Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Diamond Grove Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼, Section 30

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Wackerle, Winifred, Miss

Waddell, Agnes L.

Waddell, Allen L.

Waddell, Anna F.

Waddell, Daughter Of Mrs.

Waddell, Frank J.

Waddell, Isabelle

Waddell, Jennie

Waddell, John S.

Waddell, Mabel Brown

Waddell, Miriam T.

Waddell, N.

Waddell, Thomas Lee

Waddell, Willie T.

Waddington, Mary Ellen

Waddington, William

Wade, Thomas

Wadsworth, Archibald C.

Wadsworth, Delia Witherbee

Wadsworth, Edward W.

Wadsworth, Eudora (Ashes)

Wadsworth, Freddie

Wadsworth, Harry E.

Wadsworth, Julian S.

Wadsworth, Maie Short

Wadsworth, Margaret

Wadsworth, Mary Jane

Wadsworth, Nellie Farrell

Wadsworth, Walter Clark

Wadsworth, William Berry

Wagahoff, Gynell Edmonds

Wagahoff, John H.

Waggoner, Anna, Mrs.

Waggoner, Augusta Colby

Waggoner, Elizabeth

Waggoner, Emma B.

Waggoner, Harold Cotton

Waggoner, James

Waggoner, Peter B.

Waggoner, Rowena E.

Waggoner, Ruth

Waggoner, Sarah A.

Waggoner, William

Waggoner, William D.

Wagner, Henry L.

Wagner, Mary A.

Wahl, Anna

Wahl, Edna

Wahl, Lewis J.

Wahl, Marvin

Wahl, Nathalie

Wahlin, Mary K. Sturdy

Wahlin, O. H. "Don"

Wahrenbrock, A. H.

Wahrenbrock, Carrie F.

Wait, Edgar

Wait, Frances F.

Wait, Phebe M.

Wait, Rhoda

Wait, Robert Randall

Wait, Selah

Wait, Tabia Griffin

Wait, William O.

Wakely, Fannie E.

Wakely, France R.

Wakely, Marion

Wakely, Olive A.

Wakely, Olive E.

Wakely, Robert M.

Wakely, Sarah Louisa

Wakely, Thomas A., M.D.

Walber, George

Walbert, Emmett

Walbourn, A.

Walch, Mark

Waldbauer, Joseph

Waldbauer, Kunigunde

Walker, Bernice May

Walker, C. H.

Walker, Cleaveland P.

Walker, Dovie May

Walker, E. Hayden

Walker, Earl R.

Walker, Galen C.

Walker, Gerald W.

Walker, Grace

Walker, Harry E.

Walker, Infant

Walker, James

Walker, Jennie

Walker, John R.

Walker, Lettitia

Walker, Lois C.

Walker, Louise S.

Walker, Mary Alice

Walker, Mary Ellen

Walker, Mary Josephine

Walker, Meta Theresa

Walker, Richard

Walker, Ruth L.

Walker, Sarah E.

Walker, W. O., M.D.

Walker, Wilford W.

Walker, William S.

Wallace, James D.

Wallace, John

Wallace, Louis

Wallace, Thirza

Wallbaum, Bernita Marie

Wallbaum, Chad E.

Wallbaum, Joseph

Wallbaum, Raymond Leo

Waller, Aaron

Waller, Dow

Waller, Ernest W.

Waller, Mary Short

Wallert, Johanna

Walls, Howard A.

Walls, Lula B.

Walls, Mary E., Mrs.

Walls, Mildred L. Varble

Walls, Murray

Walls, Sylvester T.

Walsh, Dorothy Kumle Forbes

Walsh, Nettie Baldwin

Walsh, Thomas

Walter, Alma Smith

Walter, Bertha C.

Walter, Charles E.

Walter, Ellen R.

Walter, Emma

Walter, Ernest W.

Walter, Harry C.

Walter, J. M.

Walter, Margaret M.

Walter, Meia

Walter, Patricia V.

Walter, Sarah F.

Walter, Theresa

Walter, Xavier

Walter, Xavier Francis

Walters, Anna C.

Walters, Bertha

Walters, Blanch

Walters, Daughter Of Ruben

Walters, Edwin R.

Walters, Effie J.

Walters, Frank H.

Walters, Fred

Walters, Hannah J.

Walters, Joseph A.

Walters, Lulu E. Petry

Walters, Mary Ellen

Walters, Mary Ellen M.

Walters, Ralph

Walters, William E.

Waltman, Dorothy L.

Waltman, Frank A.

Waltman, Rebecca A.

Walton, A. Florence

Walton, Alonzo

Walton, Goldie Bell

Walton, Hazel Belle

Walton, Helen Lousie Weller

Walton, Idella

Walton, Joseph William

Walton, Reuben

Walton, Sarah I.

Walton, William

Wambaugh, Stella

Wanamaker, Dorothy C.

Wanamaker, Dovie

Wanamaker, Frank E.

Wanamaker, Howard

Wanamaker, Maggie

Wanamaker, May Mccaffrey

Wanamaker, Sardelia

Wandell, Nelle F. Self

Wanick, Mary E.

Wanick, Robert H.

Wanizeki, Mary

Wankel, Carl H.

Wankel, Kristal Lynn

Wankel, Mary

Wantland, Florence Alkire

Ward, Albert J.

Ward, Albert Lee

Ward, Charles H.

Ward, Clarence L.

Ward, Daisy Hocking

Ward, Daniel

Ward, Earl Howard

Ward, Edith

Ward, Eliza

Ward, Elizabeth

Ward, Elizabeth A.

Ward, Emma C.

Ward, Faye R.

Ward, Infant Of W.

Ward, Israel W.

Ward, James H.

Ward, John Patrick

Ward, Josephine

Ward, Julia L.

Ward, Lathrop H.

Ward, Leland J.

Ward, Lizzie

Ward, Louis

Ward, Lula

Ward, M. Marie

Ward, Mary E.

Ward, Mary F.

Ward, Melissa

Ward, Mr.

Ward, Nellie, Miss

Ward, Ollie M.

Ward, Robert B.

Ward, Roger L.

Ward, Ruth Marsh

Ward, Sophia

Ward, Susie C.

Ward, Thomas J.

Ward, William

Warfield, Joshua

Warfield, Joshua Allen

Waries, John

Warner, David

Warner, Emelia J.

Warner, Joseph P.

Warner, Mary

Warren, George

Warzar, Charles K.

Warzar, M. Charlotte

Washelby, Henrietta Harriet

Washelby, Matthew

Washington, George

Washington, George (Colored)

Washington, Henry

Washington, James

Washington, Robert P.

Wassmann, Donald H.

Waterfield, Dewey

Waterfield, Dorothy A.

Waterfield, H. Florence

Waterfield, John R.

Waterfield, Joshua Allen

Waterfield, Lou Ida

Waterfield, Luther D.

Waterfield, William Bryan

Waterfield, William P.

Waters, Abel T.

Waters, William

Watkins, Ella

Watkins, M.

Watkinson, Emma

Watkinson, Hannah

Watkinson, Isaac

Watkinson, Jenet

Watkinson, John

Watkinson, Maria

Watkinson, Samuel

Watkinson, William

Watson, Ann

Watson, Anne Lambert

Watson, Cecil L., M.D.

Watson, David Swing

Watson, Ethel

Watson, Frances L. Hamm

Watson, Frank

Watson, George

Watson, Grace

Watson, Hannah A.

Watson, Harley

Watson, Helen Hammond

Watson, Jane

Watson, John

Watson, John R. M.

Watson, Ladora

Watson, Marjorie J. Marsh

Watson, Myra

Watson, Stella M. Taylor

Watson, William Edgar

Watt, Albert A.

Watt, Amy I.

Watt, Anna, Mrs.

Watt, Horatio G.

Watt, James R.

Watt, Junior

Watt, Mabel Biggs

Watt, Mary Zachary

Watt, Miner L.

Watt, Paul I.

Watt, Pauline A.

Watt, Robert L.

Watt, Roy Albert

Watt, Teresa Mcfillin

Watts, Charles N.

Watts, David L.

Watts, E. Amanda

Watts, Elizabeth A., Mrs.

Watts, Hazel B.

Watts, Irvin R.

Watts, Lula Bell

Watts, Mildred M.

Watts, Russell Eugene

Watts, Sylvester T.

Watts, Tony

Watts, William J.

Way, Kenneth J.

Way, Laverne M.

Wayman, William

Wayne, William

Weakley, Andrew F.

Weakley, Louise C.

Weatherbee, Homer

Weatherford, Edward E.

Weatherford, L. Ada

Weatherford, Violet Ferguson

Weaver, Cora T.

Weaver, Golda Drew Sellars

Weaver, Harrison E.

Weaver, Robert E.

Webb, Albert

Webb, Eliza J. Sibert

Webb, John N.

Webb, Julia

Webber, Elouise J.

Weber, Angie Finlay

Weber, Herman

Weber, Infant Daughter Of C. E.

Weber, James C.

Weber, Louis S.

Weber, Marvin F.

Weber, Mary E.

Weber, Sadie

Wedein, August

Wedein, Lydia B.

Weeding, L.

Weeks, Thomas E.

Weems, Eva Mae

Weems, Nicholas M.

Weems, Robert L., Dr.

Weems, Shirley Marshall

Weider, Emma Cockin

Weiesenback, George

Weihls, Child Of A.

Weinberg, Ralph

Weiner, William

Weinhoff, Joseph

Weir, Fannie B.

Weir, Grant

Weir, James E.

Weir, James Oscar

Weir, Miller

Weirkotten, Frances L. Stout

Weirkotten, Robert B.

Weis, Catharine Andras

Weis, Joseph Stanley

Weis, Maggie

Weise, Verona

Weisgerber, Ernest

Welborn, A. H.

Welburn, Alexander

Welburn, Fred

Welburn, Lucy

Welch, B.

Welch, Edward

Welch, Frank

Welch, Hannah

Welch, Robert John

Welch, T. J.

Welch, T. Van

Welcher, Harriet

Weldman, Lelia Smith

Weller, Edward A.

Weller, Emma S.

Weller, Jesse

Weller, Sarah M.

Wellickey, Samuel

Wells, Albrey G.

Wells, Anna B.

Wells, Anna F. Currier

Wells, Annie

Wells, Asenath

Wells, Clara Leith

Wells, Elgin H.

Wells, Ellen

Wells, Ellsworth

Wells, Evelyn

Wells, John W.

Wells, Lloyd E.

Wells, Lydia Ann Tankersley

Wells, Mabel

Wells, Minnie

Wells, Myrtle

Wells, Oscar

Wells, Paul D.

Wells, Robert

Wells, Thelma M. Florence

Wells, William H.

Welton, John

Wendell, Lizzie

Wendt, Anna M.

Wengler, Dorothy

Wengler, George A.

Wengler, Joseph

Wennerstrom, Daniel

Wensing, Maggie

Wentler, Henry

Wentler, Sadie

Werchey, Paul

Werner, Annie

Werries, Anna H.

Werries, Henry G.

Werries, Inez Augusta

Werries, Louis Herman

Werries, Roberta A. Long

Wertz, Joseph D.

Wesner, Lottie Lurton

Wessinger, Phillip Fred

West, Charles A.

West, Elizabeth

West, Marvin G.

West, Mildred K.

West, Molly Blindt

West, Monica Ann

Westbrook, Georgia A.

Westcott, Addie

Wester, Jennie

Western, Mary

Westover, Nancy Bell

Westrope, James Harold

Westrope, John M.

Westrope, Nellie M.

Westrope, Pearl Heflin

Wetzel, Esther M.

Wetzel, George Thieley

Wetzel, Gertrude L.

Wetzel, Lucy Light

Wetzel, Naoma

Weyls, Harry Elmer

Whalen, Alice

Whalen, Jeffrey

Whaley, William H.

Whalin, Elmer F.

Whalin, Ester Marion Phares

Whalin, Hazen Solomon

Whalin, Ida L.

Whalin, Kate Q.

Whalin, Oscar D. (Ashes)

Whalin, William T.

Wharton, Alfred

Wharton, Fred

Wharton, Joseph B.

Wharton, Lawrence Everett

Wharton, Marjorie E.

Wharton, Mary A.

Wharton, Wilhelmina Anderson

Wheatland, Claud Eugene

Wheatland, Marie Baldwin

Wheatley, John A.

Wheaton, Archie L.

Wheaton, Billie W.

Wheaton, Mabel V.

Wheeler, Amanda A.

Wheeler, Ellen

Wheeler, Flora V.

Wheeler, Floy Stevenson

Wheeler, Frank J.

Wheeler, George

Wheeler, George A.

Wheeler, Grandchild Of George

Wheeler, Hannah

Wheeler, Henry

Wheeler, Henry Earl

Wheeler, John

Wheeler, Minnie

Wheeler, Philip G.

Wheeler, Willard C.

Whelton, James

Whetsett, John

Whewell, Ruthanne (Powell)

Whipple, Clarissa V.

Whipple, Samuel L., Dr.

Whitacre, H. Maxine Massey

Whitacre, John Edward

Whitaker, Arthur B.

Whitaker, Benjamin

Whitaker, Chauncey B.

Whitaker, Leroy E.

Whitaker, Marguerite S.

Whitaker, Mary Ann

Whitaker, N. C. (Nancy)

Whitaker, S. R.

Whitaker, Sarah

White, Allen D.

White, Amanda

White, Anna

White, Dorothy M. Darush

White, Edwin

White, Elizabeth B.

White, Elva

White, Farrah Jayde

White, George H.

White, George W.

White, Harrison

White, Herald

White, J. C., Lt.

White, James A.

White, James H.

White, Jane Russel

White, John W.

White, Joyce E.

White, Laura C.

White, Laura Cheseldine

White, Lee

White, M. L. (Mary)

White, Maria

White, Mary J.

White, Miles Harry

White, Rhoda Jane

White, Ruby, Mrs.

White, Ruth Baker

White, Samuel

White, Sarah C.

White, Theodore

White, Thomas

White, Walter Raymond

Whitehead, Flora Belle

Whitehead, Hannah

Whitehead, James

Whitehead, Nelson R.

Whitehead, Silas F.

Whitehead, Wilma A.

Whitehurst, Dallas Lewis

Whitehurst, S. Katherine

Whitford, Alice

Whiting, R. (Rebecca)

Whitlock, Bernice

Whitlock, Eloise

Whitlock, Everett L.

Whitlock, Ewen Irvin

Whitlock, Frances

Whitlock, Herbert

Whitlock, Howard

Whitlock, Leonard H.

Whitlock, Lulu H.

Whitlock, Mary E.

Whitlock, Minnie A.

Whitlock, Nellie E. Clampit

Whitman, Mary E.

Whitmore, Rachael

Whitney, Charles B.

Whitney, Lucy

Whitney, Sarah E.

Whitton, Mildred L. Wheeler

Wiant, Dorothy

Wiant, Ella

Wiant, French

Wiant, Lyle

Wiant, Lyle B.

Wiant, Minnie Lofters

Wickens, Bertha

Wicks, Nancy

Widner, Eldon Lee

Widner, Evelyn Copple

Wiebe, Gladys

Wiechnesk, Anna

Wiedman, Henry P.

Wiggins, C. H.

Wight, Ann C.

Wilbert, Alice C.

Wilbert, Hermina

Wilbert, Michael

Wilbert, Walter F. J.

Wilbur, Hervey P.

Wilbur, Leland

Wilcox, Clarence J.

Wilcox, Ella Anthony

Wilcox, George W.

Wilcox, Samuel

Wild, Catherine G.

Wilday, William C.

Wilding, Baby

Wilding, Bernice

Wilding, Constance

Wilding, Emma N.

Wilding, Estella

Wilding, Richard

Wilding, Ruth Amelia Swanson

Wilding, William R.

Wilding, William R. Jr.

Wiley, Carl C.

Wiley, Carl J.

Wiley, Elizabeth

Wiley, Ganna "Joy"

Wiley, Ganna J.

Wiley, Grace A.

Wiley, Margaret

Wiley, Ruth

Wiley, Sam J.

Wiley, Thomas

Wilfley, John A.

Wilhoit, Elizabeth J.

Wilhoit, Grover

Wilke, Charles

Wilkerson, E.

Wilkins, Robert

Wilkinson, Ann

Wilkinson, Ethelinda C.

Wilkinson, Frances

Wilkinson, Ira O.

Wilkinson, James B.

Wilkinson, John

Wilkinson, John Parke

Wilkinson, Mary

Wilkinson, Norma Jean Krohe

Wilkinson, Otway

Wilkinson, Paul L.

Wilkinson, Simon

Wilkinson, William

Willard, Albert B.

Willard, Harry

Willard, Hester Ann

Willard, Jessie

Willard, Martha

Willard, Percilla

Willard, William M.

Willard, William T.

Willbrandt, David

Willerton, Child Of Wm.

Willerton, Harry

Willerton, Tor

Willhite, Clarissa M.

Willhite, James H.

Williams, Ada

Williams, Anna M.

Williams, Betsy

Williams, Charley Nell

Williams, Clementine H.

Williams, Constance Joan

Williams, Daisy Mae

Williams, Edmond

Williams, Eleanor Mcgill

Williams, Ella

Williams, Emily E.

Williams, Emma

Williams, Fern M.

Williams, Florence

Williams, Frank M.

Williams, G.

Williams, G. B.

Williams, George

Williams, Homer

Williams, James

Williams, John M.

Williams, Laurel O.

Williams, Mamie

Williams, Margaret

Williams, Martha A. Henderson

Williams, Mary E.

Williams, Mary Eloise

Williams, Math

Williams, Melinda

Williams, Mollie A.

Williams, Myrtle

Williams, Nola

Williams, Patricia L.

Williams, Patrick W.

Williams, Ralph Joseph

Williams, Robert K.

Williams, Samuel

Williams, Sarah

Williams, Sarah H.

Williams, Sylvia, Mrs.

Williams, Thomas

Williams, V. H. (V. Harvey)

Williams, Wade

Williams, Wanda Luella

Williams, William

Williamson, A. B.

Williamson, Anna M.

Williamson, Charles C.

Williamson, Charles E.

Williamson, Cynthia

Williamson, Donald R.

Williamson, Dorothy

Williamson, Effie L.

Williamson, Elisha M.

Williamson, Elizabeth

Williamson, Ernestine S.

Williamson, Fred A.

Williamson, Harlan A.

Williamson, Harlan Lee

Williamson, Hattie L.

Williamson, Helen

Williamson, Irma L.

Williamson, James Julian

Williamson, John H.

Williamson, Joseph B.

Williamson, Lou B.

Williamson, Margaret H.

Williamson, Mary B.

Williamson, Orville

Williamson, Samuel

Williamson, Shirley Reed

Williamson, Walter C.

Willincourt, Patrick

Willis, Anna C.

Willis, Annie S.

Willis, Catherine A.

Willis, Charles S.

Willis, Charles W.

Willis, Easter

Willis, Mary Eloise

Willner, Dorothy J. Bradney

Willner, Maurice W.

Wills, Daughter Of J. L.

Wills, Dobert

Wills, Emily J., Mrs.

Wills, John J.

Wills, Maria Agnes

Willy, Catherine

Wilson, Alexander

Wilson, Amelia

Wilson, Anna

Wilson, B. W.

Wilson, Baby

Wilson, Barnard Stokes

Wilson, Bertha Dunlap

Wilson, C. *

Wilson, Carrie

Wilson, Charles

Wilson, Charles A.

Wilson, Charles Albert

Wilson, Charles W.

Wilson, Child Of Clifford

Wilson, Clair

Wilson, Darrel G.

Wilson, David

Wilson, Dorothy M.

Wilson, Drew

Wilson, Edith K.

Wilson, Edmund J.

Wilson, Elizabeth

Wilson, Elwood W.

Wilson, Ernest

Wilson, Ernest A.

Wilson, Estella E.

Wilson, Eugene

Wilson, Eva B.

Wilson, Everett L.

Wilson, Fergene Goddin

Wilson, Frank

Wilson, George

Wilson, George A.

Wilson, George R.

Wilson, George W.

Wilson, Grace C.

Wilson, H. *

Wilson, Harmon G.

Wilson, Hattie Hine

Wilson, Hazel B.

Wilson, Hazel Fischer Claus

Wilson, Inez E. Winter

Wilson, Infant Of Davie

Wilson, Irene

Wilson, Ivorine Coultas

Wilson, James O.

Wilson, Jane

Wilson, John

Wilson, John N.

Wilson, John R.

Wilson, John W.

Wilson, Joseph W.

Wilson, Kepin

Wilson, Laura L.

Wilson, Laura M.

Wilson, Leland

Wilson, Lloyd H.

Wilson, Lou Ella

Wilson, M.

Wilson, M. Adelia

Wilson, M. Opal

Wilson, Mable K.

Wilson, Marie

Wilson, Martha L.

Wilson, Martha Strawn

Wilson, Mary

Wilson, Mary A.

Wilson, Mary Conlee

Wilson, Mary F.

Wilson, Mary Strawn

Wilson, Mrs.

Wilson, Newton C.

Wilson, Rebecca Jane

Wilson, Richard P.

Wilson, Ruth

Wilson, Ruth D.

Wilson, Ruth Joy

Wilson, Sarah Ann

Wilson, Sarah Elizabeth

Wilson, Sarah S.

Wilson, T. Jonas

Wilson, Terry Edward

Wilson, Theresa Fay

Wilson, Thomas

Wilson, Thomas D.

Wilson, Tishie M.

Wilson, Verner David

Wilson, Walter F.

Wilson, William

Wilson, William Homer

Wilson, William T.

Wiltberger, Albert

Wimer, Rufus

Wincek, Walenty

Winchell, William

Winchester, Ann

Winchester, Dean H.

Winchester, Dorothy Lee

Winchester, Elizabeth Marshall

Winchester, James

Winchester, Jamima

Winchester, Joseph H.

Winchester, Lucinda

Winchester, Mary

Winchester, William James

Winkelman, George

Winner, Gary Eugene

Winner, Georgiann

Winner, Harlow W.

Winner, Hattie M.

Winner, Mary H.

Winner, Wayne E.

Winnick, Anna

Winslow, F. R. (Francis)

Winstead, Amos J.

Winstead, Jack

Winstead, Mamie A.

Winstead, Margaret E.

Winter, Ada R. Megginson

Winter, Claude Oliver

Winter, Homer M.

Winter, Patricia Ann

Winter, Ronald

Winter, Sarah

Winterbotham, Frances W.

Winterbotham, Joseph A.

Winterbotham, Joseph E.

Winterbottom, Eliz. Gillham

Winterbottom, Jesse Newton

Winterbottom, Joseph, Rev.

Winters, Sarah, Mrs.

Winters, William

Wintler, George B.

Wintler, Henry

Wintler, Nellie M.

Wintler, Sadie

Winz, Ellen M.

Wirtman, George

Wise, Everett C.

Wise, Helen Fitzsimmons

Wise, Mary E. Knapp

Wise, Orville F.

Wiseman, Louise H.

Wiseman, Mary L.

Wiseman, William H.


Wiswall, Ellen

Wiswall, Henry

Wiswall, Jeanette

Wiswall, Katie

Wiswall, Mary

Wiswall, Orville

Wiswell, Clara M.

Wiswell, Earl B.

Wiswell, G. Marie

Wiswell, George T.

Wiswell, Mary Ellen

Wiswell, Mary, Miss

Wiswell, Samantha

Wiswell, Thomas

Witcher, William

Witham, Linda Carol

Witham, Marissa H.

Withee, Barbara Jean

Withee, Bertha A.

Withee, Charles R.

Withee, Elizabeth E.

Withee, G. Garland

Withee, Hart A.

Withee, Mabel

Withee, Mary A.

Withee, Ralph

Withee, Robert Donald

Witherbee, Charles

Witherbee, Eliza

Witherbee, Elizabeth

Witherbee, Harriet Louisa

Witherbee, Homer

Witherbee, Seth

Witherbee, William Perry

Withers, Emily J.

Withers, Harry Chester

Withrow, Mary E.

Withrow, Philip B.

Witt, Sam R.

Witwer, Addie Stice

Witwer, Charles R.

Witwer, Infant

Witwer, Jack James

Witwer, Jacob E.

Witwer, James Wiley

Witwer, Lloyd James

Witwer, Lucy F. Claywell

Wizard, Esther

Woerner, Henry

Wohemer, Annie

Wolcott, Elihu

Wolcott, Elizur

Wolcott, Illegible A.

Wolcott, Illegible Stone

Wolcott, Martha L. Dwight

Wolcott, Mary

Wolcott, Sarah C.

Wolcott, Sarah E.

Woldemuth, Frank

Wolf, Ernest

Wolf, John

Wolfe, Baby

Wolfe, Birdie Clark

Wolfe, Catherine "Kay" O'Meara

Wolfe, Frank Oliver

Wolfe, John Clark

Wolfe, John William

Wolfe, Ruth A. Porter

Wolfe, William G.

Wolke, Addie M.

Wolke, Bertha Kemp

Wolke, Charles E.

Wolke, Clementine

Wolke, Dale

Wolke, Hazel Marie

Wolke, Infant Of Laura D.

Wolke, John Lee

Wolke, John N.

Wolke, Joseph A.

Wolke, Judith

Wolke, Laura Barnard

Wolke, Lillian M.

Wolke, Mae B.

Wolke, Maximillian

Wolke, Shirley Baker

Wolke, William K.

Wolke, William Kemp

Woloczyn, Michael

Wolter, Charles C.

Wolter, Effie E.

Wolter, Flora E.

Wolter, Mathew H.

Wolter, Ralph Lee

Wolters, Harry H.

Woltman, H. C., M.D.

Woltman, Katherine

Wood, Belle

Wood, Charles H.

Wood, Donald Leroy

Wood, Eliza

Wood, Eliza B.

Wood, Elizabeth J.

Wood, Elizabeth Ransom

Wood, Emily Dunlap

Wood, Emma D.

Wood, Frances Elizabeth

Wood, George Milton

Wood, Georgia A. Reynolds

Wood, Hannah

Wood, Helen M.

Wood, Infant Of L. P.

Wood, James

Wood, James B.

Wood, Jonathan

Wood, Joseph T.

Wood, Martha A. Pervis

Wood, Mary Dustin

Wood, Mary E.

Wood, Mattie

Wood, Milton M.

Wood, Niagara

Wood, Norman N.

Wood, Preston

Wood, Richard S.

Wood, Samuel

Wood, Samuel B.

Wood, Sarah Frances

Wood, Theresa

Wood, Viola

Wood, Virgil M.

Wood, William Dustin

Wood, William J.

Wood, William James

Woodall, Hannah

Woodall, John

Woodall, William

Woodall, Willis M.

Woodin, Cornelia Guthrie

Woodman, Adolphus

Woodman, Albert

Woodman, Alice E.

Woodman, Edward S.

Woodman, Emily

Woodman, Isabella King

Woodman, James King

Woodman, John

Woodman, Kate, Mrs.

Woodman, Paul

Woodman, Tom

Woodrum, Anne

Woodrum, Barry

Woods, Abram C.

Woods, Aileen D.

Woods, Bessie Lee

Woods, Daisy M.

Woods, Edward C.

Woods, Ellen A.

Woods, George W.

Woods, Henry

Woods, Infant Of C.

Woods, Irving

Woods, John H.

Woods, Kenneth L.

Woods, Lema C.

Woods, Lorena Tyrell

Woods, Martha M.

Woods, Mary C.

Woods, Mary Cornell

Woods, Molly

Woods, Nellie

Woods, Robert N.

Woods, Susan

Woods, Thomas J.

Woods, Truth

Woods, Vina

Woods, W. L.

Woods, Wesley

Woods, William Henry

Woodson, Junius

Woodward, Bernard L.

Woodward, Caroline

Woodward, Charlotte

Woodward, Dexter

Woodward, Fred

Woodward, Lena Viola

Woodward, Mary E.

Woodward, Son Of Dexter

Woolen, S. M.

Woolsey, Belle E.

Woolsey, Dorothy D.

Woolston, Lucia Orr

Woolston, Robert W.

Wooster, D. R.

Wooster, M. Y.

Workman, Annie

Workman, Peter

Wormley, John H.

Worrall, Clarence D.

Worrall, Clifford S.

Worrall, Ella Conner

Worrall, Hazel K.

Worrall, Mary Ellen

Worrall, Paul

Worsham, Evelyn

Worsham, Hannah L.

Worthen, Elvira C.

Worthington, Florence

Worthington, Mary E.

Worthington, Miriam M.

Worthington, Morrison

Worthington, Thomas

Wright, A.

Wright, Aileen B.

Wright, Catherine

Wright, Daniel

Wright, Debra Lynn

Wright, Elizabeth

Wright, Gerald O.

Wright, Grant L.

Wright, Harold E.

Wright, Harold J.

Wright, Henry A.

Wright, Jackie Laverne

Wright, John W.

Wright, Joseph

Wright, Joseph E.

Wright, Katharine M.

Wright, Lois Walter

Wright, Marguerite

Wright, Miles H.

Wright, Naomi N.

Wright, Nettie Friday

Wright, Robert N.

Wright, Roxy A.

Wright, Roy A.

Wright, Shirley S.

Wright, Stanley Warren

Wright, Travis

Wright, Wayne

Wurtsbaugh, Gladys E.

Wurtsbaugh, Leroy A.

Wyatt, Arthur H.

Wyatt, Charles A.

Wyatt, Children Of W. S. (4)

Wyatt, Howard

Wyatt, Laura A.

Wyatt, Lydia

Wyatt, Martin Van Buren

Wyatt, Mary A.

Wyatt, Mary E.

Wyatt, Minnie M.

Wyatt, Phebe Ellis

Wyatt, Rebecca J.

Wyatt, Susan E.

Wyatt, William

Wyatt, William B.

Wyatt, William S.

Wylder, Ethel K.

Wylder, J. L.

Wylder, S. E.

Wyley, Eliza

Wyley, John

Wyllie, J.

Wynehauser, Mary

Wyrochowski, Charles W.

Wys, John

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