Sibert Cemetery, Concord Township Morgan County Illinois

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Sibert Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Concord Township T16N R12W 3rdPM
W½SW¼, Section 17

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society

Sibert Cemetery is located about five miles northeast of the Illinois River bridge at Meredosia. The cemetery is in a wooded area about ½ mile south of State Aid Highway 11 which is the main road between Meredosia and Arenzville. A fence divides the burial ground, about half of the graves being on land owned by Nora Hoffmeier and the remaining interments on land owned by Velma Vortman. Although some trees have fallen amongst the graves most of the tombstones remain in good condition. Legal description of the cemetery places it in the north and south quarters of the west half of the northeast quarter of Section 17 in Township 16 N Range 12 W. Description of the cemetery and the tombstone readings are used by permission of Mr. & Mrs. Raymond (Lorene) Werries who visited the cemetery in 1976.

* = No Stone Found
** = Soldier

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?

Crawford, Nancy J. Sibert Died 27 Mar 1857 Age 22 Yr 4 Mo 18 Da Wife of J. Crawford (Nancy J. Sibert married John Crawford in Morgan County on Feb. 15, 1856.)
Davis, Elizabeth Died 1 Apr 1869 Age 35 Yr 7 Mo 3 Da Wife of B. W. Davis 23. Died 15 May 1875 Age 53 Yr 17 Da
Long, Anna who departed this life Feb. 5, 1845 aged 50 years 10 mos. 16 d.
Long, Lewis B. Died 2 June Infant Son of Henry & Susanna Long (On March 31, 1837, a Henry Long and Mary his wife sold, for $52.50, 42 acres of the south end of the east half of the southwest quarter of Section 11 in Township 16 N Range 12 W to Nicholas Long. On April 11, 1865, a Henry Long sold, for $1, ¾ of an acre of land to James H. Scroggins, Alexander Johnson and Thomas Whorton. The three men were trustees for the erection of Cumberland Methodist Episcopal Church. The land was in Section 13 in Township 16 N Range 12 W. Henry Long's wife was named Nancy according to the deed filed in the court house.)
Long, Sarah A. Died 11 Sept 9 Dau of William H. & Sarah Long
Long, William A. Died 8 Aug 1842 Age 1 Yr 6 Mo 24 Da Son of William H. and Sarah Long
FOOT STONE: W. H. L. (Possibly William H. Long.)
Mansfield, Elizabeth Died 22 Nov 1844 Age 40 Yr 9 mo
Mathews, Isaac 10 May 1781 - 7 Apr 1863
Mathews, Susannah Sibert 14 Feb 1801 - 16 Dec 1881 The tombstone of Isaac and Susannah is the largest in the cemetery.
Morrison, Margaret J. Died 30 Jan 1849 Age 28 Yr 9 Mo 21 Da Dau of R. & S. Morrison
Foot Stone: S. M. (Possibly S. Morrison, mother of Margaret J. Morrison)
Sibert, George Died 12 Nov 1845 Age 88 Yr 4 Mo (George was born in Germany and came to America during the Revolutionary War, settling in Monroe County, Virginia, where he became a farmer. He lived in Ohio from 1818 to 1835. In 1835 he moved to what is now Scott County, Illinois. For more information about George Sibert see pages 58 and 86 of "Atlas Maps of Morgan County, Illinois, 1872".)
Sibert, George E. Died 12 Feb 1847 Age 14 Yr 5 Mo 22 Da Son of Absalum and Hannah Sibert
Sibert, Isaac Died 1 June 1844 Age 1 Yr 10 Mo 26 Da Son of A. & H. Sibert
Sibert, Jeremiah Died 20 Jan 1859 Age 20 Yr 5 Mo 5 Da Son of A. & H. Sibert
Sibert, Susannah Died 26 Sept 1844 Age 17 Yr 2 Mo 12 Da Dau of Absalum and Hannah Sibert
Sibert, Susanah Died 12 1838 Age 63 Yr (Of English descent, her maiden name was Smith. She was living in Virginia when she met George Sibert, whom she married. They became parents of eight children, four of whom were living in 1872. Among the eight children were Jeremiah and Gideon Sibert.)
Townley, America Died 12 Oct 1850 Age 26 yr 11 Mo 5 Da Wife of Cyrus Townley
Trall, Jno Co. I 129th Illinois Infantry
Foot Stone: R. W.

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