Jacksonville East Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Jacksonville East Cemetery
(aka East Cemetery or City Cemetery)
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼ Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Cabell, Eugene

Cabia, Rosa

Caden, Infant

Cady, Carrie B.

Cady, D. C.

Cady, Louis L.

Cage, William

Cain, Elisha E.

Cain, Mary Ella

Caine, Child

Caine, Mary Ann ?

Caldwell, Daisie Hamilton

Caldwell, Edwin Grant

Caldwell, Eugene

Caldwell, Frank Hamilton

Caldwell, James

Caldwell, Melinday J.

Caldwell, Minnie

Caldwell, Nestor Clark

Caldwell, Ruth B.

Caldwell, Sallie O. Hamilton

Caldwell, Samuel W.

Caldwell, William T.

Callan, Emily

Callaway, Guy Or Sue

Calvin, Emma

Calvin, Frances

Calvin, Infant

Calvin, Mary Large

Cameron,  Frank

Campbell, Byron R.

Campbell, Charles E.

Campbell, Clarence H.

Campbell, Dorothy Cassell

Campbell, Emily O.

Campbell, Emma B.

Campbell, George Frank

Campbell, Isaiah

Campbell, James

Campbell, James H.

Campbell, Levi A.

Campbell, Lori M.

Campbell, Margaret T.

Campbell, Mary

Campbell, Mary Louise

Campbell, Myrle

Campbell, Shirley Mae

Campbell, William

Campbell, William H.

Campbell, William Robert

Canney, Michael

Cannon, Edward

Cannon, Homer L.

Cannon, J. H.

Cannon, Mahala

Cannon, Virgil E.

Canterbury, S. C.

Cantrell, Valery Marie

Carey, Clara Brown

Carlson, Amelia C.

Carlson, Carl O.

Carlson, Emelia S.

Carlson, Emil S.

Carlson, Esther M.

Carlson, Jennie O.

Carlson, Peter

Carlson, S. M.

Carlson, Sophie I.

Carlysle, Helen Mae

Carmean, Amber Nicole

Carnes, William

Carpenter, Addie

Carpenter, C. S.

Carpenter, Earl C.

Carpenter, Herman

Carpenter, Kittie V.

Carpenter, Mattie

Carpenter, Otis C.

Carpenter, Rose

Carpenter, Vashti, Mrs.

Carper, James W.

Carr, Eliza C.

Carr, Mack

Carrell, Hiram L.

Carrigan, Johanna

Carroll, Harry J.

Carroll, Hattie B.

Carson, Adaline

Carson, C. Ann, Mrs.

Carson, Caroline

Carson, Catharine C.

Carson, James

Carson, John A. J.

Carson, Mary Elizabeth

Carson, Nancy A.

Carson, Thomas

Carson, Thomas M.

Carson, William M.

Carson, William, Mrs.

Carson, Winfield A.

Carter, Ada

Carter, Alfred

Carter, Anna

Carter, Arzelia

Carter, Austin Wilbur

Carter, Christopher George

Carter, Clara

Carter, Cora B.

Carter, Cornella

Carter, Curtis Atherton

Carter, David A.

Carter, Dora Waffull

Carter, Eleanor, Mrs.

Carter, Elizabeth

Carter, George W.

Carter, Gloria M.

Carter, Guilla

Carter, Harold "Bill"

Carter, Harry

Carter, Harry

Carter, Hubert

Carter, Infant

Carter, Jane, Mrs.

Carter, John

Carter, John W.

Carter, Joseph L.

Carter, Julia

Carter, Julia E.

Carter, Julia Lee

Carter, Lee Franklin

Carter, Lillian

Carter, Lizzie

Carter, Louis

Carter, Maggie Jane

Carter, Martha

Carter, Mary Elizabeth

Carter, Mildred

Carter, Nora

Carter, Oadie

Carter, Ralph J.

Carter, Raymond W.

Carter, Raymond W. Jr.

Carter, Robert

Carter, Robert Paul

Carter, Robert Paul

Carter, Ronald C.

Carter, Rosa Lee

Carter, S. D.

Carter, Sarah

Carter, Scott P.

Carter, Vernon M. D. Austin

Cartwright, Lillie

Carver, Joseph Chapman

Carwell, John M.

Carwell, Minnie P.

Casey, Samuel A.

Cason, Clara Mae

Cason, James

Cassel, Mollie Sharp

Cassell, Alfred H.

Cassell, Ann M.

Cassell, Ben Pyatt

Cassell, Benjamin

Cassell, Caroline P.

Cassell, Charles

Cassell, Della G.

Cassell, Elizabeth E.

Cassell, Emily

Cassell, Emit

Cassell, Etta B.

Cassell, George

Cassell, Gertrude

Cassell, Harrison

Cassell, Henry

Cassell, Hiram K.

Cassell, Infant

Cassell, John T.

Cassell, John T., Dr.

Cassell, Lena

Cassell, Louise Agnes

Cassell, Lyman O.

Cassell, Lynn R.

Cassell, Mabel

Cassell, Margaret

Cassell, Maria C.

Cassell, Martin H.

Cassell, Mary

Cassell, Mary E.

Cassell, May

Cassell, Minnie E.

Cassell, Nina E.

Cassell, Olin

Cassell, Peter T.

Cassell, R. W.

Cassell, Rosanna

Cassell, Samuel

Cassell, William

Casson, Agnes

Casson, Annie

Casson, Grace F.

Casson, Loyd W.

Caster, Hannah, Mrs.

Castle, Mary G.

Cathernole, Arthur

Catherwood, Eliza J.

Catherwood, John W.

Catherwood, Kate

Catherwood, Robert H.

Catherwood, Susan L.

Catherwood, William H.

Cattermole, Arthur Robert

Caulkins, Samuel

Cavanaugh, Bridget

Cave, Mary L.

Cavender, Henry

Cavender, Lem R.

Cavender, Martha

Cavender, Priscilla

Cayle, Amelia

Caywood, Iona

Centers, Jay

Centers, Samuel E.

Challandes, Freda I.

Challandes, Julius H.

Champ, Benjamin

Champ, Relba

Chaney, Bennie R.

Chaney, Floyd F.

Chaney, Goldie

Chaney, Infant

Chaney, Lucy Jane

Chaney, Marilyn M.

Chaney, Raymond R.

Chapin, Maud Ethel

Chapman, Mary Ellen

Chapman, Minerva

Chappell, Charles M.

Chappell, Eliza

Chappell, Frank

Chappell, James Lee

Chappell, Mary

Chappell, Roberta I.

Charlesworth, Clifford

Charlesworth, Helen R.

Charlesworth, Viola F.

Charlton, Andrew Watt

Chatman, Arola "Blake"

Chatman, Artie R.

Chatman, Mary A.

Chaudoin, Bertha

Chaudoin, Infant

Chaudoin, James Monte

Chaudoin, Lennie E.

Chaudoin, S. Mack

Chedower, Infant

Cheek, Edward M.

Chenisire, Ardosh

Cherry, Caroline

Cherry, Frank

Cherry, Infant

Cherry, John

Cherry, Mary

Chestney, A.

Childers, Elizabeth Lyons

Chinn Or Hardin, Charlie

Chinn, Lucy Jane, Mrs.

Chinn, Mary

Chism, Roy M.

Chrisman, Elizabeth

Christenson, Gertrude

Christenson, Roy Lee

Christian, Dixie Carriel

Christisen, Mae

Christison, Augusta

Christison, Hardin L.

Christison, James A.

Christison, Joel Ehlbert

Christison, Lucinda Ann

Christison, Mary Elouise

Christison, Ruth Ann

Christison, William

Church, Thomas

Chynoweth, L. Bernice

Cincelbeaux, Edward S.

Clancey, Infant

Clancey, James

Clancy, James

Clarey, William

Clark, A. F.

Clark, Alice

Clark, Arthur

Clark, Benedict

Clark, Catharine

Clark, Charles H.

Clark, Clara M.

Clark, Clay A.

Clark, Cora

Clark, Ella, Mrs.

Clark, Ethel

Clark, Etta

Clark, Florida

Clark, George S.

Clark, Harry

Clark, Infant

Clark, Iola

Clark, Jennie

Clark, John

Clark, Joseph A.

Clark, Lori Marie

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mary E.

Clark, Mary Frances

Clark, Mary Olive

Clark, Maud A.

Clark, Melville

Clark, Nancy J.

Clark, Opal B.

Clark, Pierce

Clark, William O.

Clarke, Julia

Claus, Addie Fox

Claus, Augusta

Claus, David C.

Claus, David Iii

Claus, Irene B.

Claus, John W.

Claus, Lucinda

Claus, Thelma L.

Claxton, Infant

Clay, Bert W.

Clay, Charles

Clay, Elenor C.

Clay, Elizabeth

Clay, Fannie

Clay, Frank

Clay, Henry

Clay, Hester L.

Clay, Marian L.

Clay, Stella

Clayton, Floyd H.

Clayton, Frank Eugene

Clayton, George

Cleary, Franklin P.

Cleary, Katie A.

Cleary, Lillian Crum

Cleary, Mary A.

Cleary, Mary Alice

Cleary, Maurice M.

Cleary, William

Cleary, William C.

Cleary, William Crum

Cleary, William M.

Clement, Charles

Clement, E. Florence

Clement, Irvin

Clement, Jessie B.

Clement, Katie

Clement, Mary L.

Clement, Sarah E.

Clements, J. H.

Clements, Mary L.

Clemmons, Claude

Clifton, Carol S.

Clifton, Caroline Abbott

Clifton, Roy E.

Clifton, Roy Edward Jr.

Clinton, Hollie T.

Clore, Arthur C.

Clore, Sarah S.

Clothens, Alice

Coark, William

Cobb, Edward

Cobb, Elijah

Cobb, Eliza

Cobb, Harriet

Cobb, Horace

Cobb, Lovisa

Cobb, Marie

Cobb, Sarah

Cobbs, Mary H.

Cobbs, Sarah, Mrs.

Cobbs, William A.

Cochran, Clarence E.

Cochran, Ethel

Cochran, Ruth C.

Cocoran, Infant

Cody, Carrie Blanch

Cody, Louis

Coe, Carl E.

Coe, James R.

Coe, Louet

Coe, Veta

Coen, Ellen, Mrs.

Coen, George

Coffman, Abraham H.

Coffman, Chaney

Coffman, Chausy

Coffman, D. Frank

Coffman, Edward

Coffman, Florence I.

Coffman, Frank

Coffman, Gabriel Lee

Coffman, George A.

Coffman, Harriet R.

Coffman, Harriet, Mrs.

Coffman, Henry Smith

Coffman, Infant

Coffman, Isaac

Coffman, James W.

Coffman, King

Coffman, Lydia M.

Coffman, Mary E.

Coffman, S.

Coffman, Smith

Coffman, Sylvia

Coffman, Warren

Cogdal, Julia M.

Cogswell, F.

Cohagan, Elmer E.

Cohagan, Martha

Coker, Alice E.

Coker, Amos L.

Coker, Donald

Coker, Florence L.

Coker, Katherine Angel

Colburn, J. C.

Colby, Elizabeth

Colby, Soloman

Colclasure, Cletus Lee

Cole, Blanche M.

Cole, Clarence A.

Cole, Laurena L.

Cole, Martha

Cole, Mary F.

Cole, Moses

Cole, Nellie Jane

Cole, Roma J.

Coleman, Charles

Coleman, Denise Rae

Coleman, Infant

Collens, Asa

Collier, Harriet Ann

Collins, Dollie

Collins, Eleanor

Collins, Elsie Lee

Collins, Fannie

Collins, Fred

Collins, George

Collins, James Harold Jr.

Collins, William C.

Colman, Alfred

Colman, Mattie E.

Coltman, Angelina

Coltman, Infant

Colwell, Ellen

Colwell, Emma

Combs, David L.

Combs, Lillie Mae

Combs, Martin Anthony

Combs, Martin Luther

Comstock, Andrew

Comstock, Elizabeth

Condon, Fannie

Conlee, Allen H.

Conlee, Lewis P.

Conlee, Palmer

Conn, Amelia Sophie

Conn, Eunice

Conn, Samuel Wylie

Connally, James

Conner, Cynthia

Conner, Infant

Conner, Lewis

Conner, Lillie

Conners, M., Mrs.

Conners, Rebecca

Conners, Tillie

Conners, William

Conrad, Daisy

Conroy, Harry

Conroy, Joseph

Cook, Alice B.

Cook, Alice L.

Cook, Beverley M. J.

Cook, Charles

Cook, Harry

Cook, Infant

Cook, Nancy E.

Cook, Peter Simon

Cook, William Cyrus

Cooley, Elmer

Cooley, L Etna J.

Coons, Deloras Pierce

Coons, Dorothy

Coons, Infant

Coop, Hubert

Coop, John Hubert

Cooper, Ada Clara

Cooper, Alex

Cooper, Alice, Mrs.

Cooper, Carl E.

Cooper, Child

Cooper, Elgin Holliday

Cooper, George

Cooper, Hannah

Cooper, Harry E.

Cooper, Infant

Cooper, Jessie E.

Cooper, Martha M.

Cooper, Mary

Cooper, P. H.

Cooper, Percy

Cooper, Samuel

Cooper, Thomas

Copley, Annie M.

Copley, George

Copp, Christine

Coraor, Emanuel B.

Coraor, George L.

Coraor, Margaret M.

Coraor, Mary V.

Coraor, Walter V.

Coray, Cornelia

Corbin, Catherine

Corbin, Cynthia

Corbin, Eugene

Corbin, Faye

Corbin, Fielding

Corbin, James

Corbin, Joseph

Corbin, Julia, Miss

Corbin, Nola Frances

Corbin, Percy Edward

Corbin, Ralph

Corbin, Susan

Corbin, Sylvester

Corbin, William

Corbin, William L.

Corbion, Rebecca

Corbridge, Alvin E.

Corbridge, Charles R.

Corbridge, Dina L.

Corbridge, George W.

Corbridge, Infant

Corbridge, L. J.

Corbridge, Leroy E.

Corbridge, Lloyd

Corbridge, Loretta B.

Corbridge, Loretta M.

Corbridge, Lucy F.

Corbridge, Myrl A.

Corbridge, William F.

Corcoran, A.

Corcoran, Charles F.

Corcoran, Child

Corcoran, George Rex

Corcoran, Infant

Corcoran, John

Corcoran, Margaret

Corcoran, William H.

Corcoran, William N.

Corder, Albert

Corder, Sally F.

Core, Asbury B.

Core, Harriet

Core, Infant

Core, Mary A.

Core, Simon B.

Core, William

Corea, Effa M.

Corea, Joseph

Corear, George Lewis

Corear, Inf Dau Of Joseph Corear

Corear, Infant

Corear, Nettie B.

Corear, Walter Vincent

Corer, Joseph

Corey, Arthur

Corey, Cordelia

Corey, Earl Phillip

Corey, Other

Corey, Sadie

Corey, Silas C.

Coriea, Mary

Corkhill, Thomas

Cornelius, Charles

Cornelius, Louisa B.

Cornell, Elizabeth

Cornell, Fanny

Cornell, Seth T.

Corner, John

Correa, Annie Sarah

Correa, Antonia

Correa, Delia

Correa, Eddie

Correa, Frank U.

Correa, Infant

Correa, John Scott

Correa, Joseph

Correa, Julia Day

Correa, Mary

Correa, Neomi

Correa, Robert

Correia, Antonia

Correia, Carrie

Correia, Delia

Correia, John

Correia, Lina

Correia, Manuel

Correia, Mary, Mrs.

Correia, Pearl

Correia, William

Correl, Feron

Corria, Antonia

Corria, Johanna

Corria, Joseph

Corrington, Charles

Corrington, Emma Jane

Corrington, Sarah J.

Cors, Infant

Coruly, William

Corum, Etna C.

Cosby, Christopher

Cosner, Wilbur

Cost, Emma, Mrs.

Cotton, John

Couart, Floyd

Couchman, Elizabeth A.

Coultas, Maggie Palmer

Coultas, Samuel, Mrs.

Coulter, Clara E.

Coulter, Cornelia

Coulter, Eliza J.

Coulter, Eugenia

Coulter, Infant

Coulter, Mrs.

Cousins, Maggie

Cousins, Mary

Coverly, Freddie

Coverly, Harry

Coverly, Sarah Ann

Coverly, William

Covey, Dorothy

Covey, Hattey

Covey, Hazel Op.

Covey, Robert L.

Covey, Virgil H.

Covington, Fannie

Covington, J. H.

Cowan, Clyde Carnly

Cowan, Edgar E.

Cowans, Clyde

Cowart, J. J.

Cowden, Charles H.

Cowden, Cora M.

Cowden, Mary P.

Cowden, Minnie P.

Cowden, Putnam

Cowden, Ronald Lee

Cowdin, Fred P.

Cowger, Charles

Cowger, Ruth M.

Cowgur, Nellie Green

Cox, Angelia Kay

Cox, Benjamin A.

Cox, C. Hardin

Cox, Charles

Cox, Charles S.

Cox, Claude

Cox, Daisy T.

Cox, E. E. Or C. E.

Cox, Emeline

Cox, Evan

Cox, Francena H.

Cox, Frank

Cox, Hardin

Cox, Hirum

Cox, Hubert Palmer

Cox, Infant

Cox, Isabelle

Cox, Izetta

Cox, J. G., Mrs.

Cox, Jeremiah G.

Cox, Jerry

Cox, John

Cox, Kitty Winifred

Cox, Lizzie

Cox, Margaret

Cox, Martha A.

Cox, Mattie

Cox, Maud

Cox, Rebecca J.

Cox, Rev. C. E.

Cox, T. S.

Cox, W. Edward

Cox, William (Billy) Dean

Coyle, Amelia A.

Cozart, Catherine

Cozart, Norman

Cozart, Orlie

Cozart, Ruth E.

Crabtree, Charles P.

Craddock, Walter, Mrs.

Craig, Belle M.

Craig, Carl

Craig, Clay

Craig, Dora Snow

Craig, Elizabeth

Craig, Ernest

Craig, Frank C.

Craig, George W.

Craig, Harry E.

Craig, Henrietta

Craig, Joseph Richard

Craig, Larkin H.

Craig, Leon

Craig, Lucille E.

Craig, Martha Ann

Craig, Mary E.

Craig, Mary M.

Craig, Mary R.

Craig, Mary S.

Craig, Morvie

Craig, Olive

Craig, William Posey

Craig, Winnie ?

Crain, Huram B.

Crain, Isaac R.

Crain, James B.

Crain, Jehu

Crain, John

Crain, Joseph

Crain, Josie

Crain, Martha

Crain, Nettie

Crain, Silas

Crain, Tirzah

Crain, William M.

Cramer, Mary D.

Crandall, Emeline

Crandall, James R.

Crane, Mollie

Cranshaw, Mitty

Craven, Ann

Craven, Elmer

Craven, Esther E.

Craven, Eva Hurst

Craven, Frank

Craven, Infant

Craven, John

Craven, Ralph

Craven, Thomas

Craven, Walter

Craven, William H.

Crawford, Cyrus Herbert

Crawford, Earl

Crawford, Elizabeth

Crawford, Eugene

Crawford, Hannah

Crawford, Infant

Crawford, Jesse

Crawford, Ruth A.

Crawford, William A.

Crawley, William T.

Creamer, Anna

Creamer, David

Creamer, David G.

Creamer, Eliza

Creamer, G. C.

Crenshaw, Nenie

Crews, Earl F.

Crews, Joseph B.

Crews, Martha M.

Crews, Maude E.

Crews, Ray Allen

Crews, William Howard

Criss, Addie L.

Criss, Infant

Crooks, George

Crooks, Henry

Crooks, James

Crooks, Robert T.

Cropp, Charles L.

Cropp, Helen Louise (Landis)

Crosby, Infant

Cross, Infant

Crossman, Susan L.

Crotty, Margaret B.

Crotty, Thomas E.

Crow, A. A.

Crow, Frank M.

Crow, Linda L.

Crow, Lissa

Crow, Lula M.

Crow, Will

Crowder, Emma

Crowder, Irene Duckett

Crowder, John D.

Crowder, Myrtle A.

Crowder, Ray E.

Crozice, Infant

Crum, Celia C.

Cruse, Ethel Birdsell

Cruse, Hester

Cruse, James

Cruse, Mary A.

Cruse, Philip

Cruse, Thomas

Crutchfield, Elizabeth

Crutchfield, Florence E

Crutchfield, Ida Elizabeth

Crutchfield, Margaret E.

Crutchfield, Samuel

Crutchfield, Stewart A.

Crutchfield, Viola

Crutchfield, William K.

Culley, George W.

Culley, Martha E.

Cully, Charles W.

Cully, Earl

Cully, James D.

Cully, James D. Jr.

Cully, Lucille M.

Cully, Minnie M. Maddox

Cully, Nancy

Cully, Workman

Cully/Jolly, George

Cummings, David

Cummings, Gladys Long

Cummings, Henry Clayton

Cummings, J. C.

Cummings, James Alexander

Cummings, Margaret Alice

Cummings, Vivian Alivia

Cunningham, Adda F.

Cunningham, Charles

Cunningham, Katy

Cunningham, Odie

Cunningham, William

Curley, John

Curry, William W., Mrs.

Curtain, James

Curtis, Antonette

Curtis, Charles A.

Curtis, Charles R.

Curtis, David H.

Curtis, Elizabeth

Curtis, Estella

Curtis, Hattie S. (Martha)

Curtis, Henry

Curtis, Lucy E.

Curtis, Sarah A.

Curtis, Selvin

Curtis, Tom H.

Curtis, William S.

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