Morris Chapel, Concord Township Morgan County Illinois

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Morris Chapel Cemetery
aka Smith aka Mt. Vernon
Morgan County Illinois
Concord Township T16N R11W 3rdPM
SE¼NW¼, Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society

Ample proof exists that all three names apply to this abandoned, brushy cemetery. Attempts to prove the names by land records have proven unfruitful. However, death certificates and obituaries of people buried here carry all three names. It is known that several bodies buried have since been removed to other cemeteries. Area residents insist there was never a church building here. The cemetery is located 1.2 miles east of Brown's Crossroads, which is also the site of Triopia High School. The high school is located about two miles north of Concord. From Triopia High School drive east on State Aid Road 19 (also known as Road 2150N) for 1.2 miles until you arrive at the intersection with Road 1325E. The cemetery is located in the trees and brush about 100 feet north of this intersection. If the crops and brush are so tall that tombstones can't be seen, evergreen trees in the cemetery serve as sentinels marking the area. The cemetery shows much evidence of damage by burrowing animals, probably groundhogs.

* = No Stone Found
** = Soldier

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?

List of Known Burials

* Ater, Lula L. Died 13 May 1907 Age 46 Yr 3 Mo 17 Da
(No tombstone was found for this woman. The death certificate shows she was buried in Morris Chapel Cemetery.)

Braner, George W. Died 5 May 1867 Age 2 Yr 1 Mo 18 Da Son of S. & E. Braner

Bridgeman, Hezekiah 3 Dec 1855 - 12 Sept 1903 Age 7 Yr 9 Mo 9 Da, Son of F. & L. Bridgman

Bridgeman, Isaac 20 May 1831 - 16 Feb 1877
(Isaac was a son of Hezekiah and Jane Brown Bridgeman, both of whom were natives of Wythe County, Virginia.) Bridgeman, Hannah 4 Sept 1830 - 10 May 1904, Wife of Isaac Bridgman (Hannah's death certificate shows that her maiden name was Taylor and that she was born in England. It further shows that she died at age 73 Yr 8 Mo 6 Da and was buried in Morris Chapel Cemetery. Her name is engraved on the same large gray granite tombstone as is her husband's name.)

Bridgeman, Jane Died 14 Mar 1904 Age 77 Yr
(Her death certificate shows this housewife was buried in Morris Chapel Cemetery. Her tombstone shows her birth date as Nov. 20, 1826. The obelisk has toppled from its base. It is possible there are other names on it.)

Bridgeman, John C. 23 May 1847 - 13 Jan 1892

Bridgeman, Franklin 23 Mar 1820 - 17 Jan 1908
(Buried near Lucy, but a foot stone with J.H.B. on it is between them.)

Bridgeman, Lucy 25 Feb 1823 - 17 Dec 1882 Age 59 Yr 9 Mo 22 Da Wife of F. B. Bridgman

Bridgeman, Nancy Died 25 Sept 1885 Age 83 Yr 6 Mo 15 Da

(Born March 10, 1802 in Wythe Co., Virginia, Nancy was the third wife of Hezekiah Bridgeman.)

Bridgeman, Hezekiah Died 7 Feb 1883 Age 86 Yr 19 Da

(See page 739 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878" for a biography of this man.)

Bridgeman, Jane B. Died 25 Feb 1847, Age 50 Yr 39 Da
(Born Jan. 16, 1797 in Wythe Co., Virginia, she married Hezekiah in that county on Aug. 4, 1820. Her maiden name was Brown. The large grey obelisk marking the graves of Nancy, Hezekiah and Jane is toppled, lying near the south fence.)

Bridgeman, Rhoda Died 17 Apr 1855 Age 78 Yr, Wife of F. Bridgeman
(The wife of Franklin Bridgeman, her maiden name was Miss Rhoda May. Among her children was Margaret, wife of William Anderson Dyer. She a biography of William Anderson Dyer on page 743 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878").

Bridgeman, William M. Died 14 Mar 1851Age 3 Mo 20 Da, Son of F. & N.A. Bridgeman

Daub, Conrad Died 16 July 1872 Age 52 Yr 3 Mo 20 Da
(This grave is in an area enclosed by a stone or concrete edging. The obelisk has toppled from its base, falling to the south. It was completely buried until dug out by the compiler. It is possible there are other names on the obelisk.)

Daub, John W. Died 4 Mar 1871 Age 3 Yr 2 Mo 23 Da, Son of Jasper & Maria Daup

* Decker, John Died 19 Nov 1908 Age 44 Yr
(No tombstone was found for John. His death certificate shows that he was an unmarried farmer and thresher man, born at Concord, Illinois. He was killed when crushed by a threshing machine and scalded by steam. The death certificate shows that he was buried in Morris Chapel Cemetery.)

Dyer, Harry Died 24 July 1891 Age 7 Mo 10 Da, Son of J.G. & M.E. Dyer

Goodpasture, Abraham Died 1 June 1866 Age 84 Yr 3 Mo

Goodpasture, Hannah Died 7 Jan 1881 Age 89 Yr. 3 Mo 6 Da, Wife of Abraham Goodpasture Sr. (The marble slabs of Abraham and Hannah are side by side. A search for her obituary in the Jacksonville Journal was unsuccessful.)

Goodpasture, Abraham 14 June 1817 - 29 Nov 1900 Obituary

Goodpasture, Elizabeth 14 Feb 1821 - 14 Feb 1857, Wife of Abraham Goodpasture

Laughary, Charlotte 5 Mar 1883 - 29 Aug 188, Dau of Julius & E. Jane Laughary

Laughary, Laura D. 18 Oct 1886 - 28 July 1887, Dau of Julius and E. Jane Laughary

Lemm, Mary Ann (Grandma) Died 7 Mar 1910 Age 95 Yr
(Her death certificate in the Morgan County Clerks office shows that she was a widow, that she was born in New York state, and that she died March 8, 1910 aged 94 years 11 months 28 days. Her burial site was given as the Smith Cemetery.
The Jacksonville Journal of Thursday, March 10, 1910 carried the following news item under the heading of CRACKERS BEND, which in earlier days was the name applied to this area, but is seldom if ever used now. Crackers Bend received a post office on June 23, 1892 but it was discontinued in 1893.) CRACKERS BEND. Grandma Lenn (it should have said Lemm) is very sick and there are no hopes for her recovery as she is exceedingly aged. Her daughter, Mrs. W. W. Peters, of Jacksonville, is with her, doing all she can for the comfort of her old mother.)

* Loughary, Infant Died 26 Feb 1903 Age 3 Da
(No tombstone found for this child. Information is from the death certificate in the Morgan County clerk's office. Burial site was listed as the Morris Chapel cemetery.)

Loughary, Hezekiah Son of M. & J. Long
(The remainder of this inscription is unknown as a tree is enclosing it.)

* Long, Comfort Died 14 June 1902 Age 83 Yr
(No tombstone was found for this woman, but the information given here is from her death certificate. Burial site is given as Morris Chapel Cemetery. She the biography of Jacob Long given on this page.)

Long, Jacob Died 25 June 1885 Age 76 Yr 3 Mo 22 Da
Biography page 746 "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878".

Long, Melvina Died 28 Dec 1855 Age 44 Yr, Wife of Jacob Long

Long, Mary Died 16 Oct 1864 Age 44 Yr, Wife of Jacob Long

Mallicoat, J. 29 Nov 1829 - 26 Mar 1896 Age 67 Yr 3 Mo 26 Da

Mallicoat, Addie Died 23 July 1873, Dau of J. & M.J. Mallicoat

Mallicoat, Eliza O. Died 30 June 1870 Age 12 Yr 1 Mo 4 Da, Dau of J. & M.J. Mallicoat

* Mallicoat, Martha Jane (No Tombstone)
(She was the oldest child of Jacob Long and Melvina Bridgeman Long. Martha was born in Grainger Co., Tenn., about 1832. There she married John Mallicoat who is found earlier in this listing. The marriage bond was dated April 28, 1847.
In 1972 Mrs. Edna McLain Mallicoat, the widow of Clarence Mallicoat, a grandson, remembered attending the burial of Martha Jane Mallicoat in this cemetery about 1920. Martha's death certificate is apparently not recorded in Morgan County.)

McLin, Charity Died 27 1860 Age 41 Yr 10 Mo 4 Da, Wife of John McLin

Ore, Calvin 8 Nov 1834 - 28 July 1916
(Born in Tennessee, he came to Illinois in 1852. He was a farmer.)

Ore, Rhody A. 20 Jan 1838 - 26 Sept 1901, Wife of Calvin Ore
(Their large gray granite tombstone is inside an ornate wall.)

Ore, William Robert 1867 - 1912
(His death certificate shows that he was born in Morgan County, Illinois, a son of Calvin and Rhoda A. Dyer Ore, and that Calvin and Rhoda were natives of Tennessee. William Robert died of tuberculosis on March 29, 1912 in Concord precinct at age 44 years 10 months 16 days. Place of burial was given as Morris Chapel Cemetery. Obituary

Ore, Sarah J. 1873 - (blank), Wife of W. R. Ore
(Her death certificate in the Morgan County clerk's office shows that she was born in Cass County, Illinois, on Jan. 27, 1873. Her father was Illinois native James Elliott and her mother was Kentucky born Arena Cowan (?) Elliott. Sarah Jane died 20 March 1938.)

Ore, Robert Earl 31 Mar 1901 - 9 Dec 1901, Son of W.R. & S.J. Ore
(This baby's small tombstone is beside the larger stone of his parents.)

* Potter, Ernest Elmer Died 4 Jan 1904 Age 7 Mo
(No tombstone was found for this baby. Information is from the death certificate that shows he was born at Concord and buried in Smith Cemetery.)

Remington, Harvey 2 Feb 1868 - 9 June 1892

(Harvey's heavy obelisk has toppled to the northwest side of its base. It is possible there are other names engraved on it.)

Richardson, Charles Died 31 Mar 1858 Age 2 Yr 8 Mo 2 Da, Son of F. & N. Richardson

Richardson, Nancy M. 25 May 1836 - (blank)

(The names of Richard P. Smith and Nancy M. Richardson are engraved on the same red granite tombstone along the south fence.)

Sewalts, Godfrey 1844 - 1910

(Godfrey was born in New York City on Sept. 14, 1844, a son of German natives Mr. and Mrs. George Sewalt. Godfrey died near Arenzville, but in Morgan County, on Nov. 6, 1910 aged 66 years 1 month 28 days. His death certificate gives the burial site as Morris Chapel Cemetery. The tombstone of Godfrey and his wife Charity Elizabeth is a beautiful large red granite stone in a concrete enclosure along the north fence.)

Sewalts, Charity E. 1850 - (blank), Wife of Godfrey Sewalts
(Charity Elizabeth was born in Morgan County, Ill., June 15, 1850, a daughter of Franklin and Celia Peters Smith, both natives of Morgan County. For a detailed story of her accidental death see the Jacksonville Journal of Tuesday, April 13, 1937. Her clothing caught fire from a kitchen range. The story listed her survivors as five children: Mrs. J. A. Hayes of Meredosia, Mrs. E. N. Long of the nearby Union neighborhood, Oscar Sewalt of Beardstown, Lester Sewalt of Pike County, and Edward, living at home and it was he who found his mothers badly charred body. Mrs. Sewalt was also survived by one brother and one sister, William Smith of California and Mrs. Eva Fisher of St. Louis.
Her funeral was held at Concord Methodist Protestant Church and six of her ten grandchildren served as casket bearers.
They were Russell and Earl Long, James and Elmer Hayes, and Leo and John Sewalt. Charity met death on April 12, 1937 and she was buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery on April 14, 1937.)

Slater, Lulu L. 1861 – 1901, Wife of Charles Slater

Slater, Infant Daughter of C. & L. Slater Died 1 May 1889

Smith, Aaron 1856 - 1931
(No death certificate was found for this man in the Morgan County Court House. A pot of plastic flowers is standing above his reddish-brown granite tombstone in the center of the cemetery.)

Smith, Benjamin F. 1872 - 1923
(Benjamin Franklin's death certificate shows he was born in Morgan County, Ill., on Nov. 18, 1862, son of Kentucky native Frank Smith and Ohio native Cecelia (?) Peters Smith. B. F. Smith was the husband of Mary Mallicoat Smith.

He died April 27, 1923. His grave is marked.)

Smith, Ashford 10 Apr 1790 - 14 Mar 1877

Smith, Mary 21 Sept 1794 - 20 June 1872

Smith, Francis 21 July 1832 - 20 Dec 1871 Age 39 Yr
(Ashford, Mary and Francis have a single tombstone near the south fence.)

Smith, B. F. (Franklin) Died 17 May 1876 Age 56 Yr 10 Mo 17 Da

Smith, Celia 7 Feb 1823 - 1 Mar 1902, Wife of Franklin Smith
(Her death certificate shows that she was born in Kentucky and lived in Illinois 73 years. She died at age 79 years 21 days and was buried in Morris Chapel Cemetery. The tall spire that marks the graves of Franklin and Celia - the death certificate says Seeley - has toppled to the east side of the base.)

Smith, Elvina 24 Apr 1852 - 5 June 1853 Age 11 Mo 11 Da, Dau of L. B. & M. J. Smith

Smith, Francis Born (illegible) Died (illegible) Age 2 Yr 8 Mo 4 Da

Smith, Larkin B. 1816 - 1898

(Larkin B. Smith enjoyed a reputation as a weather forecaster and he was often quoted as such in the Jacksonville Daily Journal. The following item was published in January of 1877: "Larkin B. Smith, the great weather prophet of Morgan County, says the winter wheat is all killed by the ice.")

Smith, Martha 1826 - (blank) (Apparently no death certificates for Larkin and Martha Smith are on file in the Morgan County Court House. Their large granite tombstone is near the south fence.)

Smith, Richard P. Born in Washington Co., Ky. 1825, Enlisted in Co. I 11th Mo. Reg. Died 15 Dec 1910

Smith, Martha Died 25 Feb 1909 Age 80 Yr 8 Mo 25 Da (Richard & Martha's graves, plus that of John Smith, are enclosed in a pipe and wire fence. John's limestone marker is broken in half.)

Smith, John Died 17 Oct 1867 Age 67 Yr 25 Da

Smith, Infant Died 29 June 1902 Age 6 Hrs (Death Certificate data.)

Thomason, Carl Died 1 Feb 1891 Age 21 Mo 15 Da Son of R.B. & T.H.

Unnamed, Infant Female, died 16 Sept 1908 Age 2 Da (Death certificate data.)

Wilson, Susannah F. Died 24 Feb 1850 Age 36 Yr 9 Mo 29 Da Wife of D. Wilson

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