Newman Cemetery, Concord-Meredosia Township Morgan County Illinois

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Morgan County Illinois
Newman Cemetery
Concord-Meredosia Township T16N R13W 3rdPM
NW¼-SE¼, Section 3

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Research by the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society
First reading September 6, 1976 by Robert W. Dalton and daughter Brenda Lee Dalton
Additional reading by Marilynn and Jack Tubaugh

The original land transfer for this isolated rural cemetery located between Meredosia and Arenzville is found on page 521 in Deed Book KK housed in the office of the Morgan County Clerk. Dated March 1, 1856, the document shows that Benjamin Newman, Jaral Wilday and his wife Catharine Wilday, sold to Simon P. Newman, Lorenzo D. Graham, James A. Post, Charles Wilday, David Giger, John F. Skinner and William Burrus, for $1, 21/2 acres of land in the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 3 in Township 16 N Range 12 W. Those receiving the land had been appointed a body of trustees for the purchase of "George Newman Burying Ground". As found on page 136 of Deed Book 40 in the Morgan County Clerk's office, more land was added to the cemetery on April 4, 1891. On that date, Alexander Wilday and Tabitha, his wife, sold to Thomas Nailor, Starrett Coy and John D. McLain, as trustees of the Newman Cemetery, for $1, a part of the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 3 in Township 16 N Range 12 W. The said land was conveyed in trust for the sole purpose of a burial ground, and not other. When visiting the cemetery on September 6, 1976, Robert W. Dalton and his youngest daughter, Brenda Lee Dalton, found the cemetery to be a difficult place to find. Entrance was made by driving about 100 yards along a trail covered with weeds a tall as the car, and then driving along a very winding and dusty dirt road for perhaps 1/4 mile, then driving across a pasture to the cemetery fence. A previous attempt to find the cemetery had failed. The cemetery was practically free of brush but apparently had not been mowed this growing season. The compilers feel that they probably missed some tombstones because of the tall and dense vegetation. Several tombstones were so badly weathered that they could not be read.

**Additional Newman Cemetery inscriptions, read August 2005 and February and April 2006, by Jack and Marilynn Tubaugh, Clayton, IL
This cemetery has a sign affixed to the gate that reads: “This area is a registered Illinois Natural Heritage Landmark. The owner is preserving this remnant of the original Illinois landscape as a sanctuary for nature’s plants and animals.”
Because this cemetery is difficult to find, it is helpful to note that the lane is adjacent to the house at 851 Arenzville Road. This cemetery had been read previously; however, the stones on the north side of the hill had apparently not been read, and many of the stones in the remainder of the cemetery had been missed because of the tall weeds and brush. (We are told that the cemetery is burned off once a year and brush is cut. We saw evidence of this when we visited in April 2006.) Nearly all of these newly added stones are lying flat on the ground. I am sure some stones have still been missed, and some obelisks which appear to have only one name on one side may have had names on other sides as well, but they are undetectable. Also, please note that I have included a few stones that were included in the first on-line list, but I have made corrections.
I would like to acknowledge the help of my husband Jack and his willingness to do the hard work for me. Many of these stones were half buried with earth and roots, and this project could not have been completed without his help.
Marilynn Tubaugh

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Abney, Joseph W. 26y 23d June 19, 1865     JT & MT  
Abney, William T. (?) 22d Sep 22, 1862 Son of J.W. & M.J. Abney   JT & MT  
Abney, Viola A. 11m 23d Sept 12, 1865 Dau of J.W. & M.J. Abney   JT & MT  
Abney, Mary J. (stone broken off) Jan 30, 1867 Wife of J.W. Abney   JT & MT  
Beauchamp, Esther R. 34y 2d May 20, 1848 Wife of Samuel Beauchamp
ERB toestone
  JT & MT  
Beauchamp, John Edward 1y 3m Jan 31, 1847 Son of Samuel & Esther Beauchamp   JT & MT  
Beauchamp, Wm. H. 23y Jan 2, 1852 WHB toestone   JT & MT  
Beauchamp, Zipporah   Mar 2, 185(?) (broken off) Wife of R. Beauchamp
ZB toestone
  JT & MT  
Beauchamp, R. 51y Mar 8, 1854 RB toestone   JT & MT  
Bennett, Betsy C. 12 Oct 1835 4 Feb 1908 (Her death certificate is not recorded in Morgan County.
Her obituary did not appear in the Jacksonville Journal.)
  RD & BD  
Bennett, James     Co. I, 11th Missouri Infantry
(The graves of Betsy and James are marked with identical
metal markers and are along the west fence.)
Yes RD & BD  
Blandford, Ann 1 Yr 9 Mo 15 Da 3 Nov 1844 Dau of L. & E. Blanford   RD & BD  
Blandford, Leo 41y Feb 28, 1850 Stone reads: "Also an infant son"   JT & MT  
Boles, Lione 1897 1918     RD & BD  
Boles, Josephine 1853 1917 Wife of William Boles   RD & BD  
Boles, William 1848       RD & BD  
Bourn, Cora Margaret   1914     JT & MT  
Braden, Ellen 36y 15d Oct 21, 1860 Wife of ?? A. Braden
EB toestone
  JT & MT  
Braden, Emma Unreadable   Dau of ?? ?? Braden
EB toestone
  JT & MT  
Braden, A. No dates     Co. 1 115th Ill Inf. JT & MT  
Braden, Elmer Richard Jan 21, 1883 June 9, 1905 Aged 22y 4m 19d
Son of Eliakim & Mary A. Braden
  JT & MT  
Braden, Myrtle Tryphena 1888 1907     JT & MT  
Braden, Eliakim 1841 1908 (h/o Mary Ann) Co. A.  68, Reg Ill Vol Inf JT & MT  
Braden, Mary Ann 1853 1908  His Wife
(w/o Eliakim)
  JT & MT  
Burris - Infant Sep 15, 1897 Sep 15, 1897 son of W.G. & Beulah Burris   JT & MT  
Burrus, Alexander 1859 1939     JT & MT  
Burrus, Mary L. 1864 1912     JT & MT  
Burrus, Eugene Dec 18, 1918 Apr 12, 1919 Son of E. & M. Burrus   JT & MT  
Burrus, Elizabeth E. 40 Yr 21 Da 27 Feb 1886 Wife of John Burrus
(Her death certificate lists her as Mrs. Lizzie Burris, born in Concord Precinct,
died 25 Feb. 1886 aged 40 years.)
  RD & BD  
Burrus, Martha C. 24 Yr 6 Mo 3 Da 14 Mar 1883 Wife of John Burrus   RD & BD  
Burrus, M. Agolda 8 Feb 1898 18 Oct 1900 Dau of Alex & Mary L. Burrus   RD & BD  
Burrus, Mary Alex 47 Yr 5 Jan 1912 (No tombstone was found for this woman. Her death certificate says her
father was German-born Frederick Cockran and that her mother's maiden
name was Mary Dahman.)
  RD & BD  
Burrus, Leonard 25 Yr 3 Mo 1 Da 26 Aug 1853     RD & BD  
Burrus, William D. 1 Mo 20 Da 2 Oct 1859 Son of Burrus   RD & BD  
Burrus, Martha M. 18 Yr 21 Da 13 Aug 1859 Wife of G.W. Burrus   RD & BD  
Burrus, Nancy Rebecca 19 Yr 1 Mo 17 Sep 1854 Wife of G.W. Burrus   RD & BD  
Burrus, Lovina 3 Yr 5 Mo 3 Da 25 Aug 1860 Dau of G. & M. Burrus   RD & BD  
Burrus, Lovina 45 Yr 10 Mo 5 Da 24 Nov 1876 Wife of Matthew Burrus   RD & BD  
Burrus, Susan Catharine   15 Oct 1868 Dau of Matthew & Lovina Burrus   RD & BD  
Butcher, Sarah 6 Yr 10 Mo 9 Aug 1862     RD & BD  
Clark, Chriscilda 17 Yr 3 Mo 28 Da 28 Feb 1841     RD & BD  
Corcoran, Archie Oliver Oct 21, 1881 Oct 21, 1881     JT & MT  
Corcoran, Emma R. 2y 6m July 19 (?), 1862 Dau of P.H. & L.J. Corcoran (broken stone)   JT & MT  
Corcoran, Thomas L. O. 8m 21d Aug 16, 1867 Son of P.H. & L.J. Corcoran   JT & MT  
Corcoran, Luranah J. 57y 7m 15d Mar 30, 1886 Wife of P.H. Corcoran
Large obelisk
  JT & MT  
Corcoran, Alice J. 8m 27d Aug 22 (?), 1867 Dau of P.H. & L.J. Corcoran   JT & MT  
Corcoran, William H. 2y 7m 17(?) d Jan 16, 1873 (?) Son of P.H. & L.J. Corcoran   JT & MT  
Corcoran, P. H. 67 Yr 28 Da 13 Sep 1900     RD & BD  
Coy, Mary E. (Lamb) 53 Yr 14 Oct 1897 Wife of S. P. Coy   RD & BD  
Coy, Starret Preston 23 Oct 1838 25 Mar 1922 Co. I, 115th Ill. Inf. Yes RD & BD  
Coy, Ulysses Simpson 8 Feb 1865 1 Dec 1910     RD & BD  
Coy, Addie E. 11 Jan 1898 28 Dec 1898 Dau of U.S. G. Coy & Sarah Elizabeth (Kuhlman) Coy   RD & BD  
Daniels, Pearl N. 11 Yr 22 Da 26 Aug 1902 (No tombstone was found for Pearl. The information given here is
recorded on her death certificate.)
  RD & BD  
Drinkwater, Addie Maria 4 Yr 8 Mo 21 Da 24 Mar 1862 Dau of Rev. Jacob & Catherine Drinkwater   RD & BD  
Drinkwater, Catherine 26 Yr 14 May 1859 Wife of Rev. Jacob Drinkwater   RD & BD  
Drinkwater, Charles 30 Yr 1 Mo 22 Da 20 Feb 1866     RD & BD  
Drinkwater, Isaac 17 Feb 1817 12 Mar 1873 (The following is copied from page 309 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878" and refers to the "Sudden Freeze" of Dec. 20, 1836) "Daniel Clark says "The change occurred in the afternoon about two o'clock. There was snow on the ground, saturated with a slow rain, so that it had commenced running in the low places. I was on the north side of Indian Creek, just entering the timber with a drove of hogs. I was assisted by two men on foot; I was on horseback. One of the men was Uriah Houston, the other, Isaac Drinkwater. At the house of the father of the latter I had stayed the night before. The hogs belonged to Ralph H. Hurlbut, who lived at the time at La Grange Point, and was packing some hogs at La Grange Landing. He had a boat for ferrying, and a lot to keep hogs in on the east side of the river. We reached the river about dark, and penned the hogs; the wind was high, and the slush loaded on the boat so much that we could not cross with my horse. Mr. Drinkwater went home, his father's house being the first one on the east side of the river, distant about seven miles. My home was at Mr. Hurlbut's from which I had been absent for several days. It was a good home and I was hungry and about nine o'clock p.m. there came a clear place in the river; I hitched my horse in the shelter of a pecan tree that had been felled with the leaves on, and got into a canoe with two paddles and an ax to reach my home. The ice formed fast on the canoe, and I had frequently to clear it off with the ax, until I got under the lee of the west bank; then it went free, in which free water I froze my left hand seriously. In the morning following I went to feed my horse, and found the river so solidly frozen that I rode him across, and had him in the stable before sunrise; and immediately after got some teams and hauled sawdust form Hinman's mill, and made a path to the opposite bank, and drove the hogs across and had them in the lots on the opposite side. There were about three hundred of them; they had been purchased from Peter Taylor, Isaac Houston, George Newman, Wingate Newman, and others. I landed from the open water after 10 o'clock p.m., and my recollection would make the ice the next morning one foot thick."   RD & BD  
Drinkwater, Rev. Jacob 13 Aug 1820 10 Aug 1905 84 Yr 11 Mo 21 Da
(His tombstone has toppled over. As is the case with all Drinkwater
deaths listed here, none were published in the Jacksonville Journal and none have
death certificates on file in the court house in Jacksonville.)
  RD & BD  
Drinkwater, Rebecca 18 Yr 3 Mo 16 Da 12 Jan 1847     RD & BD  
Drinkwater, Sarah (correction) In the 50th year of her age June 17, 1815 SD toestone
Wife of Thos. Drinkwater
  JT & MT  
Dunn, Mahala J.     Wife of (broken off)   RD & BD  
Emory, Clark/Carl
    No tombstone. (Coroner's Record Book A, page 58, shows that on Oct. 24, 1883 a coroner's jury found this man was kicked to death by a mule.)   RD & BD  
Ervin, Ange(illegible)         RD & BD  
Fry, Charles 60 Yr 11 Mo 9 Da Oct. 29, 18?? who departed this life Oct. 29, 18??
Emigrated from N. York 1838
  RD & BD  
Fry, Matilda 45y 9(?)m 25d Unreadable Wife of Charles (?) Fry   JT & MT  
Gable, Joseph 28 Yr 28 Feb 1884 (No tombstone was found for this man, but his death certificate in the Morgan County
court house shows that he was born in Cass County, Illinois, and was a woodchopper. -
A coroner's inquest held in Houston Timber near Ernsville -- in reality it should say Arenzville --
on Feb. 24, 1884 determined this man's death was a result of exposure and drunk.
Information given here is copied from "Coroner's Record Book A", page 61. This book
can be found in the northwest storeroom in the attic of the Morgan County Court House.)
  RD & BD  
Gentry, Nancy E. Jan 10, 1846 Aug 7, 1855 Dau of J. & E. Gentry
NEG toestone lying on ground alongside
  JT & MT  
Gentry, Helen I. 6y 6m 6d Sept 20, 1862 Dau of J. & M. Gentry
Toestone lying on ground alongside says HJG, not HIG
  JT & MT  
Gideon, E. S. 11 Oct 1863 1 Jan 1889 25 Yr 2 Mo 20 Da
(The death certificate of this person is not recorded in the court house at Jacksonville.)
  RD & BD  
Giger, David 31 July 1817 24 Sep 1891     RD & BD  
Giger, Elizabeth Houdyshell 25 Aug 1815 6 Nov 1873 Wife of David Giger   RD & BD  
Giger, William H. 9 Jan 1845 18 Dec 1895 (He was a son of David Giger. William served as a private in Co. I of the 115th
Illinois Infantry, his date of enlistment being Aug. 14, 1862. He was mustered out
of active duty on June 11, 1865. He later received a pension because of health
problems caused by his Civil War service. His early death was caused by this problem.)
Yes RD & BD  
Giger, Willie 12 Mo 7 Da 12 May 1873 Son of W.H. & S.E. Giger   RD & BD  
Giger, Tillie McLain 1874 1933     RD & BD  
Giger, Charles Wesley 1872 1956     RD & BD  
Gilliland, Emma 46 Yr 20 Oct 1907 (No tombstone could be found for Emma. Her death certificate
indicates that this unmarried woman was born in Morgan County.
It shows she was killed when "Jumping from falling from horse.")
  RD & BD  
Gilliland, John E. 2 Dec 1853 17 July 1923 (No tombstone was found for the burial site of this self-employed farmer.
He was born in Chillicothe, Iowa, a son of Ohio natives John and Rebecca
Wildday Gilliland, according to the death certificate.)
  RD & BD  
Gililand, Richard Lee   Jan 25, 1925     JT & MT  
Gilliland, J. Edward 1854 1923     JT & MT  
Gilliland, Anmon, B. No dates     Co. 1 115 Ill. Inf. JT & MT  
Hayes, Lizzie 41 Yr 17 Dec 1882 (Lizzie's tombstone could not be found. Her death certificate shows she was
born in England. It also lists her as an idiot female who died
in the Morgan County Poor House of typhoid fever.)
  RD & BD  
Henderson, William 22 Sep 1856 23 Jan 1913     RD & BD  
Hess, Mrs. Melvina 37 Yr 11 Mo 10 Apr 1882 (No tombstone was found for this woman. Her death certificate indicates
that she was born in Morgan County.)
  RD & BD  
Hobrock, Henry McLain Aug 9, 1895 Aug 16, 1895 Son of Peter & Mattie Hobrock   JT & MT  
Hogan, William 32 Yr 4 Mo 6 Da 2 Dec 1902 (No tombstone was found for William Hogan. His obituary did not appear
in the Jacksonville Journal. His death certificate in the court house at
Jacksonville shows his birth place as Missouri.)
  RD & BD  
Homer, Monroe Feb 15, 1860 May 22, 1916     JT & MT  
Houston, Eliza J. 8m 29d Apr 29, 1851 Dau of J.R. & M. Houston
EJH toestone
  JT & MT  
Houston, James C. (or G.) 3m Jan 14, 1848 Son of J.R. & G. (or C.) Houston   JT & MT  
Houston, Glorvina (or Glarvina) 23y 9d Oct 15, 1845 Wife of J.R. Houston   JT & MT  
Houston, Isaac H. 56y 9m Feb 25, 1852 IHH toestone   JT & MT  
Houston, Louisa 57y 10m 3d Jan 20, 1858 Wife of Isaac H.
LH toestone
  JT & MT  
Houston, Oswald (?) 1y 1m 16d (?) Might say Nov 17 (?), 1867 Son of T.J. & S.A. Houston
OSH toestone
  JT & MT  
Houston, Wilmer 2y 10m 10d (?) 21, 1883 Son of T.J. & S.A. Houston
WH toestone
  JT & MT  
Houston, Arvie (?) Unreadable Aug (?) 16, 1870 Dau of T.J. & S.A. Houston
AH toestone
  JT & MT  
Houston, Howard (?) might be 1y 11m 3d Unreadable Son of T.J. & S.A.
HH toestone
  JT & MT  
James, Adam 8 Mo 11 Da 5 July 1854 Son of John & Fannie James   RD & BD  
James, Charles 11 Mo 27 Da 23 Feb 1865 Son of John & Fannie James   RD & BD  
James, Mary 2 Yr 25 Da 21 Sept 1861 Dau of John & Fannie James   RD & BD  
James, John 67 Yr 6 Mo 21 Da 31 Dec 1857     RD & BD  
James, Nancy 71 Yr 9 Da 1 July 1861 Wife of John James   RD & BD  
James, Tenna 52 Yr 9 Mo 21 Da 16 Sep 1862     RD & BD  
Johnson, George H.     (No tombstone)
(A coroner's inquest held Nov. 8, 1880 determined that this man
hanged himself. The coroner's report can be found in "Coroners
Record Book A" on page 39.)
  RD & BD  
Karne, Margaret 27y Apr 5, 1863 Wife of Frances S. Karne   JT & MT  
Karne, John C. 1y 3m Apr 7, 1863 Son of F.& M. Karne
Same stone as Margaret above.
  JT & MT  
Kearn (?) (top broken) 5m 16d Aug 10, 185(?) (broken)     JT & MT  
Kimball, Mary Ann 22y 1m 7d Jan 26, 1851 Wife of C.(?) Kimball   JT & MT  
Kimball, Ira, Jun. 3y Mar 6, 1834     JT & MT  
Kimball, Mary 37y 6m Jan 13, 1835 Same stone as Ira above.   JT & MT  
Kuhlman, E. F. 36y 11m 18d Mar 2, 1880 (h/o Esther)   JT & MT  
Kuhlman, Esther May 3, 1844 Apr 10, 1882 His Wife
(w/o E. F)
  JT & MT  
Kuhlman, George E. 24y 2m 20d Aug 18, 1878 Son of E.F. & E.M. Kuhlman   JT & MT  
McAllister, Mattie E.
1861 1931     RD & BD  
McAllister   Oct 24, 1876 Infant son of T. &. H. McAllister   JT & MT  
McLain, Infant Child
of J.D. & M.A. McLain
  8 Apr 1882 Infant Child of J.D. & M.A. McLain   RD & BD  
McLain, Maudie 1 Yr 11 Mo 5 Da 18 Oct 1881 Dau of J.D. & M.A. McLain   RD & BD  
McLain, Ruth 1899 1900 Dau of C.W. & T.E. McLain   RD & BD  
McLain, Wilmer E. 5 Yr 3 Mo 19 Da 15 July 1888 Son of J.D. & M.A. McLain
(This child's death certificate in the Morgan County court house is listed
under the name of Wilmer McLean and shows his birthplace as being
Morgan County.)
  RD & BD  
McLain, William P. 1825 1899 (h/o Eliza Sharp)   JT & MT  
McLain, Eliza (Sharp) 1831 1916 His Wife
Same stone as William P. (1825-1899) above.
  JT & MT  
McLain, Thos. 39y 4m 12d Mar 31, 1898     JT & MT  
McLain, Helen Louise   Jan 5, 1917     JT & MT  
Masterson, Nancy 56y 8m 18d Feb 8, 1879 Wife of John Masterson   JT & MT  
Masterson, William H. 20y 2d Feb 19, 1868 Son of J. & N. Masterson   JT & MT  
Masterson, Alexander M. 3m 20d May 22, 1864 Son of J. & N. Masterson   JT & MT  
Masterson, Andy 4m Apr 15, 1853 Son of J. & N. Masterson
AM toestone
  JT & MT  
Masterson, Thomas Ira 1y 5m 12d Oct 16, 1862 Son of J. & N. Masterson
TIM toestone
  JT & MT  
Masterson, Albert 1y 1m 21d Mar 21, 1868 Son of J. & N. Masterson   JT & MT  
Masterson, Ida Lovina 10m 29d July 23, 1872 Dau of J.J. & F.J. Masterson   JT & MT  
Masterson, Alice Luella 8m 1d Oct 9, 1870 Dau of J.J. & F.J. Masterson   JT & MT  
Masterson, John 49y 1m 8d Feb 8, 1868     JT & MT  
Masterson, Martha J. 1y 11m 15d Aug 18, 1855 Dau of J. & N. Masterson
MJM toestone
  JT & MT  
Masterson, Mary 9y 10m 28d Dec 12, 1852 Dau of J. & N. Masterson
MM toestone
  JT & MT  
Mathew, Elizabeth
20 Yr 6 Mo 25 Da 25 Dec 1859 Dau of J. & A.M. Mathew   RD & BD  
Matthews, Annie 76 Yr 3 Mo 11 Da 16 Nov 1863 Wife of L. Matthews
(The above two women are buried side by side.
The difference in the spelling
of the family name is of little or no importance.)
  RD & BD  
Matthews, Elizabeth Jane 26 (?) Yr 7 Mo 3 Sep 1847     RD & BD  
Mayes, Catherine 1839 1927 Wife of James H. Mayes   RD & BD  
Mayes, James H. 1828 1918     RD & BD  
Mayes, James R. 1 Yr 4 Mo 25 Da 15 Sep 1860 Son of J. & M. Mayes   RD & BD  
Mayes, James G. T. 1 Yr 1 Mo 16 Apr 1869 (James R. and James C. T. have a single tombstone.)   RD & BD  
Mayes, Mary L. 9 Mo 27 Da 7 Aug 1855 Dau of R. & S. Mayes   RD & BD  
Mayes, Susannah 31 Yr 10 Mo 26 Da 11 July 1861 Wife of Robert Mayes   RD & BD  
Mayes, Mary E. 35y 7m 25d June 6, 1876 Wife of R. Mayes
MEM toestone
  JT & MT  
Mayes, Caroline 3y 10m 15d Oct. 21, 1861 Dau of R. & S. Mayes   JT & MT  
Mayes, Infant 8 hours Sept 2, 1859 son of (?) & M. Mayes   JT & MT  
Mayes, Richard 1y 6d Sept 10, 1866 Son of C. & M. Mayes   JT & MT  
Mayes, Chas. W. 1y 5m 10d Mar 27, 1869 Son of C. & M. Mayes   JT & MT  
Mayes, Charles 1832 1918     JT & MT  
Mayes, Mary 1836 1922 His Wife
Same stone as Charles (1832-1918)above.
  JT & MT  
Miller, Randol C.
33 Yr 11 Mo 27 Feb 1852     RD & BD  
Miller, Glena 19 May 1898 10 Apr 1899 Dau of J.A. & M. Miller   RD & BD  
Miller, James Allen 1862 1929     RD & BD  
Miller, Martha Ellen 1864 1956 Wife of James Allen Miller   RD & BD  
Mush, Emma
14 Yr 6 Mo 21 Jan 1883     RD & BD  
Naylor, Mary C. 5 Yr 8 Mo 4 Da 7 Aug 1865 Dau of P.H. & E. Naylor   RD & BD  
Naylor, Philip H. 73 Yr 1 Mo 15 Da June 27, 1890 departed this life June 27, 1890
(According to "Atlas Map of Morgan County, Illinois, 1872" this man
was born in Rutland, England and came to Morgan County in 1852.)
  RD & BD  
Naylor, Sarah E. 81 Yr 9 Mo 5 Da 18 Oct 1906 (Sarah E. & Philip H. Naylor have the same large tombstone.)   RD & BD  
Naylor, Thomas 15 Sep 1849 18 Sep 1902 Father (Not engraved) Mother   RD & BD  
Naylor, Mary R. 11 Nov 1873 18 May 1899 (Her death certificate in the court house at Jacksonville shows that
Mary R. Naylor was an unmarried female who was born in Lancashire,
England and died 19 May 1899 aged 25 Yr 5 Mo 9 Da.)
  RD & BD  
Naylor, William H. 36 Yr 3 Mo 7 Da 8 Apr 1880 (His death certificate shows that William Henry Naylor was born in
Rutland, England and died 8 Apr 1880 aged 36 Yr 3 Mo 7 Da.)
  RD & BD  
Newman, Infant   Apr 25, 1852 Son of S.P. & A. Newman
IN toestone
  JT & MT  
Newman, Ira E. 11y 3m 13d Sep 10, 1855 Son of S.P. & A. Newman   JT & MT  
No surname - Aunt Fanny 1827 1919 Stone is next to Sarah E. Naylor obelisk.   JT & MT  
Norris, Barbary 71y 1m 17d Mar 2, 1846 BN toestone   JT & MT  
Pankey, Lieut. William     Illinois Mounted Volunteers, Black Hawk War Yes RD & BD  
Phelps, Joseph D. Aug 1, 1850 Feb 14, 1852 Son of W.H. & M. Phelps
JDP toestone
  JT & MT  
Phelps, Martha 56y 8m 6d Oct 22, 1853 Wife of Henry Phelps
MP toestone
  JT & MT  
Phelps, Henry 66y 6m 17d Aug 15, 1865     JT & MT  
Post, Stephen 33 Yr 6 Mo 16 Da 12 Oct 1851 (His stone is down and almost buried, over the first grave south of Phebe Post.)   RD & BD  
Post, Phebe 49 Yr 11 Mo 7 Da 30 Sep 1853 Wife of Wm. Post
(Persons interested in William and Phebe Post should read the
biography of William Post, Esq., on page 55 of "Atlas Map of
Morgan County, Illinois, 1872" and the biography of John M. Post
on pages 759 and 760 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878".)
  RD & BD  
Post, Mary E. 26 Yr 2 Mo 15 Da 28 Mar 1873 Wife of John M. Post
(Her maiden name was Rhea, not Ray as is given on page 759 of
"History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878.")
  RD & BD  
Post, Nancy R. 25 Yr 11 Mo 29 Da 11 May 1849 Wife of J.A. Post   RD & BD  
Post, Mary 57y 11m 27d Aug 6, 1850     JT & MT  
Post, James 56y 7m 2d Dec 27, 1842     JT & MT  
Post, Elizabeth 23y 15d Nov 16, 1842     JT & MT  
Post, Zachary T. 9m 18d Sep 2, 1849 Son of J.A. & N.R. Post   JT & MT  
Reily, J. W. 50 Yr 25 Aug 1885 (No tombstone was found for this man. His death
certificate shows that he was a peddler.)
  RD & BD  
Rhea, Margaret Jane 3 Yr 5 Mo 6 Aug 1862 Dau of Robert & Mary Rhea   RD & BD  
Rhea, Ellen 3 Feb 1817 1 Dec 1875 Wife of Samuel Rhea (Ellen's tombstone is lying flat on the ground.)   RD & BD  
Rhea, Samuel 59 Yr 9 Mo 16 Da 3 Feb 1880     RD & BD  
Rhea, Howard 14 Feb 1874 6 June 1874 Son of William & L. J. Rhea
(These four names are on the same decorated obelisk.)
  RD & BD  
Rhea, Linda 1852 1874 Wife of William Rhea
(These four names are on the same decorated obelisk.)
  RD & BD  
Rhea, Mary 20 June 1882 14 Nov 1882 Dau of Wm. & M. J. Rhea
(These four names are on the same decorated obelisk.)
  RD & BD  
Rhea, S. Esteline 1850 1878 Wife of William Rhea
(These four names are on the same decorated obelisk.)
  RD & BD  
Rumme, Infant Son
of G. & M. Rummel
  17 Apr 1871 Infant Son of G. & M. Rummel   RD & BD  
Rumme, Mary E. 7 Mo 11 Da 3 Oct 1865 Dau of G. & M. Rummel   RD & BD  
Rummel, Peter 12 Yr 7 Mo 18 Da Oct. (?) 10 1879 Son of G. & M. Rummel   RD & BD  
Scott, Bennie 1 Mo 5 Da 22 Jan 1883 (No tombstone was found for this infant but his death certificate
is recorded at the court house in Jacksonville. He died of pneumonia.)
  RD & BD  
Scott, Bennie 1y 4m 23d Jan 22, 1883 Son of T.C. & S. Scott   JT & MT  
Sheppard, S. L. 1859 1915     JT & MT  
Skinner, Ann Savilla 49y 1m 11d Dec 13, 1861 Wife of J.F. Skinner. Ann Savilla Norris married John Freeman Skinner on Dec 25, 1833, in Morgan County, and census records indicate she was born about 1820.   JT & MT  
Skinner, Harriett   31 Dec 1862 Wife of Hazen Skinner
(Her tombstone is broken off and lying flat.)
  RD & BD  
Skinner, Hazen 32 Yr 6 Mo 3 Nov 1866 (His tombstone is flat on the ground.)   RD & BD  
Sleeter, David H. 8 Mo 21 Da 12 June 1875 Son of Wm. & W. Sleeter   RD & BD  
Sleeter, Josephine E. aged _____ 7 Sep 1874 Dau of Wm. & M.M. Sleeter   RD & BD  
Sleeter, Lillie May 13 Aug 1875 6 Nov 1917     RD & BD  
Sleeter, William 1848 19 Feb 1880 (Same tombstone with Mary Margaret)   RD & BD  
Sleeter, William aged ?? 19 Feb 1884     RD & BD  
Smith, W.W. 38y 11m 3d Oct 16, 1858     JT & MT  
Stewart, Benjamin 24y Dec 29, 1851 BS toestone   JT & MT  
Stricklin, Caroline Henson 24 Dec 1839 23 June 1920 Wife of W. R. Stricklin Born in Ohio 24 Dec 1839,
Died in Okla. 23 June 1920
  RD & BD  
Stricklin, William R. 1 Jan 1829 31Mar 1870     RD & BD  
Stricklin, Ophelia 18 Yr 2 Mo 22 Da 24 Feb 1880 Wife of W.J. Stricklin   RD & BD  
Stricklin, Ophelia 5 Mo 25 Da 18 July 1880 Dau of W.J. & O. Stricklin   RD & BD  
Sumpter, Eva May 15 Aug 1885 12 Nov 1918 (No tombstone was found for her. Her death certificate says her
parents were Ulyssis Coy and Lizzie Kuhlman Coy. Born in Illinois,
Eva May died of influenza.)
  RD & BD  
Sumpter, Margaret ca 1908 ca 1913     RD & BD  
Thompson, Surrwin (?)
78 Yr 8 Mo 15 Da 10 Oct 1908 (No tombstone was found for this Illinois-born widow, but her
death certificate is recorded in the Morgan County court house.)
  RD & BD  
Truitt, Archel
20 Aug 1893   Son of W.S. & R.J. Truitt   RD & BD  
Truitt, Clinton 7 Mo 17 Da 22 June 1890 Son of W.S. & R.J. Truitt   RD & BD  
Turnham, Mary C. 17y 3m 17d Jan 28, 1852 Wife of Joel Turnham   JT & MT  
Turnham, Sarah G. 21y 10m June 4, 1850 Wife of Joel Turnham   JT & MT  
Wade, Alice E. June 14, 1860 Dec 24, 1937     JT & MT  
Wade, John L. Aug 12, 1858 Aug 16, 1899     JT & MT  
Wagner, Aaron Smith 22 Mar 1825 6 Feb 1904     RD & BD  
Wagner, Mary 58 Yr 4 Mo 7 Da 17 Nov 1889 Wife of A.S. Wagner
(Her large tombstone is toppled and surrounded by very tall weeds.
It is possible there are other names on this obelisk-type tombstone.)
  RD & BD  
Wagner, Daniel Dec 6, 1796 Oct 26, 1862     JT & MT  
Wagner, Newton A 18y 10m 18d July 31, 1861 A Member of Capt. Thompson's Company Yes JT & MT  
Wilday, Alexander 11 July 1825 28 May 1914 (His death certificate shows he was a widowed farmer and miller
who was born in Ohio. His father was Thomas Wilday. Alexander's
mother was Elendor Will Wilday, a native of Maryland.)
  RD & BD  
Wilday, Tilitha Drinkwater 28 Feb 1827 23 Apr 1912 Wife of Alexander Wilday   RD & BD  
Wilday, Thomas J. 30 Yr 8 Mo 5 Da 22 Jan 1884 Son of A. & T. Wilday   RD & BD  
Wilday, Arthusa J. 15 Nov 1848 16 Oct 1909     RD & BD  
Wilday, Elizabeth 26 May 1841 30 Aug 1908     RD & BD  
Wilday, Benjamin 12 Jan 1815 25 Feb 1894 (Three names are on the same beautiful gray granite marker.)   RD & BD  
Wilday, Sarah 10 Apr 1820 16 Dec 1861 Wife of Benjamin Wilday
(Three names are on the same beautiful gray granite marker.)
  RD & BD  
Wilday, Jerial E. 25 May 1859 25 Aug 1861 (Three names are on the same beautiful gray granite marker.)   RD & BD  
Wilday, Charles 11 July 1825 27 July 1901 (Born in Pike County, Ohio, he came to Morgan County in 1848.)   RD & BD  
Wilday, Katharine 13 Oct 1824 29 June 1897 Wife of Charles Wilday   RD & BD  
Wilday, Abraham 33 Yr 9 Mo 2 Da 25 Jan 1883 (?) Son of Charles & K. Wilday   RD & BD  
Wilday, C. A. 1842 1913 (Born in Logan Co., Illinois, he was brought to Morgan County in 1848.)   RD & BD  
Wilday, Sedonia 1849 1922 (Her marker matches that of C. A. Wilday) Thomas J.
Died 22 Jan 1884 aged 30 Yr 8 Mo 5 Da
(No tombstone was found for Thomas. His death certificate
shows that he was born in Morgan County, Illinois.)
  RD & BD  
Wilday, John 41 Yr 11 Mo 27 Da 31 Jan 1855     RD & BD  
Wilday, Diana 1818 1904 Mother   RD & BD  
Wilday, Eleanor 83 Yr 4 Mo 11 Da 3/5 Nov 1866 Wife of Thomas Wilday
(She was a former resident of the state of Delaware and of
Pike County, Ohio. For more information see the biography of
Jeremiah Sibert on page 58 of "Atlas Map of Morgan Co., Ill., 1872.")
  RD & BD  
Wilday, Luella M. 2 Dec 1865 20 Mar 1890 Wife of William Wilday (Her tombstone has toppled over).   RD & BD  
Wilday, Infant   3 Feb 1851 Son of A. & T. Wilday   RD & BD  
Wilday, Sarah Belle Nov 3, 1869 Oct 16, 1943 Wife of Wm. Wilday   JT & MT  
Yack, Cristena 1m 25d Jan 23, 1850 Dau of J. B. & C. Yack
CY toestone
  JT & MT  
Yeck, Lewis 6y 16d Sept 15, 1849 son of J. B. & C. Yeck
LY toestone
  JT & MT  
Yeck, John B. 40y 6m 15d Dec 4, 1853 JBY toestone   JT & MT  
Yeck, Sara A. 12y 10m 16d Jan 26, 1864 Dau of J. B. & C.
SAY toestone
  JT & MT  

The following paragraph is copied from an undated and unsigned history of Grace Chapel Methodist Church:
"We have on record an account of a Rev. William Drinkwater, a Methodist minister who served the churches in this vicinity devoting his life to preaching the gospel and doing good. His examples and good life were long remembered by older settlers. He had for his residence a hole in the ground on the bank of the Indian Creek about a mile and a half above the old Babb and Horns mill which I am told by the older settlers that the mill was located on the farm now owned by Mr. Fritz Hammer, formerly known as the Ogle farm. Remnants of the old mill were still in existence. This farm is close to Grace Chapel and not far from the old camp meeting ground which served the entire community in an early day."

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