Hoagland Cemetery, Yatesville-Sinclair Township Morgan County Illinois

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Hoagland Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Yatesville-Sinclair Township T16N R9W 3rdPM
SE¼-NW1/4, Section 7

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society

Fred Hoagland of 351 West Myrtle, Virginia, Illinois, visited Hoagland Cemetery on May 19, 1980. All of the tombstone readings listed below were recorded by him at that time. He has furnished the descriptive information regarding the burial site. Hoagland Cemetery is about 2¼ miles east of Literberry and is in the northwest quarter of Section 7 of Township 16 N Range 9 W. Fred Hoagland's letter reads in part "The cemetery ... is located in a pasture just south of the home of Albert Gray which is the first house of the two on the dead end road. All of the stones were flat on the ground, most being covered up. I found a total of sixteen stones, a few had parts missing and some of them could not be completely read. I think I found all of the stones, as they were all covered there is always the chance I missed one or two.

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Brisby, George 22 Yr 10 Dec 1852 (The Brisby family was living in Township
16 N Range 9 W at least as early as Oct. 10,
1840 when William Brisby and Eliza his
wife sold land in Section 31 of that township to
Jacob Strawn. William signed the deed
but apparently his wife was illiterate as she
"made her mark". On January 14, 1841 William
and Eliza sold to Milton Trotter 30 acres in the
east half of the northwest quarter of
Section 17 of Township 16 N Range 9 W.
Pages 559 and 560 of Deed Record SS in the
Morgan County Clerk's office show that
William and Eliza Brisby were residents
of Cass County, Illinois, on Sept. 5, 1857.)
Brisby, James H. 1 Yr 21 Da 18 Apr 1857 Son of J. & E. Brisby
(His parents probably were the James
and Elizabeth Brisby mentioned on pages 559
and 560 of Deed Record SS housed in the
Morgan County Clerk's office. From the deed it
appears that the senior James was a son
of William and Eliza Brisby.)
Brisby, Mary 19 Yr 19 Feb 1852        
Brisby, William Jr. 25 Yr 9 Mo 4 Da 28 July 1849        
Hoagland, George W. 21 Yr 4 (?) Mo 4 Da 20 Aug 1850        
Hoagland, Martin 32 Yr 1 Mo 27 Da 20 May 1834 (Note that this is not the same Martin
Hoagland who married Louisa A.. McNeely in
Morgan County on Feb. 18, 1836. Their
marriage ceremony was performed by Barton
W. Stone, bishop of the Church of Christ and
one of the greatest American religious reformers
of the 19th century.)
Hoagland, William
72 Yr 5 Mo 9 Feb 1844 (Persons interested in the Hoagland family
should refer to page 161 in "Morgan County
Family History, 1976.")
Parr, Eliza
11 Mo 22 Da 22 Jan 1859 Dau of John H. and Nancy Parr
(A deed recorded on pages 559 and 560
of Deed Record SS in the Morgan County
Clerk's office indicates that Nancy, wife of
John H. Parr, was a daughter of William and Eliza
Brisby. The deed is dated Sept. 5, 1857.)
Parr, Susan
1 Yr 5 Mo 16 Da 16 July 1849        
Reding, Mary Ann 44 Yr 7 Jan 1851 Wife of I. N. Reding
Dau of William Hoagland
(Isaac N. Reding and Mary Ann Hoagland
took out Morgan County Marriage License
#200 on Feb. 18, 1828. On Feb. 15, 1848
Isaac N. Reding and Mary Ann, his wife, sold
to Jacob F. Bergen, all of Cass Co., Ill., 10
acres in the southwest quarter of Section 7 in
Township 16 N Range 9 W, and another
10 acres out of the same half quarter section.
Both man and wife signed the deed. On June 26,
1856, Isaac N. Reding and Charity Jane,
his wife, of Menard County sold to Albourn
N. Sanders of Cass County, 10 acres of land
on Morgan County situated in the southeast
quarter of the northwest quarter of the
southeast quarter of Section 7 in Township
16 N Range 9 W. Both man and wife signed
the deed. On Dec. 1, 1852, Isaac N. Reding
and Charry Jane Reding of Cass County,
Illinois, sold to John Gilmore of Morgan
County two parcels of land in Section 7 of
Township 16 N Range 9 W. The marriage
license of Isaac N. Reding and Charity Jane is
not recorded in either Morgan County or Cass
County, Illinois.)
Whitenack, William 1 Mo 18 Da 26 July 1854 Son of A. and M. Whitenack      
Footstones: GWH, MH, MCH,

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