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From the History Of Morgan County, Illinois, Its Past and present Chicago: Donnelley, Loyd & Co., Publishers, 1878.

Lynnville, Is a small town in the western part of the county, five miles from Jacksonville. It was laid out Nov. 3, 1831, by Nimrod Funk and James Holmes, on land which belonged to them. The first store in town was opened by Edward Shirtcliff. the first postmaster was William Gordon. His successors have been James Gordon, Thomas Beaty and John Gordon, the latter being the present imcumbent. Other storekeepers have been Wm. Smith, Wm. Gordon and Thomas Swales, all of whom kept stores characteristic of their times. One year before the town was laid out a tread-mill for grinding grain was erected by Adam Allison. The same year a school house was built in this vicinity. Before the erection of the school building William Brisbine had taught at his own home in this neighborhood. The old school house, built in 1830, has been superseded by a more modern structure in which the village school is now taught. the first preacher in this vicinity was Peter Cartwright, who visited this settlement at an early day. In 1839 the Christians erected a house of worship. They still maintain a good congregation. About 1843 the Methodists built a church in the village and still maintain religious services. The Rev. William Rutledge of Jacksonville, preached in this vicinity for many years. At Allison's Mound, a short distance north of Lynnville a settlement was made in the Spring of 1820, by Dr. Caldwell and Mr. Olmstead. At the former's house the first court in Morgan County was held. Early settlers in the township in which Lynnville is situated, were H. M. Liebe, William Coultas, and Wm. Gordon. The first child born was Elizabeth York. The first marriage was that of Charles Harrell to Miss L. Caldwell. The first death was that of the wife of Charles Harrell. The town contains about two hundred and fifty inhabitants. It has enjoyed its share of local trade, and at one time was doing good business. The village derived its name from the Linn grove where it is situated.

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