Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Diamond Grove Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼, Section 30

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Taggart, Agnes

Tallquist, Albert

Tally, Orson P.

Tandy, Edward

Tandy, Henry

Tandy, Willis

Tankersley, Jerry

Tankersley, Sarah

Tanner, Annie E.

Tanner, Edward A.

Tanner, Elizabeth

Tanner, Laura V.

Tanner, Marion B.

Tapscott, Brian W.

Taylor, Alice, Mrs.

Taylor, Anna

Taylor, Arthur Runyon

Taylor, Barry

Taylor, Bert E.

Taylor, C. Riggs

Taylor, Carlton W.

Taylor, Ceres C. Keene

Taylor, Charles A.

Taylor, Charles R.

Taylor, Clara E.

Taylor, Doris

Taylor, Edith Massey

Taylor, Edward

Taylor, Florence L.

Taylor, Frances E.

Taylor, Frances M.

Taylor, George A.

Taylor, George W.

Taylor, H.

Taylor, James

Taylor, Jean Mcnair

Taylor, John T.

Taylor, John W.

Taylor, Katie Fink

Taylor, Laura

Taylor, Lindsey Beth

Taylor, Mame H.

Taylor, Margaret M.

Taylor, Marie

Taylor, Mary Billings

Taylor, Mary Black

Taylor, Mary Edith

Taylor, Mary F. Scott

Taylor, Mary H. Groves

Taylor, Mary P.

Taylor, Milton Adolph

Taylor, Mittie A.

Taylor, Murrell Runyon

Taylor, Patricia A.

Taylor, Thomas

Taylor, Viola

Taylor, William

Taylor, William Walbridge

Teach, Caroline

Teid, Cassandia

Teller, Mary F.

Teller, Mr.

Temple, Beatrice Dickinson

Temple, Claude Willard

Templin, Arthur C.

Templin, George G.

Templin, Grace E.

Templin, Liberty A.

Tendick, Alice Hempel

Tendick, Ann Catherine

Tendick, Anna J.

Tendick, Bonnilyn B.

Tendick, Carl Bernard Sr.

Tendick, Clara E.

Tendick, Clyde C. Sr.

Tendick, Coofred

Tendick, Dorothy

Tendick, Edward

Tendick, Elizabeth L.

Tendick, Florence E.

Tendick, Frances Lucille Watkins

Tendick, Frank

Tendick, Frank Rehm

Tendick, G. A.

Tendick, George

Tendick, Georgia Ezaline

Tendick, Godfrey

Tendick, Gottfried

Tendick, Henrietta N.

Tendick, Henry

Tendick, Jacob

Tendick, Jeanne

Tendick, John

Tendick, John A.

Tendick, Judith Eva Hettick

Tendick, Lillie G.

Tendick, Louise G.

Tendick, M. Elizabeth

Tendick, Mae

Tendick, Marie

Tendick, Marie Belle

Tendick, Matilda

Tendick, Minnie

Tendick, Peter

Tendick, Robert Emmett

Tendick, Rosina Rehm

Tendick, Sebella

Tendick, Stella May

Tendick, William

Terdin, Francis

Terry, Abbey L.

Terry, Agraham

Terry, Catharine B.

Terry, Child Of Wood

Terry, Edward H.

Terry, Henry

Terry, James M.

Terry, Lillias

Terry, Mary

Terry, Mary Ayers

Terry, Mary E.

Terry, Sallie

Terry, Samuel

Terry, Silas G.

Terry, Unknown

Terwilligan, Oscar

Tessier, Lytta N. Marsh

Thacker, Art B.

Thacker, Elizabeth

Tharp, J. N.

Tharp, Mary L.

Thayer, Frank

Theivagt, Jacob

Theivagt, Jennie M.

Theobald, Annie E.

Theobald, John W.

Theobald, Minnie Streuter

Theobald, Russell S.

Thies, Alice E.

Thies, Charles C.

Thies, Child Of William

Thies, Fred H.

Thies, Henry William

Thies, Louisa German

Thies, Manny

Thies, Matilda Moeller

Thies, Ronald

Thies, Rosa

Thies, Samuel

Thies, Walter E.

Thies, William

Thies, William L.

Tholen, Anna

Tholen, George

Tholen, Margarette C.

Tholen, Mary J.

Thomas, Alice

Thomas, Fred

Thomas, Georgan

Thomas, Green

Thomas, Hazel Massey

Thomas, Helen

Thomas, Jack E.

Thomas, Karl D.

Thomas, Leanah Orear

Thomas, Lee

Thomas, Lucile A.

Thomas, Mary A.

Thomas, Otis O.

Thomas, Ray Alan

Thomas, Virginia B.

Thomason, Alice

Thomason, Allinson

Thomason, Anna

Thomason, Charles

Thomason, Ches. A.

Thomason, Georgie E.

Thomason, Lizzie

Thomason, Phoebe Boddy

Thompson - Melnick, Linda D.

Thompson, ?

Thompson, Adele Upmeyer

Thompson, Albert Haines

Thompson, Alice Foster

Thompson, Anna

Thompson, Annanias

Thompson, Betty L.

Thompson, Charles N.

Thompson, Charles P.

Thompson, Clara

Thompson, Corine

Thompson, Della

Thompson, Edgar B.

Thompson, Edna Allan

Thompson, Elizabeth R.

Thompson, Elsie Leona

Thompson, Emma

Thompson, Emma B.

Thompson, F. Louise

Thompson, Gladys Smith

Thompson, Hanna

Thompson, Harriet

Thompson, Harriet M.

Thompson, Harry

Thompson, Hetty J.

Thompson, Ida Clayton

Thompson, Jack

Thompson, James H.

Thompson, Jeanette Wagner

Thompson, Jenny

Thompson, John

Thompson, John J.

Thompson, Kay Yvonne

Thompson, L. Katherine

Thompson, Lillian O.

Thompson, Lydia M.

Thompson, Margaret Layton

Thompson, Mary

Thompson, Mary E.

Thompson, Mary J.

Thompson, Oren F.

Thompson, Owen Pierce

Thompson, Rebecca

Thompson, Robert G.

Thompson, Samuel A.

Thompson, Stephen Henry

Thompson, Tabetha

Thompson, Tabitha J. Craig

Thompson, Thomas J.

Thompson, W. H.

Thompson, William

Thompson, William A.

Thompson, William Fiske

Thompson, William Maxwell

Thompson, William Russell

Thomson, Isabel Ballow

Thomson, Marilyn Jane

Thomson, Mary Willard

Thomson, Rebecca Bentley

Thomson, Robert Bruce

Thomson, William E.

Thorn, Ferol M. Smith

Thorn, Marion W.

Thornborrow, E. Alfred

Thornborrow, Eliza A.

Thornborrow, Frank S.

Thornborrow, John

Thornburg, Sedalia

Thorndike, Edmond I.

Thorndike, John L.

Thorndike, John L. Iii

Thorndike, Laura

Thorndike, Sophia

Thorndike, Walker

Thorne, Annie M.

Thorne, Eliza

Thorne, George

Thorne, James H.

Thorne, Lou M.

Thorne, Oather

Thorne, Sarah

Thornell, Columbia

Thorneycraft, Blanch I.

Thornton, Frances E.

Thornton, Warren

Thorpe, Bradley

Thrasher, C. C.

Thrift, Preazin

Thrift, Wallace

Thurman, Eloise Pittner Capps

Thursby, George D.

Thurston, Covie Colburn

Thurston, James A.

Thyholds, Marietta S.

Tibbs, Thomas

Tichenor, Rachel Lindsey

Tickner, Ella

Ticknor, Avarilla

Ticknor, Elmer E. H.

Ticknor, Flora, Mrs.

Ticknor, Ida M.

Ticknor, Leroy L.

Ticknor, Mary F.

Ticknor, Serer F.

Tiffany, Mary Berdan

Tikosh, Joe

Timmons, Kristen N.

Tindale, Mattie Talbot

Tindall, Edmund M.

Tindall, Ellen M.

Tindall, Emily M.

Tindall, Hazel

Tindall, Samuel

Tingle, Ebenezer T.

Tingle, Henry C.

Tingle, Margaret A., M.D.

Tingle, Mary

Tingle, Sarah

Tingle, Sarah Capps

Tingle, Warren

Tingle, William

Tinkel, Charles

Tinsley, Elizabeth

Tinsley, Genevie

Tinzley, Mary E.

Tippen, Martha A.

Tipps, Amy Eades

Tipps, Byno E.

Tipps, Charles A.

Tipps, Elmo

Tipps, Helen D.

Tipps, Helen Tendick

Tisserat, Jennie

Tissington, Fanny

Tissington, Margaretta

Tissington, Mary

Tissington, Robert

Tissington, Thomas

Todd, Anna

Todd, Bell

Todd, Edith

Todd, Elbert

Todd, Elbridge G.

Todd, Eugene R.

Todd, Francis L.

Todd, Howard E.

Todd, Ivalee

Todd, James L.

Todd, Mabel

Todd, Mazie M.

Todd, Rhoda King

Todd, Ruth

Todd, Savannah Rae

Todd, Vernon K.

Todd, Willard

Todd, William F.

Toensmann, Anna

Toler, Angie E.

Tollefson, James D.

Tolley, Mary A.

Tomlin, E. I. Hall, Mrs.

Tomlinson, E. J.

Tomlinson, E. Y.

Tomlinson, Fay M.

Tomlinson, J.

Tomlinson, J. T. Jr.

Tomlinson, Margaret

Tomlinson, T. M.

Tomlinson, Wanda K.

Tomlovich, Doris L. Wolke

Tomlovich, Joseph J.

Tompkins, Agnes A.

Tompkins, Samuel J.

Tool, Caledonia

Tooley, Laura

Toomey, Margaret

Topping, Louisa G.

Topping, Marcus H.

Torry, May

Towers, Emma

Towers, Joseph

Towers, Mary E.

Towers, Susan

Towers, William

Town, George

Towner, Infant Of William

Towner, Mary E. Sibert

Townsend, Anna D.

Trabue, Caroline Fish

Trabue, Coral G.

Trabue, Ellie John, Miss

Trabue, John

Trabue, Marie U. Richards

Trabue, Paul

Trailor, Thomas

Trapp, Theresa

Trash, Marjorie

Traver, Earl Henry

Traver, Mary Alice

Travers, Ruby

Traylor, Hannah Dunavan

Traylor, Thomas P.

Tremblett, Abigail

Tremblett, Baby

Tremblett, George

Trent, Brenda Sue

Trent, David Henry

Tribble, Alma R. Myers

Tribble, Betty L.

Tribble, Clara

Tribble, Davis Parker

Tribble, Florena

Tribble, George Woodson

Tribble, Georgia Greenleaf

Tribble, Harold O.

Tribble, Infant Son

Tribble, Oscar J.

Tribble, Wallace

Tribble, Wanda V.

Trimbel, John W.

Trimble/Tribble, John

Triplett, Betsey

Triplett, James O.

Triplett, William

Tripplet, Abe

Tripplet, James A.

Trolli, Nicola

Trommel, Charles A.

Trommel, Nellie C.

Trotter, Dorothea E.

Trotter, Harry F.

Trotter, James Harry

Trotter, James M.

Trotter, Katie M. Boyce

Trotter, Laova B.

Trotter, Rollyn B.

Troxell, Hobert W.

Truesdale, Julius R.

Trumbo, Ann Louise

Trumbo, Cynthia

Trumson, Emma

Trusdall, N.

Truskoski, Roman

Tucker, Anna Elizabeth

Tucker, Austin A.

Tucker, Clarence Merriman

Tucker, Eva Regina

Tucker, George

Tucker, Imogene Lee

Tucker, Jessie Rea

Tucker, Martha

Tucker, Mary Amelia

Tucker, Miriam D.

Tucker, Murray Ritter

Tuma, Dorothy L.

Tuma, Elmer J.

Tuma, Margaret J.

Tunison, Alma

Tunison, Arthur

Tunison, Catherine Reed

Tunison, Francis Elbert

Tunison, Henry C.

Tunison, Ida R.

Tunison, James W.

Tunsted, Henry

Tureman, John

Turley, Alice E.

Turley, Margaret A.

Turley, Thomas

Turley, William E.

Turner, Alexander

Turner, Andrew

Turner, Carrie, Mrs.

Turner, Charles Arthur

Turner, Charlie

Turner, Christopher Michael

Turner, Darrell E.

Turner, Elizabeth

Turner, Elizabeth A.

Turner, Frank

Turner, Frederick C.

Turner, George Robert

Turner, Harry R.

Turner, Jesse Jr.

Turner, Jonathan B.

Turner, Jordan W.

Turner, Joseph A.

Turner, Kerry R.

Turner, Leslie

Turner, Lori

Turner, Marietta Hall

Turner, Mary E.

Turner, Mary Frances Hinman

Turner, Mary Jane

Turner, Michael Vincent

Turner, Mother

Turner, Rhodolphus

Turner, Rolla Fae

Turner, Thelma June

Turner, William

Turner, William Willis

Turney, Kitty A.

Twyford, Barbara J.

Twyford, Harold E.

Twyford, Richard

Twyford, Sue Hauser

Tyler, Fanny

Tyler, Mollie

Tyler, William

Tyrrell, Elizabeth M.

Tyrrell, Theodore

Tyrrell, Zoe

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