Jacksonville East Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Jacksonville East Cemetery
(aka East Cemetery or City Cemetery)
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼ Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Nagle, Elizabeth

Nagle, Fred W.

Nagle, J. F.

Nasby, Alvia L.

Nasby, Bell

Nasby, Catherine

Nasby, Gus

Nasby, Mary

Nash, Mary Helen

Neal, Ann

Neal, James, Rev.

Neirman, Louis M.

Neirman, Marie

Nelson, Charlie A.

Nelson, Elias

Nelson, Everett

Nelson, Florence

Nelson, Infant

Nelson, Ivadel

Nelson, Lena, Mrs.

Nelson, Ole

Nelson, Phelix N.

Nelson, Phyllis Jean

Nelson, Sarah H.

Nelson, William E.

Nesbeth, Birdie

Newberry, George L.

Newberry, Nella

Newcomb, A. B.

Newingham, Kathleen Elizabeth

Newland, Edward C.

Newland, George

Newland, Lewellin C.

Newland, Samuel

Newman, Andrew

Newman, Charles

Newman, Eliza J.

Newman, J. T.

Newman, Mary E.

Newman, Nelson B.

Nicholas, Anna Catherine

Nicholson, Elmer R.

Nicholson, Lulu

Niemeier, Ida Marie

Nierman, Marie P.

Noe, Emily

Noe, Lennie L.

Nolan, Ellen Elizabeth

Nolan, James W.

Nolan, Jessie

Nolan, William R.

Nolenberg, Infant

Noll, Lena

Nolting, Brooklyn Jane

Norman, Elmer M.

Norris, Harold

Norris, Margaret

Northcutt, Edith M.

Northcutt, George

Northrop, Lynn B.

Norton, Ada

Norton, Douglas E.

Norton, Frances Louise

Norton, H. Beecher

Norton, Infant

Norton, Jennie

Norton, John "Tickie"

Norton, John B.

Norton, John E.

Norton, John Hall

Norton, Mollie Allen

Norton, Myrtle

Norton, Nancy J.

Norton, Philip

Norton, Ruth N. Brown

Norton, William A. "Bill"

Norvell, Claudia Lauretta

Norvell, William Merritt Jr.

Norvinan, J. G.

Noudett, Anna C.

Noudett, Beranse Z.

Noudett, Clyde H.

Noudett, Hazel L.

Noudett, Herman F.

Noudett, Irene M.

Noudett, Nansen N.

Noudett, Sybil M.

Nugent, Maude

Nunes, ? Adelia E.

Nunes, ? Harry Clay

Nunes, ? James C.

Nunes, Adeline F.

Nunes, Alden Robert

Nunes, Alta

Nunes, Anna Marie

Nunes, Annie

Nunes, Antonia

Nunes, Antonio

Nunes, Antonio Jr.

Nunes, Baby

Nunes, Benjamin H.

Nunes, Bessie I.

Nunes, Billy E.

Nunes, Carrie

Nunes, Carrie Vasconcellos

Nunes, Catherine Ballard

Nunes, Catherine Rodrigues

Nunes, Charles

Nunes, Charles C.

Nunes, Christian

Nunes, Christopher

Nunes, Clara

Nunes, Domingos

Nunes, Dorothy E.

Nunes, Edward P.

Nunes, Eleanor

Nunes, Elfrieda

Nunes, Elmer R.

Nunes, Emanuel

Nunes, Emily F.

Nunes, Emma

Nunes, Emma C.

Nunes, Eva L.

Nunes, Frank

Nunes, Frieda

Nunes, George

Nunes, Gertrude M.

Nunes, Harold J.

Nunes, Hazel Belle

Nunes, Ida May

Nunes, Infant

Nunes, James

Nunes, James G.

Nunes, John

Nunes, John C.

Nunes, John Sr.

Nunes, Joquina

Nunes, Joseph

Nunes, Josephine

Nunes, Jozefa

Nunes, Junior

Nunes, Lawrence R.

Nunes, Lecarda

Nunes, Lena M.

Nunes, Lena Maude Large

Nunes, Leonora

Nunes, Lola Adams

Nunes, Luiza

Nunes, Manuel

Nunes, Marceline S.

Nunes, Maria

Nunes, Marie

Nunes, Mary

Nunes, Mary A.

Nunes, Mary E.

Nunes, Mary Frances

Nunes, Mary J.

Nunes, Mary Jane

Nunes, Mary P.

Nunes, Mary R.

Nunes, Mary, Mrs.

Nunes, Matilda

Nunes, Mayme A.

Nunes, Melvin E.

Nunes, Minnie Blackman

Nunes, Nellie

Nunes, Nora

Nunes, Norman M.

Nunes, Owen Frederick

Nunes, Patricio P.

Nunes, Patsie

Nunes, Paul Russell

Nunes, Paul W.

Nunes, Rafina

Nunes, Rebecca Defrates

Nunes, Reon Ruth

Nunes, Rosa

Nunes, Samuel

Nunes, Sanders

Nunes, Sena Mae

Nunes, Susana

Nunes, Viola

Nunes, Violet

Nunes, William

Nunes, William E.

Nunes, William Jr.

Nunis, Annie

Nunis, Eunice E.

Nunis, Homer A.

Nunis, Sebastian

Nunn, Catharine M.

Nunn, William E.

Nurse, Hazel B. Norton

Nurse, Lester I.

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