Jacksonville East Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Jacksonville East Cemetery
(aka East Cemetery or City Cemetery)
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼ Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Vagts, Arthur

Vagts, John

Vagts, John

Vail, Katie A.

Valentine, Nancy

Valentine, Zelma

Vanarsdale, H. M.

Vanarsdale, Nora B.

Vancleave, Lucretia

Vanhyning, Anthony Wayne

Vanhyning, Ethel L. Garman

Vanleer, George W.

Vanleer, Joseph

Vanleer, Rhoda Mckelvey

Vanleer, William

Vanwinkle, Elizabeth

Vanwinkle, Jason

Vanwinkle, Minnie A.

Vanwinkle, T. S.

Vanwormer, Adna H.

Vanwormer, Anna

Vanzandt, Cynthia

Vanzandt, Edgar

Vanzandt, Estella ?

Vanzandt, Freddie

Vanzandt, George W.

Vanzandt, Isaiah

Vanzandt, Mary E.

Vanzandt, Minnie

Vasconcellas, Evaline

Vasconcellas, Infant

Vasconcellas, Infant

Vasconcellas, Mary

Vasconcellas, Mary R.

Vasconcelles, Ellsworth C.

Vasconcelles, Harvey J.

Vasconcelles, Ida M.

Vasconcellos, Adiline

Vasconcellos, Carolina J. C.

Vasconcellos, Carrie E.

Vasconcellos, Charline

Vasconcellos, Clyde M.

Vasconcellos, Daniel

Vasconcellos, Edna F.

Vasconcellos, Elizabeth

Vasconcellos, Elizabeth

Vasconcellos, Emanuel M.

Vasconcellos, Eunice Mae

Vasconcellos, Eva

Vasconcellos, Gilbert

Vasconcellos, Hannah S.

Vasconcellos, Herbert

Vasconcellos, Herbert H.

Vasconcellos, Ida

Vasconcellos, Idabel

Vasconcellos, J. M.

Vasconcellos, Jearl

Vasconcellos, Joaquin

Vasconcellos, John C.

Vasconcellos, Jose

Vasconcellos, Joseph

Vasconcellos, Joshua

Vasconcellos, L. Arch

Vasconcellos, Manuel

Vasconcellos, Manuel

Vasconcellos, Maria R.

Vasconcellos, Martin R.

Vasconcellos, Mary O.

Vasconcellos, Owen

Vasconcellos, Robbie

Vasconcellos, Samuel

Vasconcellos, Sophia

Vasconcellos, Stephen Lee

Vasconcellos, Tena

Vasconcellos, Verna Jean

Vasconcellos, Victoria

Vasconcellos, Virginia Pires

Vasconcells, John H.

Vasconcells, Pauline

Vasey, Byron J.

Vasey, Edgar S.

Vasey, Lona M.

Vasey, Vivian L.

Vaughn, Effie M.

Vaughn, Flora

Vaughn, Infant

Vaughn, Mary E.

Vaughn, Polly

Vaughn, Rufus M.

Vaughn, Rufus S.

Vestel, Arthur L.

Vickery, Elizabth

Vickery, Fannie

Vickery, John

Vickery, Lilly

Victory, Clover

Vieira, A. N.

Vieira, Amos W.

Vieira, Anna J.

Vieira, Anna J.

Vieira, Anthony

Vieira, Antoneo

Vieira, Antonio

Vieira, Arthur H.

Vieira, Aug ?

Vieira, Augustine J.

Vieira, Bernice H.

Vieira, Bernice S.

Vieira, Blanch

Vieira, Brother

Vieira, Carrie E.

Vieira, Carrie E.

Vieira, Charles E.

Vieira, Charles J.

Vieira, Charles J.

Vieira, Charles W.

Vieira, Charlotte

Vieira, Daisy D.

Vieira, David

Vieira, David A.

Vieira, Donald E.

Vieira, Dora

Vieira, Earl E.

Vieira, Edgar

Vieira, Elinor E.

Vieira, Ella M.

Vieira, Emanuel

Vieira, Emma

Vieira, Ernest

Vieira, Ernest David

Vieira, Ernest N.

Vieira, Eugene W.

Vieira, Eva Hicks

Vieira, Father

Vieira, Frank

Vieira, Frank

Vieira, Frank J.

Vieira, Frank N.

Vieira, Fred E.

Vieira, George M.

Vieira, George W.

Vieira, Georgina

Vieira, Grace

Vieira, Gregory

Vieira, Gus

Vieira, Harold Glen

Vieira, Hazel Fern

Vieira, Henry

Vieira, Infant

Vieira, Infant

Vieira, Infant

Vieira, Infant

Vieira, Infant

Vieira, Jackson J.

Vieira, James

Vieira, James W.

Vieira, James W.

Vieira, Jennie A.

Vieira, Joanna

Vieira, Joaquina

Vieira, Joe

Vieira, Johanna

Vieira, Johanna

Vieira, John

Vieira, John C.

Vieira, John M.

Vieira, John N.

Vieira, John R.

Vieira, Joseph

Vieira, Joseph

Vieira, Joseph

Vieira, Joseph J.

Vieira, Joseph J.

Vieira, Josephine

Vieira, Joshua E. M.

Vieira, Judith E.

Vieira, Justena F.

Vieira, Justena F.

Vieira, Larry E.

Vieira, Lawrence E.

Vieira, Leonard

Vieira, Leslie F.

Vieira, Lizzie J.

Vieira, Louisa Souza

Vieira, Luther

Vieira, Manuel

Vieira, Marie E.

Vieira, Mary

Vieira, Mary

Vieira, Mary

Vieira, Mary

Vieira, Mary

Vieira, Mary

Vieira, Mary B.

Vieira, Mary E.

Vieira, Mary L.

Vieira, Mary N.

Vieira, Matilda

Vieira, Matilda

Vieira, Mother

Vieira, Nellie

Vieira, Nicholas

Vieira, Nola Taul

Vieira, Our Baby

Vieira, Rita

Vieira, Robert L.

Vieira, Rosanne Marie

Vieira, Roxanna Fish

Vieira, Ruth

Vieira, Sophia N.

Vieira, Suvina

Vieira, Thelma L.

Vieira, Thyra V.

Vieira, Victor

Vieira, Vincent

Vieira, Vivian Juanita

Villagomez, John William

Vincent, A.

Vincent, Gertie

Vincent, Joseph

Vincent, Joseph

Voorhees, Albert

Voorhees, Sarah

Voorhees, Stephen G.

Voorhees, William

Votsmier, Donald D. Sr.

Votsmier, Nola Jenet

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