Lynnville Cemetery, Lynnville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Lynnville Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Lynnville Township T14N R10W 3rdPM
NE1/4, Section 5

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society

The remains of two toppled brick pillars mark the entrance to an overgrown narrow lane that extends between the nearest road and Lynnville Cemetery. The one-acre burial ground is about ¼ mile northeast of Lynnville, between a good road and a small stream known as Walnut Creek. The cemetery is in the northwest quarter of Section 5 in Township 14 N Range 11 W. In 1920 the cemetery was so neglected that adjoining property owners threatened condemnation proceedings. Descendants of persons interred in the cemetery soon afterwards formed a board to care for the cemetery. However, it was not until some years later when Fred R. Watson became involved that an endowment fund was obtained for the upkeep of Lynnville Cemetery. The narrow lane across private property was purchased to allow unhindered entry. Title to the lane and cemetery were eventually transferred to the Lynnville Village Board.
In 1978 the cemetery appears to receive little or no maintenance.

* = No Stone Found
** = Soldier

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?

ALLAN, Infant Dau of Wm. H. and Lillian May Worrall Allan
Born and Died 1 Mar 1926
(From death certificate)

ALLEN, Alexander A. Died 1 July 1873 Age 1 Yr 9 Mo 10 Da
Beloved son of P. and J. Allen
Infant of P. and J. Allen
Died 27 Aug 1865

Infant Male Died 16 Nov 1882 Age 5 Hrs
(From death certificate)

ANDERTON, George R. 11 Oct 1822 - 23 Jan 1905
(A grey granite marker.)
(The following news item was printed in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Wednesday, January 25, 1905. DEATH RECORD.
ANDERTON. George Richardson Anderton died Monday
evening at 5:25 o'clock at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. William Gordon, eight miles west of the city on the state road, of the diseases incident to old age. Deceased was born in Lincolnshire, Eng., in 1823, and came to Illinois in 1852. He was married to Miss Lucy Craig, who died in 1869. Thirteen children were born to them, twelve of whom died in infancy; one, Mrs. William Gordon, with whom he made his home, surviving.
Funeral services will be held at the Christian church at Lynnville Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock, and interment will be in Lynnville Cemetery.)

Lucy S. Died 17 Apr 1870 Age 43 Yr 8 Mo 19 Da
The beloved wife of G. Anderton

10 Children of G. and L. S. Anderton
(Who all died in infancy. Lucy and the ten children share a single tall spire.)

BAHM, John 1874 - 1947
(His low red granite marker used the spelling as given above.
His death certificate shows that John Bahn was born Feb. 6, 1874 at Sullivan, Illinois, a son of German native Siman Bahm.
The name is also found as Boehn and Bain. John was unmarried, his occupation was truck gardener. He died in Morgan County on Feb. 15, 1947, aged 73 years 9 days.)

BATTY, John Co. F 33 Ill. Inf.
(John was born in Yorkshire, England but lived in the United States about 60 years. He enlisted as a private in Co. F 33 Illinois Infantry on August 1, 1861. He was discharged, disabled, on February 17, 1864. His death certificate shows that he was unmarried. He died April 28, 1890 aged 75 years 1 month and 1 day.)

James Richard Died 29 Mar 1866 Age 45 Yr 5 Da

Thomas Died 23 Oct 1857 Age 82 Yr
(Broken across date.)

BODY, Robert Died 15 Feb 1904 Age 80 Yrs
(From death certificate)

BODDY, Edward Died 23 Sept 1852 Age 22 Yrs

Elizabeth Died 14 Mar 1855 Age 2 Yr 7 Da
Dau of M. and J. Boddy

Michael Died 17 Oct 1852 Age 34 Yrs

BOEHN/BAIN, John Died ca 1944

BOSTON, Mrs. Richard Died 3 Feb 1903 Age 65 Yr
(The above information was taken from the Jacksonville Journal. Her death certificate shows Tarissa Sellers Boston died 3 Feb 1903 aged 64 years 9 months 4 days.)

CAHILL, Billy Jean 8 Sept 1926 Age 6 Hrs
(The death certificate for William Cahill shows that he was a son of William Cahill who was born at Peoria, Illinois.)

CANNON, George W. 9 Nov 1849 - 20 May 1852
Son of S. and P. Cannon

Henrietta Died 6 Dec 1863 Age 1 Yr 3 Mo 1 Da
Dau of S. and M. Cannon

Paulina Died 14 Nov 1854 Age 37 Yr 11 Mo 20 Da

Wife of Samuel Cannon

Sarah E. Died 11 Oct 1865 Age 2 Yr 8 Mo 1 Da
Dau of S. and E. Cannon

COATES, Corbulious Died 22 Jan 1891 Age 58 Yr

Corbulious Died 18 May 1864 Age 2 Mo 22 Da
Son of C. and H. Coates

Harriet Died 22 Jan 1891 Age 58 Yr

COCKERILL, Roy Died 1 Apr 1888 Age 1 Yr 6 Mo
Son of J. H. and L. B. Cockerill
(No death certificate in Morgan County.)

Jane 13 Nov 1829 -8 Dec 1890
Wife of William Cockerill (Jane's death certificate is not recorded in Morgan County.)

William 3 Mar 1826 - 25 Dec 1905
(An obituary shows this man was born at Flixton, Yorkshire, England. He married Jane Atkinson in England. William came to America in 1852. The obituary is owned by Lucille Melton Bilger, a granddaughter of William and Jane Atkinson Cockerill.) (William Cockerill died at the home of his son, George, in Roodhouse, Greene County, Illinois.)

COOPER, Augusta 1873 - 1950
Wife of D. M. Cooper
(Her maiden name was Fralick. The body has been removed to Diamond Grove Cemetery at Jacksonville.)

Elma Died 6 oct 1880 Age 3 Yr 25 Da
Son of J. R. and M. A. Coultas

COUMBES, George Died 22 Mar 1855 Age 8 Yr 11 Mo
Son of R. and M. Coumbes

Martha Died 15 Mar 1855 Age 34 Yr 6 Mo
Wife of Richard Coumbes

Laura Lucinda (Chrisman) 21 July 1854 - 17 Feb 1939
(Her maiden name was Chrisman.)

William 1844 - 1930
(A grey granite marker for Laura and William.)

DICKINSON, Ann Eliza Died 12 Apr 1875 Age 24 Yr CW OBIT for Piercy, husband of Ann
Wife of Percy Dickinson
(On page 680 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878" is listed a Piercy Dickinson, farmer, Section 6, post office Lynnville.)

Hannah Died 10 Nov. 1852 Age 26 Yr 1 Mo 12 Da
Wife of J. Dickinson

Robert B. Died 3 July 1863 Age 13 Yr 8 Mo 18 Da
Son of J. and H. Dickinson

Thomas Died 30 Sept 1851 Age 1 Mo
Son of J. and H. Dickinson

Thomas Died 29 Aug 1870 Age 72 Yr 5 Mo 27 Da

Joseph 2 Dec 1831 - 15 Feb 1899 Age 67 Yr 1 Mo 13 Da

Martha Dean 11 Jan 1837 - 3 Aug 1902 Age 65 Yr 6 Mo 22 Da

Josie Died 6 Sept 1874 Age 7 Wks
Dau of J. and M. Dickinson

DOBSON, Hannah Died 19 Feb 1878 Age 73 Yr 10 Mo 10 Da
(The following obituary was printed in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Thursday, Feb. 28, 1878: "MEMOIR OF MRS.

DOBSON. Mrs. Hannah Dobson, fourth daughter of Richard and Catherine Makin, was born in Leeds, West Riding, Yorkshire, England, April 9, 1804 and died at Lynnville, Illinois, Feb. 19, 1878, and at her decease was seventy three years, ten months and ten days old. She was married to Edward Shirtleff,

Aug. 12, 1827, and emigrated with him to this country in the summer of 1832. – thus making her a citizen of Lynnville nearly forty six years. Mr. Shirtleff died May 14, 1841, and in 1843 she married Thomas Dobson, who died Jan. 9, 1860. Three sons and one daughter, the children of the first husband, survive her
... For 36 years she has been an exemplary member of the Methodist Episcopal Church ... Wm. J. Rutledge." On the same tombstone are the names and dates of her two husband..)

Thomas Died 9 Jan 1860 Age 49 Yr 6 Mo

DOBSON, Arthur W. Died 7 Nov 1857 Age 4 Mo 3 Da
Son of R. and S. Dobson

Sarah Died 17 Mar 1853 Age 24 Yr
Wife of Robenson Dobson
(Page 44 of "Scott County, Illinois, Marriage Licenses, 28 March 1839 - 30 December 1899" by Edna McMahan Secrest, shows that on Sept. 21, 1853 Sarah Pekes married Robinson Dobson. Obviously this worn tombstone was mis-read.)

DUCKWALL, Mary (Gill) Wife of Joseph Smith Duckwall
22 Feb 1851 - 15 July 1933
(Her death certificate shows that she was born at Lynnville, daughter of English natives David Gill and Jane Bryant Gill.)

Joseph Walter 6 Oct 1881 - 24 Jan 1967 Son of Joseph & Mary

Gertrude Died 5 Aug 1880 Age 2 Yr 10 Mo 10 Da
(From death certificate)

Fred 28 Dec 1883 - 4 Sept 1980
(He was a son of Joseph and Mary Gill Duckwall. He died in Jacksonville.)

DUNLOP, Margaret H. Died 13 Oct 1865 Age 55 Yr
Wife of Peter Dunlop

Peter Died 5 Oct 1865 Age 65 Yr

Peter Jr. Died 8 Apr 1872 Age 33 Yr 1 Mo 6 Da
(His grave is marked with a toppled heavy, decorative slab in the southwest corner of the cemetery.)

Billy Died Oct 1931
(Removed to Diamond Grove)

EGGLEFIELD, John Co. F 33 Reg. Ill. Inf.
Born @ Yorkshire, Eng.
Died 14 Aug 1865 Age 30 Yr
(He is listed on the Company F roster as John Egglefield, enlisted Aug. 1, 1861 and discharged in disabled condition on July 5, 1864.)

EVANS, Annie Lena Died 9 Oct 1881 Age 4 Mo 3 Da
(From death certificate)

FLIGG, Charles Edward Died 11 June 1879 Age 5 Yr 10 Mo 24 Da
(The above tombstone reading was made in 1929 by Mrs. Sara John English. The death certificate gives the child's name as Charles Edwin Fligg.)

Jane Died 8 Oct 1893 Age 82 Yr
Wife of John Fligg

John Died 18 Jan 1854 Age 39 Yr 9 Mo

John Thomas Died 28 May 1879 Age 9 Yr 8 Mo 5 Da
(The above tombstone reading was made in 1929 by Mrs. Sarah John English. The child's death certificate gives his age as 8 years 8 months 5 days.)

Martha Died 16 Nov 1856 Age 6 Yr
Dau of J. and J. Fligg

Mary Ann (Dates below ground) Dau of John and Jane Fligg

FUNK, Mattie Lena Died 26 Aug 1881 Age 3 Mo 20 Da
(From death certificate)

GILL, Alice Mae 7 Jan 1904 - 14 Jan 1904
Dau of W. H. and L. M. Gill

John Died 4 May 1848 Age 1 Mo
Son of D. and J. Gill

GORDON Family (All of the Gordon family burials listed here were removed to
Jacksonville's Diamond Grove Cemetery on Dec. 30, 1873. Persons interested in this family should read page 124 of "Morgan County Family History, 1976".)

GORDON, David Berry Born 29 Nov 1828

Infant of John I. Gordon

Infant of John I. Gordon

Infant of John I. Gordon

Infant of John I. Gordon

James Benton 1796 - 1865

William E. 2 Oct 1802 - 6 Nov 1839 (He was born in County Donegal in Ireland. He died in Morgan County and was originally buried in Lynnville Cemetery.)

GROVES, James W. Died 31 Oct 1895 Age 34 Yr 17 Da

John Died 23 Aug 1863 Age 53 Yr

George Died 27 Nov 1853 Age 36 Yr

Elizabeth Died 26 Nov 1870 Age 88 Yr

Wife of Joseph Groves

Barney Died 25 Aug 1847 Age 28 Yr

Joseph Died 26 July 1845 Age 55 Yr

John H. Died 1 Nov. 1871 Age 21 Yr 7 Mo 20 Da

Joseph Died 31 Dec 1875 Age 62 Yr

GROVES, Sarah Died 14 Aug 1882 Age 33 Yr 11 Mo

William Died 24 Nov 1894 Age 67 Yr 6 Mo

Hannah Died 20 May 1871 Age 36 Yr 4 Mo 27 Da
His Wife

Mattie M. Died 27 Nov 1869 Age 4 Mo 22 Da
Dau of W. and H. Groves

George W. Died 25 July 1856 Age 10 M 23 Da
Son of W. and H. Groves

HADDEN, Eva Lula Died 9 Oct 1888 Age 15 Mo 2 Da
Dau of John and Jennie Hadden

HAMMEL, Zachariah Died 3 Nov 1874 Age 9 Mo 12 Da
Son of Wm. and A. A. Hammel

HEATON, Dolly Died 29 July 1882 Age 8 Da
(From death certificate - In 1979 her tombstone is in Diamond Grove Cem.)

Valentine Died 29 Nov 1845
(Born in Pennsylvania about 1800, he died in Morgan Co. His body was removed to Diamond Grove Dec. 30, 1873.)

HENDERSON, Robert (His body was removed to Diamond Grove Cemetery Dec. 30, 1873.)

HOGG, Thomas Sr. Died 14 July 1871 Age 70 Yr

Thomas Jr. Died 11 Mar 1875 Age 38 Yr 1 Mo 4 Da
(His broken and toppled tombstone is between those of Thomas Hogg Sr. and Skelton Willoughby. When Mrs. Sara John English read the tombstone of Thomas Hogg Jr. in 1929 she incorrectly copied his age as 38 years 11 months 4 days.)

HORRILL, William Died 1 Mar 1843 Age 58 Yr 5 Mo
(Mrs. Sara English copied the above inscription in 1929. In 1978 Robert W. Dalton found only about six inches of the marble slab protruding above the ground.)

HUCKSTEP, Thomas C. Died 6 Oct 1883 Age 78 Yr 2 Mo 6 Da
(The death certificate of Thomas C. Huckstep shows that he was born in Albemarle Co., Virginia and lived in Illinois 50 years.
Page 325 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878" shows that he came to Morgan County in 1831 after having been born in Virginia in 1805.)

LANDIS, Edward J. Died 29 Apr 1941 Age 77 Yr 10 Mo 19 Da
(Edward's death certificate shows that he was born in Indiana. His father is listed as Indiana native Henry Landis. Edward's mother is listed as Pennsylvania native Hanna Love Landis.)

LAWSON, Ann Died 17 Nov 1912 Age 86 Yr

Thomas L. Died 18 Nov 1891 Age 66 Yr 11 Mo 5 Da Member of 6 Ills. Cav.
(Records of the 6th Illinois Calvary show that he enlisted on March 1, 1861. He was mustered out as a sergeant after having served with the famous Brigadier General Benjamin H. Grierson and Colonel Mathew H. Starr. Sgt. Lawson was mustered out on Nov. 5, 1865.)

MALLORY, Robert Died July 1878
(The following mention of Robert Mallory's death appeared in Lynnville news notes in the Jacksonville Journal of Saturday, July 20, 1878: "The Journal has already announced Mr. Robert Mallory's sudden and unlooked for death, and as we have learned no additional particulars, we not write further on the subject. Mr. Mallory was an old and respected resident of this neighborhood, and his sudden demise cast gloom upon the community in which he moved. The remains were deposited in the Lynnville cemetery, on Thursday the 11th inst.")

MARTIN, I. R., M.D. Died 30 July 1856 Age 61 Yr

Mary Died 28 Apr 1858 Age 40 Yr
Wife of Dr. I. R. Martin
(Mary's marble slab is in excellent condition but toppled over.)

MARTIN, Mary Died 22 Sept 1897 Age 42 Yr 1 Mo 29 Da
Sister of William Martin

William Died 12 Apr 1897 Age 43 Yr 10 Mo 2 Da
(The Jacksonville Journal of Wednesday, April 14, 1897 told of unmarried William Martin, age 46, son of Dr. Martin, deceased, of Lynnville, shooting himself to death on April 13, 1897. The news story said William was despondent because of a loan he made and believed to be uncollectible.)

MELTON, Emaline Died 4 Mar 1882 Age 17 Yr 9 Mo 3 Da
(Her death certificate shows that this unmarried girl was born in Jefferson County, Indiana and lived in Illinois five years.)

Sam'l Co. K 146 Indiana Infantry
(Died Morgan Co. Sept. 15, 1904.)
(Samuel's death certificate is not recorded in the Morgan County Court house. His tombstone is near the north edge ofthe cemetery. Age 79 yrs.)

Emily Died 15 Aug 1911 Wife of Samuel Melton
(Her maiden name was Emily Boswell. After the death of her husband she lived at the Soldiers and Widows Home in Wilmington, Illinois and that is where she died. Her grave in Lynnville Cemetery is unmarked.)

MOODY, Martha J. Died 21 Feb 1864 Age 10 Yr 8 Mo 21 Da
Dau of J. and J. Moody

MURGATROYD, William 1829 - 1904
(His death certificate shows that this harness maker was born in Yorkshire, England. He died April 10, 1904 at age 75 years 2 months 24 days.)

Elizabeth 1838 - 1899
Wife of William Murgatroyd
(Her death certificate was not found in the Morgan County court house.)

Sarah L. Died 7 Aug 1867 Age 8 Mo 15 Da

Infant Dau of William and E. Murgatroyd

Infant Son of W. and E. Murgatroyd
Died 11 July 1869

NEWCOMB, Charles Died Mar 1932

Ozella (Duckwall) 12 Aug 1886 - 25 Aug 1974
Wife of Charles

PACKARD, Cora Z. 1878 - 1885
(A small granite tombstone, easily overlooked, marks this child's grave. Cora's death certificate shows that she died May 5, 1885 aged 7 years 4 months 13 days.)

Charles 1 July 1812 - 20 Mar 1896
(His death certificate shows that he was born in Hampshire Co.,

Massachusetts and died at the age of 81 years 6 months. The following news item concerning Charles appeared in the Jacksonville Journal of Thursday, July 31, 1879, under Lynnville news items: "Adam Funk, of Kansas has met with a great loss, his wife died on the 4th of July. He is left with three children which he has brought back to Morgan county for friends to take. Mrs. Funk was the daughter of Chas. Packard, Esq., of Lynnville. Her brother Thomas Packard, went out to see her and passed Mr. Funk on the road coming home with the children.")

PACKARD, Eliza Beatty 2 Mar 1819 -
Wife of Charles Packard
(A search for her death certificate in Morgan County was unsuccessful. Persons interested in Charles and Eliza Packard should refer to page 246 of "Morgan County Family History, 1976".)

POTTER, William Henry Died 10 Aug 1873 Age 4 Mo 7 ms
(The age given here is exactly as given on the tombstone.)

PURDY, Frederick Born in Leeds, England June 19, 1790
Died Aug. 13, 1879 Age 89 Yr 1 Mo 23 Da

Henrietta Died 28 Aug 1844 Age 50 r 1 Mo 12 Da
(The tombstone of Frederick Purdy and his wife, Henrietta, is still in fine condition and stands in the southwest part of the cemetery.)

Frederick Born in Leeds, England, June 19 1790
Died 13 Aug 1879 Age 89 Yr 1 Mo 23 Da
(See also fifth page of Lynnville Cemetery Listing. The following news item was printed in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Thursday, Sept. 11, 1879: THE POINT. Mr. F. Purdy died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mawson, in the 90th year of his age. He was born at Leeds, Yorkshire, England, on the 19th day of June, 1790 and came to America in 1831 and to the state of Illinois in 1837 or 1838. Frederick Purdy was a man of inventions and made an edge trimming machine to cut edges, out of old machinery that he picked up on the farm of A. Allison, near Lynnville. It was a success. He also invented a reaper with an endless sickle. This machine was tried and was partly a success, but was never put into operation. He was at the battle of New Orleans in 1813, on board the ship Ramboles, under Capt. Hardy, and was with the convoy of ships that took the great Napoleon to the Island of St. Helena; he likewise took part in the East India wars of his day. Mr. F. leaves four daughters to mourn his loss, Mrs. McDougall of St. Louis, Mrs. Roads of DeWitt, Ill., Mrs. Roads of Nebraska, and Mrs. Mawson, who is living five miles west of your city. Sept. 6, 1879 DICK (Neighborhood correspondent.)

REDWINE, James B. Died 24 Oct 1856 Age 2 Yr 29 Da
Son of J. F. and P. J. Redwine

REESE, Claracy Died 19 May 1867 Age 2 Mo 15 Da Dau of J. and S. A. Reese

Infant Son of J. ans S. A. Reese Died 12 Apr 1872

James H. Died 15 June 1869 Age 3 Mo 15 Da

John W. Died 9 May 1872 Age 5 Yr 2 Mo 25 Da
(James and John were sons of J. and S. A. Reese)

William T. Died 10 Aug 1855 Age 5 Mo 16 Da
Son of J. and S. A. Reese

Sarah A. Died 18 Apr 1872 Age 34 Yr 8 Mo 20 Da the affectionate wife of J. Reese

John 23 July 1828 - 1 Nov 1912 Age 84 Yr 3 Mo 8 Da
(The following biography is copied from page 670 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878": "REESE, JOHN, farmer, Section 8, Post Office Jacksonville; son of David and Elizabeth; Mr. R. was born in North Wales, Kingdom of Great Britain, July 23, 1818; for twenty one years he lived in Wales, and then emigrated to America, and first settled in Greene County, Illinois; he was engaged while there as a farmer; at the end of one year he settled in Lynnville, Morgan County, and there married Miss Sarah Batty, a native of Morgan County, of English parentage, who departed this life April 18, 1872, and was laid to rest in the Lynnville cemetery; in 1873, Mr. R. moved to Woodson township; children: George E., Elizabeth Ann, Hannah M., Emma Alice, and Benjamin F.; George E. married Martha Holmes, Elizabeth married Charles Summer."
Page 328 of "Morgan County Family History, 1976" gives further information that John Reese was born in Newtown, North Wales and came to Morgan County in 1849. It also shows that John moved to Marshalltown, Iowa where daughter Elizabeth Ann was born in 1858 but that he soon returned to Morgan County.)

RENTON, Alexander Died 23 Jan 1845 Age 41 Yr 6 Mo

RICHARDSON, Arthur R. 1858 - 1919 Age 41 Yr 6 Mo
(Arthur Robert, unmarried farmer, died Feb. 18, 1919 aged 58 years. Son of Wm. And Elizabeth Dean Richardson.)

Ida Jane Died 26 Mar 1889 Age 14 Yr
Dau of C. and J. A. Richardson

Jane Died 6 Dec 1865 Age 60 Yr
Wife of J. Richardson

Jonathan Died 8 Mar 1875 Age 70 Yr 11 Mo 2 Da
William 1828 - 1912

Elizabeth Died 22 Feb 1886 Age 51 Yr 9 Mo 19 Da
Wife of William Richardson

John P. Died 2 Oct 1856 Age 5 Mo 8 Da
Son of Wm. And E. Richardson

William Infant Son of Wm. And E. Richardson
Born and Died 1860

SCHOFIELD, Elizabeth Died 2 May 1851 Age 36 Yr 10 Mo 28 Da
Son of J. and A. Schofield

Thomas W. Died 15 July 1864 Age 10 Yr 9 Mo 13 Da
Son of J. and A. Schofield

SCOTT, Charles M. Died 11 Nov 1858
(The remainder of this tombstone is beneath the ground.)

Isadora Died 8 Dec 1859 Age 3 Yr 3 Mo
Only daughter of J. J. and Susan C. Scott
(The tombstone readings given here for Charles and Isadora Scott were made in 1929 by Mrs. Sara John English.)

SELLERS, Eliza Frances Died 11 Mar 1880 Age 50 Yr
(Public records show that Eliza Frances Sellers was feeble-minded. She was born in Tennessee and lived in Illinois nine years.)

SHIRTCLIFF, Edward Died 14 May 1841 or 14 Nov 1844 Age 36 Yr 10 Moz
(Evidence can be found to support each of these dates. Refer to his wife, named in this listing as Hannah Dobson. Edward Shirtcliff opened the first store in Lynnville.)

Charlie Died 8 Aug 1863

Katie Died 2 July 1861

SMITH, Cyrus Elmer Died 6 Oct 1880 Age 8 Yr 24 Da
(From death certificate)

Infant Child of Walter Smith
Died 5 June 1903
(From Jacksonville Journal of Friday, June 5, 1903: THE DEATH RECORD, SMITH. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith, of the Lynnville neighborhood, died Wednesday night after a brief illness. The remains were laid to rest Thursday in Lynnville cemetery.)

STAINFORTH, Stephen Died 24 Feb 187 Age 5 Yr 11 Da
(From death certificate)

STEVENSON, Rose Ella Died 26 Feb 1885 Age 29 Yr 1 Mo 12 Da
Wife of Elisha Stevenson
(Records in the court house at Jacksonville show that Rosella Sellers married Elisha Stephenson in Morgan County on October 5, 1873. His death certificate shows that Elisha was born August 30, 1846, died December 25, 1927 and was buried in Diamond Grove Cemetery at Jacksonville.)

Infant Son Departed this life 8 Feb 1885
(This inscription appears on the same spire with the name of Rose Ella Stevenson. The marker is in the extreme southeast corner of Lynnville Cemetery.)

Sarah Died 9 oct 1885 Age 70 Yr
(Sarah's death certificate shows that she was born in England and that she was a widow.)

STURDY, Lloyd M. Died 29 Oct 1897 Age 6 Yr 9 Mo 20 Da
(From death certificate)

SUMMERS, John Fay 23 Apr 1904 - 18 Sept 1932

(His death certificate shows that he was born in Scott Co., Ill., a son of John H. Summers and Minnie Moss Summers, both parents being born at Winchester, Ill. John was a farm laborer, the husband of Ruth Summers.)

Minnie R. 24 Oct 1874 - 20 Mar 1924
Wife of Hardin Summers
(Minnie's death certificate shows that she was a daughter of Marion and Amanda Lile Moss, both parents being natives of Illinois.)

TANKERSLEY, Parmelia McEwing 1822 - 1892 Wife of R. H. Tankersley
(Born in Pennsylvania, this widow died 23 June 1893 according to death certificate.)

TAYLOR, Ada J. 1884 - 1887
(Ada Jane's name is on the same marker with John W. Taylor and Eliza A. Taylor. Ada Jane's death certificate shows she died Feb. 3, 1887 aged 2 years 6 months 3 days.)

Eliza A. 1846 - 1934 Wife of John W. Taylor
(Her name is given as Eliza E. Taylor on her death certificate.
It shows she was born at Lynnville on Feb. 28, 1846. The document shows her parents were English natives David and Jane Bryant Gill. Eliza Gill married John W. Taylor in Morgan County on Nov. 14, 1875. She died Aug. 8, 1934 aged 88 years 5 months 11 days.)

TAYLOR, John W. 1845 - 1916

(His death certificate shows he was born in Jefferson County, Missouri. He was a retired U. S. soldier. He lived in Illinois 51 years and in Lynnville for 40 years. Death occurred on Feb. 26, 1916 at age 70 years 2 months and 24 days. The graves of this man and his family are marked with a gray granite tombstone
located near the west side of Lynnville Cemetery.)

Infant Sept. 14, 1896

(This inscription is engraved on the same marker with the above Taylor names.)

THAYER, Infant Daughter of J. W. and C. M. Thayer 1853

THORPE, Ervin Died 22 Mar 1897 Age 1 year 1 month 10 days
(He died from asphyxiation caused by a bean or beans lodged in his trachea.)

Jane Died 22 Mar 1897 Age 80 Yr 4 Mo 13 Da
Wife of William Thorpe

THURSBY, Thomas William 8 Aug 1859 - 3 Apr 1926
(His death certificate shows Thomas William was born at Lynnville, son of English native Charles Thursby and Illinois native Mary Tankersly Thursby. Thomas William died April 3, 1926 at age 68 years 7 months 25 days.)

WATSON, Mary Died 31 Jan 1869 Age 23 Yr 7 Mo 24 Da
Wife of William H. Watson
(Mary Tuke married William H. Watson in Morgan County on Sept. 18, 1864.)

Anne Died 29 Sept 1874 Age 24 Yr 7 11 Mo 27 Da
2nd Wife of W. H. Watson (Her tombstone is broken across the word "died".)

Ella M. 22 Feb 1876 - 6 Oct 1891
(From Jacksonville Journal of Tuesday, Oct.6, 1891 will be copied the following items concerning Ella's death.: CITY AND COUNTY. Miss Ellen Watson, of Lynnville died Monday morning and was buried the afternoon of the same day. She was a victim of that dread disease, diphtheria, which took her away just as she was becoming ready for the duties of her life.
DIPHTHERIA AT LYNNVILLE: Diphtheria is an epidemic in the Lynnville neighborhood and in the vicinity of the Point. So many of the children are either sick or have been exposed to the disease that the author (illegible word) have deemed it best to close the schools. A great deal of anxiety and fear exists in the community and all who have thus far escaped the appearance of the disease in their families live in constant dread of its coming.
The oldest daughter of Mr. Wm. Watson died of the malady early Monday morning, and three more in the same household are down with it. Four of Samuel Eaton's family are dangerously ill, and similar reports might be given of other citizens.)

Charlie D. 10 Sept 1880 - 13 Oct 1891
(From Jacksonville Journal of Wednesday, oct. 14, 1891; CITY AND COUNTY. A son of William Watson, of Lynnville, died yesterday at his father's home. The disease which carried him off was diphtheria. (From the Jacksonville Journal of Thursday, Oct. 1, 1891: LYNNVILLE. There has been no spread of the diphtheria for several days, and it is thought that with the great precautions that have been taken to prevent such a thing, our community may be relieved of the terrible dread experienced for nearly a month, but one is reminded by the afflictions of William Watson's stricken family that, "When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions." For the painful tidings came this morning (Tuesday) that Charlie, a bright 10 year old boy, is entering "the dark valley," while Fred, his oldest brother, is also quite low.)

Rebecca 27 Sept 1812 - 31 Oct 1887
(The following item appeared in the Jacksonville Journal of Friday, Sept. 6, 1878: LYNNVILLE. Mrs. Richard Watson was stricken with paralysis on Saturday last, and is, at the present time, in a very helpless state. It is hoped and expected that with proper care and attention she will soon recover. (The Lynnville correspondent sent the following item which was printed in the Jacksonville Journal of Wednesday, Sept. 11, 1878:)

LYNNVILLE. Aunt Watson, who has been suffering for the past week from an attack of paralysis, is a little better. For some time she had lost her speech entirely, but had so recovered on Sunday as to be able to converse with her friends.)

WATSON, Richard 11 Jan 1810 - 1 Nov 1892

Grace Infant daughter of W. E. and S. M. Watson 1911

WHITE, Elizabeth Died 14 Sept 1874 Age 68 Yr
Wife of James White Son of G. and P. White Died 8 Dec 1858 Age 8 Yr
(The above reading for the tombstone of James White was made in 1929 by Mrs. Sara John English.)

Richards Son of G. and P. White (1829 reading by Mrs. S. J. English)

WILLOUGHBY, John Died 18 Sept 195?

(Broken and toppled tombstone)

Richard Died 18 Sept 1867 Age 26 Yr 11 Mo 18 Da

(Richard Willoughby enlisted as a private in Co. A 68th Infantry on May 27, 1862. His tombstone is identical to that of Skelton Willoughby who is buried beside him.)

Skelton Died 21 Sept 1867 Age 25 Yr 14 Da
(Skelton Willoughby enlisted as a private in Co. A 68th Infantry on May 27, 1862. He enlisted as a private in Co. B 133rd Infantry on May 2, 1864 and was mustered out on Sept. 24, 1864. His broken tombstone features an American flag.)

WILSON, Jane Died 4 June 1882 Age 26 Yr 4 Mo
(Her death certificate shows this farmer's wife was born in Wales and lived in Illinois 18 years. "Scott County, Illinois Marriage Licenses 28 Mar 1839 - 30 December 1899", page 151, by Edna McMahan Secrest, shows that Jane Winn married John P. Wilson on April 13, 1878.)

John P. 1847 - 1916 Father
(His death certificate shows that he died March 17, 1916 aged 71 years. His parents are not named on the certificate.)

WILSON, Lillie Died 14 Nov 1891 Age 42 Yr Mo & Da Daughter of J. P. and J. Wilson

WOODY, Harriet (Her body was removed to Jacksonville's Diamond Grove Cemetery on Dec. 30, 1873)

WORRALL, Joseph Died 12 May 1854 In the 51st year of his age

WYNN, Elizabeth Ann Died 29 Sept 1881 Age 17 Yr 9 Mo 29 Da

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