Time Line
For The Formation Of
Morgan County IL

The location of what is now Morgan County went through many boundary changes in almost 200 years. Researchers, for example, would want to search in St. Clair County 1790-1812, in Madison County 1812-1820 and in Greene County 1821-1822. Your ancestor could have came to the Northwest Territory, Indiana Territory, Illinois Territory, although settlements were sparse in that time era, mostly along the waterways, such as Mississippi River, Illinois River, etc. until the early 1800's.

This table is to be used as a guideline for your research project, to be aware of the County boundary changes.






Great Britain


Quebec, Canada


Illinois County, VA

27 April 1790

Northwest Territory, St. Clair County

9 February 1801

Indiana Territory, St. Clair County

28 April 1809

Illinois Territory, St. Clair County

14 September 1812

Illinois Territory, Madison County

3 December 1818

Illinois Statehood

20 January 1820

State of Illinois,Greene County formed from Madison County

31 January 1823

State of Illinois, Morgan County formed from Greene County, boundaries then included the present day Counties of Scott; Morgan; Cass; .

3 March 1837

State of Illinois, Cass County formed from Morgan County.

16 February 1839

State of Illinois, Scott County formed from Morgan County.

16 February 1845

State of Illinois, a small part of Morgan County added to Cass County. Morgan County composed as it is today.

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