Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Diamond Grove Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼, Section 30

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Vail, Abbie F.

Vail, Asa Meade

Vail, Claude B.

Vail, Father

Vail, Ida B.

Vail, Infant

Vail, James M.

Vail, Lillie C.

Vail, Marcus

Vail, Mary

Vail, Mother

Vail, Myra

Vail, Nellie

Vail, Nellie H.

Vail, Phillip

Vail, Ruth A.

Vail, Ruth, Mrs.

Vail, W. D.

Valentine, Andrew

Valentine, Gordon

Valentine, Katie

Valovcik, Ignatz

Valsia, Laura Francis

Vanaltman, Anna

Vanamire, Amanda C.

Vanarsdale, Martha

Vanburen, Albert

Vance, Martha, Mrs.

Vancore, Maud

Vandoren, Agnes P.

Vangelder, Isaac N.

Vangilder, Marie B.

Vangundy, Anna Vannier

Vangundy, Clara B.

Vangundy, George

Vangundy, Louise

Vangundy, Roy G.

Vangundy, Ruth Marilyn

Vanhook, Ruffian

Vanhouten, Beatrice

Vanhouten, John I.

Vanhouten, Mortimer

Vanhouten, Pauline M.

Vanhouten, Rufus E.

Vanhyning, Alonzo

Vanhyning, Elizabeth E.

Vanhyning, Fred

Vanhyning, Mabel L.

Vaniter, Bobby E.

Vaniter, Flossie B.

Vanlue, Walter

Vann, Cornelius

Vanness, Sarah

Vanness, Theodore

Vannier, Arthur

Vannier, Mabel R.

Vannoy, Doris Alene

Vannoy, John Kelsey

Vanormer, John

Vanpeters, Christopher

Vanrenseleer, Anna

Vantine, Ella M.

Vantine, W. R.

Vantoff, Evelyn

Vantoff, William A.

Vanvacter, Ester E.

Vanvacter, James R.

Vanvleet, B.

Vanwelch, T., Dr.

Vanwerden, Georgia

Vanwermer, Dora

Vanzant, Martha A.

Varble, Maurice S.

Varble, Vera E.

Varner, Andrew J.

Vasconcellos, Antonio P.

Vasconcellos, Florence Park

Vasconcellos, George W.

Vasconcellos, Harriet

Vasconcellos, Mary C.

Vasey, Bessie

Vasey, Bessie M.

Vasey, Carrie Gibbs

Vasey, Charles H.

Vasey, Claude E.

Vasey, Cynthia

Vasey, Cynthia Jane

Vasey, Eliza

Vasey, Emma

Vasey, George

Vasey, George Herbert

Vasey, Grace Hadden

Vasey, Grover G.

Vasey, Helen Margaret

Vasey, Isabella

Vasey, Jeanette Ebey

Vasey, John

Vasey, John J.

Vasey, Lillie

Vasey, Mildred Eubank

Vasey, Nettis Hills

Vasey, Peter

Vasey, R. Gordon

Vasey, Raymond Gordon

Vasey, Richard

Vasey, Richardson

Vasey, Robert E.

Vasey, Virginia Gordon

Vasseller, Hattie Bartlett

Vasseller, James

Vaughn, Gilbert

Vaughn, Jenette

Vaught, Helen Wait

Vaught, Lawrence Oscar

Vauston, Catherine L.

Vauston, Child Of Thomas

Veaber, Charles

Veitch, Clara

Veitch, Harriet T. Nevins

Veitch, Rachael

Veitch, Rebecca

Veitch, Silas

Veitch, Silas, Mrs.

Veitch, William E.

Venghaus, Erma F.

Verbol, Mike

Verniaud, Mary

Vernor, Russel L.

Verry, Ava

Verry, Clarrissa

Verry, Infants (2)

Verry, Lydia W.

Verry, William C.

Vickery, Elizabeth

Vickery, Emma

Vickery, Emma J.

Vickery, Frank P.

Vickery, George

Vickery, George Henry

Vickery, Infant Daughter Of Frank

Vickery, John A.

Vickery, Sue I.

Vieira, Carrie Martin

Vieira, John

Vieira, Joseph L.

Vieira, Lax Franks

Vieira, Manuel

Vieira, Myrtle, Mrs.

Vieira, Nellie

Vieira, Nellie G. Gardner

Vieira, Tressie M.

Villmer, Edward

Vilts, Joseph

Vincent, John

Vinecore, F.

Virco, Elizabeth Paterson

Virco, Sydney Richard

Vise, Eleanor R.

Vise, Emery S.

Vise, G.

Vise, Gary J.

Vise, Lucy

Vise, Sherlon

Vogel, John

Vogle, Henry

Vogle, Infant Daughter Of Martin

Vogle, Martin

Vogles, Jacob

Vogles, Sarah

Voliva, Laura Walter

Vonalmen, Anna Weis

Vonbremen, Hugo

Vorhees, Richard

Vorhees, Sarah Gaston

Vorhees, William

Vosseller, Hattie Bartlett

Vosseller, James Oliver

Voullaire, Gladys S.

Vratil, Anna

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