Jacksonville East Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Jacksonville East Cemetery
(aka East Cemetery or City Cemetery)
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼ Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Kackman, Addie

Kackman, Charles F.

Kackman, Claus F.

Kackman, John

Kackman, Joseph C.

Kackman, Mary, Mrs.

Kackman, William G.

Kam, Emily

Kappias, Louis

Kapps, Child

Karney, Infant

Kassel, Fred

Kassel, Infant

Kastner, Esther

Katchum, Infant

Kattring, Volantine

Kaulbach, Peter

Kaulbach, Rudolf

Kaulbach, Wilhelmina

Kaule, Clara M.

Kaule, Della

Kaule, Emma Kay

Kaule, Francis A.

Kaule, Infant Daughter

Kaule, Leo O.

Kaxias, Louis

Kaylor, Ella, Mrs.

Kearner, Fred D.

Kearney, Mrs.

Kearns, Fred Duey

Kearns, Hester Mae Christison

Kearns, John

Kearns, Joseph Arthur

Kearns, S. E.

Kee, James

Kee, Margaret

Kee, Mary

Kee, Thomas

Keefauver, Annie F.

Keefauver, Jacob R.

Keefe, Morris J.

Keefe, Ottie L.

Keemer, Elias

Keemer, Evaline

Keemer, Ira

Keemer, Mary E.

Keemer, Mary Elsie

Kehl, Stella

Kehoe, Anna

Kehoe, Hanora

Kehoe, Miles

Keirl, Infant

Kelas, Leroy

Keller, Delitha

Keller, Ella Nora

Keller, Esey Bell

Keller, George D.

Keller, Ida I.

Keller, Joseph W.

Keller, Laurence

Keller, Maurice L.

Keller, William

Keller, Zella H.

Kelley, Bessie Mae

Kelley, Della M. Pilcher

Kelley, Emma

Kelley, Eunice M., Mrs.

Kelley, G.

Kelley, J. G.

Kelley, Kate

Kelley, Manuel B.

Kelley, Mary Ann

Kelley, William

Kelley, Winfield F.

Kellison, Child

Kellison, Infants

Kellison, Lafayette

Kellison, Mary J.

Kellison, Nellie

Kellmoregan, Dorothy


Kelly, Edward Allen

Kelly, Elizabeth Ann Morrow

Kelly, Fannie

Kelly, George

Kelly, J.

Kelly, John

Kelly, Leanie, Mrs.

Kelly, Mandy

Kelly, Roy Edward

Kemp, Beatrice

Kemper, Mary Ann Pulling

Kemper, Mary J.

Kemper, Tilman

Kemper, William A.

Kempf, Wilhelm Heinrich

Kennedy, Alice

Kennedy, Augustus W.

Kennedy, Carrie Heath

Kennedy, Charles

Kennedy, Clarence Edgar

Kennedy, Dessie

Kennedy, Harry Lewis

Kennedy, Infant

Kennedy, Jonathon W.

Kennedy, Purnette

Kennedy, Ray

Kennedy, Stephen Lee

Kennedy, Susan

Kenney, Elmira

Kennibrew, Alonzo H., M.D.

Kent, Julia Holley

Keran, Sarah A.

Keran, Ulysses E.

Kerley, Infant

Kerns, John

Kerr, James

Kerr, Jenett

Kerr, Jeraldine

Kerr, Rebecca

Kerr, Robert R.

Kerr, Sarah

Kerr. Zerelda

Kershaw, Albert

Kershaw, Ellen

Kershaw, William

Kesler, Carrie L.

Kessy, Infant

Ketcham, Durrell N.

Ketner, Rachel E.

Ketner, Robert M.

Ketring, Ivan W.

Keyes, James

Killian, Emma Brune

Killian, Frank

Killian, John

Killian, William

Killisen, Lafayette

Kimbrell, James L.

Kimbrell, Mary E.

Kimbro, William A.

Kindle, Joseph

King, Abner H.

King, Ardella C.

King, Bruce A. Jr.

King, Bruce A. Sr.

King, Carel Edward

King, Claude

King, Dwight E.

King, Eddie

King, Elisabeth D.

King, Fannie Miller

King, Florence

King, Frank

King, Fredrick

King, George D.

King, Horace Elmer

King, Infant

King, J. Defrates

King, John D.

King, John W.

King, Lawrence Reese

King, Leong Bing

King, Lizzie D.

King, Pauline E.

King, Rose E.

King, Willie C.

Kingdom, Mary A.

Kingdom, William

Kingery, Helen

Kingery, Helen Kathleen

Kinnath, Oscar

Kinnett, A. Bascom

Kinnett, Lucy Baker

Kinnett, Wallace B.

Kinney, Edward L.

Kinney, Mary Davis

Kinney, Paul Edward

Kirby, Millie

Kirby, Nettie

Kircher, Lillian M.

Kirk, Allie May

Kirk, Benjamin W.

Kirk, Earl L.

Kirk, Edward

Kirk, Esther C.

Kirk, Flonnie O.

Kirk, Frank

Kirk, Helen

Kirk, Infant

Kirk, John W.

Kirk, Larry

Kirk, Louise

Kirk, Mary L.

Kirk, Ralph B.

Kirk, Richard

Kirk, Roxey

Kislingberry, A. J., Mrs.

Kislingberry, Henry

Kislingberry, Obed

Kissinger, Anne

Kitchen, Earl

Kite, Melvina Jane

Kite, Nancy

Kitner, Edward N.

Kitner, Frederick E.

Kitner, Millie Letton

Kitring, Tilla

Kitselman, James R. Sr.

Kitselman, Lonnie

Kitson, Alma L.

Kitson, Catherine M.

Kitson, Charles E.

Klaus, Anna

Klaus, Ella G.

Klaus, Father (August)

Klaus, Lydia

Klaus, Mother (Mary C.)

Klepzig, Nellie

Klinke, Reba Williams

Klinke, Sarah

Kloss, Adam

Kloss, Christian

Klotz, Henry A.

Klotz, Katherine

Knickle, Frank

Knight, Marie F.

Knollenberg, Ernest

Knollenberg, George F.

Knollenberg, Harold B.

Knott, Mary Bell

Knowles, Akima

Knowles, Charlotte

Knowles, Infant

Knox, Dorothy M.

Knox, Elmer D.

Knox, Elmer Irvin

Knox, Leona M.

Knox, Louisa

Knox, Martha

Knox, William C.

Koechle, Anna Ross

Koehler, Mackenzie Tyler

Koenig, Mrs.

Koepping, Donna

Koepping, Henry Carl

Koepping, Infant

Koepping, Louisa

Kohler, Sarah E.

Komeser, John

Konrad, Edward Thomas

Konrad, Lucille Dobson

Konrad, Shirley M.

Koontz, David L.

Koontz, Lester L.

Kopp, Christina

Kopp, Fred

Kopta, William

Koste, Margaret

Koultz, Susie

Kovitz, David

Kovitz, Tamara

Kraps, Carl

Kraps, Edward

Kraps, Jacob

Kraps, Mary E.

Kraps, Nancy

Krebs, Anton

Krebs, Anton F.

Krebs, Dollie E.

Krebs, Earl W.

Krebs, Elizabeth H.

Kree, James

Krouch, Minnie

Krouch, Nellie Ethel

Kroush, Asa W.

Kroush, Donna Lee

Kroush, Franklin G.

Kroush, Lois R.

Kroush, Nellie M.

Kruger, Margaret

Kuechler, Edward, Mrs.

Kuechler, Infant

Kuhnline, Idelle

Kundinger, Elmer

Kunes, Irving

Kunsch, Rebecca

Kurd, Gabe

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