James Harvey Rhea - 1872 Diary

Diary of James Harvey Rhea - 1872
Morgan County IL

Copied exactly as it was written by
Patricia Hines Hall g.g.niece

James Harvey Rhea, youngest son of James and Virlinda Lawrence Rhea, was born October 4, 1850, in Morgan County, Illinois near Waverly. He died at the home of Mrs. Allen Kohlenberg, Drexel, Missouri on February 20, 1926. Mr. Rhea left Illinois in 1873 and located in Cherokee Co, Kansas, where his brother John Lawrence Rhea had located a year before. On September 27, 1874 he married Miss Mary Jane Alderson, of Macoupin County, Illinois. To this union, 6 children were born. In October 1877, after the death of their second child, they left Cherokee County, Kansas and located in Miami County, Kansas.

Mr. Rhea taught school for many years during the winter months and farmed during the summer. He was elcted Representative from Miami County, Kansas to the State Legislature in 1888 and wrote the first bill to allow townships in Kansas to have high schools. He also served many years as Justice of the Peace and many other town offices.

He became a Christian early in life and in 1894 entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was instrumental in the building of many churches and leading many to Christ.

In 1921, he retired from the ministry and moved to his farm west of Drexel, Missouri, in Kansas. His wife died on April 19, 1921, and he moved to Drexel, Missouri, to the home of his daughter, until his death.

Mon. Jan. 1, 1872- I went to Glarners and came back by N. R. Foggley and called in and traded him a book. I had for a Youmane Chemistry and came home, eat my dinner, went to Waverly a foot, mailed a letter, and got my paper. I got on the train and went to Virden and came back to Waverly and then came home. It was acold cloudy day and looked like snow. J.H. Rhea

Tues. Jan. 2, 1872-Today I staid at home all day to read my newspaper in the forenoon and helped haul some hay to the barn. In the afternoon I studied my chemistry and chopped some wood and done the chores. In the evening Mr. Fogg came and set a while with us. The weather is some warmer today from the southeast and is misting rain some. It is still cloudy. it is thundering some. J.H. Rhea

Jan. 3, 1872- Wed. Today I am at home, the dearest of all places, for there is nothing like home. In the forenoon I made a ax handle and read some, in the afternoon I ground my ax. I chopped some wood. In the evening G. W. Vansil came and remained all night. The weather is very cold today with the wind in the west and snowing a little. J.H.Rhea

Thursday 1-4-1872 Another day has come to a close, which reminds me that time is fleeting fast and that we shortly improve it while it lasts. Today I stayed at home and chopped wood all day and at night I studied chemistry which I think is a very nice study. The weather today is very different from yesterday. Today it had a nice sunny day and the ground thawed some, the weather in this country is like some people, always changing from one thing to an other. J.H.Rhea

Fri. Jan. 5, 1872- The 5th day of 1872 is no more, it is now numbered with the past, First a day then a week and then a year slips by, likewise our lives, pass away, first our boyhood, then our middle age and then our old age and we are gone. Today I went and borrowed a saw and helped to saw 20 logs, ready for the mill which is muchas I want to do any day. The weather today was very nice for winter weather, the sun shone warm and the ground thawed a little.

The 6th day of Jan. 1872 has come to a close. One 6th day of Jan. 1871 found me in school. This year it finds me at home, but when it will find me next year I am unable to tell. Today I hauled logs to the sawmill all day, a work I don't like much either. The weather today is pretty cold, everything is froze up tight and fast, the clouds hang way low and look dark and thick. I think it will snow in a day or two, I hope so at any rate. J.H.Rhea

Sunday 1-7-1872 Another day is gone and must be numbered with. Today is Sunday, the day of rest when both man and beast can stop from his labor. What a great thing in the divine goodness to appoint us a day of rest. Today I went to Relpeasy Vanert and staid all day and we had a very good time together. Today it snowed all day just like it was the last chance. The wind is in the northeast and comes pretty cold. J.H.Rhea

Wed. Jan. 10, 1872 At home. Today I worked at several things in the morning. I hauled some logs to the mill and read some. In the afternoon I went to town and back. The weather today was very nice. The sun shone all day and the snow all melted off, from the roads which made them rather sloppy. It is now 15 min to 9 o'clock and I am getting sleepy for that is my bedtime.

Thursday Jan. 11, 1872- Island Grove At Uncle John Rhea's. I hauled one log this morning to the house to burn and then got ready and came over here after mother and had a very chilly ride of it too. The snow was melting and the ground thawing which absorbed all the heat of the air. The wind today was in the north west but the snow melted off not withstanding for the sun shone warm all day. Jas H. Rhea

Friday and Saturday- nothing written

Sunday Jan. 14, 1872 At home. Today I stayed at home and George was here and spent the day studying on the "immutability of human events." Today was a very nice day I guess I never noticed. Jas. H. Rhea

Monday Jan. 15, 1872- At Waverly, Today I went to town and stayed all day waiting to see Leonard, and he did not come, dogon him. I think he had better come through and that is my personal opinion. I guess the weather ws today. I never thought to notice but it never rained or snowed nor done nothing extra. Jas. H. Rhea

Tues. Jan. 16, 1872 At Waverly, still have been waiting for Leonard to come from Virden to pay me for working on the railroad. He came in on the 9 o'clock train p.m. and said he'd pay me in the morning. The weather today was very good for winter weather. The sun shone all day.

Wed. Jan. 17, 1872- At home once more. Today I came home from town and 'knocked' around awhile and then went down to Joe Gannells to see if he had the money he owed me, but he didn't have it. Said he would try to get it. I went on from there to Mr. Foggs and stayed there until bedtime, went from there home. I got my money from Coonrod this morning and paid all that I owed. This morning the weather was beautifull but the clouds kept gathering around until night and now it is thick, close cloudy, Looks like snow. Jas. H. Rhea

Thursday Jan. 18, 1872- At home another day is past and I must use some more of my lead pencil. Today I remained in the house all day and studied chemistry. I have a ll most come to the conclusion that I will study engineering because I think it will suit me. The weather is so changeable here that a fellow soon finds he has a mucus membrane.

Friday 1-19-1872- Apple Creek, Ill. At home. Today I went to town and took a load of ties, come home and hauled a load of wood to the house to burn. Today it thawed a little and rained a little and snowed a little and done a little of everything in general. Now it looks like rain. "Get up and brindle".

Sat. 1-20-1872- Today ws a cloudy cold rainy day. I went to town and took a load of ties.

Sun. 1-21-1872- Some warmer the sun shone all day. I went to George's to day and we went to church at 11 o'clock. Spent the afternoon in talking on philosaphic questions. Had a very good time. Went to church on night and sat up in the old mens corner. Old Mr. Padmers showed up and old erather. Plugugly done like wide and so did old Aunt Ellen. Had a big time in general and Josh said he would pay me this week. I am going to stay all night with George.

Monday Jan. 22, 1872 Some colder, cloudy, I came home from George's and went to town, and took a load of ties. Came home and went to 'Brush College" to meeting. The brethern had all gone, so we didn't have such a lively time. Old mother "Plugugly" was not there. Josh didn't pay me I am going to stay with George again. I got me a new lead pencil it ws first rate. J. H. Rhea

Tues Jan. 23, 1872- Clear and cold snowed a little last night. Come home from George's this morning. Sit a round the fire all day and read in the evening. I went to church taul 'brush'.

Wed. 1-24-1872 clear and cold. Made ties all day. I am going to church again tonight. went to church and George has come home with me.

Thursday Jan. 25, 1872- Clear but very cold. Went to town went from there with George down to his house and then we went from there out to church, from their home.

Fri. Jan. 26, 1872- Still clear and cold a light shade warmer than yesterday. Made ties.

Sat. Jan. 27, 1872 Crisp and cold. Take a load of ties to town.

Sun. Jan. 28, 1872- Clear but is cold as blixen. Stayed at home commenced to service. My last years tribunes but albert is back, and Augusta and Joe Branning came and spent the day in conversation.

Mon. Jan. 29, 1872 Clear and cold made ties till noon, then I sent to town with a load of ties.

Tues. Jan. 30, 1872 Clear and Cold. made ties all day. Jas H. Rhea

Wed. 1-31-1872 The weather is still clear and very cold. The roads are very nice. Another day has closed which closes the greatest month. One month of this year has sped away. I made ties till noon and then took a load to town.

Thurs Feb. 1, 1872 Clear, but a little warmer made ties all day. Today begins another day. Jas. H. Rhea.

Fri. Feb. 2, 1872- It snowed last night, snow three inches deep. Clear the snow melted a little. Got in late and knocked aroung till noon and then helped John to drive some hogs to town.

Sat. Feb. 3, 1872- Snow still on but not very cold. I helped John haul in some hay. George came and we went to George Livings and got their hay out. I went home with him and we had a very good time conversing on agricultural subjects. and on What books to read. Boswell's "Johnson", Gunthers "Faust", "Bacons Essays", "Shakespeare", Gibbons "History of the Roman Empire", Allisons "Europe", Carlylys 'French Revolution", Halloms "Middle Ages".

Sun. Feb. 4, 1872- Cloudy snowed some more turning colder. Came home from Geoge's this morning and spent the day in looking over my old Friknmer. at night wnet to town to meeting. What books to read. Bancroft's History of the United States, Tztiers "Universal History, Frosts Modern History.

Mon. Feb. 5, 1872- It snowed, was snowing when I got up and is snowing yet at half past 8 o'clock. I sat in the house and read in the forenoon, and in the afternoon toMrs. Miners and stayed awhile. My conclusions- What ever became calling trade or profession or whatever you may do this one thing is certain, you must Paddle your own canoe.

Tues. Feb. 6, 1872 The snow storm is over the snow 6 in. dep Clear cold. Made ties today. Paddle your own canoe. Jas. H. Rhea.

Wed. 2-7-1872 Clear and cold Went down to my sty went from there to town. Subscribed for mark Twains new book "Roughing It". At $3.50 a piece. and one of the Religious Denomonations for $2.75.

Thurs. Feb. 8, 1872 Warmer and Clear snow mushy. Just knocked around all day read the paper and so . Mr. and Mrs. Miner came stayed till bedtime.

Fri. Feb. 9, 1872- Growing warmer snow melting fast. Helped John haul some logs out of the field this morning. George came this afternoon. We have been practicing shooting with our revolvers. he is going to stay all night with me.

Sat. Feb. 10, 1872- Still growing warmer the snow melts fast. George went home this morning. I made ties till noon and then took a load to town.

Sun. Feb. 11, 1872- Still warm a large portion of the snow is gone. The ground is thawing the birds are singing, which reminds me of spring the coming of its frought with more than usual interest to me, for I have resolved to leave my old home on Apple Creek where I was born and reared to my 21 years and have seen many days of pleasure and some of sorrow to launch into the wide, wide, world on the coming of spring. Read the papers all day. J. H. Rhea

Mon. Feb. 12, 1872- Warm, yet snow almost gone, roads muddy made ties till noon, and then took a load to town.

Tues. Feb. 13, 1872- Cold as blixen the warm weather suddenly quit it is now extremely cold. Made ties till noon, and then took a load to town they have quit buying on the account of the appearances of war with England.

Wed. Feb. 14, 1872- Cold still very cold, Didn't do a dogone thing.

Thurs. Feb. 15, 1872- Turned warmer 'lots". Didn't do a plonky ___ thing. Geore is here.

Friday Feb. 16, 1872- Snowed all day. Passed the day in reading and meditation. Read a short sketch of the life of Thomas jefferson. He like Franklin ___ was a great esom, a miser of time his habits of life, very plain and simple, he always rose early in the morning at the break of day, lived on a __plain simple diet he spent most of his time in youth in passage of knowledge. When he met a man, he would learn the particulars of his hariness.

Sat. Feb. 17, 1872 Clear snow melting off. I helped John kill his hogs and went to town.

Sun. Feb. 18, 1872- Went down to see George stayed all day. concluded to go up about Bloomington and hire out this summer, weather still warm ground ____thawing.

Mon. Feb. 19, 1872- Clear thawing, Went to town George came home with me.

Tues. Feb. 20, 1872- It rained. Done some Miseel laneous reading. As I stand beside the riverlet, this king of the days, that are to come, I sigh for some trade, that will give me things of which now I have none.

Wed. Feb. 21-1872- Thawing fast creek high. Went to Mr. Edgemons today, he has had six flue today. I am going back there to night to "set up" As I sit beside the fire in twilight musing on prospects ahead. I sigh for something that will give me now more than my daily bread.

Thurs. Feb. 22, 1872- Set up all night last night and slept mos all day today. Mr. Edgemon is better. Its not for the sake of the money, fine clothes, nor things of that kind. But to bring some knowledge to my yearning soul and food to my restless mind. Still thawing.

Fri. Feb. 23, 1872 Snacked around all day. Thawing.

Sat. Feb 24, 1872- Went to town Roads drying fast.

Sun. Feb. 25, 1872- Stayed home till night went home with George then. Warm.

Monday Feb. 26, 1872 Remained with George all day. Still warm and thawing.

Tues. Feb. 27, 1872- Warm roads settled. Went to town. Have ordered Headleg's Life at Washington. J. H. R.

Wed. Feb. 28, 1872- Stayed at home all day read Headlegs Life of Washington through. Colder.

Thurs. Feb. 29, 1872- Warmer Stayed at home. Helped John haul logs this. This is the last day of Feb.

Feb. March 1, 1872-Fri.- Went to town. Deathrage lied and then hired out, fit think he is rascal. Very nice day.

Sat. March 2, 1872 Restless as a Hog. I want to be off. went to see Josh. he lied as usual. George is here. Nice Day.

Sunday, March 3, 1872- Down on the big break south of George's house sitting by a stump thinking probably for the last time for awhile. "Get up and brindle". Its raining, 2o'clock Be it is over . I come home with George we spend the day in conversation went to church tonight. I am going to stay all night with George. We are going to leave next week. J. H. Rhea.

Monday March 4, 1872.- George and I went to town this morning and stayed all day. They come very near to get me up before the post office. George and i adjourned to the depot. Next Monday morning to take leave of Waverly for awhile. Hope we will have a prosperous time but can't tell. Cool and cloudy. J.H. Rhea

Tues. Mar. 5, 1872- Stayed at home all day. Chauncy and Rhoda were here. Cleaned up my revolver. Some warmer- J. H. Rhea

Wed. Mar. 6, 1872 Went to town and got me a plug hat. Clear rather cool.

Thurs. Mar. 7, 1872 Cold and Cloudy

Fri. Mar. 8, 1872 Went to (this page covered with mud stain.) it rained.

Sat. Mar. 9, 1872 I am sitting by the fire ____of the day. (stain on this page also.) J. H. Rhea. Going to leave tomorrow to paddle my own canoe. Cool cloudy. Zip in J. H. Rhea

Sun. Mar 10, 1872- Dull day its snowing a little 7 o'clock p. m. Still restless. J. H. Rhea On my way to town its snowing yet.

Mon. Apr 1, 1892 - Bloomington Grove, Ill. Chored around today, all day. Warmer

Tues. Apr 2, 1872 - Chored around all morning and chopped wood this evening. Sent two letters to town. Still warm looks like rain.

Wed. Apr 3, 1872 - Down in the timber sitting on a log resting. Have been chopping it is nearly timt to go to dinner. Cooler. We put up gates this evening.

Thurs. Apr 4, 1872 - Today we put up gates and chored around in general. Warmer.

Fri. Apr 5, 1872 - Spent the day in hauling hay. Still warm, looks like rain.

Sat. Apr 6, 1872 - Its raining like thunder 72.M. has beenr aining all morning. Went down to Barimores and helped to raise a cow.

Sun. Apr 7, 1872 - Today I rested, late day. George came. Warmest day we have had.

Mon. Apr 8, 1872 - Cut hedge, still warm looks like rain.

Tues. Apr 9, 1872 - Trimed hedge - cooler.

Wed. Apr 10, 1872 - Cut hedge. Warmer.

Thurs. Apr 11, 1872 - Cut hedge. Temperature clear.

Fri. Apr 12, 1872 - Cut hedge till noon and in the afternoon I plowed my first half day with the Shanghai Laukle shovel, patent adjustable take double shorting self suporting, portable patent lear cut under escape next shovel plow. It is a long name but the plow semms as good as its name is long. Nice day.

Sat. Apr 13, 1872 - Plowed all day with that plow that has the long name. Clear wind high.

Sun. Apr 14, 1972 - Lingered around home all day wrote a letter "her" this morning. Looks a little like rain.

Mon. Apr 15, 1872 - Plowed today it drizzled rain in the evening and turned cold I think it will freeze.

Tues. Apr 16, 1872 - It froze last night. bos has the sickness. I plowed in oats after it thawed out.

Wed. Apr 17, 1872 - Plowed in oats all day. Warmer.

Thur. Apr 18, 1972 - Finished plowing in oats rained a little hauled manure in the evening.

Fri. Apr 19, 1872 - Hauled manure al day, very nice day.

Sat. Apr 20, 1872 - Finished brnshing in oats this mornig. plowed for corn this evening. looks like rain.

Sun. Apr 21, 1872 - Today I lingered around wrote a letter to Rhoda. went down to Mr. Oris to see George we had a good time. Changeable today rained and shone both..

Mon. Apr 22, 1872 - Plowed all day. Cool.

Tues. Apr 23, 1872 - Still plowing for corn and expect to be for several weeks yet, which suites me first rate. Some warmer.

Wed. Apr 24, 1872 - Still plowing weather changeable.

Thur. Apr 25, 1872 - Plowed all day. Weather variable.

Fri. Apr 26, 1872 - Plowing still There is most anything in the line of weather you are a mind to call for.

Sat. Apr 27, 1872 - Plowed till noon. Went to town this evening got a letter from John, bought two pairs of shoes, one for sunday. Subscribed for the Tribune three months CM Orendorff paid me $5 dollars.

Sun. Apr 28, 1872 - Lingered aroundin the forenoon and in the afternoon I went down to see George it is very today.

Mon. Apr 29, 1872 - Plowed all day as usual. Cool in the morning but warm in the evening.

Tue. Apr 30, 1872 - Plowed all day.

Wed. May 1, 1872 - Plowed all day.

Thur. May 2, 1872 - Plowed all day.

Fri. May 3, 1872 - Plowed all day.

Sat. May 4, 1872 - Still Plowing.

Sun. May 5, 1872 - Lingered around all day. Very warm.

Mon. May 6, 1872 - Plowing still Warm.

Tue. May 7, 1872 - Plowing yet Hot.

Wed. May 8, 1872 - Plowed all day.

Thur. May 9, 1872 - Plowed again all day.

Fri. May 10, 1872 - Still plowing.

Sat. May 11, 1872 - Plowing yet It rained a little this morning.

Sun. May 12, 1872 - This morning I lingered around in the afternoon. George came he has received a letter from Cornell University. Ourr going there is played out. J.H. Rhea.

Mon. May 13, 1872 - Plowed all day, still dry.

Tue. May 14, 1872 - Still plowing.

Wed. May 15, 1872 - Today I plowed all day. It drizzled rain in the morning.

Thur. May 16, 1872 - Today I plowed again am getting almost through breaking. Tryed to run again.

Fri. May 17, 1872 - Drove on a corn planter today. Drizzled rain again.

Sat. May 18, 1872 - Dropped corn on a corn planter until noon. Are done plaing all but a little piece. In the afternoon. I chored around until 5 o'clock and then I went to town and got my hair cut and got a straw hat. George wa up there and we walked up their together.

Sun. May 19, 1872 - Lay around home in the forenoon in the afternoon I went to sunday school.

Mon. May 20, 1872 - Today I helped to drive some hogs to town and then helped to load them on the cars. I went through the machine shop of the C&H. Rode and saw a great many nice engines.

Tue. May 21, 1872 - Today I just chored around all day I saw a civil engineer this morning and heard him talk some. He had been in the business about 3 yars in that time he had been in China and Japan and its going again this fall. I have set it down that I will be a civil engineer or know the reason why I can't/

Wed. May 22, 1872 - It rained this morning until 9 o'clock. Chored around the rest of the day. J.H. Rhea.

Thur. May 23, 1827 - Still choring around expect to go to harrowing corn next week. It rained this afternoon a little.

Fri. May 24, 1872 - Built fences, the fare movinum fast all day. yours truly, J.H. Rhea rather cool.

Sat. May 25, 1872 - Built fences today all day. we are gougn to work in the corn next Monday.

Sun. May 26, 1872 - 11 a.m. Down in the Creek sitting on a stump have been to a love first this morning. Could not stand the presence any longer so I left. J.H. Rhea nice day.

Mon. May 27, 1872 - Today we commenced harrowing corn and harrowed all day. Warm and dry.

Tue. May 28, 1872 - Harrowed corn all day still warm and dry.

Wed. May 29, 1872 - Still harrowing corn. Getting very dry.

Thur. May 30, 1872 - I have been to town today all day. I went to the Celebration of the Soldiers graves. Went upon this morning and the decoration did not come till in the after noon. I went out to normal and visited the school and went in to the museum which is worth it. And Jay and I took the girls to town with us. We had a splendid time. saw more fun than I have in six months. Warm and dry. J.H. Rhea.

Fri. May 31, 1872 - horrowed corn dry.

Sat. Jun 1, 1872 - This morning it commenced to rain gently and kept gaining on it until it rained like the very dickens all day. didn't do anything.

Sun. Jun 2, 1872 - still raining. Has rained most all day. I started down to see George and met him down in the timber. We got under a tre and just let it rain and it did rain like thunder.

Mon. Jun 3, 1872 - It rained about an hour this morning and then cleared up. Corm looks fine. chored around all day. Have almost concluded to stay and work for Mr. Prindorlf another year if he wants me.

Tue. Jun 4, 1872 - Chored aound all day. tremet he plain.

Wed. Jun 5, 1872 - Horrowed corn all day.

Thur. Jun 6, 1872 - It rained all day, so it did like thunder.

Fri. Jun 7, 1872 - It didn't rain today, but it was too wet to work.

Sat. Jun 8, 1872 - I worked in the field all day.

Sun. Jun 9, 1872 - I wrote a letter home this morning. This afternoon I met George. as usual we had a good time talking together.

Mon. Jun 10, 1872 - Harrowed corn all day weather pleasant.

Tue. Jun 11, 1872 - I finished harrowing corn this morning about 7 o'clock. As I came home I went to cross the railroad and my team reared at something. The line broke and away they went tore up the harrow harness all in general. Plowed corn in the afternoon.

Wed. Jun 12, 1872 - Plowed corn all day with my runaway team they tryed to run all day. pleasant weather.

Thur. Jun 13, 1872 - Still plowing corn. J.H. Rhea

Fri. Jun 14, 1872 - Plowed corn all day when I came in from work Mr. Poppal was here by the way he is the smartest man. I have heard talk for some time. He is well posted on service in its broadest sense.

Sat. Jun 15, 1872 - Plowed corn.

Sun. Jun 16, 1872 - Lingered around.

Mon. Jun 17, 1872 - plowed corn.

Tue. Jun 18, 1872 - Plowed corn.

Wed. Jun 19, 1872 - Plowed corn.

Thur. Jun 20, 1872 - Plowed corn till it rained, rain like thunder.

Fri. Jun 21, 1872 - Plowed corn.

Sat. Jun 22, 1872 - Plowed corn and went to town at night.

Sun. Jun 23, 1872 - Rested.

Mon. Jun 24, 1872 - Plowed corn.

Tue. Jun 25, 1872 - Plowed corn. 

Wed. Jun 26, 1872 - Plowed corn.

Thur. Jun 27, 1872 - Plowed corn.

Fri. Jun 28, 1872 - Plowed corn.

Sat. Jun 29, 1872 - Plowed corn.

Sun. Jun 30, 1872 - I received a ltter from John this morning. he is going to Kansas. I guess I will go too.

Jul 6, 1872 - I plowed corn most of the week. helped load his hay one day.

"The Fourth" I helped load in his hay till noon. and then went to old town to a dance. Finished plowing corn this week.

Sat. Jul 13, 1872 - This week I worked in the hay most of the time finished the hay to halfnoon and hauled oats in the evening.

Sun. Jul 14, 1872 - What time I worked this week. I hauled oats but it was so rainy that we didn't do much.

Sun. Jul 28, 1872 - There was rather a mysterious affair come to light today. there was a dead man found a bout a mile from her in the timber entirely naked and almost decayed.

Mon. Jul 29, 1872 - Chored around.

Tue. Jul 30, 1872 - Cut weeds.

Wed. Jul 31, 1872 - This morning I went and helped to hunt some eljers as to whom this dead man was. We hunted through the wood till nearly noon and happened onto his clothes. sifted around through the weeds found seven letters. His clothes thirty feet. his name was Thomas Mclaughland he was from Canada. had been living in Chicago for some time, but how he came down here I don't know.

Thur. Aug 1, 1872 - Cut weeds.

Fri. Aug 2, 1872 - Hauled wood went down to tell George goodbye he is going home tomorrow. J.H. Rhea.

Sat. Aug 3, 1872 - Chored around.

Sun. Aug 4, 1872 - Saw a fellow that was acquainted with that fellow that was found dead.

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