land
whereof JAMES ORR died seized, being .......
HENRY LEE, Adm'r of the estate of James Orr dec'd
June 7, 1834

The Illinois Patriot Jacksonville
July 12, 1834 pg 3
[transcribed by Patty Havens from Miscellaneous Newspapers M-18A, Illinois I-303]

State of Illinois - Morgan County

Lots for Sale
On the 16th of august next in compliance with a decree....in
Jacksonville, being property lately owned by Matthew Q Dennis.

Administrator's Notice
George Markham dec'd

Public Notice
Chancery court real estate sale
John H Hall, complainant
James M Phillips, defendant

NANCY TRIPLETT vs JOEL TRIPLETT- A bill in Chancery and Alimony

Whereas, at the May Term, 1834, of the Morgan County court, I
obtained an order of said Court to sell 26 acres.....land of which
BENJAMIN WORKMAN, late of said county, died seized: ....public sale

STRAYED from the farm of
PORTER CLAY, Esq on the 25th ult., one light Bay Horse....
THOMAS LACOCK July 12, 1834

Notice is hereby given, that application will be made to the next
Regular session of the County Commissioners Court to be holden at
Jacksonville.....for a License to Ferry across the Illinois river at
the ferry now owned by the undersigned.

All persons concerned or interested in the estate of WM H ASKINS,
late of the county of Morgan, dec'd......

page 4

The partnership heretofore existing between
EDWARD MARCH, under the firm of Sinclair and March, in the cotton
spinning business is this day dissolved by mutual consent. E March is
duly authorized to settle business of the firm, to whom application
may be made. All those indebted to said firm are requested to make
immediate payment.

The partnership heretofore existing between
EDWARD MARCH, under the firm of Sinclair and March, in the cotton
spinning business is this day dissolved by mutual consent. E March is
duly authorized to settle business of the firm, to whom application
may be made. All those indebted to said firm are requested to make
immediate payment.

To All Whom It May Concern, Take Notice,
That I have this day filed in the Circuit Court of Morgan County and
State of Illinois, a bill in chancery, against LYMAN B SHAW, and
HORATIO N CROSS of St Louis, setting forth that the Orator,
GEORGE W COOK, as security for the payment of certain debts due from
said Cook and one
ASA EASTMAN to said SHAW & CROSS lately made a deed to said SHAW &
CROSS of 12 several tracts of land lying in said county, being the
same land on which the said Cook has heretofore resided and on which
the Steam mill of Cook & Eastman stands, on the promise of said Shaw
& Cross, that they would immediately after the filing of said deed in
the proper office for record............
GEORGE W COOK May 16, 1834

LIST of LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Jacksonville,
Illinois on the 30th June 1834
Messrs John ALLYN
Thomas ALLEN
V Samuel ALLEN
BEADLES Anderson
BOYD Samuel S  2
BARRUS Barnabas
BAKER Samuel
BASCM Rev Flavel
Barbank Oren A
C- COKER Claborn
COX Jerry
CROW William
CLOUGH William
Clifton Nehemiah
Chiun Dr Joseph G
Croy Jonathan K
Cobb Leander E
Cunningham Peyton
Clay C M
Cuffy Cabuis
Coons Martin
Coffin harles
Carey Mahuldah
Craig Lucy
Courtes John W
Charless Jos snr
Cook and Eastman
D- Duncan Sidney S
Dellen James
Dycus James
Dorr Jane  2
Dickermon E B
Dunnu Augustine
Dickson Henry C
Davisson John
Davih Jane
Deten James D
Duds Thos
Daggett Ebenezer
Deming Dr E
Doughty E M
Deweese Nimrod
Delph Mary
Donaghe Wm
Davenport Henry
Dupuy Benjamine K
Dye Isaac
E- Evans John W
Evans Elija
Emus William
Eddins Frances
Elliot Edward
Frazier Levi F
Ferris M A  2
Flinn William
Fontain Aron B
Faucher George
Field Pleasant
Farrow Isaac
Findley Walker
G - Gillet Lyman Y  3
George James
Green Alex
Greathouse Isaac
Goforth Thos J
Garrison Joseph  2
Green Scion R
Golden Abram
Grim Lucy W
Graham Charlotte
H - Harbison George L
Hacket George W
Hill John M
Howell James
Henderson Samuel
Howard Henry
Henry Richard
Hortou Joseph
Hunter Joseph
Haggard Bartlett D
Huddleson Polly
Hills Robert
Hall Dr Henry H
Hall Alfred
Hall Nathaniel E
Hopkins Robert
Hunt W H
Hardin Ambrose
Holmes Lydia
Haxby George
Haudyside Mr
Higginbotthom Joseph
J - Jones Bennett
Jones Thomas
Jones Charles Willis
Jones Samuel
Johnston Nancy
Jewett Isaac
L - Lane Asahel
Liter Andrew
K - Kelly Wm O
Kelly James F
Kenworthy Thomas C
M - Murphy William
Latthews Anson
McKee Joseph
Miller Wm
Mesecher James
Martin John 2
Mitchell Hanson
McPherson Wm
Mayfield Luke
Murphy Stephen
Martin James L
Mills Benjamin
Wm Monday   2
Miner Edward G
Messell Charles G
Mcabb John
John Mosley
Milton Bushrod
Malone A
McGowan Henry
McHenry Richard
Miers Wiley W
N - Newel John
Newcomb A W
O - Oliver Alexander
Overal Isaac W
Orchards James
John Fergeson or John Powell
Prows Thomas
Platt Lester
Patrick Amos F
Parkes George
Pratt Charles
Palmer Jeptha
Peck J M
Parkins Misses
Plasters Thomas
R - Rabe Jeremi
Reaugh Charles
Robeson James
Roach Nehemiah
Ross Henry P
Rogers David
Rogers sam
H A Curts or
David Rannels
Right Ruben
Rude David
Reece John    2
Robertson Alex
Rubart Milton B  2
Reader Mason
Rose J W
Roberts Peter
Rogers William
Rice Wm G
S - Swung H
Strawn Wm
Sharp Wm
Sims Raphiel
Street Aaron
Scott James
Slater William
Seavers Jeremiah
Short John
Sexton Steven B  2
Sugg Joel
Stewart Elizabeth
Slack Miss Mary
Sprague Ishwa
Daniel Scott  or
R Flima
Stockton Allen
Strawn John
Sheafle Charles H
Short David R
Spilten George  2
Story James
Sammons Edward
Sewall Wm
Smith Mathias   2
Smith Marshall
Smith Wm
Smith Chancey
Taylor Louisa F
Taylor Owen
Thomas Edward
Turner Israel
Tully Jones
Turner Andrew
Taylor Addison or Westley
Turner John
Taylor Steven
Willard John
Woolfolk Hiram
Whitton Jeremiah
Wright Jacob
Wise Daniel
Winters Nathan
Warren Thos or Benjamin
Walker Mr
Whitlock William
Williams Joel
Williams James
Warner Ernest A
Woods John
Wakefield Orien
Walker Archilans
Wood William
Wiatt John
Williams Rebecca

The Illinois Patriot - Jacksonville, IL
July 26, 1834
page 3

[transcribed by Patty Havens from Miscellaneous Newspapers M-18A, Illinois I-303]

DIED- On College Hill, on thursday morning last, HENRY HOMES, youngest child of President Beecher.

Notice Adeline ALEXANDER has left my bed and board.....I will not pay any debts of her....

The Co-partnership heretofore existing between the subscribers under the firm of WOLCOTT & WILKINSON at Naples, and WILKINSON & WOLCOTT at Jacksonville was dissolved on the 24th of June last, by mutual consent.

Jacksonville, July 18th, 1834

August Election 1834
For Governor-Hon. Jospeh DUNCAN
For Lieutenant Governor- William B ARCHER, Esq
Col. James EVANS
For Congress---Third District
Benjamin MILLS, Esq
William L May, Esq
For State Legislature-Senate
William THOMAS, Esq
House of Representatives- Newton CLOUD
William GORDON
Micajah COX
Edmund MOORE
Charles BEGGS
For Sheriff-
William O'REAR
County Commissioners,
For Coroner,
Anthony ARNOLD
To represent Schuyler County District

Administrator's Notice
I will attend at the office of the Court of Probate in the Town of Jacksonville on the 10th day of September next for the purpose of making a final settlement of the estate of Moses BUCKHANNAN deceased. All those who have claims against said estate, are notified to present them at the time and place above named legally authenticated.
Absolem PEAK, Adm'r of the estate of M Buchanan, dec'd July 19, 1834

To Whom It May Concern
Take Notice- That in Pursuance of an order of the Circuit Court of Morgan County, made at its May Term, 1834, directing me to sell Lot No. 78, and part of Lot No 65 in Hite's 2d addition to the town of Winchester in said county, being land of which Elihu MARTIN, late of said county died seised, I shall on Saturday the 13th day of September next, between the hours of 10 o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, proceed to sell at public venue to the highest bidder........
Bennett GRAY, Adm'r of said Martin dec'd July 22, 1834

July 26, 1834 page 4

repeated postings
Catherine and John MULLIN divorce
Nancy and Joel TRIPLETT Chancery Court land sale
John HALL vs James PHILLIPS Chancery Court
Isaiah STITES vs Phillip AYLESWORTH and others
Thomas LACOCK stray horse
James WILSON stray horse
WHIPPLE found horse
PERIGO estate land sale
George MARKHAM estate Edward Markham, adm
Henry LEE adm for James ORR estate land sale
James FIARS, adm for Manly STAMPS, dec'd
Archibald NORTHCUT, adm for Madison WOOD dec'd
Jacob GIBSON, adm for Benjamin WORKMAN, dec'd
B ASKINS adm for Wm H ASKINS dec'd
BEEMAN, Wm, for James, dec'd probate

Illinois Patriot
March 10, 1836 pg 1

political news
letters to the editor

March 10, 1836
page 2
foreign news

At a numerous meeting of Citizens from the Northern part of Morgan County, held at the Reading Rooms of John Beub in Beardstown on Saturday, March the 5th 1836, Reddick Horn, Esq., was called to the Chair, and Owen M Long, appointed Secretary. The Meeting was composed of all parties and the utmost harmony and good feeling prevailed.
The Chair briefly stated the object of the Meeting, after which John Ayers, Esq. offered the following Preamble and Resolution, which being seconded by Thomas Wilbourn Esq., were unanimously adopted.
"WHEREAS this meeting having assembled according to public notice, for the purpose of conferring and interchanging opinions in relation to the best mode of selecting suitable candidates, from the Northern part of this County, for the State Legislature and for a County Commissioner; And whereas, this part of the County containing one third of its population, has heretofore been neglected and not directly represented for the last eight years and believing that our population is as well deserving and possesses as full a share of public spirit and enterprize as the citizens of any other portion of our county; We therefore claiming to ourselves the right of choosing our own members regardless of Party or Party views, will use all honorable means to elect such men from among us, as are entitled to our own confidence; and in order to accomplish this desirable object,
Be it Resolved, That a Committee be appointed consisting of Citizens from every settlement in the Northern part of this county, whose duty it shall be to ascertain the sentiments and wishes of every voter and that a meeting of said Committee and such others as may chose to attend, be held at this place on Saturday the 26th of March, for the purpose of nominating suitable candidates, one for the Senate, two for the House of Representatives and one for County Commissioner. On motion of Tho. Pogue Esq. and agreed to by the meeting, the Chair nominated the following persons as said Committee, viz: Elisha Carr, Charles Chandler, Isaac Plasters, Isham Revis, Benj:Sutton, Wm. Scott, and Amos Bonny, from the Sangamon Bottom. Thomas Simpson, from Panther Grove.
Wm. Holme and Charles Brady, from Sugar Grove.
A.S. West, Stephen Lee, John J Mosley, and Joshua P. Crow, from the Narrows.
A. Beard and Isaac Mitchell, from Walnut Grove.
Wm. Crow and Aquila Hall, from the head of Indian Creek.
D. Eppler, Martin Hardin, Charles Beggs, and Jacob Bergen, from Jersey Prairie.
James Sims, D. Herndon, and ____Patton, from New Lexington.
Jacob Yaples, Oswell Thompson, and Edward Turner, from North Prairie.
Alexander Hoffman, Charles Pratt, George English and Martin Higgins, from Illinois Bottom.
John Bueb, John Ayers, Thomas Graham, Jr. and Thomas Wilbourn, from Beardstown.
Thomas Pogue moved that the following be added R. Horn, C. Lee, H. McKean, . Penny, and John Savage, which was unanimously approved of.
Thomas Graham Jr., then moved that the Secretary Owen M Long, be added to the Committee, which was also concurred in. The following Resolution was then unanimously adopted.
Resolved, That the members of the said Committee selected in nearly an equal share from both political parties, shall meet as aforesaid and nominate without respect to party such persons as they may think are best qualified to fill said offices.
On motion of T. Pogue Esq., it was resolved that the Editors of both the papers in Jacksonville, be requested to publish these proceedings
in their respective papers, and then the meeting adjourned.
Owen M Long, Sec'y

Illinois Patriot
March 10, 1836
Pg 3

We learn from Galena that John B Smith, who shot Woodbury Massey, at Debuques Mines, last fall, and whose call was dismissed by a late circuit court held at Mineral Point, for want of jurisdiction, was shot down in Galena on the 13th ult., by Henry L. Massy, a younger brother of the deceased. Smith lingered a few days, and died. Massey had left the country.

Dissolution of Partnership
The partnership heretofore existing under the name of G C Robinson & Co., is this day by mutual consent dissolved. All demands against and in favor of said firm will be adjusted by J.C.Thompson.
Meredosia, Febuary 22, 1836

Lots for sale in Jacksonvile
Lots No 43 and 44 belonging to the estate of the late Peter Cownover, will be sold.......
Charles BEGGS
J G COWNOVER, executors of the last will and testament of P Cownover, dec'd
March 10

I shall attend the Court of Probate of Morgan County on the third Monday of April next, to make a final settlement of the estate of Isaiah Stites and Philander Goff, dec'd. All persons having claims against said estates, will present them for settlement.
Edward LUSK, Adm'r of said estates
March 3, 1836

Notice is hereby Given
That I will present a petition to the next Circuit Court of Greene county, to be holden on the second Monday in April next, for the purpose of obtaining an order of said court authorising me to sell the real estate whereof Wm H Askins died posessed, living in the county of Green, the proceeds of which to be applied to the payment of debts against the estate, the personal property being insufficient.
B ASKINS, Adm'r and Guardian of the infant heirs of said W H Askins deceased.
March 9.

In this County on the 14 of Feb by the Rev R HORN, John ANDERSON to Miss NANCY SANDLES.
In Beardstown on the first instant, by the same, Mr Caleb STONE, to Miss Caroline STONE.
In this town, on the 7th inst, by the Rev H W Osbourne, Mr John GORHAM to Mrs Sarah Jane Johnston

Public Sale of Real Estate
By virtue of a certain deed of trust to me executed by Augustus Knapp and wife, Thomas Pogue and wife, on the 23rd day of November, A.D.1833, I will offer for sale at public venue, to the highest and best bidder, at Beardstown.....
Feb 27, 1836

Land for Sale in North Prairie
R F Barry

Dr Thomas Munroe
has fixed his residence in Jacksonville.......has resided several years in Baltimore.........

Strayed or Stolen
Bay Stud Colt Reward
J D Smith

Auction SAle
B W Schneider, Living on the Bluffs, 9 miles South East from Beardstown

Valuable farm for Sale
.......adjoining the Illinois College
W D Chenery

Information Wanted
Information is solicited in regard to a man by the name of MARSHALL, who resided last summer, on the Des Plaines, in Cook County, in this state, but who left that place for Sangamon or Morgan county about the latter part of November last.......... Thomas LAYCOCK

For Sale
The East half of the NW qtr of section 20.....

Railroad Notice
BOOKS for the Subscription to the Stock of the "Winchester, Lynnville and Jacksonville RailRoad Company," will be opened .......
February 29, 1836

The Stockholders of the Beardstown and Sangamon Canal Company,
are hereby notified of an election for five Directors, ......
Archibald JOB
Thomas BEARD
Benjamin SUTTON
Canal Commissioners

The undersigned having located themselves in the Town of Winchester, Morgan County, Ill., are now carrying on the Stone Ware Manufacturing Business in all its branches...... George EBEY
Feb 4, 1836

Boot, Shoe and Hat Store
George K BUDD

March 10, 1836
Page 4

For Rent
A Large Farm
James N Brown or Wm Brown
January 19, 1836

State of Illinois Morgan County in the Circuit Court of Said County
Mathew St.Clair Clark, Complainant
Thomas Clark, and Elmira Marble, Defendants
In Chancery

Administrator's Notice
We will attend on the third Monday.... the estate of Samuel Thompson, deceased
John R Thompson
Richard D Thompson Adm'rs

State of Illinois    Morgan Circuit Court
Michael Collins and Frederick Collins, survivors of Anson Collins, dec'd vs.
William H Witham, survivor of Isaiah Stites, deceased, Defendants
December 21, 1835

Administrators Notice
I have on this day taken out Letters of Administration on the estate of Seth HULL, late of the county of Morgan....
Reddick HORN, Adm'r
Dec 26, 1835

TO Elizabeth Tureman, widow, and David Tureman, Geoge J Tureman, Leonard Tureman, Catharine Tureman, Arsinoe Tureman, John J Tureman, Elizabeth Tureman, Tracy Tureman, William Augustus Tureman and Virginia Tureman Infant children and heirs at law of George Tureman deceased and to John Savage, Guardian of said Infants, and Joshua P Crow administrator of said decedent. NOTICE is hereby given, that a petition will be presented to the Morgan county Circuit Court, to be holden on the fourth Monday of March next, praying for a partition of the Lands and Real estate whereof the aforementioned George Tureman died siezed, among his children and heirs at law, and that the dowerright and interest therein of Elizabeth tureman the widow of the said decedent, may be assigned and set apart to her in the said partition. The said Lands and real estate..........
William CARR and Eliza Jane CARR, his wife, and Ann Tureman.
Feb 15, 1836

Notice is hereby Given
To all persons interested that I shall present a petition to the Morgan county circuit Court, to be holden on the fourth Monday of March next, praying for an order to sell a certain Lot of Land........
(being the real estate belonging to the Infant heirs of Baxter Broadwell deceased)....
John TAYLOR, Jr, Guardian of the Infant heirs of Baxter Broadwell dec'd
Feb 15, 1836

Notice is hereby given, TO all persons interested.....for a petition....to sell a lot....
(being the real estate of the Infant heirs of wesley Henderson deceased,)
Thomas WHITE, Guardian of the Infant Heirs of wesley Henderson dec'd
Feb 15, 1836

State of Illinois Morgan Circuit Court
Mathew St.Clair Clarke
Alexander Mason on Attachment The said Alexander Mason is hereby notified, that a writ of Attachment has been issued against him.....in favor of m St. Clark, for the sum of three hundred and twenty dollars, and that James Berdan and Elihu Wolcott have been summoned as Garnishees in said suit......

State of Illinois Morgan County
Notice is hereby given.....Circuit court....to sell the real estate of George Ebaugh, deceased....

Notice is hereby given TO the legal heirs and representatives of Elizabeth McConnell, late of the county of Morgan......Letters testamentary will be granted upon the Noncuputive Will of said Elizabeth McConnell, dec'd and they and each of them are required to appear.......
Aaron Wilson, Judge of Probate, Morgan Co.

Lots in the New Town of WAVERLY, are now offered for Sale.
The town is laid of at the point generally known by the name of Cook & Eastman's, in Morgan County. It is distant about 20 miles from Jacksonville, Springfield and Carlinville, and is surrounded by well cultivated farms. It is also on the State Road from Vandalia to Jacksonville. There is near the town a large Steam Flouring Mill, to which is now being attached a Saw Mill. A large Public House will be built in the spring. those wishing to examine a plan of the town can do so by applying to either of the subscribers
Waverly, Morgan Co., Jan. 12, 1836

To the Heirs of Samuel Thompson, dec'd and all others interested
We will present a petition .......sell the real estate...
John B Thompson
Richard D Thompson Adm'rs
Feb 4, 1836

Administrator's Notice
Notice is hereby given.....final settlement of the estate of James LITTLE, deceased.....
William Gillham, Adm'r
January 15, 1836

Public Sale of Town Lots in MONTEZUMA

Administrators' Notice
I shall attend the court of Probate.....final settlement of the estate of Benjamin TROY deceased.
Daniel TROY Adm'r

State of Illinois Morgan County
William Barker
James Lash and James Parkinson - Garnishee
The defendant James Lash is hereby notified.....

Land for sale
Eighty acres of Timbered Land
James SIMS

surnames gleaned/
transcribed for your enjoyment by Patty Havens
from microfilm of Miscellaneous Illinois newspapers

Illinois Patriot Jacksonville
Thursday April 30, 1837
(some of this is paper really hard to read)
page 1

List of letters remaining in the post office at Jacksonville Illinois, which if not taken out before the first day of July, 1837, will be sent to the general P.O. department as dead letters.
Allis Stephen G M
Allis Mrs Ann C
Akers William D
Addison Richard
Allen Samuel R
Atchison Mrs Mary
Bramenhite A
Bucy Thomas
Burnet James
Brown Mrs Elizabeth
Brown Bedford 2
Brown William 2
Brown Elias
Bedwell George
Bristow William
Bryant John 2
Banter Peter
Bruce Jerry
Barrows Barnabas
Butram Andrews
Boiling William
Bragg Ezekiel
Bunster C L
Butler Mr
Buchannon John
Bellow Aaron
Boles Stephen
Bryant William W
Bonan Wesley
Barnes Elizabeth
Bruce Mondin
Ba John
Burner Henry P
Collin Mrs Sarah
Conn Mrs E S
Chapman john R
Coggishall james H
Chambers Geo m
Cox R S
Connuover Peter
Crawford Jane
crawford Sally
Case Warren
Campbell William
Carlock John
Canid John H
Carey Manulda
Connuover J S
Crump Virginia
Clark Lancelet
Cox John
Cyrus Matthew
Craig H G
Cary Jane
Carter john
Claywell Jane
Carpenter John
------ Joseph
-------T T
---rit William
Drury George M
Dennis John C
Davenport Uriah
Deaton James
Davidson Benjamin F
Dogget Alford
Dickerson Thomas
Davis Charles
Dalton Elizabeth
Dickerson Sarah?
Elam Harriet 2
Egler George
Early J Rev
Elza Andrew
Evans James
Evans William
Ewing Robert C
Francis James
Faley Absolom
Foster Mary
Fatherkiles Nicholas
Gardner C W
Green Bethsada
Gentry Mary
Goldsmith Wilson
Gibson Isham
Gillham J R
Grossman Henry
Gorham William
Gibson James
Goodpasture William
Green W
Hurst Johnathan 2
Hicks Aaron
Haggart Edmond
Harris George 2
Hayden T H
Huddleston David
Huddleston William
Harlin Silas
Henderson Samuel
Hail Arre il P Mrs
Hay John
Hitt Jesse L
Henderson Archibald
Higham Mary M
Henry Mrs Nancy
Hamilton Abigail
Ham william
Happer Joseph
Harrison Mark
Hart Mrs Susan F
Hill Luke 2
Hamilton J R
Hufman John
House Hansil W
Hackett W
Hatcher Richard
Huston Mrs Nancy A
Henderson David A 2
January Thomas T
Jabine Charles
Jones Charles 2
Jackson David
Johnson Elizabeth
Jackson W N
Jones Stephen
Jones Mrs Nancy
Jones William
J???son Delilah
Jo????n Mrs Nancy
Jones Daniel R
Kinney Elmira
Kaltur? David
Keeps Imis
King & Olds
Knight Cyrus
Kinkade Andrew
King John
Kanady Lewis
Keyes Joseph L
Laycock Thomas 2
Law Daniel
Lon??e Alfred
Lankford Joseph
Ligan Judge Esq
M?ch?? John Rev
M Robt
Martin John
Mc???? James
Malone John
M????? Benjamin
Masters thomas
More Precider?
Mamper mrs Mary A
Morony Mose
Mann John or? jr?
Ming Jacob
Mehany Richard
Mason Edward
Medley Thomas
Marshall Robert A
Mick William T
Marsey Lewis
Magroon John
Marcy Mrs Maria
McClure Hugh
McKamel John M
McLaughlin William
Massacie Jas
McEgand Mrs
Marcy Nathan
McKeand John
Metar Miss Eliza
Noble william
Paterson William 2
Parker Thomas
Pike David
Powel C W
Powell Peachy
Pruit Charles
Philip Thomas
Paterson F
Pitcher Jephthan R
Ray George J
Ray James
Ray F???
Rhodes Thomas
Robinson Cutvert
Robeson Cuthbert
Roberts Joseph Dr
Rogers John c
Ruik John 2
Riley Judith
Riley jonathan
Renfro William
Rogers William
Roberts Daniel Dr
Richerson K F Dr
Richey Mrs Jane
Read Benjamin F
Roberts Thomas W
Reed Dr
Robison John J
Ru?? Mrs Sarah A
Reguier Felix Dr
Rankin James
Smith Isaac 2
Sandusky Jacob
scott James W
Spencer Guy
Spencer ?ix
Smithson W D
Simphir Thomas
Stured peter
Swinerton Elenor Miss
Stephens W J M
Sapinton Milton
Spencer Joseph
Smith Statford
Shelton Meakia
Strods Mahlen
Sage Miss A R
Scott Samuel
Starmer Mrs Jane
Shepherd Lewes or Thornton
Samwell katherine
Swizer Zackhart
Shibe Casper
Stout Ezra
Stenson Thomas
Smedley Christopher
Shutes Richard
Sparks John R
Saunders Christopher
Stockton Samuel c
Sandusky Joseph
Sugg William
Smith Tempia
Smith James D
Smith William 2
Smith Adam Y
Sappington Sylvester
Seymour Ephraha
Smith Martin
Smithson John W
Scott James
Slinger Nicholas
Teft? Willis
Thornburgh John
Thornburgh Lewis
Thornton henry
Tomlin John
Upham Henry
Vance Isaac B
vanpelt Samuel
Woodrough Thomas
Wells Nathan
Wilson Harvey
Willhight William
Wiswall Mrs Samantha
Wetherby Betsy
Weatherford William
Walker Richard
Welch mrs Sarah
William Reuben
Wilson John 2
Walker Calphurnia Mrs
Warren John
Way Jessee
Welch Mrs Sarah
Wilkins Samuel
Willits Samuel
Watson David
Young Jonathan c
Young James

Having recently sold his whole stock of goods to Jesse McKee......


We Learn, from a number of sources that the Rev. John BRICH, familiarly known in this part of the country as "Father Brich," was found frozen to death in one of the northern prairies, the early part of last month.

Resolved, That in order to effect this union and concert of action, the citizens of the towns and counties lying upon the route, he requested to hold meetings.........
Resolved, That the chair appoint nine delegates to attend......of the county of Sangamon.
The following gentlemen were appointed said committee:
Mssrs. Thos Mather, J T Stuart, S H Treat, A Lincoln, Henry Yates, John Dawson, S T Logan, George Pasfield and George Forquer. Resolved, that the chair appoint a committee of five to be a Committee of Correspondence, to communicate with our fellow citizens .......
The following gentlemen constitute said committee:
Messrs. George Forquer, Edmond Roberts, J T stuart, S H Treat, and Erastus Wright.

An Act to Incorporate the Stockholders of the Pittsfield and Mississippi Railroad Company....
That Robert R Green, Robert Davis, Jonathan Piper, John Z Turnbaugh, A H Argyle, Dexter Wheelock, James Johnson, William Ross and Daniel B Bush, their associates successors and assigns.......

School Land for Sale
I shall offer for sale at Public Venue at the courthouse, in Pittsfield, Pike county, Illinois.......
Daniel B Bush School commissioner of Pike county, Illinois

MARRIED - At Naples, on Thurday, the 6th inst, by J D Snider, Esq.

DEATHS In this town, on the 11th inst, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with christian patience,
On the 5th instant at Bloomington, Illinois, after a painful illness of four days, which she bore with great patience, and christian fortitude, Mrs CATHERINE P, consort of Rev. Cyrus L WATSON.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, yea saith the Spirit, for they rest from their labors and their works do follow them."

page 3

Land for Sale

The partnership heretofore existing between MICHAEL COLLINS and FREDERICK COLLINS is this day by mutual consent disolved.

Administrator's Notice
Notice is hereby given to all persons concerned in the estate of Robert HAWK, deceased,.......
Alexander J HAWK, Frances HAWK Adm's

HUNT & MALLORY have associated with them in business, Mr William Smith, late of the city of Cincinnati

Administrator's notice
...settle the estate of Timothy Padget
H W House adm'r

All persons indebted to the late firm of Doyle Palmer & Co.....
settle with E W PALMER.

Books for the subscription of the capitol stock of Naples and Jacksonville......
Bezaleel Gillett
John Manchester
Charles Collins
Miron Leslie
Commissioners March 16, 1837

The undersigned have purchased out the entire stock and tools of James M Eads.....

Is hereby given, ....for the county of Schuyler, present a petition for an order to sell certain lands belonging to the estate of John P Robinson, deceased.....
C G Robinson, adm'r

Administrator's Notice
estates of Rufus Harris and John Smallwood
D D White, Adm'r

Richard P Carter, late of the county of Morgan
Wm L Sa??? Adm'r

Jacksonville Female academy
The Trustees would inform the public that this institution is now committed to the care and direction of
Mr John ADAMS, late Principal of Phillips Academy Andover, Mass.
John Adams, A.M. Principal
Miss Emily Jane ADAMS
Miss Phebe Phillips ADAMS

Jacksonville Academy
under the Joint instruction of Messrs Charles E Blood and Charles B Barton
Matthew Stacy
Otiray Wilkinson
John T Jones
Truman M Post
Wm Brown
J B Turner
J M Sturtevant

page 4

Real Estate for sale in Naples & Meredosia
Orrin Cobb, ex'or of Jonathan COBB

A List of Letters
remaining in the post office at Beardstown, Illinois the quarter ending the 31st March A D 1837.
Mosher J Allen
George Anders
Thomas P Bray
Geo W Beery  2
Jacob J Brown
Hiram Brown
Jesse Brown
John W Brown
Daniel Baily  2
Daniel M Baily
Thomas Bellamy  3
Benjamin Beesly
George W Brocka??y
Anson briar
George Briant
E R Budd
Richard Bird
Mrs Sarah Cambern
Abraham Cartuck
Abraham Cokeanower
Lewis Clarkeson
Jno Corns
William Cross
Mortin Crofton
Miss Ellen Constant
Samuel S Duval
Wilhelm Darwell
Joseph Day
Jacob Drum
Daniel Flinn
Charles Gilliam
Robert G Ganus
Eleazer J Hickox  2
Samuel Hall
Harrison & M'Laughlin
James Kercher
Leonard Liscomb
Edward M'Kee
George Manson
Samuel McBride
Joel Newton
David Newman
William Parker
Mary Payton
Aaron Powell
W Powel
Charles Puffield
Charles Pride
Richard Rutter
Samuel RObinson
Isham Revis
E M Sharp
Daniel Sheffer
James Scott
W J Stephens
Wm Sattle
John Thompson
B J Talbott  2
William Talbott
William Tolen
John C Tindsley
Simon Wood
P C Wance

The partnership heretofore existing under the firm of Ross & Anderson is dissolved by mutual consent.
J E Ross
James S Anderson

Administrator's Notice
estate of Patrick Lynch, late of Morgan Co
Geo W WHITE, administrator

REAL Estate Agency
Porter Clay and Son, F P Clay

estate of Benjamin F Masterson
James W Simpson, Adm'r

Administrator's Notice
estate of James G Campbell, late of Morgan Co
Absolem Peak, Adm'r

The co-partnership heretofore existing......
George Hackett
Grange Walker
Lewis Walker

surnames gleaned/
transcribed for your enjoyment by Patty Havens
from microfilm - Miscellaneous Illinois newspapers

Illinois Democrat Jacksonville Dec 19, 1840

pg 3
[extremely hard to read]

Estate of David N Hay
James Ett???

Ferdinand Harr????

...on 12th of Oct next, we shall attend before the Probate......
 settle and adj claims....
20th August 1840
Jacob Fanning
George Fanning Adm'rs


David Clarke, Adm
Mary P Blodgett, Adm

William Pitner
Montgomery Pitner, Adm

pg 4

Marshall ----"How many males were there in this family on the first day of June, under five years of age?"
Female, "Males! what's that?"
Marshall, "Boys, madam; how many boys were there?"
Female, "Four"
Marshall, "What! four under five years of age?"
Female, "Yes, four."
Marshall, "Some twins I suppose then?"
Female, "No, there ain't no twins neither."
Marshall, "How many males over five and under ten?"
Female, "None of your business! You'll next ask how long I've been married.
It's a fine time if folks have got to tell all they have done in their life!"

List of Letters
Remaining at the Post Office at Exeter, [Scott county IL]
on the 30th day of September 1840, which if not taken out within three months will be considered as dead letters:
Daniel Crawder
George Arnold
Wm Fleming
A Forsythe
Geo. Fowler
David Felton
Sam'l Rockwood
Elvira J Riggs
H A Amalang
Baxter Little
William Owings
John F Willson
G D Simmons
Dexter Stillman
Alford Stewart
Nathaniel Tyler
Holden Miller

State of Illinois  Circuit Court  Morgan County
In Chancery    November Term 1840
Bill to Foreclose mortgageThomas T January
Julian Lusk, James Smith, William C. Smith,John Cavender, Alfred Todd,
George M Chambers, Erastus W Palmer

State of Illinois Circuit Court Morgan County
Petition for Partition
Francis G Murray
Charles Collins, Wm G Harris, and Geo M Richards

State of Illinois Circuit Court Morgan County
In attachment
John B Merris
J B Walker, and Elijah Lane

List of Letters
Remaining in the Post Office at Jacksonville on the 1st day of October 1840,
which if not taken out of the office before the 1st day of January 1841, will be sent to the general post office as dead letters:
Allen Daniel
Amos John  2
Allen john
Alexander William
Allen John or John Gratten
Michael or A W
Burklio Henry
Brown Wm
Bradshaw William  2
Boyce William
Bruce S augustus
Beavers James
Bryan John
Brim Alexander
Bruce A S
Barker Jeremiah
Becraft Aquilla
Burger Rev. John S
Baker Elljah
Buchanan John
Brown Clarissa
Brunk Jesse
Baker E S
Bibb Richard
Brown Parthina
Bristol Louis
Carter Robert
Campbell Dolphis
Cox Warren
Cooper William
cross william
Carson Isaac W
Chandler I
Cox James
Coker Claborn
Cain George
Corcoran John
Crouch John D
Chester Thomas
Dillow Miss Olivia
Davis H N
Dakin Leonard
Davis Jeremiah
Deaton Littlebury H
Dane Lewis
Edwards James G
Epler James
Edgar John
Eagan John
Edwards William
Earp Robert jr
Eads J M
Furr Doct. A W
Fancher James jr
Foges Shelton C
Fitzhugh John
Forsyth Benj D
Finly Francis
Fall or Hall Elizabeth
Filson Leander
Fergoson Benjamin
Gorham Stephen Sen.
Greenup William M
Grossman Nelson
Gillespie George W
Gaddes Adam
Gilabert Michael
Hiadall William
Harrison William
Hall James Lewis
Hart John
Harrison Enos H
Harris William C
Hill William
Harlin John A
Hughs John A
Henry Greenup
Holmes joseph A
Hawn Frederick
Herrick Rev.Henry
Hamblin William B
Hamlin Henry
Harney Robert D
Hackersmith Andrew
Hurley Jeremiah
Hatt Mrs Liza
Hamilton Mr
Ingles James
Ingersoll D S
Ingersoll David
Ingalis Davies
James George
Johnston John L
Johnston William
Killpatrick Hon T
Kinney Isaac
King Elliot
Killober Michael
Kingkade Caroline
Luster Mr
Lancaster Morris
Lester Antrim
Lawrence Jacob
Lyons Master H M
Moore Mrs Nercisa

Mathers Henry
Milner C H
Nicholas Agrippa
Negus Robert S
Nelson James
Newton Alfred
Orr Augustin
Osborn Harrison W
Osborn Harrison
Porter Mrs
Pearson Benjamin
Purdy frederick
Pettyjohn Jacob
Phelps anderson
Pearson Pusson
Porter J
Porter James M
Prosser Saml
ayne Robert C
Pearson R M
Pitman Narcissa
Palmer Ursula
Rowe W H
Richert John
Roberds -------
Ribilin David
ratcliff A S
Ratcliff Alexander
Risdon Orange
Retter Mrs Jane
Roberson Wm S B
Reddy Michael
Russell Miss Mary J
Ray Felix
Rickey Israel
Ristey Gideon S
Richey Miss Mary
Reed A M Esq
Sargeant Stephen E  3
Sans James
Scott Geo W
Sebastian Milton  2
Scott N B
Smith James B
Smith John
Smith Morris D
Smith william
Smith M D
Self John c or C W
Summerville Wm H
Sanders L N
Stone B W
Swan Benjamin
Smalley William
Spates Samuel
Slatton james
Saxton William
stowell Asa
Smotherman Jesse
Shumate William
Simmons Michael
Sparks Mathew B
Stevens Henry
Sherman Almond
Tifft David
Thayer Charles F
taylor John  2
Thompson Samuel
Tilford Augustus
Thornton William T
Taylor Orren
Thompson Michael
Verder Brown W
Van Eaton Joseph
Warfield Lance Lot
Wilkinson Robert
Wood M C
Wells James or Leroy
P D Gray
Wiswell Thomas
Wright John
Watkins Daniel
Wilkinson Joab
Woods Cath M
White Joseph D D
Waugh Richard
Watson James

Administrator's Notice
......before the Probate Justice of the Peace of Scott County, ...
estate of Isaac Jones, late of said county, deceased, ...
Absolem Peak, Adm'r

State of Illinois Cass County Circuit Court
Petition for Divorce in Chancery
Lucy Corning
William Corning
.......William Corning is not a resident of the state.....
Henry E Dammer, for complainant
Sept 7, 1840

respectfully informs the citizens of Jacksonville and vicinity,
that he has opened an English and Classical School in the School House
on Springfield street, formerly occupied by Miss Spencer..........

genealogical items of interest gleaned for your enjoyment
by Patty Havens
from microfilm of Misc IL Newspapers
contact me for a copy of the image

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