Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Diamond Grove Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼, Section 30

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Oakes, Catharine A.

Oakes, Grace Turley

Oakes, Mary Turley

Oakes, Royal

Oakes, Valley

Oakley, Addie

Oben, Charles

Obendorf, John

Obermeyer, Catherine Ann

Obermeyer, Charles A.

Obermeyer, Deane

Obermeyer, Gertrude

Obermeyer, Harry P.

Obermeyer, John

Obermeyer, Maurice Dean

Obermeyer, Maxe Allyn Sr.

Obermeyer, Myrtle Six

Obermeyer, Sadie B.

Obermeyer, Vivian Dale Wyatt

Oberse, George

Obert, Ollie

Obert, William

Obertate, Charles H.

Obertate, Ernestine F.

Obertate, George Perbix

Obertate, Ida Perbix

Obinyard, Infant Male

Obrentz, Draga

O'Brian, Richard

O'Brien, Anna

O'Brien, Christopher O.

O'Brien, James

O'Brien, John

O'Brien, Michael

O'Brien, Sarah S.

O'Connel, William

O'Connell, Eva

O'Connell, Joseph B.

O'Connell, Margaret

Oconner, Bertha

O'Conner, Daniel (Ashes)

Odell, Eliza Ann

O'Dell, Ethel Helen

Oderkirk, Percy

O'Donnel, Katie

O'Donnell, Catherine

O'Donnell, Hugh

Oehler, Virginia Currier

O'Ferral, John P.

O'Field, Miss

Ogden, Effie

Ogden, Emma

Ogden, Joseph

Ogden, Levi H.

Ogden, Robert

Ogden, Sarah Edna

Ogden, Thomas

Ogle, Earl

Ogle, Harry

Ogle, John B.

Ogle, Margaret A.

Ogram, Alfred James, Dr.

Ogram, Flora Helen

O'Halloran, Anna

O'Halloran, Mary

Oharn, Dorothy

Ohl, Anna

Ohler, Virginia

Ohnmacht, Anton

Oldenburg, Amelia S. Nebold

Olderwurtel, Louis

Oldham, Shack

Olds, Ernest Albert

Olds, Mary Doying

Olenslayger, Louie

Olesky, Victor

Oliver, Ada H.

Oliver, Carrie L.

Oliver, Martha C.

Oliver, Nelson

Oliver, William A.

Ollenzyeski, K. A.

Olmstead, Florence L.

Olmsted, Ellen B.

Olmsted, Lewis S.

Olroyd, Baby

Olroyd, Byron W.

Olroyd, George Howard

Olroyd, Henry S.

Olroyd, Loyce W.

Olroyd, Myrtle V.

Olroyd, Sidney H.

Olroyd, W. J.

Olsen, Fred

Olsen, Frederick O.

Olsen, Kenneth L.

Olsen, Mabel U.

Olsen, Mary Jo

Olsen, Otto M.

Olsen, Violet Howerton

Olson, Carl

Olson, Edwin G.

Olson, Emma

Olson, Eric Jon

Olson, Louise

Olson, Virginia M. (Bill)

Onken, Amy Burnham

Onken, Fanny Burnham

Onken, Gustav

Onken, Harry Kirby

Onken, Harry Kirby Jr.

Onken, Irene Butcher

Onken, John C.

Onken, John Francis

Opperman, Ethel Cruse

Opperman, Harry R.

Opperman, Herman

Opperman, Herman Fred

Opperman, Laura A.

Opperman, Mabel

Opperman, Mary Strubbe

Opperman, Stuart L.

Opperman, Walter V.

Orear, Daniel

Orear, Nettie

Orear, Sallie B.

Orear, Sawyer

Orear, Thesta M.

Orear, Thomas S.

Orear, William

Ornellas, Noah

Ornellas, Phinia B.

O'Roark, William

Orr, Lucy, Mrs.

Orton, Minnie

Osborn, Alice

Osborne, A. C.

Osborne, Baby Son

Osborne, C. A.

Osborne, Carry M.

Osborne, Corrine J.

Osborne, Daisy Rayhill

Osborne, David W.

Osborne, Elizabeth J.

Osborne, Ellen

Osborne, Georgia L.

Osborne, J. H.

Osborne, James E.

Osborne, John T.

Osborne, L. M.

Osborne, Lewis M.

Osborne, Louise Hill

Osborne, Martha A.

Osborne, Mary A.

Osborne, Mary Capps

Osborne, Nettie K.

Osborne, R. N.

Osborne, R. T.

Osborne, S. S.

Osborne, Samuel D.

Osborne, Samuel N.

Osborne, Virginia Marie

Osborne, Virginia R.

Osborne, W. C.

O'Shea, Robert T.

Ostendorf, Theresa

Osterholt, Clara

Osterholt, Fred

Osterholt, Herman

Osterholt, Louis

Osterloh, Alice M.

Osterloh, Hattie

O'Toole, Charles

O'Toon, Charles

Overstreet, Ford

Overstreet, Isabell

Overstreet, Margaret E.

Overstreet, Susan

Owderka, Herman

Owen, Aminta E.

Owen, Eliza S.

Owen, Father (Wm. Bryant)

Owen, James T.

Owen, James T., Mrs.

Owen, John A.

Owen, Louisa A.

Owen, Mother (Sarah M.)

Owen, Susie

Owens, Amy

Owens, Donald S.

Owens, Eleanor M.

Owens, Mary

Owens, Nancy

Owens, Pauline

Owens, Samuel

Owens, Shirley D.

Owens, Tabitha

Owings, Fernando

Owings, Lillian B.

Owings, Mary M.

Owings, Willard W.

Oxley, Andrew Morgan

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