Jacksonville East Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Jacksonville East Cemetery
(aka East Cemetery or City Cemetery)
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼ Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Dabney, Susan Alice

Dagama, Anna

Dagama, Charles

Dagama, Elvira

Dagama, John

Dagama, John C.

Dagama, John V.

Dahlhousen, Willie A.

Dailey, Charles O.

Dailey, Grandma

Dailey, Infant

Dailey, Israel

Dailey, John

Dailey, Sadie

Dailey, Samuel

Daily, George W.

Daily, Jesse Lee

Daily, John

Dale, Sarah

Dalrymple, Charles

Dalrymple, Mary H.

Dalton, Martha

Dalton, Mary

Dalton, William

Daly, Ellen

Daly, Infant

Damk????, Ruth

Damon, ?. C.

Damon, A. A.

Damon, Alfred A.

Damon, Henry

Damon, J. B.

Damon, M. K. (Maria)

Damon, Maria

Damron, Edward

Damron, John

Damron, Leona E.

Damron, Mona

Danellan, George

Daniel, Frederick

Daniel, Mildred B.

Daniel, Pearl

Daniel, Robert E.

Daniel, Rose D.

Daniel, Rose Marie

Daniel, Warren K.

Daniels, ? Emmy

Daniels, Amandy

Daniels, Anna

Daniels, Barton B.

Daniels, Blanch

Daniels, Buker Sr.

Daniels, Charles H.

Daniels, Earnest

Daniels, Edward

Daniels, Ellen Ethel

Daniels, Ellen R.

Daniels, Eric A.

Daniels, Fannie

Daniels, Fredrick

Daniels, George

Daniels, Gerald W.

Daniels, Geraldine

Daniels, Goldie

Daniels, Hattie

Daniels, Infant

Daniels, Leslie

Daniels, Lizzie, Mrs.

Daniels, Lula B.

Daniels, M. A. Quie

Daniels, Maggie

Daniels, Margaret

Daniels, Maria

Daniels, Mary

Daniels, Maude Winner

Daniels, Myrtle M.

Daniels, Nancy W.

Daniels, Patrick Willson

Daniels, Paul

Daniels, Roy

Daniels, Sarah Margaret

Daniels, Sarah Virginia

Daniels, Stanley

Daniels, Timothy W.

Daniels, Unknown

Daniels, Virginia E.

Daniels, Virin

Daniels, William George

Dann, Robert

Dans, Richard Eugene

Daris, James F.

Darley, Infant

Darley, Sadie C.

Darley, Samuel

Darmody, James

Darush, Anthony

Darush, Ben

Darush, Manuel

Darush, Mary

Darush, Minnie Behl

Darush, Pauline

Darwell, John Allen

Daugherty, Infant

Daugherty, James

Daugherty, Lee R.

Daugherty, Margaret

Daugherty, Mark E.

Daugherty, Marsha L.

Daulton, Mehitabel

Davenport, Anzaletta

Davenport, Braxton

Davenport, Catherine

Davenport, David S.

Davenport, Harriett

Davenport, Henry Clay

Davenport, Ira W.

Davenport, Katherine

Davenport, Mariah

Davenport, Mary Ruark

Davenport, Mathew

Davenport, Minerva

Davenport, Nancy Ann

Davenport, Patsey

Davidson, Alfred

Davidson, Mary

Davies, Bertha

Davies, Harvey

Davies, Ruth Ann

Davies, William T.

Davis, ?Owry

Davis, A. G.

Davis, Alfred Lee

Davis, Alice

Davis, Amanda

Davis, Andrew

Davis, Anna Fern

Davis, Anna J.

Davis, Annie

Davis, Arthur

Davis, Betty

Davis, Carl

Davis, Catherine

Davis, Charles

Davis, Charles Alfred

Davis, Charles William

Davis, Clara

Davis, Daniel

Davis, Dewit C.

Davis, Dicy, Mrs.

Davis, Eleanor

Davis, Elizabeth, Mrs.

Davis, Etta Fanning

Davis, Fanny

Davis, Fern

Davis, Francis

Davis, Frank M.

Davis, Fred

Davis, Fred B.

Davis, Fred, Mrs.

Davis, George Andrew

Davis, George Burl

Davis, George P.

Davis, Georgia E.

Davis, H. ?

Davis, Hannah

Davis, Helen Craig

Davis, Helen Jane

Davis, Henry

Davis, Henry H.

Davis, Ida May

Davis, Illegible

Davis, Infant

Davis, Irvin R.

Davis, J. Henry

Davis, Jacob

Davis, Jacob L.

Davis, James F.

Davis, Jessie M.

Davis, John

Davis, John I.

Davis, John Wesley

Davis, John William

Davis, Julia

Davis, Larry Dale

Davis, Lillian

Davis, Lizzie

Davis, Louise Baptist

Davis, Louverdie

Davis, Lucille A.

Davis, Luella M.

Davis, Lydia A.

Davis, Lydia P.

Davis, Mae L.

Davis, Maggie Blue

Davis, Martin M.

Davis, Mary

Davis, Mary Elizabeth

Davis, Mary F. Baldwin

Davis, Mary Jane

Davis, Mary Martha

Davis, Mervin J.

Davis, Millie

Davis, Milly B.

Davis, Myra C.

Davis, Nancy E.

Davis, Oscar

Davis, Pansy

Davis, Paul Alfred

Davis, Pearl Elizabeth

Davis, Robert Henry

Davis, Sarah Ann

Davis, Teresa E.

Davis, Thomas

Davis, V.

Davis, Walter S.

Davis, William W.

Davis, Willie ?

Dawdy, Christopher A.

Dawson, Alfred A.

Dawson, Anna E.

Dawson, Bailey L.

Dawson, Bernard

Dawson, Charles R.

Dawson, Edward L.

Dawson, Edward T.

Dawson, Elizabeth

Dawson, Harriet

Dawson, Iantha D. Day

Dawson, Infant

Dawson, John

Dawson, Josiah

Dawson, Mary

Dawson, Nancy J.

Dawson, Olive L.

Dawson, Paul Emerson

Dawson, Reacy Oleary

Dawson, Sammie

Dawson, Susie

Dawson, William Baily

Day, Anna

Day, Anna F.

Day, Bonita F.

Day, Carolyn M.

Day, Cinna

Day, Clara

Day, Clarence J.

Day, Cora

Day, Dawn Lee

Day, Domingos

Day, Edgar

Day, Edward W.

Day, Elizabeth, Mrs.

Day, Emanuel

Day, Emanuel Defrates

Day, Ernest J.

Day, Ethel

Day, Ethel Reffina

Day, Evalina

Day, Evelyn J.

Day, Frank E.

Day, Fred E.

Day, George

Day, Harold

Day, Hiram J.

Day, Infant

Day, Jennie

Day, John

Day, John F., Mrs.

Day, John Franklin

Day, John H.

Day, Johnnie

Day, Joquinia

Day, Julia Defreitas

Day, Lelia

Day, Leonard A.

Day, Lewis Edward

Day, Libra

Day, Lillie M.

Day, Mabel Cox

Day, Margaret N.

Day, Marguerite

Day, Marie J.

Day, Martha

Day, Mary

Day, Mary E.

Day, Mary Hendreques

Day, Mary L.

Day, Mary, Mrs.

Day, Matilda

Day, Millie

Day, Nell

Day, Pearl

Day, Phillip

Day, Reffina (Jacinto)

Day, Rollin Alfred

Day, Ruth

Day, Sadie Fernandes

Day, T. Ulysses

Day, Walter

Day, Wayne Leonard

Day, William H.

Day, William M.

Day, Willie

Dealy, Infant

Dean, Ausie F.

Dean, Mabel E.

Dean, Morris

Dear, Alice K.

Dear, Charles W.

Dear, Edward

Dear, Josephine C.

Deatherage, Catherine J.

Deatherage, Daniel

Deatherage, Hildah

Deatherage, Joseph

Deatherage, Mary

Deaton, Martha

Decastro, Domingus

Decastro, Dominique

Decastro, Elmer John

Decastro, Henry

Decastro, Joaquin

Decastro, John

Decastro, John W.

Decastro, Lydia V.

Decastro, Mary

Decastro, Paul

Decker, Albert F.

Decker, Alberta Westrope

Decker, Carolyn V.

Decker, Daisy Marie

Decker, Delia D.

Decker, Donald E.

Decker, Edward O.

Decker, George Oliver

Decker, Harry K.

Decker, Helen Desilva

Decker, Helen L.

Decker, J. Roy

Decker, James

Decker, Janet Lousie

Decker, Margaret Liles

Decker, Mitchell M.

Decker, Randy L.

Decker, S. Gertrude

Decker, William J.

Deeder, Norine

Deeds, Gus

Deeker, Luther A.

Defrates, Adeline

Defrates, Albert

Defrates, Alvina

Defrates, Anna I. Gouveia

Defrates, Anthony

Defrates, Antino F.

Defrates, Antonea

Defrates, Antoneo

Defrates, Antonia

Defrates, Antonio

Defrates, Augustus

Defrates, Bell

Defrates, Blanche B.

Defrates, Carrie

Defrates, Charles

Defrates, Charles Leroy

Defrates, Clair

Defrates, Clara C.

Defrates, Clara M.

Defrates, David M.

Defrates, Dilly

Defrates, Domingus

Defrates, Dora H.

Defrates, Elsie

Defrates, Emanuel

Defrates, Emanuel M.

Defrates, Ethel

Defrates, Eva

Defrates, Frances E.

Defrates, Frank

Defrates, Frank Mathew

Defrates, Fred S.

Defrates, G.

Defrates, Grace

Defrates, Henry

Defrates, Ida

Defrates, Infant

Defrates, J. ?

Defrates, Joanna

Defrates, Joaquin

Defrates, Joe

Defrates, Johanna

Defrates, John

Defrates, John J.

Defrates, John K.

Defrates, Joquina

Defrates, Joseph

Defrates, Josephine

Defrates, Justina

Defrates, Katherine

Defrates, Lela

Defrates, Lillia

Defrates, Louesa

Defrates, Louisa

Defrates, Ludwena

Defrates, Lula

Defrates, Mamie

Defrates, Mannie, Mrs.

Defrates, Manuel

Defrates, Maria

Defrates, Mary

Defrates, Mary A.

Defrates, Mary G.

Defrates, Mary J.

Defrates, Mary, Mrs.

Defrates, Mathias

Defrates, Maude

Defrates, Nettie Henrietta

Defrates, Patries

Defrates, R. K.

Defrates, Raymond

Defrates, Rosa Bell

Defrates, Rosa M.

Defrates, Rosa P.

Defrates, Ruth E.

Defrates, Ruth Hawk

Defrates, Samuel

Defrates, Sarah R.

Defrates, Sebastian

Defrates, Sylvia

Defrates, Tilla

Defrates, Tillie

Defrates, Toney

Defrates, Viola

Defrates, William

Defrates, William G.

Defraties, Antonio

Defraties, Augustus

Defraties, Buralda

Defraties, Carmie

Defraties, Carrie

Defraties, Charlotte

Defraties, Child

Defraties, Evaline

Defraties, Frank

Defraties, Jennie V.

Defraties, Jese, Mrs.

Defraties, Jesquina

Defraties, John

Defraties, Joseph M.

Defraties, Julia Pires ?

Defraties, Justina Defrates

Defraties, Mathias

Defraties, Patries

Defraties, Tony

Defraties, William

Defratis, Albert

Defratis, Jane

Defratus, Antone

Defreitas, Albert

Defreitas, Cathy Ann

Defreitas, Franklin Lee

Defreitas, George

Defreitas, Gilbert E.

Defreitas, Gregory

Defreitas, Louise Jewell

Defreitas, Mary

Defreitas, Mayme V.

Defreitas, Robert K.

Defreitas, Rose M.

Defreitas, Russell E.

Defreitas, Sarah N.

Defreitas, Thomas M.

Defrietas, George

Degeeter, Alfone

Degeeter, Mary

Degouveia, Joseph

Degouveia, Raymond

Degouvia, Manuel

Degoveia, Joseph

Degoveia, Joseph

Degoveia, Julia

Dejesus, Mary Defraties

Delang, Mary

Deless, Arthur

Deless, Emanuel

Deless, Etta

Deless, Infant

Deless, Irvin

Deless, Joaquina

Deless, John

Deless, Sarah

Delong, John Leo

Demata, Louisa

Dematis, Mary

Dematta, Manuel

Demeneyes, Mutens

Demore, Maria

Demott, Isabel

Denby, Lillie

Denby, William

Dendall, Etta M.

Dendall, John

Dendall, Lawrence

Dendall, W. H.

Dendel, Elizabeth

Dendel, William

Deney, Jeanettie M.

Dennison, Josephine P.

Dennison, Wrenner E.

Denton, James C.

Denton, Margueriette

Deornallas, Johanna

Deornallas, Joseph

Deornellas, Ada

Deornellas, Andrew Russell

Deornellas, Antonia

Deornellas, Antonio

Deornellas, Arthur

Deornellas, Barbara A.

Deornellas, Clifford

Deornellas, Clifford E.

Deornellas, Cora

Deornellas, Cora J.

Deornellas, Earl H.

Deornellas, Edward

Deornellas, Edward A.

Deornellas, Elizabeth C.

Deornellas, Ella Maie

Deornellas, Ellen

Deornellas, Francis

Deornellas, Frank

Deornellas, Howard L.

Deornellas, Infant

Deornellas, Jacob

Deornellas, Jacob W.

Deornellas, Jake

Deornellas, James

Deornellas, John

Deornellas, John W.

Deornellas, Joseph

Deornellas, Lena

Deornellas, Leta

Deornellas, Lloyd Joseph

Deornellas, Lloyd L.

Deornellas, Lucille W. (Pace)

Deornellas, Mervin

Deornellas, Mildred Ruth

Deornellas, Moses

Deornellas, Nellie

Deornellas, Randy

Deornellas, Richard

Deornellas, Russell

Deornellas, Shirley Ann

Deornellas, W. J.

Deornellis, Clifford

Deornellos, Joanna

Deornellos, Rose

Deornellus, John

Depew, Lucy

Depew, Philip H.

Deppe, Henry L.

Deppe, Louise N.

Deppe, Nelle Deornellas

Derers, Charles

Dericksen, Wesley

Derrick, Blanch L.

Derrick, Infant

Derry, Robert Howard

Desa, Lucy

Desanto, John U.

Deshara, Aileen V.

Deshara, John E.

Deshara, John L.

Deshara, Joquin

Deshara, Joseph

Deshara, Mary D.

Deshara, Walter H.

Desilva, Addie May

Desilva, Anna

Desilva, Arson

Desilva, Beatrice

Desilva, Benjamin F.

Desilva, Charles

Desilva, Charles J. Jr.

Desilva, Charles J. Sr.

Desilva, Dominigus

Desilva, Edwin

Desilva, Eleanor Lucile

Desilva, Florence

Desilva, Frances Burnett

Desilva, Francisco

Desilva, Frank

Desilva, Frank M.

Desilva, Fred

Desilva, Infant

Desilva, Isabel

Desilva, Isabelle

Desilva, James

Desilva, Johanna

Desilva, John

Desilva, John M.

Desilva, Joseph

Desilva, Joseph P.

Desilva, Leonard

Desilva, Louis

Desilva, Mary

Desilva, Mildred

Desilva, Nell

Desilva, Reginald Wayne Sr.

Desilva, Ruth L. Manes

Desilva, Sophia

Desilva, T. L.

Desilva, Vicki

Desilva, Virginia

Desilva, William M.

Desouza, Etta

Desouza, Joaquin

Desouza, John E.

Desouza, Lilly May

Desouza, Mary, Miss

Desouza, Roy E.

Desouza, Russell H.

Desouza, Samuel

Despain, Charles

Desusa, John E.

Desusa, Joseph

Desuvis, Mary

Deterding, George

Devarose, John

Devarose, Julius

Devarose, Manuel

Devarose, Marie

Devarose, Mary

Devarose, Mary

Devercan, Corea

Devereux, Nelle Selby

Devett, Mary Ann

Devitt, Jennie F.

Devoss, Beulah F.

Devoss, Thomas

Dewer, Pat

Dewitt, Child

Dewitt, E. E.

Dewitt, Josephine

Dewitt, Lester A. "Less"

Dewitt, Louis M.

Dewitt, Louis Morrice

Dewitt, Mary C.

Dewitt, Mary Jane Fay

Dewitt, Newton

Dewitt, Reuben

Dewitt, Ruth

Dewitt, Ruth K. Jones

Dewitt, Warren

Dice, Roscoe Reid

Dickerson, Albert Guy

Dickerson, Henry

Dickerson, Sarah C.

Dickman, Infant

Diener, Charles S.

Diggs, Jerry

Dill, Darrell, Lee

Dill, Everett Audrey

Dillard, Rose

Dillon, Eleandor B.

Dinnes, Charles S.

Divers, Carl R.

Divers, Catherine

Divers, Clifford

Divers, Harriet

Divers, Reece

Dixon, Ada

Dixon, Ada K.

Dixon, Betty J.

Dixon, Howard Lee

Dixon, Infant

Dixon, Jesse Andrew

Dixon, Luveda M.

Dixon, Thomas

Dixon, William T.

Doagg, Andrew

Doagg, Caroline

Doagg, James

Dobbs, Edward

Dobson, Claude O.

Dobson, Frances P.

Dobson, George

Dobson, Harry B.

Dobson, Larkin H.

Dobson, Nellie B.

Dobson, Richard

Dobson, Sara

Dobson, Susan

Dobson, Virginia May

Dobyns, Carrie D.

Dobyns, Julia F.

Dobyns, Minnie E.

Dobyns, S. G.

Dobyns, T. R.

Dobyns, T. T.

Dobyns, Thomas H.

Dodd, Charles Edward

Dodd, Elsie Lillian

Dodds, Mary

Dodge, Ella W.

Dodge, Frank G.

Dodge, Infant

Dodge, Mary Alice

Dodge, Molly Hayes

Dodge, Perry Montague

Dodson, Infant

Dodson, Mary L.

Dodsworth, Glen E.

Dodsworth, Lelia M.

Dodsworth, Richard M.

Dodsworth, Robert E.

Dodsworth, Roy E.

Dodsworth, Susan A.

Dodsworth, William T.


Doht, Fred W.

Dolan, Sarah

Doland, Charles

Dollear, Infant

Dollear, James W.

Dollear, Jollie

Dollear, Theresa Agnes

Donahue, Leo F.

Donaldson, Helen

Donaldson, Nancy

Donaldson, Richard Harry

Doolen, Pierce

Doolin, Helen

Doolin, Infant

Doolin, M. Arstella

Doolin, Sarah A.

Doolin, William B.

Doregg, Andrew J.

Doregg, Caroline

D'Ornellas, E.

Dorr, Henry

Dorr, J. Henry

Dorr, Louis

Dorr, Mary

Doueghy, Amelia A.

Douglas, Cardia

Douglas, David

Douglas, Ellen

Douglas, John L.

Douglas, Nancy Ann

Douglas, Nellie

Douglas, Nina K.

Douglas, Otto F.

Douglas, Raymond T.

Douglas, Sarah E.

Douglas, Sylvia A.

Douglas, Thomas Fuller

Douglas, Warren

Douglas, William S.

Douglas, William Samuel

Douglass, Ellen

Douglass, Fannie

Douglass, Fredie

Douglass, Infant Dau

Douglass, Maggie

Dowell, Willis

Dowling, John Edward

Dowling, Michael

Downs, Frank

Doyle, Catherine Murray

Doyle, Infant

Doyle, J. F.

Doyle, Joseph

Doyle, Patrick

Drake, Anna J.

Drake, Harry L.

Drake, Harry Lewis

Drake, Irene Beerup

Drake, Jasper M.

Drake, Laura

Drake, M. Jane

Drake, William A.

Draper, Elizabeth

Draper, Joseph

Dratur, West

Draughan, Elbert

Draughan, Maude E.

Draughan, Roy B.

Dreff, ? Willie

Dresser, Mary

Driver, Hannah

Driver, Howard M.

Driver, Mary

Driver, R. (Richard)

Dubin, Harold A. O.D.

Dubin, Mary E.

Duckett, Caleb C.

Duckett, Mary A.

Duckhart, Infant

Dudney, Janie

Dudney, Mansel W.

Due, Louis Jr.

Dueworth, Infant

Dugan, Anna Louise

Dugan, Frances, Mrs.

Dugan, Gertrude M.

Dugan, James

Dugan, Jessie

Dugan, Leslie W.

Duke, Abby

Duke, Elizabeth

Duke, Jacob

Dulan, Julia, Mrs.

Dummerwirth, Charles

Dunahee, Alvin N.

Dunavan, Clara L.

Dunavan, Elizabeth E.

Dunavan, Francis E.

Dunavan, Herbert J.

Dunavan, J. Newton

Dunavan, Jane D.

Dunavan, Jesse

Dunavan, Jesse J.

Dunavan, Jesse Leroy

Dunavan, Jordan

Dunavan, Martha Ann

Dunavan, Mary A.

Dunavan, Nea

Dunavan, William F.

Dunavan, Williamina ?

Dunaway, Kenneth L.

Dunback, Elizabeth

Dunbar, Clara Upp

Dunbar, Green M.

Dunbar, James Vernon

Dunbar, Pauline

Dunbar, Robert E.

Dunbrack, Elizabeth

Dunbrack, Lizzie

Dunbrack, W. C.

Duncan, Abby Jane

Duncan, Charles

Duncan, Eva

Duncan, Jennie

Duncan, John Wesley

Duncan, Lydia L.

Duncan, Phoebe

Duncan, Robert P.

Duncan, Sidney S.

Duncan, William

Dunevan, Jane, Mrs.

Dunham, Bessie M.

Duniher, Alvin N.

Dunivan, Jacob Wyan

Dunivan, Nancy

Dunlap, Annie T.

Dunlap, Charles

Dunlap, Eddie

Dunlap, Edith M.

Dunlap, Emma S.

Dunlap, Freddie

Dunlap, Harold P.

Dunlap, James E., Col.

Dunlap, Lenora

Dunlap, Lizzie

Dunlap, Mary J.

Dunlap, W. R.

Dunlap, W. Sam

Dunn, Nancy

Dunnaway, Kenneth L.

Dunnerman, Eliza F., Mrs.

Dunnerman, Theodore

Dunnerman, Weadon J.

Dunnivan, Jane

Dunovan, Ellen

Dunovan, Mary

Dupuy, Frank

Dupuy, Mary Alice

Durham, Infant Boy

During, Cora May

Dustin, Lucretia

Dustin, Sarah

Dustin, Stephen

Dutch, Ezra

Dutton, Earl

Duval, Eda

Duvall, Damuel C.

Dwyer, Della I.

Dwyer, Ella R. K.

Dwyer, John L.

Dwyer, Marie M.

Dye, Ben

Dye, Benjamin

Dye, Benjamin, Mrs.

Dye, Infant

Dye, Isabelle

Dye, Lawrence W.

Dye, R.

Dye, R. L.

Dye, Rebecca Windent

Dye, Richard L.

Dye, Sarah Ann

Dye, William Arthur

Dyer, Infant

Dynes, Lyman Mike

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