1812 War Veterans
Morgan County, Illinois

List of 1812 Veterans from "The Honor Roll, published by The Illinois Veterans Commission, 1956."
Asterisk indicates the 51 names inscribed on the bronze tablet dedicated November 8, 1931.

Name Of Veteran - Death Date - Cemetery
Anderson, William 22 Aug 1836 Conlee/Old Rohrer
Angel, George (Kentucky Militia) 22 May 1856 Angel Farm *
Armstrong, William (Illinois Militia) 7 Jan 1879 Ytesville (Old Baptist)*
Ball, John S. (Kentucky Troops) 20 Dec 1878 Sheppard/Shepherd
Barr, Ebenezer (Pennsylvania Militia) Barr Farm?*
Bedwell, George 27 May 1863 Caldwell
Boulware, Phillip 3 Oct l859 Franklin*
Bradshaw, John (Ky. Regt Mtd Militia) 16 Mar 1846 Jacksonville East
Brian, Daniel 1 Jan 1847 Conlee/Old Rohrer
Broadwell, Baxter (Ohio Troops) 8 Dec 1832
    Reinterred from where? [reinterred from College Hill Cem. 23 May 1872 to Sec K Lot 208]
Burch, Benjamin (Kentucky Militia) 30 Apr 1831 Franklin*
Carr, James (Cpl Mtd Vol Il Mil) Jacksonville East
Carson, Thomas (Mtd Vol KY Mil) 15 Jan 1850 Jacksonville East
Caywood, Jeremiah (1812 & Bl. Hawk) Waverly East
Chapin, Quartus? Horace? 1865
   Chapin Horace re-inter.[Horace Chapin in Diamond Grove]
Church, Thomas (Tenn Cpl 7 U.S. Inf) 9 Aug 1879 Jacksonville East See Record
    [Note Jacksonville East started 1833. No records available until 1868
Coker, Dennis (U.S. Army, Georgia) 15 Aug 1876 Hebron*
Conlee, Rev. Isaac 19 Jul 1879 Conlee/Old Rohrer
Conn, James (Cpl Mtd Vol IL Mil) 1902 Waverly East
Cox, Ancil (Kentucky Militia) 14 Jan 1873 Sulphur Springs*
Cox, Benjamin (Illinois) Jacksonville East?
Cunningham, Peyton 29 Apr 1859 Diamond Grove*
     [Note: Diamond Grove did not start burials until 1867/8.
    He and his family were moved from Franklin May 1, 1883
    after his wife was buried there November 2, 1882.
    They moved Payton, Mary, William D,,& Mary L. to Lot 24 Section D. in Diamond Grove.]
Davis, John 28 Aug 1836 Jacksonville East
Dawson, Bernard (Virginia Militia) 12 Apr 1853/6 Jacksonville East*
Denny, Joseph C. (Ohio Militia) 3 Jul 1871 Yatesville(Old Baptist)*
Dewey, Col. Rising (Vermont Militia) 8 Mar 1857 unknown burial site*
      [later moved to Diamond Grove Section K Lot 146]
Dial, Isaac (Kentucky) unknown
Duncan, James L. 15 Jan 1844 Diamond Grove (re-int)
Duncan, Gov. Joseph (Kentucky Militia) 15 Jan 1844*
     He and children were first buried on campus in front of their home in Duncan Park. All moved to Section K Lot 52.]
Dunlap, Alexander (Kentucky Militia) 10 Nov 1853 Diamond Grove Mausoleum?*
Edmundson, Thomas (Ky Vol Troops) 29 Jan 1871 Beagle(Meredosia Twp.)
Fanning, George (Kentucky Militia) 25 Nov 1867 Davis*
Fanning, John 13 Sep 1861 Youngblood
Funk, Nimrod (Battle of New Orleans) 23 May 1879 Diamond Grove*
Gest, Isaiah 9 Aug 1841 Jacksonville East
Gest, Nathaniel (Pvt 6 Ky Mil Regt) 12 Oct 1838 Jacksonville East
Green, John (IL Vol Inf) 12 June l851 Scott-Magill
Gorham, Stephen 21 Apr 1855 Jacksonville East
Haney, Alden (Daniel Boone Militia) 16 Jul 1878 Diamond Grove*
    [first buried in Lewis/Angelo/Buckhorn cemetery]
Hart, David (Tennessee Militia) 26 Apr 1884 Hart's Prairie*
Hart, Solomon (Under Gen. A. Jackson) Hart's Prairie*
Hoyt, Lumas T. 4 June l877 Waverly East
Ingalls, Darius (New York Mil) 3 Apr 1867 Jacksonville East
Jetton, Benedict (Pvt. 1 Mississippi Vols) Youngblood*
Johnson, Benjamin 18 Mar 1861 Diamond Gr.      (re-interr)
Johnson, Richard (New York Militia) 28 Jan 1813 Arcadia*
Jordan, John R. (Pvt McAfee's KY Mtd Mil) 6 Aug 1887 Jacksonville East*
Knapp, George 14 Apr 1866 Waverly East
Langley, James (Licking Co. OH) 1880 Scott-Magill
Leeper, John (Kentucky) Leeper cemetery/no trace
Leonard, Abraham b.1790 1864 Concord*
Luttrell, Thomas (Kentucky) Pisgah
McAllister, Bartlett 17 Dec 1848 ewis/Angelo/Buckhorn
McConnell, John (Kentucky Troops & Penn) 6 Mar 1831 Fredlander Farm*
McCormick, Walter (Roberts Ky Militia) 31 Oct l865 Pisgah
    [reinterred to Diamond Grove Section A Lot 3451
Manchester, David (Fifer New York) 6 Sep 1878 Yatesville(Old Baptist)*
Massey, Capt. Silas (New York Militia) 2 Jan 1874 Diamond Grove*
Matherson, Wesley 29 Aug 1852 Jacksonville East
Mathews, Isaac (Ohio) 7 Apr 1863 Sibert/Perry Farm*
Merrill, Aaron (Ohio Troops) 17 Dec 1874 Concord*
Miller, Jacob (Navy) Jacksonville East*
Moss, William (Ky Mounted Militia) 27 Apr 1874 Moss/Walnut Ridge*
Mullins, Archibald 9 Oct 1845 Caldwell
Nichols, Agrippa 12 Mar 1871 Youngblood*
Officer, William 9 May 1847 "
O'Neal, Lt. Major Thomas(Kentucky) Mar 1877 Scott/Magill*
Parker, Aaron 31 May 1849 Oakland (Meredosia)
Pease, Aboin 2 June l878 Waverly East
Petefish, George (Pvt. Co L Inf Virginia Mil 1867 Arcadia*
Peters, Aaron 19 Feb 1877 Arcadia*
Pond, Martin J. (Connecticutt) 2 Feb 1864 Concord*
Posey, William Churchill 27 12 Jul 1849 Jacksonville East
     [His father was Gen. Thomas Posey who became Territorial Governor of Indiana.
      W. C. Posey was one of the founder of Illinois College, and assisted in the first day of school in Beecher Hall.]
Rankin, James (Penn. & Tenn Vol. Inf ) Jan 1839 Jacksonville East*
Rearick, George (Pittsburgh Blues) 5 June l855 Jacksonville East*
Roberts, William 26 Feb 1868 Roberts Farm
Robinson, Joel (Ohio Troops) 20 May 1880 Berea*
Runyan, E. S. (Franklin Co. Ky. Troops) 13 June l86l Concord*
Sample, David (Illinois Mil) 1829 Sulphur Springs
Scott, Samuel (Illinois) unknown
Scott, William (Illinois) 7 Jul 1855 Scott-Magill
Scott, Zachariah 3 Jul 1837 Liberty
Shrewsbury, Michael 23 Apr 1864 Concord
Slatten, James 23 Aug 1873 Hebron*
Smith, Dr. Archimedes (Surgeon 1 KY Vol) 2 Mar 1866 Jacksonville East
Smith, Ist Lt. Ashford (Virgi 4 Mar 1877 Norris Chapel/Mt.Vernon*
Smith, John 25 Oct 1875 Lewis/Angelo/Buckhorn
Sperry, Alfred Feb 1875 Waverly East
Standley, Noble (Tennessee Mil) 5 Apr 1862 Moss/Walnut Ridge
Stice, Robert Fillmore No b.1790 Conlee/Rohrer [not on IVC list, but found in cemetery reading]
Stokes, Edmund (Craigs Co. Vol Rifle. IL Oakland/Meredosia
Sturges, Jonathan 28 May 1874 Arcadia*
Tandy, Willis (Kentucky Troops) 5 Sep 1849 Jacksonville East*
Taylor, John 9 Jan 1847 Concord
Tefft, John P. 9 Jan 1849 Jacksonville East
Thompson, Bernard (Ohio Troops) 24 Sep 1842 Old Morgan City*
      [re-interred to Oaklarid 24 Jul 1865 Oakland/Meredosia
True, Levi 27 Feb 1858 Concord*
Turley, John (Kentucky) 28 Sep 1835 Arcadia*
Turner, Andrew (NC Mil & Rev. War) 8 Aug 1842 Conlee/Old Rohrer
Turner, John (Illinois Rangers) 6 Jan 1866 Turner Cemetery*
Williams, Edward (Virginia Militia) 22 Jul 1882 Yatesville(Old Baptist)*
Wilson, James (Illinois) 24 Aug 1858 Arcadia*
Wood, Richard (Kentucky Troops) 20 Jun l865 Sulphur Springs
Woods, William (Peterson Ky. Regt.) 27 Sep 1846 Franklin*
Wright, Abner (Redings Ky Mtd Mil) 16 Aug 1843 Franklin*
Wright, REUBEN 2 May 1886 Franklin*

Thomas Church record from Dierdre Church Duewel
From the National Archives -1812 military records of Jacksonville resident Thomas Church who died from cholera in the 1833 epidemic on 09 Aug 1833 and who is buried in the Jacksonville East Cemetery
The transcription is as follows:

Records of Men Enlisted in the U.S. Army Prior to the Peace Establishment, May 17, 1815

Entry #: 5513
Name: Church, Thomas
Rank: Pri
Regiment: 7 Co.:
US Infy
Company Commander: Capt. Van Dyke
Regimental Commander: [none listed]
Height: Feet/Inches: 5 9 with grey eyes, light hair, fair complexion OR 5 10-1/2 blue eyes, brown hair [it says that - giving an OR]
Age: 20
Occupation: Farmer
Town or County: Augusta
State: Va or KY
When: Sept 18 1808
Where: Tenn
By Whom: Capt Van Dyke
Period: [nothing listed]
REMARKS: Co. Book 1808 to 1811, Present at Rogersville,Tenn, Nov 10/08, April 10(?) June 17, Sept 18, Oct 22 1809, July 11 & Oct 10/11 - Order Capt Doherty's Co. dated New Orleans, Jany 1/13, Transferred to Capt. Oldham's Co. - Present in Capt. R. Oldham's Co. Jany 2/13 - appears to have against enlisted April 1/13, at New Orleans, by Capt. Oldham for War - Present Aug 26/13 - Appt'd Corpl Sept 27/13, at Ft. Charlotte - Present Sept __ to March 7/14 - on command March 8 to March 12/14 - Present Mch 13 to June 1/14 - On command June 2 1814 - Present June __ to July 30/14(?) - reduced from Corpl - Present in Capt. S. Vail's Co. at __chifonte, July 30 & Sept 2/14 - Tried by C.M. at New Orleans, Dec 19/14, neglect of duty - 24 hours in b.h. on bread & water - DR Feby 16 & DRP(?) Mag Barracks, April 30/15 - Present DB - Discharged at New Orleans April 8/15, term expired - See Pension Case.

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