Jacksonville East Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Jacksonville East Cemetery
(aka East Cemetery or City Cemetery)
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼ Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?

Laboytine, Infant

Lachara, Antonia Nunis

Lacy, Addie L.

Lacy, Bloom M.

Lacy, David A.

Lacy, Hattie

Lacy, Infant

Lacy, Lorenzo E.

Lacy, Lou F. Alexander

Lacy, Mabel

Lacy, Rosa A.

Lacy, Sarah E.

Lacy, W. A.

Lacy, Walter S.

Lafayette, Laura Jane

Lair, Bessie Mae

Lair, Claude Denzle

Lair, Harlie J.

Lair, Harold W.

Lair, Hubert G.

Lair, L. Everett

Lair, Laura E.

Lair, Marie Vasey

Lair, Roy G.

Lair, Thomas J.

Lair, Vina Draughan

Lakin, Charles

Lamb, John

Lamb, Joseph

Lamb, Lafayette

Lamb, Mary Jane

Lamb, Nellie

Lamb, Sarah W.

Lamb, Thurzie

Lamberson, Carl

Lambert, Francis Baptist

Lambert, Richard Christopher

Lambert, Thomas

Lamkuler, Alfred Everett

Lamkuler, Edith A. Crews

Lamson, Paul L.

Landers, Etta M.

Landes, Bert

Landes, Betty J. (Patterson)

Landes, Freddie W.

Landis, Juliet Squieb

Landis, Philip K., M.D.

Lane, David

Lane, Earl

Lane, Jessie Alfred

Lane, Minnie

Lang, Edward J.

Lang, George

Lang, Robert

Lange, Otto Max

Langworthey, Elizabeth

Lansing, Katherine

Lappies, William Wallace

Large, Agnes Elizabeth

Large, Alice Ealy

Large, Ann Meyer

Large, Annie

Large, Arthur J.

Large, Charles Edward

Large, Clarence J.

Large, Elizabeth J.

Large, Elsie

Large, Glenn A.

Large, Iona

Large, James

Large, James Edward

Large, James F.

Large, James L.

Large, James R.

Large, Jennie

Large, Joseph

Large, Laura E.

Large, Laura Lee

Large, Margaret

Large, Moses

Large, Mrs.

Large, Walter Eugene

Larimore, Infant

Larson, Alma

Larson, Charles

Lash, Antonia

Lash, Emanuel

Latt, Virginia

Lattier, Danile

Lattin, Daniel

Laughrey, Robert Lee

Lawrence, Americus M.

Lawrence, Enos T.

Lawrence, Frank E.

Lawrence, Lydia

Lawrence, M. C.

Lawrence, O. C.

Lawrence, Veda

Lawrence, William

Lawson, Anna

Lawson, Catharine

Lawson, Emily J.

Lawson, Evelina

Lawson, Henrietta

Lawson, John

Lawson, Julia A.

Lawson, Myrtle Marie

Lawson, William R.

Lawson, Woodson

Lax, Infant

Leach, Daniel P.

Lear, James Randall

Lebell, Walter

Lechleiter, John P.

Lechleiter, Vernonica

Lederbaum, Louise

Lederbaum, William

Ledferd, Billie

Ledferd, Julia Frances

Ledferd, Katie E.

Ledferd, William H.

Ledford, Frank L.

Ledford, George H.

Ledford, Infant

Ledford, James William

Ledford, Lillie May

Ledford, Lucile I.

Ledford, Margaret A.

Ledford, Marie E.

Ledford, Mary Berry

Ledford, Mildred

Ledford, Millicent

Ledford, W. C.

Lee, Dallas C.

Lee, Florence

Lee, Frances Jones

Lee, George A.

Lee, Infant

Lee, Laura

Lee, Louisa

Lee, Samuel

Lee, Victoria

Lehman, John Lee

Lehman, Nancy Caroline

Leigh, Etta Lorraine

Lemon, John W.

Lemons, Bertha May

Lemons, Lawrence Bill

Lentz, Alta

Lentz, Lulu

Leonard, Gladys M.

Leonard, Margaret

Leonard, William

Leopold, Albert

Leran, George

Less, Etta D.

Lester, Alvin H.

Lester, Charles

Letton, Caleb

Letton, Mary E.

Letton, Matilda E.

Leurig, Emma H.

Leurig, Frank H.

Leurig, Johanna

Leurig, Lewis

Lewis, Addie

Lewis, Alma T.

Lewis, Ambrose

Lewis, Arah Dean

Lewis, Beulah P.

Lewis, Charlean H.

Lewis, Charles

Lewis, Charles E.

Lewis, Charles H.

Lewis, Cora E.

Lewis, Cosby

Lewis, Delia

Lewis, Dora

Lewis, Dorothy Darlene

Lewis, Edith

Lewis, Edward Clarence

Lewis, Elizabeth

Lewis, Emerson C.

Lewis, Emma

Lewis, Fostine

Lewis, Frances J.

Lewis, Genevia

Lewis, George William

Lewis, Gerald E.

Lewis, Horace

Lewis, Infant

Lewis, Isabelle

Lewis, James

Lewis, James Perly

Lewis, Jane

Lewis, Jessie M.

Lewis, Joe

Lewis, John R.

Lewis, Jorn E.

Lewis, Julia F.

Lewis, Marie

Lewis, Martha A.

Lewis, Mary Ann Howe

Lewis, Norman Wahl

Lewis, Permalia

Lewis, Robert E.

Lewis, Robert H.

Lewis, Robert P.

Lewis, Russell Ives

Lewis, Ruth E.

Lewis, Ruth L.

Lewis, Samuel

Lewis, Sarah

Lewis, Serrille

Lewis, Sheree L.

Lewis, Stella Wheeler

Lewis, Thomas

Lewis, W. B.

Lewis, Walter

Lewis, William

Libby, Elizabeth, Mrs.

Libby, Frank

Libby, Roy

Lieber, George A.

Light, Cora E.

Lillard, Annie

Liming, Andrew

Liming, Doris A.

Liming, Evalena

Liming, Francis O.

Liming, Harry A.

Liming, Isaac

Liming, Larry Lee

Liming, Nellie J.

Liming, Ray

Liming, Stella M. Miller

Lindemann, Augusta K.

Lindemann, Infant

Lindemann, Otto H.

Lindemann, Sophia A.

Lindsay, Charles Mathew

Lindsay, Ella

Lindsay, Frank

Lindsay, Infant

Lindsay, Irene

Lindsey, John

Linear, John

Linebaugh, John Robert

Linn, Elizabeth

Linten, George

Lipscomb, Silas J., Dr.

Lister, Ronald Paul

Liter, Eva L.

Liter, Ira E.

Littler, Nellie May Hilton Horn

Littler, Susan Alice

Litton, James

Litton, John

Litton, Mary

Litton, Pauline

Litton, Sarah

Litts, Mark

Livingston, Infant

Lloyd, Alicegene

Loar, Alex

Loar, C. Or G.

Loar, Lois L.

Loar, Melissa

Loar, Polly

Lock, Carey E.

Lock, Charles

Lock, Frank

Lock, James William

Lock, Ruth

Lock, Sallie

Lofters, Joquenia Menezes

Loftus, Harry

Loftus, William

Logen, Bryan

Lohman, Anna

Lohman, Clara

Lohman, John

Lomb, Flora

Lomb, Henry

Lomb, John

Lomb, Louisa

Lombard, Angee

Lomelino, Andrew

Lomelino, Barbara J.

Lomelino, David F.

Lomelino, David Junior

Lomelino, F. F.

Lomelino, Floyd E.

Lomelino, George O.

Lomelino, Jakana F.

Lomelino, Joseph F.

Lomelino, Joseph Ferreira

Lomelino, Kathryn E.

Lomelino, Orvel R.

Lonergan, Infant

Lonergan, T.

Long, Annie C.

Long, Arthur

Long, Catherine

Long, Charles

Long, Cora

Long, Edith T.

Long, Elizabeth

Long, Emily Eva

Long, Emma H.

Long, George

Long, Hannah

Long, Harrison

Long, Hollis S.

Long, Infant

Long, James Everett

Long, James H.

Long, Judy L.

Long, Lizzie

Long, Martha

Long, Owen M.

Long, Pearl G.

Long, Rhoda

Long, Walter H.

Looker, Albert Eugene

Looker, Amelia

Looker, Iva L.

Looker, John

Looker, Maggie

Looker, Nina, Mrs.

Looker, Randolph John

Looker, Tria

Loomis, Amy Alice

Loomis, Sarah E. Clark

Lopp, Eli

Lord, Minnie

Lord, Walter

Lothlin, James M.

Lott, Harry A.

Lott, Leonard G.

Lott, Sarah E.

Lott, Saydie A.

Louis , ? Serrilda

Louis, Emily

Louis, Infant

Louis, Lula M.

Louis, William

Love, George A.

Lovell, Damen L. Jr.

Lovell, Damen L. Sr.

Lovell, Lela F.

Loving, William

Lowe, James

Lowe, Verla Jane

Lowery, A. J.

Lowther, Charles E.

Loy, Charles

Luce, Lincoln

Ludlum, Andrew Todd

Ludlum, Cornelius

Ludwig, Charles

Ludwig, Infant

Ludwig, Wilhelmina

Luke, Bell

Luken, Fred

Luken, Sophie

Luken, William H.

Luster, Infant

Luttrell, Ina

Lynch, Dorothy

Lynch, Elnora

Lynch, John Henry

Lynch, Mary

Lynn, Infant

Lynn, J. Weir

Lyon, Carolina

Lyon, James, Mrs.

Lyon, John

Lyon, William


Lyons, Cora

Lyons, Edward Cleveland

Lyons, James Holiday

Lyons, Margaret

Lytle, Infant

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