Lewis Cemetery, Woodson Township Morgan County Illinois

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Lewis Cemetery
Angelo aka Buckhorn
Morgan County Illinois
Woodson Township T14N R10W 3rdPM
NE¼ SW¼, Section 18

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society

This cemetery is covered by dense brush and trees for the most part, but the south and west portions are covered with tall grass. It was impossible to read all the tombstones, but is believed all the tombstones known to have been passed over (possibly five or six) were children's markers. There are also rough fieldstones being used as grave markers, and numerous foot stones for which no headstones can be found to mark the same graves. It is reasonably easy to find this cemetery, and it is marked on some county maps and plat books. To find Lewis Cemetery, begin by driving to the Memorial Lawn Cemetery caretaker's house, and drive west on the road commonly known as the "Old Airport Road". At the end of one mile the road makes an abrupt turn to the south. Drive southward until you reach the second road westward. Turn west on this road and you will see, six-tenths of a mile in front of you, a large cluster of trees and brush, which is the site of Lewis Cemetery. The driving distance from the Memorial Lawn Cemetery caretaker's house to Lewis Cemetery is 2.6 miles. Located in the area known as the Upper Buckhorn neighborhood, the legal description of Lewis Cemetery is in the southwest quarter of Section 18 of Township 14 N Range 10 W. The cemetery is approximately midway between Lynnville and Woodson.

* = No Stone Found
** = A soldier

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?

Angelo, Alice E. Died 28 Aug 1879 16 Yr 5 Mo 14 Da Dau of E.R. & S.E. Angelo

* Angelo, Benjamin H. 1 Jan 1820 - 20 Feb 1896
(No tombstone found for this burial. His death certificate shows that he was born in St. Clair Co., Ill, that he was a widower, and that he died at age 76 years 1 month and 19 days. His obituary in the
Jacksonville Journal of Friday, Feb. 21, 1896 read as follows: ANGELO Thursday morning at 5:30 o'clock occurred the death of Benjamin Angelo at the home of his brother, Reuben Angelo, near
Buckhorn. For a number of years the deceased had been a sufferer from consumption, which was more severe during the last two years and finally caused his death. He was born Jan. 1, 1820. He
was one of the oldest residents of Morgan county, although he lived for a while on one of his farms in Macoupin county. He is survived by two brothers, John, of Altamount, Kan., and James, of
Carlinville, Ill.; a sister, Mrs. Stevenson, and two half brothers, Reuben and Elihu Angelo, all of this county. The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. G.H. Cruzan from the residence of Reuben Angelo at 10:30 o'clock Friday morning and the remains will be interred in the Lewis Cemetery in Upper Buckhorn neighborhood.)

* Angelo, Infant Stillborn son of Henry W. & Sarah Lillie James Angelo , Born dead 17 Aug 1878
(No tombstone, data is from the death certificate. The following three names are on the same modern-style gray granite toppled spire. There are possibly more names engraved on the heavy marker.)

Angelo, Elizabeth Died 15 Sept 1848 Age 38 Yr 6 Mo Wife of John Angelo

Angelo, Mary J. Died 13 Feb 1873 Age 39 Yr Wife of John Angelo

Angelo, John Died 15 June 1885 Age 84 Yr 8 Mo
(His death certificate shows that he was born in Pa. and that he was a widower. On page 66 of "Coroners Record Book A" will be found an entry showing John Angelo came to his death by causes unknown to the coroner's jury. Dated June 16, 1885, the entry in the record book described John Angelo as a male, 5' 11" tall, light complexion, and having dark eyes and white hair.
The following obit was copied from the Jacksonville Journal of Wednesday, June 17, 1885: DEATH OF MR. JOHN ANGELO. Mr. John Angelo, of Buck Horn, six miles southeast of the city, died on Monday evening at the age of 85. Though there was no fear of foul play, yet as his death was very sudden the coroner was summoned yesterday morning.
The following facts were revealed at the inquest: On Monday evening about five o'clock Mr. Wm. Burmeister was in the yard with Mr. Angelo when the latter expressed a desire to go to the road some
distance from the house. Mr. Burmeister took hold of his arm and told him not to as it was late and the grass was wet. At this Mr. Angelo said that he thought that he had a right to do as he pleased. At once he leaned against the fence and fell sideways to the ground. He was taken into the house in a trembling and unconscious condition and died in almost half an hour. Several parties, who, however, lived at a considerable distance from the house, testified that they had heard, at about the time of death of the deceased, loud talking. Someone, who thought it was Burmeister, using threatening and abusive language, and some one else, who they thought was Angelo, screaming in distress. Dr. Prince at first said that from the testimony he considered the deceased to have met his death from an attack of apoplexy. After hearing further testimony the doctor opened the skull and examined the brain without finding any effusion of blood indicative of apoplexy. This examination throws no light upon the cause of death. The heart was not examined to find any deficiency of that organ. No marks of external violence are found upon the body. The cause of death is uncertain.
The following is the verdict of the jury. "In the matter of the inquisition on the body of John Angelo, deceased, held at Buckhorn on the 16th of June, A.D. 1885, we, the undersigned jurors, sworn to inquire of the death of John Angelo, on oath do find that he came to his death by causes to the jury unknown." W. Ellicock, foreman; John F. Hackman; Wm. F. North; John Dearing; Richard Morrow; Wm. Hackman, clerk. For several years Mr. Angelo has been nearly blind and his mind has seemed shattered. He has lived in this county over 60 years, has been married five times and is the father of 24 children, 14 of whom survive him.
(Anyone interested in John Angelo may learn of his involvement in the killing of Isaac Hammel by referring to HAMMEL, Isaac R., in this listing. More information may be found on the Angelos by referring to pages 603 and 679 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878".)

**Angelo, William H. Co. K 154 Ill. Inf.
* Angelo, William H. Died 16 June 1910 Age 88 Yr 11 Mo
(No tombstone was found for this man unless it is the military stone listed directly above. Information here is taken from the death cert.)
Angelo, Elizabeth (Jackson) 3 Mar 1810 - 16 Sept 1848 Wife of John Angelo & Dau of David Jackson
(This stone is propped against the stone of Elizabeth Angelo who died 15 Sept 1848 at age 38 Yr 6 Mo.
Undoubtedly this is a case of two stones for the same grave, a not too rare occurrence.)
Angelo, James Died 18 Dec 1861 91 Yr 11 Mo 1 Da
Angelo, Lucy (MacDowell) Died 26 Jan 1862 73 Yr 9 Mo 10 Da Wife of James Angelo
(Her maiden name was MacDowell. She was the second wife of James Angelo.)
Angelo, Benjamin M. Died 4 Dec 1847 9 Yr 9 Mo _ Da Son of B. & R. Angelo
Angelo, Albert B. Died 13 Sept 1864 Age 11 Mo 9 Da Son of Wm. & Charlotte Angelo
Angelo, Christene Died 14 Sept 1839 39 Yr 3 Mo 1 Da Wife of O. Angelo
Angelo, Daniel F. Died 18 Dec 1862
**Angelo, David J. Son of John & Elizabeth Angelo Died at Corinth, Miss.122 Inf. on 12 Apr 1863 27 Yr 1 Mo 1 Da
Angelo, Ellen Died 16 Apr 1867 2 Yr 1 Mo 27 Da Dau of E.R. & S.E. Angelo
Angelo, Girtam Died 4 Mar 1874 Age 4 Yr Dau of E.R. & S.E. Angelo
Angelo, Henry 29 Jan 1849 - 27 Feb 1911
(His obit appeared as follows, in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Tuesday, Feb. 28, 1911: ANGELO. Henry Angelo, aged 61 years and 29 days, died Monday morning at 7:15 o'clock at the home of his son-in-law, Leslie Switzer, near Lynnville. Mr. Angelo had been in failing health for three years and for several years had been a sufferer from asthma. Mr. Angelo was born in Morgan County, Jan. 29, 1850, and was a son of William Angelo, an early settler in this county.
With the exception of a brief residence in California, Mr. Angelo spent his entire life in this county.
Until fifteen years ago Mr. Angelo was engaged in farming, but he retired from that work to open up a store in Lynnville, which he conducted quite successfully until three years ago, when he retired from active business on account of failing health. Mr. Angelo took an active part in the life of Lynnville and served as town trustee for a number of years and also served as school director and police magistrate. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity and was held in high esteem by all who knew him. January 6, 1876, Mr. Angelo married to Miss Lillie James, who together with the following survive: two daughters, Mrs. Leslie Switzer of Lynnville neighborhood and Mrs. C.L. Smith of Pike County; one sister, Mrs. Samuel Thompson of Oklahoma and one half brother, James Johnson, who resides south of the city. Funeral services will be held Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock at the residence of Leslie Switzer near Lynnville, in charge of Dr. G.W. Miller of Woodson. Interment will be made in the Lewis cemetery.)
Angelo, Hiram T. Died 3 Jan 1847 4 Yr 3 Mo 18 Da Son of S.W. & R. Angelo
Angelo, Isom Died 15 July 1879 1 Yr 5 Mo 16 Da Son of C. Angelo
Angelo, Laura I. Died 22 Nov 1872 Dau of E.R. & S.E. Angelo
Angelo, Lavinia Died 1 Sept 1835 7 Yr 11 Mo 10 Da Dau of B. & R. Angelo
Angelo, Mary J. Wife of J. Angelo Dau. of R.E. Morrison Died 13 Feb 1873 Age 39 Yr
Angelo, Rebecca Died 29 Sept 1866 66 Yr 8 Mo 23 Da Wife of Benjamin Angelo
Angelo, Sidney And his two little sisters, Children of John & Mary J. Angelo Died 12 July 1856 Age 3 Mo
Angelo, Thomas B. Died 16 Apr 1860 19 Yr 2 Mo 4 Da Son of B. & R. Angelo
Angelo, Troy Died 17 Aug 1878 Son of W.H. & L.S. Angelo
Angellow, Andrew J. Died Apr 1849 Age 25 Yr 8 Mo Son of James & Lucy Angellow
Angelow, Benjamin Died 5 Apr 1857 63 Yr 9 Mo 7 Da
Angelow, Harriot S. Died 24 Aug 1855 Age 6 Mo 25 Da Dau of I. & M.J. Angelow
Angelow, Lenard Died 17 Aug 1857 Age 10 Mo 2 Da Son of I. & M. Angelow
Angelow, Martha E. Died 5 Mar 1854 Age 1 Yr 8 Mo Dau of J. & S.T. Angelow
Angelow, Nancy Lullah Died 31 Oct 1856 2 Yr 8 Mo 23 Da Dau of D.B. & M. Angelow
Footstone: C.A.
Berry, Cyrus Died 2 Apr 1847 24 Yr 1 Mo 24 Da
Buckley, Ann Died 12 Apr 1862 Mother of Maria Scholfield
Challans, Elizabeth Died 27 Jan 1866 Wife of Wm. Challans
Challans, Rebecca Died 18 Mar 1853 Age 24 Yr Wife of Wm. Challans
Dobson, Daniel M. Died 15 Dec 1879 2 Yr 7 Mo 29 Da Son of R. & M.J. Dobson
Dobson, Martha J. (Kelly) 8 Oct 1844 - 1 June 1926 Wife of Richard Dobson
(Her maiden name was Martha J. Kelly. Apparently this is the most recent burial in this cemetery.
The names of Martha & her husband are engraved on a modern gray granite tombstone next to the west fence. All four Dobson burials listed here are a family grouping.)
Dobson, Richard 30 Oct 1830 - 6 Sept 1901
(According to information supplied by one of his grandsons, Chester Dobson, Richard went to California in search of gold.)
Dobson, Thomas Died 21 Dec 1865 2 Yr 10 Mo 15 Da Son of R. & M.J. Dobson
Donald, William Died 20 Aug 1863 51 Yr 6 Mo 7 Da
(The following news item from the Jacksonville Journal of Wednesday, Dec. 4, 1878 obviously cannot refer to the man buried here. But since the visitor was seeing people in the area of Lewis
Cemetery it is probable he was a relative of the deceased William Donald: "Among visitors here last week we notice Mr. William Donald and wife, late from Kansas. Mr. Donald reports everything in a prosperous condition in the "hopper state.")
Doolin, Infant Died 25 Dec 1878 Dau of W. & M. Doolin
Duckworth, Harriet Ann Died 4 Dec 1863 5 Yr 10 Mo 2 Da Dau of M.G. & J.E. Duckworth
Duckworth, Mary L. Died 9 Apr 1865 3 Yr 7 Mo 3 Da Dau of M.G. & J.E. Duckworth
* Elmore, Marion Russell 22 June 1913 - 2 Nov 1913
(No tombstone was found for this child. His death cert. shows that he was a son of Edward & Minnie Thompson Elmore, both natives of Illinois.)
Finch, John T. Died 3 Dec 1878 Age 24 Yr 9 Mo
(The following news item is copied from the Jacksonville Journal of Sunday, Dec. 8, 1878: CITY AND COUNTY. Mr. John Finch, of Buckhorn, died on Thursday last of fever, from which he had
been suffering for three weeks past, and at nearly the same hour in which he died his wife gave birth to their first born son. The following news item is copied from the Jacksonville Journal of Friday, Dec. 18, 1878: WOODSON. Died, on the 24th inst., of typhoid fever, Mr. John Finch, in his 23rd year.
About one year ago deceased started in life with big prospects, taking for a helpmate the beautiful daughter of Mr. G. Smith--Miss Sarah. Mr. Finch was a young man highly esteemed by all who knew
him. Mrs. Finch has the sympathy of the whole community in her bereavement. A few minutes after Mr. F.'s death a fatherless boy was ushered into this world.")
* Finch, Sallie (Smith) Died 20 Jan 1886 Age 32 Yr Wife of John Finch
(Although the compiler did not find a tombstone for Mrs. Finch, he believes that her name is probably engraved on the large toppled spire that bears the name of John T. Finch. Her obit in the Jacksonville
Journal of Thursday, Jan. 21, 1886 gave her father's name as George W. Smith.)
Gentry, James M. Died 2 Oct 1888 79 Yr 11 Mo 5 Da
(The following biography is copied from page 662 of "History of Morgan Co., Ill. 1878.": GENTRY, JAMES M., son of John P. & Catherine Gentry, natives of Virginia, where Mr. Gentry was born 27 Oct 1804; the father was a carpenter by trade, and also followed farming; he settled in Kentucky as early as 1806, and there became the owner of a plantation, which James afterward managed; May 26, 1824, he married Jane Elliott, of Kentucky; in 1830, the elder Gentry, accompanied by his family of wife and four children, moved to Sangamon County, Illinois, and in July, 1832, moved to Morgan; we now follow the fortunes of the subject of this notice: he relates that the first crop put in was corn and oats, 15 acres of corn, and 10 acres oats; when the time arrived for harvesting, the oats were laid on the ground and there tramped out by horses; when threshed it was taken to Jacksonville, and there sold for ten cents per bushel; Mr. Gentry is now living on his farm of 116 acres; his wife still survives, they having lived together over half a century.)
Gentry, William D. Died 23 Jan 1862 3 Yr 5 Mo 4 Da Son of T.E. & E. Gentry
Gentry, Jane (Elliott) Died 22 Jan 1880 79 Yr 10 Mo 22 Da Wife of James M. Gentry
(On the stone the name is spelled Jentry. Her obit in the Jacksonville Journal of Friday, Jan. 23, 1880 appeared in the "Mere Mention" column as follows: "Mrs. Gentry, wife of James M. Gentry, living south of the city, died yesterday morning of pneumonia. She was 80 years of age.")
Gentry, Mary Jane Died 13 Sept 1864 2 Yr 11 Mo 9 Da Dau of J.M. & J. Gentry
* Grant, James C. Died 5 Aug 1892 Age 4 Mo 1 Da
(No tombstone was found for this child. His death cert. shows that he was born at Litchfield, Ill. & died at her sisters, Mrs. Craig, 6 mi. south of Jacksonville.)
* Grant, Mrs. Mary E. Died 25 Apr 1879 Age 53 Yr
(No tombstone was found for this woman. Her death cert. shows that she was born in Weslake County, Pa.)
Grimsley, Louisa Died 29 Mar 1848 13 Yr 10 Mo 25 Da Dau of E. & S. Grimsley
Grimsley, James Died 24 Dec 1834 4 Yr 1 Mo 21 Da Son of E. & S. Grimsley
Grimsley, Jane Died 14 Apr 1838 Age 19 Yr 27 Da Dau of John & Dulceum Grimsley
Grimsley, Elija Died 3 June 1835 Age 32 Yr 26 Da
Grimsley, Pheba J. Died 12 Apr 1857 4 Yr 2 Mo 23 Da Dau of W. & W. Grimsley
Hairgrove, Pearl 1881 - 1883 (13 July)
(She has a small, modern-style, brown granite marker. Her death cert. shows that she was born in Jacksonville and died 13 July 1883 aged 2 yr 5 mo.)
* Hall, Mary Ann Died 4 July 1883 Age 43 Yr 9 Mo Born in England
(No tombstone found for her. Info is from her death cert.)
Hall, George J. Died 31 Aug 1854 Age 1 Mo 17 Da Son of J.J. & H. Hall
Hall, Harriet Died 18 July 1851 Age 14 Yr 10 Mo Wife of J.J. Hall
Hammel, Sarah Died 21 July 1882 61 Yr 7 Mo 25 Da Wife of Isaac R. Hammel
Hammel, Isaac M. Died 28 July 1878 42 Yr 6 Mo 19 Da
(His death cert. shows that Isaac M. Hammel was born in Kentucky and that he was killed by a musket shot on July 28, 1878 at age 38 years 2 months and 0 days. The following news item is
copied from the Jacksonville Journal of Tuesday, July 30, 1878: A CENTER SHOT. ISAAC HAMILL INSTANTLY KILLED BY THEODORE ANGELO, A BOY. HIS FATHER ALSO
CONCERNED. TESTIMONY BEFORE THE CORONER'S JURY AND VERDICT. The city was somewhat agitated early yesterday morning over a report that Isaac Hamill, a farmer living about
six miles southeast of the city, had been shot and instantly killed the evening previous, at the home of John Angelo. There was no doubt as to the truth of the report as the coroner had been notified the night before....Several parties stated that Isaac Hamill went on horseback to the Angelo's house about dusk and while there he was shot in the head and killed. From all sources of information we deduced that Hamill went to Angelo's house--the farms of the parties adjoin--riding a horse and carrying a shotgun, though it is stated upon good authority that the gun was not loaded...a gun was fired from a window in the second story of the house, and Hamill threw up his hands, said something about his wife and fell from his horse, dying almost instantly...WHO FIRED THE SHOT? From what could be gleaned from those who knew anything about the case it was the general belief early yesterday that the shot that killed Hamill was fired by the hands of Theodore Angelo, son of John Angelo and only eleven years of age. It was also currently reported that the boy had shot Hamill, as the latter stood in the yard, at the command of his father...It is certain that the boy and his father were upstairs at the time of the shooting, and that no others were with them. The father is so blind as to be unable to see anything...The one and only possible circumstance then was that if any hand fired the gun, it was that of Theodore, the boy...John Angelo is now 78 years of age. He was born in New Jersey and settled here in 1820. Theodore Angelo was 11 years old July 7th, 1878.
He seemed unconcerned about the tragedy when we saw him in jail, and talked freely and cooly as the most hardened man...His stories are wild and visionary and unreliable upon their face...Isaac Hamill is well known, as he has lived here most of his life. He was about 35 or 38 years of age, and lived on a small farm adjacent to Angelo's. He was married, but sometime ago his conduct was so bad that his wife brought a bill for divorce. She returned to her home not long ago however, and has been there ever since. Formerly Hamill was a hard working man, but his course has been anything but commendable for several years past. He leaves a little farm and some personal property, so 'tis said. His body was buried yesterday afternoon. The very lengthy news story goes on in great detail, naming several residents of the area. The jury found that Isaac Hamill came to his death at the hands of Theodore Angelo. Upon the return of the coroner's verdict John Angelo was released from jail and the boy was retained. But some of John Angelo's neighbors swore out a warrant on him, and John Angelo was returned to the jail.)
Hammel, Peter E. Died 21 Jan 1859 1 Yr 4 Mo 21 Da Son of J.O. & H.B. Hammel
** Haney, Alden A Soldier Of The War of 1812 Died 16 July 1878 79 Yr 10 Mo 5 Da
* Harford, John Earl Died 15 Oct 1888 49 Yr 29 Da Born @ Jonesboro, Ark. (From Death Cert.)
* Harvey, Elvis Lewis 30 Dec 1911 - 6 Jan 1912
(No stone found for this burial. The death cert. shows that the father was Scott County native Lewis Harvey. The infant's mother was Tenn. native Emma Hayes Lewis Harvey.)
* Hatcher, Richard Died 29 Nov 1863 69 Yr 10 Mo 1 Da
Hatcher, Richard Died 31 Oct 1863 31 Yr 2 Mo 10 Da
Hatcher, Elizabeth Died 4 May 1862 Age 63 Yr 18 Da Wife of Richard Hatcher
(The following biographical material is copied from pages 663 & 664 of "History of Morgan Co., Ill, 1878": HATCHER, MISS JOHANNA, Woodson, born Morgan Co., near Jacksonville, Sept., 1829;
parents were Richard, a native of Virginia, and Elizabeth, his wife also; family first moved from Virginia to Kentucky, and remained six years, thence to Morgan County in 1823. Mr. H. became an extensive farmer; he died in the sixty- fourth year of his age, and his wife, May 4, 1863, at sixty-three years of age; Miss Hatcher became heir to a part of the estate. Alfred B. Hatcher, farmer, Woodson, born in Morgan County, April 27, 1844, on the old homestead, and received a liberal education; since 1869 has been a resident of Woodson, and owns a nice property. The writer was shown a plume made from ostrich feathers, that Richard Hatcher, heretofore mentioned, had used in the Black Hawk war, which occurred in 1832. He entered service from Morgan County.)
Hedger, Joseph B. Died 15 Sept 1855 9 Yr 11 Mo 9 Da Son of T. & J. Hedger
* Heiney / Heisey, Elizabeth/Edith Died 20/25 July 1895 Age 7 Mo 28 Da
(No tombstone was found for this little girl. Her death cert. shows that she was a victim of cholera. She was born in Jacksonville.)
Henderson, Wesley Died 17 Oct 1831 Age 36 Yr
Henry, John W. Died 7 Aug 1858 Age 3 Mo 1 Da Son of G.B. & V.F. Henry
Henry, Lucilla M. Died 28 Jan 1857 22 Yr 9 Mo 17 Da Wife of J.W. Henry
*Henry, Richard Died June 1876
(No tombstone was found in a visit to this cemetery but it is very possible the marker could be hidden in the dense brush or tall grass. His obit shows that he was buried in Lewis Cemetery by his Masonic
brethren. The following biography is copied from pages 664 & 665 of "History of Morgan County, 1878": HENRY, RICHARD, an old pioneer of Morgan Co., and a railroad promoter, born in Lexington, Ky., Oct. 31, 1797; in 1830 moved to Morgan Co., near Jacksonville, shortly after the deep snow fell; in 1838, himself, Ira Davenport, and George Henry, a brother, took a contract for building the first railroad in the State, known as Northern Cross R.R., part of which is now included in the Chicago and Northwestern R.R. He made the survey for the town of Woodson, planted the first hedge and orchard; raised a subscription of $100,000, for the Jacksonville division of the C. & A. R.R.; a warm friend of Judge Woodson, from whom the town of Woodson derives its name; he contributed very materially
to the present prosperity of Morgan Co. He was possessed of wonderful energy and unswerving integrity, who, when misfortune overtook him, discharged his obligations dollar for dollar; he might have been wealthy, but preferred to be honorable, and his name will go down to posterity as an honest man. His wife still survives and is living with two sons, in Woodson. (Persons interested in Henry family burials should refer to Henry Cemetery and Roberts Cemetery Listings in "A Guide To Cemeteries of Morgan County, Illinois, Volume One".)
* Hester, Eliza Ann Died 19 Mar 1881 Age 19 Yr (From death certificate)
Johnson, Amanda (Gentry) Died 19 Jan 1844 21 Yr 1 Mo 21 Da Wife of C. P. Johnson
(The following biography is copied from page 666 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878":
Johnson, C.P., a farmer, Section 21, Post Office Woodson; was the son of Benjamin Johnson, a Baptist minister, who was a native of Virginia, but who afterward moved to Kentucky, where the
subject of this sketch was born. When ten years old, his parents moved to Morgan County, where his father entered some 400 acres, at $1.25 per acre, his capital consisting of $100, two horses and
a wagon. C.P. Johnson relates to the writer that when eleven years old he has plowed all day with hickory-bark lines, and such education as he could get was received in a log cabin where greased
paper was in use to admit the daylight, and a puncheon floor being in use; in 1841 he united in marriage with Miss Amanda Gentry, who passed off the stage of life Jan. 19, 1847; July 13, 1848, he again married, to Miss Susan Crawford, who, it will be remembered, was a daughter of Col. Crawford, who perished at the stake. Children by first marriage: George, Maude, Z.T. and H.T. the last of whom were prisoners during the late war; by second marriage: Andrew J., Commodore P., Francis M., Abel S., Mary L., and Isaac B. (deceased); since August, 1849, Mr. J. has officiated as a Baptist minister; seven years of the time he received as pay for his services an ax-handle, Shanghai rooster and fifty cents in money. Mr. J. is the owner of 68 acres, on which he now lives.)
Johnson, Laura L. Died 28 Mar 1865 1 Yr 6 Mo 13 Da Dau of Jonas M. & Martha Johnson
Johnson, Mary Died 4 July 1872 72 Yr 6 Mo 8 Da Wife of Elder Benjamin Johnson (She is buried near James K.P. Johnson)
Johnson, James K. P. Died 5 Mar 1844 Age 4 Mo 24 Da Son of H.L. & N. Johnson
Johnson, Nancy Died 6 Oct 1867 43 Yr 7 Mo 4 Da Wife of H.L. Johnson
Johnson, Benjamin F. Died 1 Mar 1854 5 Yr 4 Mo 23 Da Son of H.L. & N. Johnson
Johnson, Zacarry T. Died 8 Sept 1847 5 Yr 4 Mo 23 Da Son of H.L. & N. Johnson
Johnson, Amanda Dau. of J.M. Gentry 10 Sept 1815 - 19 Jan 1847 Aged 21 Yr 1 Mo 9 Da
Johnson, Benjamin F. Died 30 Dec 1849 Age 13 Yr 9 Mo Son of B. & M. Johnson
Johnson, Benjamin J. Died 18 Mar 1861 Age 69 Yr 3 Mo
Elder Benjamin J. Johnson was born in Augusta Co., Va., a son of Ben Johnson. For a lengthy story of this family see page 607 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois 1878.")
Johnson, Infant Dau. of D. & S. Johnson Died Jan 1866
Johnson, Infant Dau. of D. & S. Johnson Died June 1869
Johnson, Infant Son of D. & S. Johnson Died Sept 1864
Johnson, Jasper E. Died 10 Mar 1853 1 Yr 1 Mo 22 Da Son of A.J. & J. Johnson
Johnson, Josephine I. Died 10 Mar 1866 1 Yr 2 Mo 23 Da Dau of Jonas & Martha Johnson
Kelley, Daniel Died 11 Sept 1874
** Kelley, Silas Co. A. 61 Ill. Inf.
* Killam, Inf. Dau. of John Samuel & Gertrude Killam 3 Sept 1915 - 3 Sept 1915 (From Death Certificate)
* Lazenby, John Died 6 June 1906 75 Yr 1 Mo 6 Da
(No tombstone was found for this burial during a 1976 search. Info given here is from the death cert.)
* Lewis, Catherine Died 27 June 1879 Age 74 Yr
(No tombstone was found for Catherine's burial, but the following obituary appeared in the Jacksonville Journal of June 28, 1879. It will be noted that the family name was incorrectly printed as Series instead of Lewis, probably due to poor handwriting of the person submitting the obituary for publication: "Mrs. Catherine Series, mother of David Johnson, of Buckhorn, died yesterday at 12 o'clock, after a protracted illness, of some sixteen weeks. She was 74 years old, and her funeral will occur today at 10 o'clock a.m., the remains being interred in the Lewis burying ground.")
Lewis, Eleanor Died 4 Aug 1879 76 Yr 3 Mo 29 Da
(Her ornate tombstone has toppled over. It is possible there are other names engraved on it. Her obit in the Jacksonville Journal of Thursday, Aug. 14, 1879, read as follows: ELKHORN. Died--On Monday, Aug. 4, 1879, after a brief illness, Mrs. Eleanor Lewis, wife of the late David Lewis, aged 70 years and 4 months. Mrs. L. was born in Kentucky and emigrated to Illinois when quite young, and was one of the first settlers of Morgan County. She has been a member of the Sandy Creek Church for the last twenty-three years. She was the mother of twelve children, and leaves forty-five grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren, to mourn her departure from this life. The funeral sermon was preached at the family residence on Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, by Rev. Henry Johnson, pastor of the Baptist church, who also administered the ordinance of baptism to Mrs. L. when she became a member of the church. The remains were borne to the the Lewis family burying ground. The pall-bearers were John Smith, Samuel S. Thompson, James Smith, Charles Busey, Douglas Lishman, William W. Marshall.")
Lewis, Eliza J. (Wyatt) Died 26 May 1879 30 Yr 6 Mo 29 Da Wife of T.M. Lewis
(Her obit appeared in the Jacksonville Journal as follows: ELKHORN. DEATH OF MRS. LEWIS. Death has again visited our quiet neighborhood, taking from our midst our kind friend and neighbor,
Mrs. Lyde Lewis, who died last Sunday morning at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Lewis has been sick for some time, but was supposed to be recovering from her illness, till very recently she was taken suddenly worse.
She leaves a family of three little children, the oldest being about 8 years old. The funeral discourse was preached at the family residence on Sunday evening at five o'clock, by Rev. G.W. Miller, of Woodson. Mr. Miller delivered a very good discourse, taking his text in the 17th verse of the 5th chapter of Corinthians. At the conclusion of the sermon the friends of the family looked for the last time at the remains, after which they were removed to the Lewis' family burying grounds for interment.
Following are the names of the pall bearers: Job Angelo, John Busey, James Angel, John Worline, Charles Busey and Samuel Thompson. The deceased was a lady of excellent character, and leaves
many friends to mourn her untimely death. The family have the sympathy of the neighborhood in their severe affliction.)
Lewis, Minnie Died 10 July 1870 1 Yr 5 Mo 10 Da Dau of T.M. & E.J. Lewis
* Lewis, Thomas Milton 28 Dec 1846 - 16 Nov 1910
("Uncle Tom's" grave is unmarked but Marie Busey of Jacksonville attended his funeral and knows that he is buried in this cemetery. Tom's father was David Lewis and Tom's wife was Eliza J. Wyatt.
The parents of Eliza were Eli Martin Wyatt and Martha Keeling Wyatt. Tom's obituary appeared in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Saturday, Nov. 19, 1910 as follows: FUNERALS. LEWIS. Thomas
Milton Lewis, died at 6:15 o'clock Wednesday morning, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. L.H. Luce, in Ashland, after an illness of three months duration. Mr. Lewis was born Dec. 28, 1846, near Woodson, and has lived the greater number of his days in Morgan County. In 1868 he was married to Elizabeth Jane Wyatt, who preceded him in death thirty years ago. To this union were born four children: Minnie, who died in infancy, Mrs. L.H. Luce, of Ashland, Edward and Henry Lewis, of Tallula. The funeral was held at 8:30 o'clock Friday morning in the home of the daughter in Ashland and the remains were then taken to Woodson, where they were laid to rest in the family cemetery. Brief services were conducted at the grave."
Lewis, Laura E. Died 25 Feb 1879 25 Yr 10 Mo 17 Da Wife of S.T. Lewis
(Her death cert. shows she was born in Indiana and gives her age as 26 years. Her obit appeared twice in the Jacksonville Daily Journal. This version appeared on March 5, 1879, under the heading of
Woodson: One by one we pass earth to the unseen world beyond. On Tuesday night, the 28th (note the typographical error) of February, at 12 o'clock, Mrs. Samuel Lewis departed this life in the prime of
womanhood, leaving a husband and four children to mourn her loss; a babe four months old was left motherless to be cared for. Rev. Johnson of Jacksonville delivered a feeling funeral sermon at the
family residence on the 26th, after which the remains were laid to rest in the Lewis burying ground. Mr. Lewis has the sympathy of the community in his sad hour of trial. (The following is a condensation of
her obituary which appeared in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Thursday, March 6, 1879 under the heading of Elkhorn: Died, on Tuesday morning, Feb. 25th, Laura C., wife of Samuel S. Lewis, aged
24 years. Mrs. Lewis leaves a family of four little children, the youngest being an infant born on the 24th. The funeral discourse was preached at the family residence on the 26th, at two o'clock in the afternoon, by Rev. Joseph Johnson, of Jacksonville, and was certainly a well delivered sermon...
The deceased was, indeed, a lady of most excellent character, and leaves many friends to mourn her early departure.)
Lewis, Milton N. Died 21 May 1850 20 Yr 8 Mo 12 Da
F.M.L. (A large stone on the Lewis lot with no other inscription.)
W.D.L. (A large stone on the Lewis lot with no other inscription.)
Lewis, David Died 29 Dec 1876 61 Yr 9 Mo 23 Da
(His obit appeared as follows, in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Sunday, Dec. 31, 1876: SUDDEN DEATH APOPLEXY. We were pained to learn yesterday, of the very sudden death of another of
Morgan County's old citizens, Mr. David Lewis, long a resident of this vicinity, living of late upon his farm some six miles south of the City, died from a stroke of apoplexy Friday last. He was some 61
years of age, and his general health had been good. About 5 o'clock Friday afternoon he went out of the house for some firewood. Returning he threw it down from out his arms, and dropped upon the
floor insensible, and did not breath afterwards. The funeral services will be held at the residence today, at 2 p.m., and the body will be interred in the Lewis grave yard nearby.)
Lewis, John Cyrus Died 14 Mar 1866 Age 5 Yr 4 Mo Son of D. & E. Lewis
Lewis, Minnie Died 10 July 1870 1 Yr 5 Mo 10 Da Dau of T.M. & E.J. Lewis
* Luce, Nellie Maud (Lewis) Wife of Link H. Luce Dau. of Thomas M. Lewis
Lynn, James Died 30 May 1883 76/8 Yr 1 Mo 29 Da
(From Jacksonville Daily Journal of Wednesday, March 5, 1879: WOODSON. Uncle Jimmy Lynn sold to Widow Fitzsimmons his residence and 10 acres of land at $110 per acre. John Shepherd
sold to James Lynn his residence and 4 acres of land for $650--all in Woodson. Mr. Shepherd moved to the Hairgrove farm on last Tuesday.)
Lynn, Lucinda 31 Dec 1812 - 25 Apr 1894 (On same stone with James Lynn)
Marshall, Michael Died 5 Oct 1883 64 Yr 7 Mo 5 Da
* Marshall, Mary Caroline Died 25 Mar 1890 Age 67 Yr
(No tombstone was found for this woman and the info is taken from her death cert. She was the wife of Michael Marshall. Among their children was Emma M., wife of William Thompson. Mary
Caroline was born in Kentucky according to the death cert.)
McAlister, Bartlet 28 May 1775 - 17 Dec 1848 Aged 73 Yr 6 Mo 19 Da
(This tombstone is beside a fieldstone that has no inscription.)
McAllister, David Died 27 July 1862 27 Yr 10 Mo 6 Da
McAllister, Lucy J. Dau. of J.W. & S.A. McAlister Died 7 Apr 1847 2 Yr 6 Mo 20 Da
(Beside a fieldstone marked S.A. McA.)
McCallister, Lucy M. 23 Sept 1861 - 20 Apr 1864 Dau of J.W. & Lucy Ann Henry McAllister
(Mrs. Ray D.--Bernice--McCollum of Sun City, Arizona, formerly of Jacksonville, writes that the family Bible lists this girl's name as Lucilla M. McAlister. Lucy Ann Henry was the second wife
of J.W. McAlister.)
McCallister, Sarah A. (Patterson) Died 4 May 1851 Age 24 Yr Wife of J.W. McCallister
(Her maiden name was Sarah A. Patterson and she was the first wife of J.W. McCallister. This information is by courtesy of Mrs. Ray D. McCollum.)
* McCoy, Nelley Died 13 July 1872
(No tombstone was found for this burial. The info given here was copied from page 13 of "Coroner's Record Book A" that will be found in the northwest storage room in the attic of the Morgan County Court House: "Female, 6 feet tall, complexion black, hair kinky. Verdict of jury: By over (illegible word) and old age on the 13th day of July 1872 on the Lower St. Louis Road in Woodson Precinct. Buried by the coroner in Lewis Cemetery.")
Medger, Joseph B. Died 13 Sept 1855 9 Yr 11 Mo 9 Da Son of ? & J. Medger
Miller, Benjamin Died 22 May 1891 70 Yr 6 Mo 29 Da
(His grave is marked with a large, modern style gray granite tombstone at the base of an evergreen tree. His obit appeared in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Saturday, May 23, 1891 as follows: JOINED THE MAJORITY. MILLER. Benj. Miller, an aged and well known carpenter, whose family residence is on South West Street, died last evening a few minutes before seven o'clock after an illness of some time. He was 67 years of age and had lived at least 50 years in Morgan County, being one of the oldest settlers. The funeral will occur from the house at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon, Dr. W.F. Short officiating, and interment will be in Lewis cemetery, southwest of the city.)
Miller, Deborah Died 25 Apr 1859 Age 62 Yr 20 Da Wife of Jacob Miller
Miller, Jacob Died 13 July 1870 Age 75 Yr 27 Da
1. (This very old sandstone bearing no other inscription is at the foot of an evergreen tree.)
Miller, ______ Died 1 June 1852 Dau of Daniel & Catherine Miller
(No first name shown)
Miller, Mary J. Died 20 Oct 1855 Age 6 Mo 18 Da Dau of D. & C. Miller
Miller, Martha A. Died 4 Nov 1860 Age 2 Mo 4 Da Dau of G.W. & M.A. Miller
Miller, Harriet Died 15 Apr 1862 Age 6 Mo 17 Da Dau of G.W. & M.A. Miller
Miller, Edward Died 14 Oct 1867 Age 10 Mo 6 Da Son of G.W. & M.A. Miller
Miller, Emily Died 3 Jan 1876 Age 40 Yr 13 Da Wife of William J. Miller
Miller, Infant Dau of Wm. J. & Emily Miller Died 25 Dec 1858
Miller, Infant Son of Wm. J. & Emily Miller Died 5 Oct 1862
Morison, William Died 16 Sept 1855 61 Yr 5 Mo 8 Da
Northcut, John Died Sept 1834 Age 30 Yr 2 Mo
Officer, William Died 1847 (Remainder of inscription is buried)
Officer, William Died 9 May 1847 Age 59 Yr 18 Da
(The above two stones are very close to each other.)
Officer, Sarah Died 8 Dec 1863 Wife of Wm. Officer
Peary, Elizabeth Died 9 Sept 1840 Age 76 Yr Wife of J. Peary
Points, Artemicia Died 23 Aug 1876 26 Yr 2 Mo 6 Da Wife of F.M. Points
* Ranson, Edith Aileen 24 Aug 1912 - 30 Jan 1913
(No tombstone was found for this child. Her death cert. shows that her father, A.E. Ranson, was born in Morgan County, and that her mother, Edith Gordon Ranson, was born in Scott County, Ill.)
Ray, Abram Son of Wm. & Mary Ann Ray Born in Lynnville, Morgan Co., Ill. 14 Nov 1838 - 10 Mar 1854 Aged 15 Yr 3 Mo 26 Da
Reaugh, Maria Died 1844 in the 40 year of her age Wife of R. Reaugh
Redman, Samuel Died 11 May 1857 21 Yr 5 Mo 5 Da
Reynolds, Elijah Died 26 July 1865 18 Yr 5 Mo 18 Da
Rogers, Charles L. Died 6 Sept 1877 16 Yr 9 Mo 9 Da
Rogers, Isaac Died 4 Mar 1862 Age 26 Yr 3 Mo
Rogers, Lucinda Died 15 June 1862 27 Yr 3 Mo 13 Da Wife of I. Rogers
Scholfield, Elizabeth Died 28 Apr 1862 Age 14 Yr 2 Mo Dau of James & Maria Scholfield
Scholfield, James Born in Rochdale, Eng. 8 July 1807 - 27 Dec 1873 Aged 66 Yr 5 Mo 19 Da
(This spire is toppled over. Other names are perhaps engraved on the other side.)
Scholfield, Maria Died 29 Oct 1853 Age 44 Yr 8 Mo Beloved wife of James Scholfield
Scholfield, Elizabeth A. Died 10 Sept 1859 Dau of Thomas & E. Scholfield
Scholfield, James H. Died 3 Oct 1859 Age 7 Wks 2 Da Son of Thomas & E. Scholfield
Self, Mary J. (Henry) Died 2 Jan 1877 32 Yr 6 Mo 30 Da Wife of J.F. Self
(Her obit. shows that she died 4 Jan 1877. She was a daughter of William & Mary A. Lewis Henry and the wife of James Self.)
E. S. (Footstone next to grave of Mary J. Self)
Self, Mary J. Died 1 Jan 1861 Age 3 Mo 20 Da Dau of T.M. & S.F. Self
Smith, Sarah A. 8 Jan 1826 - 3 July 1891 (Toppled spire beside John Smith)
Smith, Elizabeth Died 23 Apr 1860 Age 13 Yr 1 Mo Dau of G.W. & S.E. Smith
Smith, Seli E. Died 24 Mar 1863 36 Yr 4 Mo 19 Da Wife of G.W. Smith
Smith, Sarah Died 14 Sept 1865 25 Yr 4 Mo 26 Da Wife of G.W. Smith
Smith, George W. Died 12 Aug 1891 70 Yr 5 Mo 4 Da
(The large obelisk marking his grave is engulfed by a sickly looking evergreen tree. The following biography is copied from pages 673 and 674 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois 1878": SMITH,
GEORGE, Farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 28, Post Office Woodson. The gentleman who heads this sketch was the son of John and Dulcina Smith. His father was a native of Pennsylvania, who
moved from there to Kentucky; there married about 1820; he moved to Lawrence Co., Ill., there the subject of our sketch was born. When four years old his parents moved to Morgan County
and settled near Jacksonville on government land. At that date Jacksonville consisted principally of a store and a tavern. In those days there were no school funds, the schools being supported by
subscription, the seat of learning being a log cabin. In 1845 he married to Miss Celia Hatcher. Mr. S. has held the office of school trustee, school director, etc. At this writing is living on his farm, and is owner of 208 acres. Four children: John R., Francis M., Sarah, and Amelia.)
Smith, George W. Died 4 Mar 1880 4 Yr 3 Mo 21 Da Son of G.M. & M. Smith
Smith, Amanda M. Died 6 Feb 1844 27 Yr 1 Mo 25 Da Wife of James P. Smith
Smith, James P. Died 11 July 1844 38 Yr 5 Mo 29 Da
(From page 674 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878": we learn that James P. and his wife, Amanda M., were natives of Kentucky and that James was born in 1806, his wife's birth year being
1816. When they both died in 1844 they left four small children who were then raised by grandparents. The children were W.A., Jessie J., John A., and James H. Smith.)
Smith, Samuel B. Died 12 Jan 1844 59 Yr 1 Mo 22 Da
(His biography on page 674 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878" reveals that he was born in Morgan County Dec. 20, 1824. When he was ten years old he drove from three to four yoke of
oxen. On Dec. 3, 1846 he was married to Elizabeth, daughter of Elijah and Sally Grimsley. In 1878 Mr. Smith owned 180 acres of land. Samuel and Elizabeth had six children: Melissa Jane,
Eliza T., Sarah D., John M., Mary E., and William F. Smith. His obit appeared in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1884 in the Woodson news notes, in this manner: Died, at
his home near Sandy Creek Church, on Jan. 12th, Mr. Samuel B. Smith, after an illness of several weeks, in his 56th year of age. He was an energetic man, possessed of most excellent qualities
of head and heart. He leaves a devoted and faithful wife, three daughters and three sons, and a number of relatives and friends to whom we extend our sympathies in their bereavement. His
remains were laid to rest in the Lewis Cemetery after appropriate services by Revs. Hart and Atterbury.--The next week the Woodson news column carried a correction, saying that Mr. Smith's
age was 59 years and 22 days.)
Smith, Dulcenda Wife of John Smith Married 15 Feb 1816 -- 17 June 1793 - 29 Aug 1871 Aged 78 Yr 2 Mo 12 Da
(Her obit appeared as follows in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Wednesday, Aug. 30, 1871: DIED--AN OLD SETTLER GONE--Mrs. Smith, consort of John Smith, died on Monday last, at
the old homestead, six miles south of the city, at the advanced age of 79 years. Mr. Smith is one of the oldest settlers in this county, coming here with his wife, now deceased, among the very first. The venerable couple continued in married life for fifty-eight years, and now among the last days of the winter of their lives, death finally comes and severs the connection, by taking the aged wife. For about forty-five years have they lived in this county, and watched its progress from the earliest days to the present state of prosperity.)
Smith, James W. Died 4 Oct 1865 19 Yr 8 Mo 26 Da Son of G.W. & S. Smith
Smith, John Died 25 Oct 1875 Age 85 Yr 22 Da
The following obit appeared in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Thursday, Oct. 28, 1875: DEATH OF AN OLD CITIZEN. John Smith, one of the first settlers in the county, died at his home in Buckhorn Prairie, last Monday night, at the advanced age of 86 years. He was stricken with paralysis Friday night, and was found in bed Saturday morning unable to speak, and utterly helpless. He was buried yesterday, Wednesday, at Lewis graveyard. He had lived on what is
now Buckhorn Prairie for 51 years. His wife died about four years ago.)
Smith, Thomas B. Died 21 Aug 1864 Age 7 Mo 10 Da Son of J.R. & L. Smith
Snellen, Aquilla Died 21 Mar 1852 39 Yr 9 Mo 20 Da
Snellen, Elizabeth Died 8 Nov 1863 56 Yr 9 Mo 7 Da Wife of A. Snellen
Sorrels, Sarah A. Died 14 Mar 1864 33 Yr 7 Mo 6 Da Wife of Peter Sorrels
**Sorrels, Peter 26 Jan 1827 - 23 Apr 1883 Aged 56 Yr 2 Mo 27 Da
(Peter's toppled obelisk could have other names engraved upon it. He enlisted in the Civil War as a veteran in Co. F of the 33rd Illinois Infantry. He enlisted on Jan. 1, 1864 and was mustered
out on Nov. 24, 1865. His obit appeared in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Wednesday, April 25, 1883: MURRAYVILLE. Died in this village on Monday morning at 10 o'clock, at his
residence, Peter Sorrells, of consumption, aged 50 years; his funeral will take place at the Sandy Creek Baptist Church, and his remains interred in the Lewis Cemetery. He being an old soldier of the Mexican and the latest war, he requested that he be buried with the Honors of War. He leaves a wife and three small boys to mourn his loss.)
Sorrels, Thomas Died 25 Dec 1863 78 Yr 8 Mo 24 Da
Sorrels, Hiram Died 27 May 1887 82 Yr 2 Mo 15 Da
Sorrels, Mahala Died 5 Oct 1865 64 Yr 6 Mo 1 Da Wife of Hiram Sorrels
Sorrels, Milton F. Died 7 Sept 1869 9 Yr 1 Mo 22 Da Son of H. & J. Sorrels
Sorrels, Sissie Belle Died 4 Apr 1874 12 Yr 2 Mo 5 Da Dau of Jarvey & Jennett Sorrels
Sorrels, Maudie E. Died 24 June ____ Age 4 Mo 24 Da Dau of J. & J.H. Sorrels
Sorrels, William A. Died 9 Aug 1855 20 Yr 6 Mo 11 Da Son of H. & M. Sorrels
Stice, Sarah E. Died 13 Nov 1849 Age 10 Mo 27 Da Dau of J.E. & P. Stice
Stice, Infant Died 13 Nov 1849 Age 10 Mo 17 Da Dau of S.F. & L.L. Stice
* Stilwell, Henry F. Died 4 Apr 1887 26 Yr 4 Mo (No Marker)
(His death cert. shows that he was born in Scott County, Ill. and died at age 26 years 4 months.
The following news item appeared in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Thursday, August 14, 1879, under the heading of Elkhorn: Henry Stillwell will start to Kansas in a short time, with the
intention of making the hopper state his future home.)
Stilwell, John A. Died 12 Feb 1854 Age 5 Yr Son of J. & F.C. Stilwell
Stillwell, Frances C. Died 21 Jan 1873 51 Yr 5 Mo 21 Da Wife of Jacob Stillwell
Suter, Martin 20 Apr 1810 - 16 Feb 1881 Aged 70 Yr 10 Mo 26 Da
Switzer, Troy 1898
* Watts, William J. (No tombstone. The burial records of Jacksonville's Diamond Grove Cemetery show that this man's body was moved from Lewis Cemetery and re-interred in the east half of Lot 166 of Section C. The re-interrment took place on April 8, 1924. Also on the same lot in Diamond Grove Cemetery is the body of Mrs. Elizabeth A. Watts, buried on Dec. 13, 1923.)
Westrope, William P. Died 28 Feb 1859 Age 45 Yr 5 Da

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