Heffner Cemetery, Concord-Meredosia Township Morgan County Illinois

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Heffner Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Concord-Meredosia Township T16N R12W 3rdPM
SW¼NE¼, Section 2

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society

Heffner Cemetery is at the very pinnacle of a brushy bluff overlooking the Illinois River bottoms. It is possible to be about 15 feet from the burials, yet not see the grave markers that are enclosed by a wooden fence which is about 25 feet long in both length and width. The fence enclosed seven known burials and several trees. There is no longer any trace of the lane that once led to the cemetery from the north. Admission to the area must be approved by the landowner as the area is posted against trespassers. The cemetery is about four miles northwest of Concord and is about ½ mile south of the Cass-
Morgan County line. It is two miles southwest of Arenzville. Don Magner, a surveyor who resides in Jacksonville, knew of the exact location of Heffner Cemetery and served as guide to the site. Legal description of Heffner Cemetery would place it in the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of Section 2 in Township 16 N Range 12 W. About ½ mile east of Heffner Cemetery, and situated in the midst of a cultivated field, is the long grave of Starrett B. Houston.

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Bailey, Abraham R. 4 Mar 1789 15 Jan 1877 Age 87 Yr 10 Mo 11 Da
(From "Atlas Map of Morgan County, Illinois,
1872", page 58, is copied the following
biography: Abraham R. Bailey was born
March 4, 1789 in Springfield, Essex County,
New Jersey. He worked at carpentering in
his native state in early life. He went to Ontario
county, New York, and after stopping there with
his uncle, Thomas Bailey, about one year, went down
the Allegheny river on a raft, to Pittsburg, at that
time a small village. He visited also the
villages of Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, and
made one trip to New Orleans, on a flatboat,
before the war of 1812, and on his return,
settled in St. Louis, in 1814. He was at that time
acquainted with nearly all the American citizens
in the village. He worked at his trade, and
built the second frame building ever erected in
St. Louis, which at that time contained only five
stores and two doctors, and Col. Rufus Easton
was the only prominent lawyer of the town.
He went to St. Charles, and there erected a saw
and grist mill. He soon after settled in
Newport, Franklin county, Mo., where he was
married to Miss Elizabeth Sullins, Nov. 4, 1823.
He soon after settled on Plumb Creek, Morgan
County (now in Scott), where he remained
four years, when he settled on the northeast
quarter of Section 2, Township 16 Range 12,
where he now resides, living in quiet retirement
with the wife of his early life, with whom he
has lived nearly fifty years. His children are: Mary,
born September 1, 1824, now deceased;
Nancy, born May 2, 1827, wife of Thomas
Crawford, who resides near her parents; Samuel
Sullins, born April 16, 1833, now a prominent
citizen of Dundee, Mo.; Phoebe Elizabeth, born
August 9, 1842, wife of Joseph F. Heffner,
residing with her parents. Mr. B. has been absent
from the county twenty-eight years, but has
always owned the property he now lives on. He
also owns a large farm in Dundee, Missouri.
Few, if any, of the citizens of Morgan county
have lived to see greater changes in the great
west and northwest than Mr. Bailey. He has
lived to see some of our large cities emerge
from the wilderness, and from small villages. He
has the love and respect of a large circle of acquaintances.)
Bailey, Elizabeth 12 Dec 1803 1 Oct 1884 Age 80 Yr 9 Mo 19 Da
Wife of A. R. Bailey
Heffner, Joseph F. 1833 1919 (He was best known as Francis Heffner.)      
Heffner, Phoebe E. 1842 1930 (She was the wife of Joseph Francis Heffner
and daughter of Abraham R. and Elizabeth
Sullins Bailey. Phebe Elizabeth was born in
Missouri on Aug. 9, 1842 and died Aug. 3, 1930.
She resided in Illinois 58 years.)
Heffner, Merrus A. 94 Yr 0 Mo 11 Da 6 Aug 1961 (Merrus was born in Morgan County, Illinois
on July 25, 1867, a son of Joseph Francis and
Elizabeth Bailey Heffner. Merrus never married.
Considered an eccentric person by some
of his neighbors, he enjoyed making drawings and
carving wood. His grave is the
northernmost burial in the cemetery.
It is unmarked except for a Williamson
Funeral Home marker of metal and glass.
The enclosed identification card is still
dry and legible after being
on the grave over 15 years.)
Heffner, Phebe Inez 30 July 1870 28 Dec 1958 (Phebe was born in Morgan County, Illinois on
July 30, 1870, daughter of Joseph Francis
and Elizabeth Bailey Heffner. Phebe never
married. She seldom visited with neighbors and
didn't encourage visitors to return. She is known
to have worn men's shoes which she laced
with baling wire. Phebe was a "crack shot" with a
rifle and is known to have regularly gone
out with a rifle and bagged some type of wild game
which she would then cook for the evening
meal of her brother Merrus and herself. An often
told story is that upon her death, brother
Merrus was seen dragging her coffin up the bluff
to the cemetery, and that neighbors then
assisted him in completing the task. The story is
branded as a fairy tale by Melvin Dufelmeier,
who himself was a pallbearer at Phebe's funeral.
Mr. Dufelmeier knows that Phebe's grave
is immediately south of the grave of Merrus Heffner.
The grave of Phebe is marked only with
an unreadable funeral home marker.)
Heffner, William F. 1 Mo 28 Da 16 Nov 1860 Son of J. F. & P. E. Heffner
(His name is carved on the same obelisk as
that of his grandparents, Abraham R. and
Elizabeth Sullins Bailey. The tombstone is
still erect, standing perhaps seven feet tall. It is
at the southern edge of the fenced-in area.)

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