Jacksonville East Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Jacksonville East Cemetery
(aka East Cemetery or City Cemetery)
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼ Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Abbott, Doris Mae

Abbott, Lawrence Lakin

Abbott, Lillian Hughes

Abbott, Mary E.

Abbott, Mattie B.

Abbott, Nina F.

Abbott, Thomas

Abel, Infant

Abernathy, Allen

Abernathy, Delia E.

Abernathy, Emery Allen

Abington, Ellen A.

Abington, Francis

Abington, Samuel

Abraham, Ruth

Acklen, John P.

Ackley, Helen D.

Ackley, Louise Coop

Adams, Alonzo

Adams, Alvie

Adams, Anne Louise

Adams, Clinton

Adams, Cora L.

Adams, Eva Sue

Adams, F. S.

Adams, Frank

Adams, Gloria

Adams, Haran Lethaniel

Adams, Harley E.

Adams, Mary E. Sims

Adams, Nannie

Adkinson, William

Affre, Ethel

Aguar, Frank C.

Aguar, Millicent M.

Aguar, Rose O.

Ainsworth, Mathew

Airsman, Infant

Airsman, John

Akers, Elizabeth Reid

Albertz, Edith

Albright, Augusta M.

Albright, Henry

Albright, Henry G.

Alcorn, Andrew

Alcorn, Dorothy M. (Thomas)

Alcorn, Glenn

Alcorn, Janette

Aldridge, Virgil Allen

Alexander, Benjamin

Alexander, Edgar G.

Alexander, Edna Ruth

Alexander, Gerald D.

Alexander, Gladys

Alexander, James D.

Alexander, Lew, Mrs.

Alexander, Loran B.

Alexander, Martha Cole

Alexander, Mary List

Alexander, Wilma V.

Alker, Child

Allen, Albertinio

Allen, Amanda J.

Allen, B. F.

Allen, Benjamin Ethal

Allen, Benjamin F.

Allen, Charles

Allen, Clementine

Allen, Colleen E.

Allen, Cyndi K.

Allen, David Mark Jr.

Allen, Eliza J.

Allen, Elizabeth

Allen, Ellis M.

Allen, Ember L.

Allen, Ethan

Allen, Everett

Allen, Fannie

Allen, Francis H.

Allen, George

Allen, Gracie L.

Allen, Grant

Allen, Hannah Rehmeier

Allen, Harrison

Allen, Harvey B.

Allen, Herman

Allen, Infant

Allen, Ira

Allen, James

Allen, Jesse F.

Allen, John Earle

Allen, Joseph

Allen, Josephine

Allen, Julia F.

Allen, Laura

Allen, Lizzie

Allen, Lottie

Allen, Louisa Jane

Allen, Louisa Mae

Allen, Lucille B.

Allen, Lucinda S.

Allen, Mabel

Allen, Margarette, Mrs.

Allen, Mark

Allen, Martha

Allen, Mary

Allen, Mary R.

Allen, Mchenry

Allen, Nellie

Allen, Nellie May

Allen, Opal Crews

Allen, Rhoda Ann

Allen, Rose Etta

Allen, Stephen D.

Allen, Thomas

Allen, Unknown

Allen, Washington

Allen, Willis R.

Allen, Wilson

Allen, Winnie, Mrs.

Allmon, Harry Jr.

Allmon, J. W.

Alls, Howard

Alspaugh, Calvin

Alspaugh, Jane E. Kitner

Alves, Eli B.

Alves, John

Alves, Mary

Alvin, Nathan

Ambrose, Anna

Ambrose, James Robert

Ambrose, Johnnie Stubblefield

Anders, Charles A.

Anders, Delbert

Anders, Dorothy

Anders, Edwin H.

Anders, Florence Butcher

Anders, Ina Freer

Anders, June E.

Anders, Leona Wood

Anders, Marshall

Anders, Phyllis Jean

Anders, Rebecca

Anders, Roy T.

Anderson, Anna B.

Anderson, B. H.

Anderson, Carrie, Mrs.

Anderson, Clara Belle

Anderson, Clarence

Anderson, David F.

Anderson, Edwin H.

Anderson, Effie

Anderson, Emanuel

Anderson, Emma

Anderson, Infant

Anderson, Irene

Anderson, J. S.

Anderson, John A.

Anderson, Louise Bell

Anderson, Lucy J.

Anderson, Mabel

Anderson, Margaret

Anderson, Margaret Agnes

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Mrs. J. S.

Anderson, Samuel

Anderson, Sarah

Anderson, Sarah L.

Anderson, W. H.

Anderson, W. L.

Anderson, William H.

Anderson, William T.

Andras, Edwin H.

Andras, Emanuel

Andrews, Ella, Mrs.

Andrews, Ellen J.

Andrews, John L.

Andrews, Joseph R.

Andrews, Philip

ANeal, Charles W.

ANeal, Kathrin

Angel, Allen

Angel, Catherine

Angel, Infant

Angel, Julia

Angel, Mary Smith

Angel, Newton Oscar

Angel, Susan

Angelo, Alfred Kenneth

Angelo, Dempsey Sylvester

Angelo, Francis Vivian

Angelo, Frank

Angelo, Ida

Angelo, Lee

Angelo, Minty

Angelo, Olive Katherine

Angenendt, Carmen Elizabeth

Annarish, David

Anton, Bertie Joabaum

Anton, John

Anton, Julia White

Anton, Mary

Antone, Julia White

Antreter, Auguste

Antreter, Charles

Antreter, Ella J.

Antreter, Julius P.

Antreter, Phillip

Antreter, William

Arbogast, Sarah

Arbogast, William E.

Arbuckle, Robert S.

Arbuckle, Sarah, Mrs.

Arendell, Dovie G.

Arendell, Otis

Arenz, Clifton Cire

Arenz, Jessie L.

Arenz, Nathan E.

Arfus, August

Arisman, Lettie E. Crandall

Armstrong, Ella A.

Armstrong, Isabella Atwell

Armstrong, John

Armstrong, John B.

Armstrong, Mrs.

Armstrong, Sarah E.

Arnett, Charles L.

Arnold, Clara Louise

Arpe, Amie Catherine, Mrs.

Arpe, Herman

Arter, Henry Otto

Arter, Josie Mary

Arter, Julia Irene

Arthur, John

Arthur, Joseph

Arthur, Samuel

Ashbaker, Lona Katherine

Ashburn, A. M.

Ashburn, William H.

Ashby, Ora Young

Ashby, Robert L.

Ashcraft, Margaret

Ashcraft, Nora B.

Ashcraft, Richard

Ashcroft, Charles E.

Ashcroft, John

Asher, Grace E. Defraties

Asher, Robert F.

Ashley, Elizabeth

Ashurst, Ida May

Atkinson, Elizabeth

Atkinson, Emily F.

Atkinson, Illegible

Atkinson, Infant

Atkinson, John

Atkinson, Leah

Atkinson, Phineous W.

Atkinson, Sarah

Atkinson, William S.

Atterberry, Infant

Atterberry, John

Atterberry, Lizzie

Atterburg, Edward

Atwater, Susan S.

Atwood, George

Auferman, Elfrieda

Ault, Joquina

Ausmus, Thomas

Austin, Atwell A.

Austin, Daniel

Austin, Dora

Austin, Ella F.

Austin, Ethel M.

Austin, George

Austin, George W.

Austin, Harriet B.

Austin, Ira

Austin, J. Earl

Austin, John

Austin, Michael

Austin, William Edgar

Autery, Ada M.

Autery, C. Everett

Ayers, Alonzo Allen

Ayers, Ellen

Ayers, Harry J.

Ayers, Jacob A. C.

Ayers, Preston

Ayers, William C.

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