Jacksonville East Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Jacksonville East Cemetery
(aka East Cemetery or City Cemetery)
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼ Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Jacinto, Bessie

Jacinto, Infant

Jacinto, John

Jacinto, Leda

Jacinto, Mary

Jacinto, Millie

Jackson, Alfred

Jackson, Almeida Jane

Jackson, Amanda Frances

Jackson, Andrew Charles

Jackson, Andrew W.

Jackson, Anna M.

Jackson, Belle

Jackson, Bernice Ward

Jackson, Bobbie

Jackson, Carrie M.

Jackson, Charles

Jackson, Charles E.

Jackson, Charlotte Marie

Jackson, Clyde

Jackson, Cora

Jackson, Earl W.

Jackson, Edwin D. Sr.

Jackson, Elizabeth (Clegg)

Jackson, Emma

Jackson, Essie

Jackson, Estell "Stoney"

Jackson, Eula P.

Jackson, Flora

Jackson, George

Jackson, George D.

Jackson, George Robert

Jackson, H.

Jackson, Henry

Jackson, Hiram

Jackson, Infant

Jackson, James

Jackson, James A.

Jackson, James G.

Jackson, Jane

Jackson, Jennie Helen

Jackson, Jeremy E.

Jackson, John

Jackson, John T.

Jackson, Joseph

Jackson, Kathleen

Jackson, L. A.

Jackson, L. R.

Jackson, Lillie Mae

Jackson, Lola Mae

Jackson, Lonnie

Jackson, Lucinda Finley

Jackson, Lydia

Jackson, M. J.

Jackson, Mally

Jackson, Martha

Jackson, Mary Allen

Jackson, Mary Emma

Jackson, Mary Louisa

Jackson, Matilda

Jackson, Mattie

Jackson, Mattie G.

Jackson, Melinda S.

Jackson, Mercy

Jackson, Minerva

Jackson, Molly

Jackson, Ned

Jackson, Opal

Jackson, Ophelia Olive

Jackson, Ovella

Jackson, Pauline

Jackson, Raymond J.

Jackson, Robbie

Jackson, Robert

Jackson, Roosevelt

Jackson, Samuel W.

Jackson, Scott P.

Jackson, Smith

Jackson, Stephen

Jackson, Thomas

Jackson, Virginia May

Jackson, William

Jackson, William Fry

Jackson, William H.

Jackson, William L.

Jackson, William T.

Jackson-Phillips, Geraldine M.

Jacobs, James

Jacobson, Soophy

Jacoby, Catherine

Jacoby, John Philip

Jacoby, Margretta

Jacoby, Pansy

Jacoby, Priscilla

Jacoby, Rozetta

Jaeger, Albert

Jaeger, Jasper

Jaeger, Josephine

Jaeger, Lottie

Jalluf, L. Edward

James, Collon D.

James, Harold

James, Janice Marilyn

Jameson, Helen L.

Jameson, Howard E.

Jameson, Infant

Jarnagin, Ruth

Jeffers, Catherine L.

Jeffers, Daniel L.

Jeffers, Floyd Or Lloyd

Jeffers, John F.

Jeffers, Mary E.

Jeffers, Rosezella

Jefferson, Sadie

Jenkins, Anna

Jenkins, Arthur D.

Jenkins, B. F.

Jenkins, Emeline L.

Jenkins, Georgia Pearl

Jenkins, J. J.

Jenkins, Judith

Jenkins, Laura C.

Jenkins, Oswald

Jenkins, Robert

Jenkins, Willie

Jenkinson, Infant

Jennings, Illegible

Jennings, Mary

Jennings, Peggy

Jennings, Robert

Jericho, Daisy

Jerome, Patterson William

Jewsbury, Ellen

Jewsbury, Thomas N.

Joaquin, Aniceto

Joaquin, Anset E.

Joaquin, Carrie

Joaquin, Emma

Joaquin, Frank

Joaquin, John M.

Joaquin, Joseph A.

Joaquin, Mary R.

Johns, Hannah Babenh

Johns, Louesa

Johnson, A. R.

Johnson, Aaron Thomas

Johnson, Alma

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Anna

Johnson, Anna Cordelia

Johnson, Anna Marie

Johnson, Bell

Johnson, Benjamin Pyatt

Johnson, Bennala

Johnson, Bessie

Johnson, Booker E.

Johnson, Carl

Johnson, Carrie

Johnson, Catherine E.

Johnson, Catherine F.

Johnson, Cecil

Johnson, Charles

Johnson, Charles A. L.

Johnson, Child

Johnson, Cora L.

Johnson, David R.

Johnson, Dock E.

Johnson, Doug William

Johnson, Edith E.

Johnson, Elizabeth Pyatt

Johnson, Ella

Johnson, Elmer

Johnson, Elza

Johnson, Emma Truter

Johnson, Fanny

Johnson, Feltie

Johnson, Florean

Johnson, Frank

Johnson, Gary

Johnson, Harry

Johnson, Helen L.

Johnson, Helen Slone

Johnson, Hiram L.

Johnson, Infant

Johnson, James

Johnson, James A.

Johnson, Jeraldine M.

Johnson, Jeremiah

Johnson, John

Johnson, Joyce Marie

Johnson, Jude

Johnson, Junior D.

Johnson, Kenneth M.

Johnson, L. W.

Johnson, Leathel E.

Johnson, Lena Mabel

Johnson, Lillie

Johnson, Louis

Johnson, Louise

Johnson, Mariah B.

Johnson, Mary A.

Johnson, Mary E.

Johnson, Mary H.

Johnson, Mary Matilda

Johnson, Mary Stillwell

Johnson, Mathew

Johnson, Mattie Mary

Johnson, Minnie D.

Johnson, Myra C.

Johnson, Ocie L. W. B.

Johnson, Oscar N.

Johnson, Pearl

Johnson, Phebe K.

Johnson, Porter J.

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, Robert

Johnson, Robert L. Sr.

Johnson, Rosie

Johnson, Ruth J.

Johnson, Ruth L.

Johnson, Sara Katharine

Johnson, Seathel

Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, Thomas L.

Johnson, Ulysses

Johnson, Virginia Lee

Johnson, Wallace

Johnson, William

Johnson, William A.

Johnson, William Calview

Johnson, William Edward

Johnson, William G.

Johnson, William H.

Johnston, James

Jolly/Cully, George

Jones, Aillie

Jones, Andrew Harvey

Jones, Andrew J.

Jones, Anna

Jones, Bertie

Jones, Charles

Jones, Cora

Jones, Earnest J.

Jones, Edward

Jones, Elisha

Jones, Emily W.

Jones, F. H.

Jones, Frank

Jones, Hannah

Jones, Helen

Jones, Henry

Jones, Henry J.

Jones, Horace M.

Jones, Infant

Jones, Jennie

Jones, John

Jones, John Edward

Jones, Katie, Mrs.

Jones, Laura

Jones, Lydia M.

Jones, Mary

Jones, Mayme

Jones, Nancy Ann

Jones, Rachael

Jones, Raymond Leslie

Jones, Salena

Jones, Sanford

Jones, William Henry

Joquin, Bettie G.

Joquin, Carl J.

Joquin, Naomi R.

Jordan, Alice Davis

Jordan, Arebecca

Jordan, Elizabeth

Jordan, Infant

Jordan, Isaac L.

Jordan, Lora A.

Jordan, Mary S.

Jordan, Richard

Jordan, William P.

Jordan, William T.

Jorden, Jane

Jorden, John R.

Jorden, Lora

Jorden, William P.

Jordon, Alvin Oswald

Jordon, Frances

Jordon, Richard

Jorgenson, Peter

Joy, Iva Belle

Joy, Walter Ray

Jumper, Alice Rosielee

Jumper, Alice R.

Jumper, Catharine

Jumper, Clarence

Jumper, Edward Guthrie

Jumper, Harriet

Jumper, Infant

Jumper, John

Jumper, Juliet A.

Jumper, Rosielee Black

Jumper, Samuel Morris

Jumper, Sarah

Justice, Ann E.

Justice, Joseph M.

Justice, Mary E.

Justus, Lula V.

Justus, Victor R.

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