Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Diamond Grove Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼, Section 30

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Nabot, Dio

Nail, Jennie Moore

Nanna, Francis E.

Nash, Guilford W.

Nation, Rodah

Neal, Carol Sue

Neal, Ruth Elizabeth (Troxell)

Nebold, Charles H.

Nebuhr, George

Nederinghaus, Edith W.

Nederinghaus, Raymond C.

Needer, Clara Belle

Needham, Eliza

Neeley, Mattie

Neely, David

Neely, Jonathan

Neely, Julia

Neely, Letchie M.

Neely, Margaret

Neely, Willie S.

Neff, Jacob

Negole, Ellen, Mrs.

Negus, Annah Adele

Negus, Benjamin W.

Negus, Benjamin Willard

Negus, Conklin H.

Negus, Opal C.

Negus, Richard Douglas

Neil, Fannie

Neil, John C.

Neil, John T.

Neil, Mary L.

Neil, William H.

Neland, Maria

Nellon, James

Nelms, Clarra Moore

Nelson, Adrienne M.

Nelson, Andrew P.

Nelson, Arthur F.

Nelson, Bernice Coultas

Nelson, Carl Arthur

Nelson, Charles

Nelson, Edwin P.

Nelson, Emil A.

Nelson, Ida M.

Nelson, John W.

Nelson, Lela

Nelson, Marie Brown

Nelson, Mary

Nelson, P. H.

Nelson, Peter

Nelson, Sarah

Nelson, Thomas

Nelthrope, Harriet

Nelthrope, John

Nesmith, Christine

Nesmith, Katherine

Nesmith, Robert

Netherton, Sadie

Netznik, Gustav

Neuhaus, Wilhelmina

Neville, Bessie

Nevin, Frederick Eugene

Nevin, Hazel

New, A. M. D.

Newbern, Helen I. Braner

Newbern, Russell Edward

Newberry, Doris Mengden

Newberry, John G.

Newberry, Lucile Allison

Newberry, Pearl

Newberry, Will

Newbery, Roy W.

Newby, Archie

Newby, Della

Newby, F. Elmer

Newby, Melvina

Newby, Sarah P.

Newby, Walter R.

Newcomb, John Ray Jr.

Newcomb, John Ray, M.D.

Newcomb, Mary Masters

Newingham, Floyd

Newingham, Harry

Newman, Charles W.

Newman, Elsie

Newman, Florence A.

Newman, Lucretia

Newman, Mary J.

Newman, Robert Allen

Newman, Ward

Newport, Carl Edward

Newport, Edward L.

Newport, Ethel Lucas

Nicholas, George L.

Nichols, Ann M.

Nichols, Charles W.

Nichols, Eliza M. Sinclair

Nichols, Emily

Nichols, Helen

Nichols, Helen M.

Nichols, Margaret

Nichols, Martha J. Leck

Nichols, Mary J.

Nichols, Norman

Nichols, Samuel W.

Nichols, T.

Nicholson, Maude

Nicol, Agnes C.

Nicol, William

Niessen, F. (Francis)

Niessen, Margaret

Nifong, Lydia A. Coons

Nimens, Charles S.

Nimens, John S.

Nimens, Lillie

Nimens, Valeria C., Mrs.

Nimrodt, Frank

Noel, Grace

Noel, Verna Helen

Nogle, Caroline

Nolan, Louis Ira

Nolling, Edah

Noonan, Delia

Norbury, Carol

Norbury, Elizabeth

Norbury, Elson Barnes

Norbury, Frank Garm, M.D.

Norbury, Frank, M.D.

Norbury, Mary E.

Nordling, Nellie Adams

Norfleet, Edna G. Webster

Norfleet, Edna Newbern

Norfleet, Hubert Wesley

Norfleet, Hugh

Norfleet, Isabel C.

Norfleet, Wesley

Norling, Frederick

Norman, Floyd E.

Norman, Harry B.

Norris, Adah

Norris, Archibald

Norris, Archie

Norris, Bill

Norris, Carrie

Norris, George H.

Norris, Hattie

Norris, Hazel Belle Long

Norris, Herbert

Norris, Ida D.

Norris, Infant Of John

Norris, Mary Ann

Norris, Sarah E.

Norris, T. Raymond

Norris, William Sr.

North, James

Northern, Florence

Norton, A. B.

Norton, Earl

Norton, Eva

Norton, James Perry

Norton, Rebecca Albright

Norvell, Addie Britton

Norvell, America Mack Douglass

Norvell, Douglas Berrian

Norvell, Lewis R.

Norvell, Madora E.

Norvell, William Merrit Sr.

Norvell, Zelda Ruth

Novack, Stern

Novekowski, Stanley

Noyes, Carrie A.

Noyes, George

Noyes, Mother (Cornelia C.)

Noyes, Richard Clement

Nunes, Annie

Nunes, Christopher

Nunes, Ester P.

Nunes, Marshall

Nunn, Julia A.

Nunn, Louise Ratliff

Nuquist, Billie

Nutting, Bertie

Nutting, Frankie

Nutting, Margaretta

Nutting, Rufus

Nutting, T. D.

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