Jacksonville East Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Jacksonville East Cemetery
(aka East Cemetery or City Cemetery)
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼ Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Eabens, Charles

Eades, Ada

Eades, Arthur

Eades, C., Mrs.

Eades, Clara Blanche

Eades, Infant

Eades, Jeanette

Eades, Margaret, Mrs.

Eades, Sarah Anna

Eads, Robert

Eads, Russell

Eads, William W.

Ealey, Marjorie R.

Ealey, Matilda

Ealey, Sophronia

Earl, Nettie

Early, Alice Jane

Early, Emma

Early, Infant

Early, Lilly May

Early, Nellie M.

Earp, Flora

Easley, Catherine

Easley, John

East, Alice

East, Ralph B.

Easton, Mary E.

Eastridge, William W.

Eaton, Infant

Eberhardt, Norman

Echeles, Hatty

Echols, Fannie

Eckels, Albert

Eckels, Christina

Eckels, Emma

Eckels, Fred R.

Eckels, J. Gottfried

Eckels, Karl

Eckels, Otto C.

Eckels, Wilhelmina

Edgar, Annie

Edgerton, Harriet D.

Edgerton, Henry Clay

Edgerton, Urbane

Edmonds, Infant

Edmonds, R. Allen

Edmondson, Robert

Edmonson, Robert

Edmonson, Sarah

Edmonson, Willie K.

Edmunds, James Ernest

Edwards, D. W., Mrs.

Edwards, Daniel W.

Edwards, Effie Moore

Edwards, Fredrick Stone

Edwards, Henry W.

Edwards, J. J.

Edwards, James

Edwards, Julia Ann, Mrs.

Edwards, Laura Thelma

Edwards, Mamie

Edwards, Martha Ellen

Edwards, Mary A.

Edwards, Mayme Coffman

Edwards, Mildred Johnson

Edwards, Minnie

Edwards, Robert L.

Edwards, Shirley Ann

Edwards, William L.

Eglington, Ann

Ehlert, Alma G.

Ehlert, Darrell E.

Ehlert, Donna J.

Ehlert, F.

Ehlert, Frances I.

Ehlert, Ida

Ehlert, John M.

Ehlert, Nettie

Ehman, Emily

Ehnie, Hannah

Ehnie, John

Ehnie, Sarah

Ehrgott, Adam

Ehrgott, Mae Reuter

Ehrgott, Mary Reuter

Ehrig, Cecil

Ehrig, Emma A.

Eisner, Cornelius

Elbing, William E.

Elder, Edna P.

Eldridge, Ernest A.

Eldridge, Frances

Eldridge, Helen Bernice

Eldridge, Jerry Lee

Eldridge, Ralph W.

Eldridge, William R.

Elerson, Emma

Eley, Daisy, Mrs.

Eley, Mattie

Ellenbaum, Infant

Eller, Emma Marie

Ellicock, Grace L.

Ellicock, Infant

Elliott, Alex L.

Elliott, Brison Ellsworth

Elliott, Charles

Elliott, Edward

Elliott, Eva E. Ruble

Elliott, Frances B.

Elliott, Harry

Elliott, Hattie S.

Elliott, Howard A. Jr.

Elliott, James Robert

Elliott, Lila A.

Elliott, Lila E.

Elliott, Mary Ann

Elliott, Mary Louise Witwer

Elliott, Newton L.

Elliott, Ola F.

Elliott, Olive Ann

Elliott, Silas

Elliott, Timothy Mark

Elliott, William

Elliott, William H.

Ellis, Amanda

Ellis, Arthur G.

Ellis, Blanche

Ellis, Charles

Ellis, Clarence

Ellis, Clarence C.

Ellis, Frank

Ellis, Hermon

Ellis, Infant

Ellis, Isaiah

Ellis, James N.

Ellis, Julia A.

Ellis, Melissa D.

Ellis, William T.

Ellson, Margaret H.

Ely, Edward M.

Embers, Charles

Embra, Anna

Emerick, Andrew Milton

Emerick, Elizabeth

Emerick, Lycurgus

Emerick, Mae

Emerick, Martha

Emerson, Edward

Emerson, George

Emmis, Carrie

Emmis, Della May

Emmis, Hiram

Emmis, Julia

Emmis, Sophia E.

Emmons, Ethel

Emmons, J. Cleve

Emmons, Lucreta Mae

Emmons, Vera O.

Emmons, Wendell H.

Emmons, William Giles

Engard, Florence

Engel, Henry

Engel, Katie

Engel, Lina F.

Engel, Nettie

Engel, Philip

Engel, William

England, Edgar

England, James

England, Mary

England, Mary E.

England, Mattie Hill

England, Sarah

English, John J.

Ennis, Herman

Entriken, Infant

Erano, John

Ericksen, Anna

Ericksen, Gilbert

Erickson, Emil

Erickson, Gunterman Edward

Erickson, Ida

Erisman, Mary L. Scott

Erixon, Infant

Erixon, John

Erixon, Mary E.

Erixon, Rachel

Erixon, Samuel

Ervin, Alexander

Ervin, Howard Henry

Ervin, Libbie B.

Ervins, Franklin A.

Erwin, Alexander

Escorcio, David

Escorse, Anderson

Escorse, Anna

Escorse, Carrie

Escorse, Joseph

Escorse, Mary

Escorse, Pearl

Escorse, Valeria

Estaque, Antonia

Estaque, John

Estes, James Clark

Estes, Karen Sue

Estes, Mona Weeks

Evangeline, Gladys

Evans, Andrew

Evans, Anna

Evans, Anna Mae

Evans, Charles A.

Evans, Child

Evans, Dob

Evans, Dorothy

Evans, Edward E.

Evans, Edward L.

Evans, George Herbert

Evans, Goldie I.

Evans, Herman L.

Evans, Holland E.

Evans, John W.

Evans, Jouquena M.

Evans, Mable May

Evans, Mary

Evans, Mary J.

Evans, Myrtle Fern

Evans, Myrtle I.

Evans, Terry Lee

Evans, W. C.

Evans, William E.

Evens, Arden

Evens, Elijah

Evens, Herman Lester

Evens, Infant

Evens, Lina ?

Evens, Mary J.

Evens, Nancy

Everett, Lela G.

Everett, William M.

Everingham, Evaline Martin

Ewing, Belle

Ewing, Carrie

Ewing, Father

Ewing, Hester

Ewing, John M.

Ewing, Martha A.

Ewing, Mother

Ewing, William

Ewing, William Walton

Eyles, Albert M.

Eyles, Katey

Eyles, Peter

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