Jacksonville East Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Jacksonville East Cemetery
(aka East Cemetery or City Cemetery)
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼ Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Oakley, Bridget

Oakley, Nora

Obert, Adelia Pace Hewett

Obert, Belle

Odaffer, Catherine

Odaffer, David

Odaffer, Gerald

Odaffer, Julia M.

Odell, Effie

Odell, Florence

Odobson, Claude

Oettle, Freda E.

Oettle, Lester D.

Ogden, Annie

Ogden, Emaline

Ogden, Isack

Ogden, Lou, Mrs.

Ogden, Porter

Ogden, Wyatt

Oggs, Bert Charles

Oglesby, Mattie, Mrs.

Ohler, Caroline

Ohler, Katarina

O'Leary, (Illegible)

O'Leary, Almada ?

O'Leary, Arthur

O'Leary, Dorothy

O'Leary, John

O'Leary, Lena

O'Leary, Mary

O'Leary, Mildred F.

O'Leary, Oscar

O'Leary, Sarah L.

O'Leary, William

Olive, Fern Louise

Olive, James A.

Oliver, Alice

Oliver, Augustus G.

Oliver, Benjamin A.

Oliver, Chester Harold

Oliver, Chris C.

Oliver, Clara M.

Oliver, Emanuel

Oliver, Everett B.

Oliver, George W.

Oliver, Harry R.

Oliver, Homer

Oliver, Howard E.

Oliver, Infant Twins

Oliver, John G.

Oliver, Mary Ada

Oliver, Mary B.

Oliver, Maybelle

Oliver, Naomi B.

Oliver, Retta

Oliver, Robert

Oliver, Rose Smith

Oliver, Sophia Goveia

Oliver, Stella E.

Olroyd, Francis M.

O'Neal, Mary Uzzell

O'Neal, Minnie L.

O'Neal, William M.

O'Neil, Illegible

O'Neil, James, Rev.

O'Neil, Mary Uzzell

Oppars, John

Opperman, August B.

Opperman, Elizabeth

Opperman, Jacob

Opperman, Margaret C.

Opperman, Sophia

Ornellas, Anna

Ornellas, Antonia

Ornellas, Arthur

Ornellas, Bella

Ornellas, Carl

Ornellas, Caroline

Ornellas, Carrie

Ornellas, Charles

Ornellas, Clifford

Ornellas, Cora D.

Ornellas, Cora Jane

Ornellas, Daniel

Ornellas, David

Ornellas, Eddie

Ornellas, Emanuel

Ornellas, Erma May

Ornellas, Frank

Ornellas, Frank D.

Ornellas, Frank Thomas

Ornellas, George

Ornellas, Infant

Ornellas, James S.

Ornellas, Joanna D.

Ornellas, John

Ornellas, Joquin, Mrs.

Ornellas, Joseph

Ornellas, Mamie

Ornellas, Manuel P.

Ornellas, Mervin

Ornellas, Minnie

Ornellas, Nellie

Ornellas, Noah

Ornellas, Ray

Ornellas, Rosa

Ornellos, Edward F.

Ornellos, Frank

Ornellos, Roseline

Ornellos, Ruth

Orr, Louisa Desilva

Orris, Charles Allen

Orris, Floyd W.

Ortlepp, Cora

Ortlepp, Henry

Orton, D. M.

Osborn, Andrew

Osborn, Freddie

Osborn, George

Osborn, Grace A.

Osborn, Irena

Osborne, Infant

Osborne, John W.

Osborne, Joseph Lee

Osborne, Mary

Osborne, Prona

Osborne, Wilson

Osburn, E. M.

Osmus, Thomas

Osten, John

Ostergreen, John M.

Osterhold, Charles

Osterholt, August

Osterholt, Edward H.

Osterholt, George

Osterholt, Herman

Osterholt, Jennie E. Dobbins

Osterholt, Katherine

Osterholt, Louise

Oswald, Emma R.

Oswald, John

Oswald, Joseph

Ott, Infant

Ousley, Ann

Ousley, Julian

Ousley, Rosie

Ousley, William

Overton, Martha A.

Overton, Mattie F.

Overton, Ollie

Owens, Alice Hill

Owens, Caroline

Owens, Frank

Owens, Lilia

Owens, Mary E.

Owens, Millard F.

Owens, Percy E.

Owing, Bertha, Mrs.

Owsley, Kate

Owsley, Katie

Owsley, Mary F.

Oxley, Benjamin

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