Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Diamond Grove Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼, Section 30

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Haas, Edward S.

Haas, Eli F.

Haas, Father

Haas, Lucie L.

Haas, Mother (Ann C.)

Haas, Strawnie

Hack, Rolf H.

Hacker, Joyce Delbert

Hackett, Charles H.

Hackett, Don Carlos

Hackett, Gertrude

Hackett, Helen R.

Hackett, Helen Walton

Hackett, James Dutton

Hackett, James H.

Hackett, Jessie Don Carlos

Hackett, John Taylor

Hackett, Mary

Hackett, Mary B.

Hackett, Sarah H. Walton

Hackleman, Carrie

Hackman, Abner

Hackman, Albert W.

Hackman, Anna

Hackman, Anna K.

Hackman, Anna Maude

Hackman, Earle

Hackman, Edith

Hackman, Eleza

Hackman, Elizabeth M.

Hackman, Frank A.

Hackman, Frank G.

Hackman, Fruza E.

Hackman, George

Hackman, Gerhardt H.

Hackman, Ida

Hackman, John F.

Hackman, John, Mrs.

Hackman, Lura

Hackman, Mary

Hackman, Mary A.

Hackman, Philip

Hackman, S. Ellen

Hackman, Viola

Hackman, Walter A.

Hackman, William

Hadden, Bess L.

Hadden, Charles E.

Hadden, Donald

Hadden, Emma B.

Hadden, James

Hadden, Jennie E.

Hadden, John

Hadden, Mary

Haddick, Henry

Haddy, Frank

Hadley, Ella

Hadley, M. *

Hadley, Velma F.

Hagan, A. Dallas

Hagan, Anna M.

Hagan, J.

Hagan, Thomas Francis

Hagan, Winifred K.

Haggard, Dugan Marshal

Haggard, William

Hahn, Gladys I.

Hahn, Harman V.

Hahn, Lewis

Hahn, Lucy May

Hahn, Martin N.

Haigh, Charles T.

Haigh, Clara S.

Haigh, Edward D.

Haigh, George F.

Haigh, Harriet A.

Haigh, Mary

Haigh, S. Fern

Haines, Martha

Hairgrove, Emma K.

Hairgrove, Frank L.

Haisley, Alice J.

Hale, George H.

Hale, J.

Hale, James W.

Hale, Kessner Phillip

Hale, Lucretia

Hale, Mary Prosser

Hale, Virginia

Hale, William

Haley, Edward

Haley, Ellen H.

Haley, Ida Jane

Haley, Isaac

Haley, Lester

Haley, Lulu

Haley, Richard R.

Haley, Susan

Haley, Walter W.

Hall, Ada

Hall, Albert A.

Hall, Albert J.

Hall, Alice D. Wight

Hall, Anna C.

Hall, Annie S.

Hall, Beulah

Hall, Charles

Hall, David H.

Hall, Dixie W.

Hall, Effie M.

Hall, Eliza G.

Hall, Elizabeth Ibbotson

Hall, Elizabeth M.

Hall, Elizabeth Moody

Hall, Flora Jane

Hall, Frances E.

Hall, Frances W.

Hall, George C.

Hall, George E.

Hall, George H.

Hall, George L.

Hall, Georgia S.

Hall, Harry L.

Hall, Ida S.

Hall, Infant Of John

Hall, Infant Of Joseph

Hall, Isabella

Hall, James A.

Hall, James J.

Hall, John C.

Hall, John L.

Hall, John M.

Hall, John W.

Hall, Julia M.

Hall, Julian W.

Hall, Lucretia I.

Hall, Luther

Hall, Madaline

Hall, Martha F.

Hall, Mary

Hall, Mary B. Hyde

Hall, Mary C.

Hall, Mary R.

Hall, Nellie

Hall, Rachael C.

Hall, Rachel L.

Hall, Rittie A.

Hall, Rolla Goff

Hall, William

Hall, William E.

Hallegan, Harlan Scott

Haller, William

Halloran, James

Halony, Thomas

Halstead, Infant Of Dr.

Halsted, Matilda

Halsted, Milton A.

Halsted, Robert H.

Halyard, Sarah J.

Hamel, Charles E.

Hamel, Ellen Olivia

Hamel, Harold E.

Hamel, Jessie B.

Hamel, Peter E.

Hamel, Ruth M.

Hamel, Sarah A.

Hamey, Eliza A.

Hamilton, Addie F.

Hamilton, Agnes

Hamilton, Anna Caldwell

Hamilton, Anna E.

Hamilton, Bernice

Hamilton, Bertha Green

Hamilton, Catherine

Hamilton, Charles W.

Hamilton, Charles Wayne

Hamilton, David

Hamilton, Elizabeth G. "Betty"

Hamilton, Ella M.

Hamilton, Flossie D.

Hamilton, Frances C.

Hamilton, Helen K.

Hamilton, Ida

Hamilton, James

Hamilton, Jay W.

Hamilton, John

Hamilton, Laura S.

Hamilton, Lloyd T.

Hamilton, Lucy A.

Hamilton, Lydia H.

Hamilton, Mabel

Hamilton, Mamie

Hamilton, Margaret A.

Hamilton, Ray Allen

Hamilton, Ren T.

Hamilton, Rhesy A.

Hamilton, Robert S.

Hamilton, Sarah G.

Hamilton, William

Hamlett, Amelia

Hamlett, Clara

Hamlett, Hattie

Hamlett, Henry A.

Hamlett, Johanna

Hamlett, Rachel

Hamm, Anna

Hamm, Barbara Ann

Hamm, Emma Mae

Hamm, Frank

Hamm, Lela J. Davis

Hamm, Lois Etta

Hamm, W. Cass

Hamman, Martin

Hammel, Elizabeth Jane

Hammel, Roseann

Hammel, William

Hammel, William H.

Hammers, Alvin L.

Hammers, Ethel

Hammers, John E.

Hammers, Martin L. Sr.

Hammers, Terrell

Hammerschmidt, Elizabeth

Hammitt, Gladys Heisel

Hammitt, Harry Ashton

Hammock, Leta A.

Hammock, Paul R.

Hammond, Donald K.

Hampkins, C. N.

Hampton, Margaret E.

Hanback, Anna E.

Hanback, William W.

Hancock, Baby

Hancock, James

Hand, John

Handel, Henry

Handers, Osher

Haneghan, John

Haneline, Crittenden C.

Haneline, Geraldine L.

Haney, Otis H.

Haney, William

Haney, Willis

Hankins, Alta May

Hankins, Lota Lee Coultasa

Hanners, Anna

Hanners, John

Hannigan, Harold W.

Hansen, William

Hanson, Olaf

Hanson, Sibert

Hantlle, Sadie

Happy, Emma

Hapsburg, Alphonse

Harber, Alta Trotter

Harber, Ethel M.

Harber, George H.

Harber, Thomas

Harbin, John W.

Harbour, Anna A.

Harbour, Bridget Ann

Harbour, Mary E.

Harbour, Son

Harchem, George

Hardacre, Clyde Harold

Hardesty, Katherine Killam

Hardesty, Tully Overall, M.D.

Hardin, Alice

Hardin, Anita Daisy Sulze

Hardin, Denzielle Leon

Hardin, Marion

Harding, William O.

Hardsell, James

Hardwick, Emma Richardson

Hardwick, George W.

Hardwick, Johnie T.

Hardwick, Larry E.

Hardwick, Marilyn M.

Hardwick, Sarah E.

Hardwick, Thomas M.

Hardwick, Velma M.

Hardy, Clara E.

Hardy, Cora May

Hardy, Dorothy J.

Hardy, Elmer Bailey

Hardy, J. Oliver

Hardy, James Oliver

Hardy, Lawrence R.

Hardy, Lillian M.

Hardy, Lucie E.

Hardy, Mary B.

Hardy, Olin Paul

Hardy, Solomon, Rev.

Hardy, Velma L.

Hardy, Walter T.

Harker, Albert Joseph

Harker, Fannie E.

Harker, Joseph R.

Harker, Louis Arthur

Harkley, Julia

Harkney, Richard

Harkrader, Earnest C.

Harley, Louisa

Harlin, Joseph

Harmon, Annie Mrs.

Harmon, Arthur

Harmon, Edgar B.

Harmon, Ella

Harmon, Hanna

Harmon, Melvina

Harmon, Samantha

Harmon, William T.

Harness, Mary

Harney, B. B.

Harney, Baby Of Charles

Harney, Bailey

Harney, Benjamin, Mrs.

Harney, Charles H.

Harney, Child Of M. M.

Harney, Child Of William F.

Harney, Clara Price

Harney, Dorothy M.

Harney, Eliza

Harney, Elizabeth

Harney, Emery Lula G.

Harney, Francis

Harney, Francis M.

Harney, George E.

Harney, George H.

Harney, Grace M.

Harney, Harriett

Harney, Hattie

Harney, Helen

Harney, Inf Daughter Of Joseph L.

Harney, Infant

Harney, Infant Of Chas. & Clara

Harney, J. Roy

Harney, J. W.

Harney, John

Harney, John W.

Harney, Laura Wyatt

Harney, Leroy

Harney, M., Mrs.

Harney, Margaret

Harney, Margaret A.

Harney, Margaret Luella

Harney, Martha

Harney, Mary F. Massey

Harney, Mary Luetta

Harney, Mary M.

Harney, Merle

Harney, Milton M.

Harney, Milton M. Sr.

Harney, Rama

Harney, Richard C.

Harney, Robert

Harney, Robert L.

Harney, Rolyand

Harney, William

Harney, William E.

Harp, Clarence H.

Harp, M. Cleddie

Harper, James

Harper, John B.

Harper, Manford

Harper, Martha

Harper, Mary

Harper, Sarah M.

Harrell, Page

Harriott, James

Harriott, Martha

Harris, Arthur C.

Harris, Benjamin W.

Harris, Carter John

Harris, Child Of D. H.

Harris, Eliza J.

Harris, Emma Belle

Harris, Ethel M.

Harris, Eugene

Harris, Harriett

Harris, Hortense O.

Harris, Inf Daughter Of D. H.

Harris, Jane

Harris, John B.

Harris, Lee L.

Harris, Lillian Wood

Harris, Louis

Harris, Lula

Harris, Lulla M.

Harris, Mary Elizabeth

Harris, Pauline J.

Harris, Ralph B.

Harris, Samuel

Harris, Wendell L.

Harris, Winnifred

Harrison, Adah R.

Harrison, Bessie Ella

Harrison, Edna May

Harrison, Eliza

Harrison, Emily

Harrison, Gracie

Harrison, Hannah Jane

Harrison, Ira   (L.D.)

Harrison, John B.

Harrison, Mae Elizabeth

Harrison, Mary

Harrison, Olaf

Harrison, Samuel

Harrison, Thomas

Harrison, Willa Joyce

Harrison, Wm.

Harshaw, Alice M.

Harshaw, Hillary S.

Harshman, Harriet, Mrs.

Hart, Agnes H.

Hart, Alfred T.

Hart, Caroline Maddock

Hart, Carolyn

Hart, Caryl E.

Hart, Cora M.

Hart, Cora Osborne

Hart, E. Fay

Hart, Edith

Hart, Edith V.

Hart, Elsie Moxon

Hart, Eugene

Hart, George S.

Hart, J.

Hart, Joe

Hart, John W.

Hart, Joseph

Hart, Lester L.

Hart, Mardell Brockhouse

Hart, Mary Ellen Reynolds

Hart, Richard

Hart, Robert W.

Hart, Samuel Nicholas

Hart, Shirley A. Brooks

Hart, William

Harter, Albert George

Harter, Alice Hackett

Hartford, Ted A.

Hartle, Annie

Hartle, Clarence Edward

Hartle, Floyd

Hartle, Vivian Io

Hartle, William C.

Hartman, Adam

Hartman, Alice

Hartman, Beatrice

Hartman, Blanche P.

Hartman, Ray A.

Hartman, Rose

Harvey, Charles

Harvey, Emma

Harvey, Father (James)

Harvey, Georgia Ann

Harvey, Infant

Harvey, Infant Of Blanch

Harvey, Infant Of Joe

Harvey, James

Harvey, John A.

Harvey, Joseph K.

Harvey, Malley

Harvey, Mother (Nellie)

Hash, Aggie

Haskins, Dora E. I.

Hastings, Charles L.

Hastings, Eliza Mcalister Self

Hastings, Emily

Hastings, Hattie M.

Hastings, Joel

Hastings, Lambert

Hastings, Ruben

Hatch, Henry Lee

Hatch, Johnson

Hatch, Johnson J.

Hatch, Johnson Sr.

Hatch, Lucy King

Hatchett, Robert

Hatfield, Aaron T.

Hatfield, Clarinda Wyne

Hatfield, Elmer

Hatfield, Jennie M.

Hatfield, Laura E.

Hatfield, Lydia D. P.

Hatfield, Mary A.

Hatfield, Mary F.

Hatfield, Paul

Hatfield, Richard Lee

Hatfield, William Durrell

Hathaway, Homer

Hathen, Hannah

Hatton, Julia May

Hauck, Louis Philip

Hauck, Marion W.

Hauptmann, Delilah

Hauseman, Jessie

Hauser, Christ

Hausmann, Dora Leona

Havenhill, Clara Raynor Gordon

Havenhill, Martial H.

Havenhill, Martinette R.

Havranek, Joseph

Hawkins, Earl

Hawkins, Guy

Hawkins, Harold H.

Hawkins, Henry

Hawkins, Ida M.

Hawkins, Irene R.

Hawkins, Myrtle

Hawkins, Ruth Brandon

Hawkins, William

Hawks, Eloise C.

Hawks, Mary

Hawks, William L.

Hawley, Edmond

Hawman, Ann E.

Hay, Abel, Lamphier

Hay, Blanch L., Miss

Hay, Lula D.

Hay, Maria Hurst

Hayden, Abbie G.

Hayden, Alfred

Hayden, Alfred L.

Hayden, Arthur B.

Hayden, Arthur Julius

Hayden, Charles

Hayden, Charles L.

Hayden, Child Of Rev.

Hayden, Clara

Hayden, Edwin

Hayden, Elizabeth

Hayden, Eugene D.

Hayden, Frank A.

Hayden, George

Hayden, Gladys E.

Hayden, Harriet

Hayden, Hattie A.

Hayden, Infant Son Of E.

Hayden, James E.

Hayden, John

Hayden, Lena

Hayden, Mabel E.

Hayden, Mary Bennington

Hayden, Mary E.

Hayden, Nellie Mcconnel

Hayden, Russell

Hayden, Sarah

Hayden, Thomas

Hayden, Thomas M.

Hayden, Willie T.

Hayer, John

Hayes, Ernest Guy

Hayes, James

Hayes, James T.

Hayes, Mabel D.

Hayes, Margaret

Hayes, Mildred L.

Hayes, Minnie

Hayes, Oscar

Hayes, Patsy Lou

Hayes, William M.

Haygood, Earnest Uptegrave

Haygood, Margaret

Hayhurst, Ethel Owings

Hayhurst, Harold

Haymaker, Abbie Margaret

Haymaker, George W.

Hayner, Fanny M.

Haynes, Lucian B.

Haynes, Nancy J.

Haynor, Joanna W.

Hays, John

Hayt, Mary M.

Hazel, Timothy B.

Hazelrigg, Frances M. Young

Hazelrigg, Fred Milton

Hazeltine, Sarah M.

Hazen, Charlotte

Hazlett, Julia, Mrs.

Hazlett, Theo

Headdon, Frank

Headen, Baby

Headen, Cora L.

Headen, Dorothy I. (Scott)

Headen, Fannie H.

Headen, Lee O.

Headen, Robert J.

Headen, Sarah Mccaffrey

Headen, Thomas C.

Headen, Thomas S.

Headen, William C.

Headley, Ethel O. Or Edson O.

Headrick, Bern B.

Headrick, Beulah V.

Heady, James E.

Healey, Katharine

Healy, Marie Alexander

Hearld, Charles

Hearlstone, Hattie B.

Heath, Leara Z.

Heath, Mary

Heath, Oliver K.

Heatley, Alice S.

Heatley, John

Heaton, Baby

Heaton, Berry S.

Heaton, Child Of C. W.

Heaton, Clara

Heaton, E. Roy

Heaton, E. V., M.D.

Heaton, Fred C.

Heaton, Freda

Heaton, Gordon B.

Heaton, Infant

Heaton, Infant Of S. W.

Heaton, James

Heaton, James D.

Heaton, Jennie B. Allan

Heaton, John Gordon

Heaton, Margaret C.

Heaton, Margaret E.

Heaton, Nancy Gordon

Heaton, Rose

Heaton, Ruth M.

Heaton, Sallie Gordon

Heaton, Samuel

Heaton, Samuel W.

Heaton, Thomas

Heaton, Valentine

Heavener, Francis M.

Heavener, Ida Mae

Heberling, Dean

Hebner, John

Heckathorn, Joyce Goveia

Heckathorn, Leo C. "Red"

Hecker, Arthur E.

Hecker, Maye S.

Hector, Elizabeth Russell

Hedges, N. J.

Hedgeworth, John

Hedrick, Irene, Mrs.

Heep, Henry

Hegarty, Hellen B.

Hegarty, John W.

Heilwagon, Sophia

Heimlich, Bernice Stevenson

Heimlich, Beth A.

Heimlich, Christina

Heimlich, David T.

Heimlich, Edgar C.

Heimlich, Edgar Harry

Heimlich, Edgar Warren

Heimlich, Stephen W.

Heimlich, Virginia

Heinigle, Fred

Heinigle, Jeanette S.

Heinl, Adele C.

Heinl, Albert

Heinl, E. B.

Heinl, Edward D.

Heinl, Elizabeth

Heinl, Frank J.

Heinl, Jimmie

Heinl, Joseph

Heinl, Maude M.

Heinl, O. B.

Heinl, O. Blanchard

Heinl, Olive P.

Heinl, William

Heinzman, Lola Mae

Heinzman, Ray H.

Heitbrink, Alvin F.

Heitbrink, Grace Wood

Heitland, Lena

Heitzweider, Infant Male

Held, J.

Helenthall, Mary, Mrs.

Helfrich, John

Helmich, Daniel F. Sr.

Helmick, E.

Helmick, Eliza B.

Helmick, John C.

Helmig, Betty Lamborn

Helmig, Donna J.

Helmig, Henry

Helmig, Stephen R.

Hembrough, Antoinette M.

Hembrough, Dorothy Black

Hembrough, E. Lucille

Hembrough, Ella T. Reynolds

Hembrough, Frederick E.

Hembrough, Ray E.

Hembrough, Robert R.

Hembrough, Velma L.

Hembrough, Wallace Trabue

Hempel, Anna L.

Hempel, August C.

Hempel, Augusta J.

Hempel, Charles A.

Hempel, Dorothy

Hempel, Earl C.

Hempel, Frances

Hempel, Harold

Hempel, Henry

Hempel, Hugo A.

Hempel, Mabel

Hempel, Maria E.

Hempel, Mary L.

Hempel, Mary Rose

Hempel, Minnie

Hempel, Nora

Hempel, Paul W.

Hemphill, Chester A.

Hemphill, Ida

Hemphill, Jeannette Taylor

Hemphill, Mary Norma

Hemphill, Mr.

Hemphill, Robert C.

Hemphill, Ronda Mann

Hemphill, William J.

Hempstead, Charles

Henderson, Alfred James

Henderson, Amos

Henderson, Arthur Wright

Henderson, Barbara J. Massey

Henderson, Ben

Henderson, David P.

Henderson, Edwin

Henderson, Eleanor

Henderson, Eliza

Henderson, Eliza D.

Henderson, Elizabeth Aldridge

Henderson, Emily Miller

Henderson, Emma Sharp

Henderson, Enid Hubbs

Henderson, Henry G.

Henderson, Herbert T.

Henderson, Infants

Henderson, James

Henderson, James W.

Henderson, John

Henderson, John P.

Henderson, Lula E.

Henderson, Margaret

Henderson, Marilyn D.

Henderson, Mary

Henderson, Robert

Henderson, Susannah W. Green

Henderson, Taylor

Henderson, W. Leon

Henderson, William M.

Hendrich, Edward

Hendricks, James

Hendrickson, Dorris W.

Hendrickson, Walter B. Sr.

Henley, Eunice Almeda

Henly, Bertha Owen

Henly, Dorothy M. Hull

Henly, J. William

Henly, Rex O.

Henness, Mary E.

Hennessey, Patrick

Hennesy, Bertha

Henrichsen, Mary A.

Henrichsen, Mary E.

Henry, Anna Campbell

Henry, Charles W.

Henry, James

Henry, Jennie

Henry, John Delph

Henry, John Gilbert

Henry, Joseph

Henry, Margaret

Henry, Martha

Henry, Mayme D. Smith

Henry, Stella

Henry, William D.

Henryes, William

Henson, James A.

Henson, M. Darlene

Henton, Thomas

Herald, Adam B.

Herald, Bernard

Herald, Edwin D.

Herald, Elizabeth

Herald, Marie R.

Herald, Myrtle A.

Herald, Zelma S.

Herb, W.

Herbst, Edna Leanor

Herbst, George Stevenson

Hereford, James

Heriford, Ernest W.

Heriford, Laura S.

Heriford, Marshall

Heriford, Nannie B.

Hering, Henry

Herlocker, George

Herman, Fred

Herndon, Mamie

Herold, Marie Rose

Herring, Charles W.

Herring, Child Of Henry

Herring, Harry R.

Herring, Louise

Herring, Mary F.

Herring, Phillip V.

Herriott, Infant Of Mrs. M. J.

Herriott, James

Herriott, Mrs.

Herting, William A.

Hertz, Lizzie

Hess, E. O., Dr.

Hess, Sophie Jane

Hester, Katie A.

Hester, Robert

Hester, Walter

Hetflies, Gertrude

Hettick, Evaline, Mrs.

Hettner, John Charles

Hewes, Lavina Staats

Hewes, Matthias A., Rev.

Hewson, Emma

Hewson, John

Hewson, John H.

Hewson, John W.

Hewson, William

Heyers, J. Libbie

Hickey, Gary Wayne

Hickey, Jennie M.

Hickey, Michael

Hickey, Verl J.

Hickey, Virginia Waggener

Hickman, George

Hickman, John Lewis

Hickox, Joann

Hickox, Willard

Hicks, Anna

Hicks, Anna Gale

Hicks, Henry

Hicks, Lemuel J.

Hicks, William H.

Hierman, Glenn H.

Hierman, Mary Lois

Hieronymus, Samuel

Hiett, L.

Higbee, Charles M.

Higgins, Bertha M.

Higgins, Elizabeth A.

Higgins, Haller H.

Higgins, Henry

Higgins, Joseph J.

Higgins, Larry

Higgins, Laura Barr

Higgins, Marion, Mrs.

Higgins, Virginius E.

Higgs, Albert H.

Higgs, Bertha

Higgs, Edna Marie

Higgs, Henry

Higgs, Lillie M.

Higgs, Louis E.

Higgs, Mary Jane

High, Charles A.

Higler, Christiania

Higler, Elizabeth

Higler, John

Higler, Mary

Hildebrand, James R.

Hildner, Ernest, Rev.

Hildner, Louise Smith

Hildreth, Etna Gill

Hildreth, Isabell

Hildreth, Lulu Bell

Hildreth, Marie

Hildreth, Matthew L.

Hildreth, Stella M.

Hildreth, William L.

Hilgenbrink, Mary A.

Hill, Allie T.

Hill, Charles Robert

Hill, Charlie E.

Hill, Clara

Hill, Clare Irene

Hill, Curtis B.

Hill, Earl

Hill, Edith M.

Hill, Edward

Hill, Edward L., M.D.

Hill, Elmer L.

Hill, Estella B.

Hill, Frances M.

Hill, Francis W.

Hill, Grace C.

Hill, Harold E.

Hill, Harry James

Hill, James

Hill, Jane

Hill, John

Hill, John C.

Hill, Katie Ann

Hill, Lenah

Hill, Margaret Foreman

Hill, Marie B.

Hill, Martha

Hill, Mary

Hill, Mary Ellen

Hill, Mary Jane

Hill, Mary Louise

Hill, Myron R.

Hill, Ollie Marie Young

Hill, Rebecca C.

Hill, Russell

Hill, Ruth Keltner

Hill, Stephen James

Hill, Thelma M.

Hill, William Edward

Hillerby, Bettie, Mrs.

Hillerby, Elizabeth Green

Hillerby, George

Hillerby, Henry

Hillerby, J. P., Rev.

Hillerby, Jane Collins

Hillerby, William

Hillerty, Bettie

Hillig, Betty S.

Hillig, Tommy Gene

Hillingsworth, A.

Hillner, John Charles

Hills, Adam Edmond

Hills, Adam Leonard

Hills, Albert E.

Hills, Ellen, Mrs.

Hills, Eunice Coumbes

Hills, George

Hills, Hannah

Hills, Harriet Makin

Hills, Isabella Estella

Hills, Leonard

Hills, Robert

Hills, Robert G.

Hills, Sarah M.

Hilst, Frances Dorothy

Hilt, Anna Lou

Hilt, Belle

Hilton, Henry

Hilton, Mary

Hilts, Harold E.

Hilyard, Mary

Hinchee, Avery

Hinchee, Child Of Charles A.

Hinchee, Nancy M.

Hinchee, Nellie Brown

Hinchee, Samuel A.

Hinds, Margaret M.

Hinds, Richard W.

Hine, Frank

Hine, Harry G.

Hine, Mary

Hine, Thelma L.

Hine, Willard E.

Hines, Laura

Hines, William

Hinkle, John

Hinman, Danny Ray

Hinman, Harry Ralph

Hinman, Lester Leroy

Hinners, John

Hinrichsen, Anna

Hinrichsen, Edward E.

Hinrichsen, Louise

Hinrichsen, W. H.

Hinrichson, Edward S.

Hinrichson, Edward S. Jr.

Hinrichson, Nancy A.

Hinrichson, Savillah T.

Hinshaw, Edward S.

Hinshaw, Nancy Ann

Hipkins, Dorothy L. Witwer

Hissong, Annie

Hitchcock, Infant Of Miss

Hitson, William

Hitt, Benjamin

Hitt, Child Of W. D.

Hitt, Elisha

Hitt, Elizabeth

Hitt, Henry W.

Hitt, Henry, Mrs.

Hitt, John G.

Hitt, Julia A.

Hitt, Sarah

Hitt, William D.

Hitt, William Morris

Hively, Phoebe

Hixon, A. *

Hixon, G.

Hoagland, C. Warren

Hoagland, Ernest Ledferd

Hoagland, Harry C.

Hoagland, John W.

Hoagland, Lillie E. Dorwart

Hoagland, Margarite Louisa

Hoagland, Pansy Marie

Hoagland, Rose

Hoagland, Ruth Wilkinson

Hobart, Lewis

Hobbs, Lela B.

Hoblick, Amelia O.

Hoblick, Marcus

Hobson, Frank

Hocevar, Antonio

Hock, Christopher

Hockenhull, Elizabeth

Hockenhull, John

Hockenhull, Matilda

Hockenhull, May Wheatley

Hockenhull, Rebecca Rust

Hockenhull, Robert

Hockenhull, Robert M.

Hockenhull, Sarah P.

Hockensmith, Robert L.

Hocking, Belle

Hocking, Eva

Hocking, Frederick O.

Hocking, George

Hocking, Milton L.

Hocking, Phyllis Orley

Hocking, Richard

Hodge, Harvey

Hodge, Lena

Hodge, Levi J.

Hodge, Lyla M.

Hodgens, Maria

Hodges, Howard Rosett

Hodges, James

Hodges, Johanna Emetta

Hodges, Julia Ann

Hodges, Levi

Hodges, Mary B.

Hodgson, Alice Mae

Hodgson, Dorothy R. James

Hodgson, George W.

Hodgson, Harriet M.

Hodgson, Howard Eugene

Hodgson, Infant Of Robert

Hodgson, J. S.

Hodgson, Jane H. Wilson

Hodgson, Joseph H.

Hodgson, Kizia

Hodgson, Lelia E.

Hodgson, Margaret

Hodgson, Margaret B.

Hodgson, Mary

Hodgson, Mary H.

Hodgson, May

Hodgson, Ollie M.

Hodgson, Pearl

Hodgson, Sarah A.

Hodgson, Thomas

Hodgson, Walter M.

Hodgson, William

Hodgson, William H.

Hoelscher, S. Agnes Dennis

Hoff, Mary E.

Hoffman, Anna L.

Hoffman, Baby

Hoffman, Constance Mcdermott

Hoffman, Elizabeth

Hoffman, Ellen

Hoffman, Harry Richard

Hoffman, Helen E.

Hoffman, J. E.

Hoffman, Jennie

Hoffman, John G.

Hoffman, John Phillip

Hoffman, John T.

Hoffman, Louise Emeline

Hoffman, Margaret E.

Hoffman, Melissa

Hoffman, Otis

Hoffman, Rebecca W.

Hoffman, Shirley Kingland

Hoffman, William A.

Hoffman, Zella

Hoffman, Zella Daub

Hofstetter, Garnette

Hogan, Alice

Hogan, Allen Nelson

Hogan, Anna M. Nelson

Hogan, Elsie Marie

Hogan, J.

Hogg, James F.

Hogg, Peggy A.

Hogshire, S. H.

Hogue, Ethel

Hohimer, Ethel

Hohle, John

Hokanson, J. *

Holder, Annie J.

Holdsworth, John

Holdworth, Martha

Holiday, Alice Eveline

Holiday, Laura Ann

Holiday, Laura Emma

Holiday, Margaret

Holiday, Miles

Holiday, Thomas A.

Holkenbrink, B. J.

Holkenbrink, Erle A. Wilson

Holkenbrink, Rosetta Summers

Holler, Clifford

Holler, Henry H.

Holler, Lucille

Holler, Ollie

Holler, William H.

Holley, Clara M.

Holley, George

Holley, Martha W.

Holley, Susan

Holliday, Emma F.

Holliday, Martha Leanah

Holliday, Ruth L.

Holliday, Thomas H.

Holliday, Willard W.

Hollingsworth, A.

Holly, Mary, Infant Of G.

Holman, Sarah F.

Holmes, Clarence

Holmes, Edgar

Holmes, Edward

Holmes, Edward P.

Holmes, Hannah A.

Holmes, J. Stewart

Holmes, James T.

Holmes, Jamima

Holmes, Jane Vance

Holmes, Jessie

Holmes, Julia H.

Holmes, Louise

Holmes, Louise Yording

Holmes, Mamie

Holmes, Margaret Scott

Holmes, Mary

Holmes, Mary Ann

Holmes, Mary W.

Holmes, Maude R.

Holmes, Nellie A.

Holmes, Robert

Holmes, Sallie

Holmes, Scott R.

Holmes, Stephen

Holmes, Susan P.

Holmuth, Julius

Holt, Elizabeth

Holt, James

Holt, Minnie

Holt, Sarah Mackenzie

Holt, Son Of R. T.

Holt, Susan E.

Holtenreiter, Tillie

Holtschlag, James L.

Holzermer, Frederick F.

Homer, George W.

Hondyshell, Albert

Hood, James F.

Hook, Ann W.

Hook, Child (Premature)

Hook, Cornelius

Hook, Elizabeth

Hook, Ellie

Hook, Francis

Hook, Frederick Vanderhoef

Hook, Frieda A. Roth

Hook, Jacob Washington

Hook, Jean

Hook, Marcus Carlton

Hook, Mark, Mrs.

Hook, Martha G.

Hook, Mary B.

Hook, Matilda V.

Hook, Son

Hook, Thomas J.

Hook, William S.

Hooker, Elizabeth Demotte

Hooker, Herbert

Hooker, Julia Wolcott

Hooker, Truman Post

Hooston, William

Hoots, Linda W.

Hoots, Ruby F.

Hoots, Thurman F.

Hoover, Abram M.

Hoover, Andrew J.

Hoover, Blanche "Jeannie"

Hoover, C.

Hoover, Clara

Hoover, George W.

Hoover, Georgia Morris

Hoover, John C.

Hoover, Lynn Coonrod

Hoover, Martha A.

Hoover, Sarah E.

Hoover, William D.

Hoover, William H.

Hopemeyer, Kate

Hopkins, C. *

Hopkins, Harold Eugene

Hopkins, Harvey M.

Hopmeyer, Kate

Hopp, Henry

Hopper, Albert

Hopper, Alice Briggs

Hopper, Ann Elizabeth

Hopper, Anna Louise

Hopper, Annie B.

Hopper, Barbara E.

Hopper, Belle, Mrs.

Hopper, Bertha E.

Hopper, Bess E.

Hopper, Cecil Vernon

Hopper, Charles

Hopper, Charles A.

Hopper, Charles H.

Hopper, Charles M., D.D.S.

Hopper, Child

Hopper, Child Of Charles M.

Hopper, Child Of J. A.

Hopper, Derek Jason

Hopper, Dimmitt

Hopper, Earl Cecil

Hopper, Effie Amelia

Hopper, Elizabeth

Hopper, Estelle A.

Hopper, Etta

Hopper, Eunice

Hopper, Fletcher

Hopper, Fletcher W.

Hopper, Floss M.

Hopper, Fred B.

Hopper, Freedman Headen

Hopper, G. Edward

Hopper, George W.

Hopper, Gerald Wayne

Hopper, Gertrude A. Briggs

Hopper, Gladys Reat

Hopper, Grace

Hopper, Hannah Wood

Hopper, Hassell

Hopper, Irene Birdsell

Hopper, Isabelle

Hopper, J. Albert

Hopper, J. Harry

Hopper, James P.

Hopper, Jennie Dee

Hopper, Job H.

Hopper, John

Hopper, John G.

Hopper, Julia M.

Hopper, Laura Jane Young

Hopper, Lena Mae

Hopper, Lulu M. Hillerby

Hopper, Mabel

Hopper, Martha

Hopper, Martha L.

Hopper, Nellie H.

Hopper, Oscar

Hopper, Philip H.

Hopper, Richard A.

Hopper, Richard Lambert

Hopper, Richard Robert

Hopper, Robert S.

Hopper, Robertine Ranson

Hopper, Ruth P.

Hopper, Sarah M. Breckon

Hopper, Thomas Poad

Hopper, Thomas V.

Hopper, William Edward

Hopper, William M.

Hopson, Calvin

Hornstein, Joyce Louise

Horrer, Ethel L.

Horrer, John R.

Horton, Catherine E.

Hoskins, John

Hosley, W.

Houchin, F. Lucille Ranson

Houchin, John Bourbon

Houchin, Russell

Houck, Francis Marion

Houge, Ethel, Mrs.

Houghtin, Harry

House, Georgia Lee

House, Katie

Householder, William

Houser, Donald E.

Houser, Infant

Houser, Joy D.

Houser, William

Houston, Clem

Houston, Richard

Houston, Ruth Lynn

Houston, Virginia Lee

Howard, C. Bruce

Howard, Carrie

Howard, Charles H.

Howard, Charles W.

Howard, Chris

Howard, Cyrus B.

Howard, Eugenia S.

Howard, Eva Platt

Howard, Fred R.

Howard, Harriett A.

Howard, Helen

Howard, Irene Casselman

Howard, John M.

Howard, L.

Howard, Lucille L.

Howard, Martha

Howard, Mary Alice

Howard, Ruth E.

Howard, Sue Ann

Howard, Veda L.

Howe, Alfretta C.

Howe, Bertha

Howe, Eleanore L. Arnold

Howe, George

Howe, Roland Lee

Howe, Trusler Robert

Howe, William C.

Howe, William D.

Howe, Winifred L. Coultas

Howell, Faye

Howell, Mary

Howell, Pierson

Howerton, Clarence

Howerton, Estella Lindsey

Howerton, Roy William

Howerton, William G.

Hoyt, Mary Rawson

Hubbard, Andrew J.

Hubbard, Dorothy L.

Hubbard, M. *

Hubbard, Martin E.

Hubbard, Selma Swanson

Hubble, Joel W.

Hubbs, Claudia Bennett

Hubbs, Hattie Wheeler

Hubbs, J. Wheeler

Hubbs, Joshua Bennett

Hubbs, Joshua H.

Hubert, Mildred Irene

Hublick, C. B.

Huckeby, Mary E.

Huckeby, William R.

Huckstep, Homer

Huckstep, James M.

Huckstep, Jane B.

Huckstep, Leonoral

Huckstep, Mary

Huckstep, Stephen M.

Huckstep, Thomas D.

Huddleston, Coleman Trent

Huddleston, Harriet

Huddleston, Henry

Huddleston, Sarah

Hudson, Brayden E.

Hudson, Fredrick J.

Hudson, Ina Bell

Hudson, J. A.

Hudson, Robert Jr.

Hudson, Shirley A. Davis

Hudson, Warren L.

Huff, Ada Christopher

Huff, Daisy

Huff, Edith French

Huff, Edmund J.

Huff, Hiram D.

Huff, Joshua P.

Huff, Robert Lee

Huff, Sarah Ann

Huffaker, Alice M.

Huffaker, Bertha

Huffaker, Clara M.

Huffaker, Claribel

Huffaker, Daniel

Huffaker, Edwin B.

Huffaker, Frances Jane

Huffaker, Francis M.

Huffaker, George

Huffaker, George C.

Huffaker, George C. Jr.

Huffaker, George G.

Huffaker, Grace E.

Huffaker, Harrison

Huffaker, James G.

Huffaker, Jane

Huffaker, Lourany

Huffaker, Michael

Huffaker, Monroe S.

Huffaker, Samerimus

Huffaker, Virginia Ann

Huffaker, William B.

Huffman, Baby

Huffman, Dorothy

Huffman, Dorothy Braner

Huffman, Volley Wright

Huffmaster, Ira W.

Hufford, Baby

Hughes, A. Cortes

Hughes, Agnes C.

Hughes, Alonzo C.

Hughes, Beulah

Hughes, Dicey

Hughes, Earl John

Hughes, Edward R.

Hughes, Eliza J.

Hughes, Frances Spencer

Hughes, Irene Smith

Hughes, James

Hughes, Johanna Emelia

Hughes, John

Hughes, John, Mrs.

Hughes, Margaret A.

Hughes, Mary F.

Hughes, Pearl J.

Hughes, Sarah

Hulett, Elizabeth

Hulett, Eva May

Hulett, Fannie E.

Hulett, J. H. Sr.

Hulett, J. Malcom

Hulett, Joseph

Hulett, Josephine

Hulett, Lizzie V.

Hulett, Marcus A.

Hulett, Mary Elizabeth

Hulett, Paulina E.

Hulett, William J.

Hull, Abraham

Hull, J. Russell

Hull, Lillian Smith

Hull, Nancy A.

Hull, Thomas L.

Humas, Gregory

Humbert, Peter

Hume, Unknown

Hummel, Lincoln

Humphrey, Ida M.

Humphrey, Lena

Humphrey, Lillian

Humphrey, Mary K.

Humphrey, Maud

Humphrey, Rose W.

Humphrey, Samuel J.

Humphrey, William

Hund, William Joe

Hundley, Barbara Jean

Hundley, Betty L.

Hundley, Herbert H.

Hungerford, Hazel

Hungerford, M. A.

Hunt, David W.

Hunt, Douglas D.

Hunt, Edwin W.

Hunt, Elizabeth

Hunt, Elizabeth T.

Hunt, Judy Ann

Hunt, Judy Ann, Mrs.

Hunt, Lydia Ann

Hunt, Mae Paschall

Hunt, Palmer T., Captain

Hunt, Ruth Harker

Hunt, Samuel C.

Hunt, Tyler

Hunt, William Egbert

Hunter, Elizabeth

Hunter, Ella

Hunter, Eloise Frances

Hunter, Emily

Hunter, Frank

Hunter, James L.

Hunter, Leslie

Hunter, Mabel W.

Hunter, Minnie

Hunter, Robert

Hunter, Van B.

Huntley, Anna Miner

Huntley, Clara Clark

Huntley, Emma

Huntley, Frank S.

Huntley, Franklin Clark

Huntley, Franklin S.

Huntley, Mary Morrison

Huntley, William

Huntley, William F.

Huntley, William Franklin

Huntley, William P.

Huntley, William R.

Huot, Thomas

Hurst, Gussie H.

Hurst, John M.

Hurst, Ollie M.

Hurst, Sarah P.

Hurst, W. S.

Hurst, William

Hurt, Florence

Hussey, Alice C.

Hussey, Eleanor A.

Hussey, Harry

Hussey, William F.

Husted, V.

Hustin, John W.

Hustin, W. H.

Huston, Dan

Hutchens, Dorothea C.

Hutchens, Martin L.

Hutchens, Patricia Ann

Hutchinson, Theresa

Hutchison, Amelia K.

Hutchison, David E.

Hutchison, Eleanor Masters

Hutchison, Florence Melinda

Hutchison, Fredrick M.

Hutchison, George

Hutchison, Harry L.

Hutchison, Legie W.

Hutchison, Ollie

Hutchison, Ralph W.

Hutchison, Ralph W. Jr.

Hutchison, Ross J.

Hutchison, Sanford Elijah

Hutson, Columbus P.

Hutson, Earl S.

Hutson, Gay H.

Hutson, Lucille M.

Hutson, Ruth Weber

Hutson, Sarah J.

Hutton, Glenn Brannan

Hutton, Roberta Juanita Fanning

Hyatt, Mary E.

Hyatt, Skipper Lee

Hyde, Elizabeth

Hyer, Frances H.

Hyer, Harry C.

Hyer, Richard V.

Hyers, J. Libbie

Hymes, Heath Ray

Hymes, Heather Renea

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