Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Diamond Grove Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼, Section 30

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
C, A.B.

C, C.

C, E.B.

C, M.E.

C, M.L.

C, R.P.

C, S.H.

C, W.

Cade, Edwin

Cade, Hattie B.

Cade, James

Cadell, Esta Beadles

Cadwell, George, Dr.

Cadwell, Parmelia

Cady, Herbert

Cafky, Helen L.

Cafky, Sarah

Cafky, Simon

Cain, Baby

Caine, Elizabeth M.

Caine, L. Vernon

Caines, Leanora A.

Caldwell, Alta M.

Caldwell, Anne Grover

Caldwell, Catherine Pfeil

Caldwell, Donald Lee

Caldwell, Elizabeth

Caldwell, George

Caldwell, George A.

Caldwell, George Harlan

Caldwell, Harlan Lee

Caldwell, Henry

Caldwell, Henry H.

Caldwell, Henry W.

Caldwell, Henry, Mrs.

Caldwell, James H.

Caldwell, Katie R.

Caldwell, Leah H.

Caldwell, Margaret I.

Caldwell, Pamelia

Caldwell, Richard

Caldwell, Samuel

Caldwell, Vera Kehl

Calfin, Child Of Wm. & Anna

Calhoun, Henrietta

Calkins, Mary

Call, Ora May

Callender, William O.

Callton, Anna

Calvert, Mayme

Calvin, Ann Junet

Calvin, Frank

Calvin, W. M.

Calvin, William Sylvanus

Camerer, Bety J. Lewis

Camerer, Rollin

Cameron, Edward

Cameron, Harriet N.

Cameron, Jessie R.

Cameron, Sarah

Camm, Barnard

Camm, Jane

Camm, Katherine E.

Camm, Margaret V.

Camm, Mary

Camm, Samuel

Camm, Samuel J.

Campbell, A. Ella

Campbell, A. J.

Campbell, Anna B.

Campbell, Carey Alice

Campbell, Cliffie Williams

Campbell, E. Aline

Campbell, Elizabeth

Campbell, Emily A.

Campbell, George W.

Campbell, Glenn A.

Campbell, Henry Elmer

Campbell, J. Alex

Campbell, James H.

Campbell, Joanna

Campbell, John

Campbell, Joseph

Campbell, Laura

Campbell, Magnolia

Campbell, Mary

Campbell, Mary A.

Campbell, Mary Bell

Campbell, Mary Frances

Campbell, Mary, Mrs.

Campbell, Minerva

Campbell, Phebe P. A.

Campbell, Ruth E.

Campbell, Sarah A.

Campbell, Sarah Ellen

Campbell, Susan M.

Campbell, Thomas

Campbell, Virginia Frazier

Campbell, W. W.

Camplin, Arthur

Canatsey, Grace

Canatsey, Stanley M.

Caney, Charles

Caney, Elizabeth

Cannell, Dean L.

Cannell, Louise B.

Cannon, C. Louis

Cannon, Catherine Lockwood

Cannon, Charles G.

Cannon, Charles L.

Cannon, Dora S.

Cannon, Edward

Cannon, Elizabeth

Cannon, Elmer

Cannon, Frank O.

Cannon, Infant

Cannon, Infant Of J. W.

Cannon, John P.

Cannon, Lola E.

Cannon, Loren D.

Cannon, Lucinda J.

Cannon, Marie L. Webster

Cannon, Nina E.

Cannon, O. B.

Cannon, Olen B.

Cannon, Thomas J.

Cannon, Thomas Lincoln

Cannon, Virginia B.

Cannon, W. S.

Cannon, William

Cannon, Willie

Cannon, Zenobia B.

Cantrell, Mary E.

Capello, Pauline Godfrey

Capps, Alea A.

Capps, Alfred T.

Capps, Alfred Tomlin

Capps, Anna Huntley

Capps, Bessie

Capps, Charles G.

Capps, Child Of Stephen

Capps, Clarence E.

Capps, Cora Katherine Constant

Capps, Edward

Capps, Elinor M. Shield

Capps, Elizabeth

Capps, Elizabeth Stryker

Capps, Ella Tandy

Capps, Emma

Capps, Esther Hallberg

Capps, Grace Alexander

Capps, Harry M.

Capps, Harry Marcellus

Capps, Herbert J.

Capps, Irene Wood

Capps, Isabella W.

Capps, James G.

Capps, Janet P.

Capps, Jennie R.

Capps, Joseph

Capps, Joseph H.

Capps, Joseph L.

Capps, Kate A.

Capps, Leland T.

Capps, Louise S.

Capps, Louise Stryker

Capps, Lucy G.

Capps, Margaret

Capps, Marion Grierson

Capps, Marjorie Bridgman

Capps, Martha Huntley

Capps, Mary M., Mrs.

Capps, May Hatch

Capps, May Potts

Capps, Oliver M.

Capps, Percy G.

Capps, Rhoda Tomlin

Capps, Robert M.

Capps, Sara H.

Capps, Stephen R.

Capps, Warren W.

Capps, William E.

Capps, William T.

Carey, Ann Hattie

Carey, Joseph

Carl, James H.

Carlile, Jean Mcmanus

Carlile, Lena Hayes

Carlile, Milton Albert

Carlile, Nellie Eckard

Carlson, August

Carlson, Edwin

Carlson, Helen L.

Carlson, Martha C.

Carlson, Minnie

Carlson, Roy E.

Carlton, Clara

Carlton, John C.

Carney, Peter

Carpenter, Alice Ada

Carpenter, Alvin N.

Carpenter, Edith G.

Carpenter, George John

Carpenter, Helen Mary

Carpenter, Sarah

Carper, Sawyer

Carr, Hazel R.

Carr, John B.

Carr, Lulu M.

Carr, Robert M.

Carr, Sally

Carrell, James

Carriel, Ada S.

Carriel, C. A., D.D.

Carriel, Carrie Dunlap

Carriel, Edward T., M.D.

Carriel, Elizabeth W.

Carriel, Fred Clifford

Carriel, Henry B.

Carriel, Henry F.

Carriel, Howard J.

Carriel, James T.

Carriel, Mary T.

Carriger, Rosella Sheppard

Carroll, Ella Eugenia Woodman

Carroll, H. Roy

Carry, Joyce E.

Carson, Donna Jean Sunderland

Carson, John

Carson, Laura S.

Carson, Virgil Edward

Carson, William R.

Carter, Alice E. (Ashes)

Carter, Anna E.

Carter, Annie

Carter, Carrie K. Colleps

Carter, Charles Carol

Carter, Charles Pitner

Carter, Clara M.

Carter, Clara R.

Carter, Dean R.

Carter, Ebenezer

Carter, Edgar W.

Carter, Edward Carlos

Carter, Edwin

Carter, Edwin A.

Carter, Eliza

Carter, Elizabeth (Ashes)

Carter, Ella M.

Carter, Emery

Carter, Ernest C.

Carter, Ethel T.

Carter, Ethel, Baby

Carter, Evelyn L.

Carter, Eylla S.

Carter, Fannie Fairbank

Carter, Fred A.

Carter, Georgia H.

Carter, Glen

Carter, Grace

Carter, Guy W.

Carter, Hannah J.

Carter, Harold D.

Carter, Harriet

Carter, Helen Hooker

Carter, Henrietta

Carter, Herbert

Carter, Infant

Carter, Ira Lee

Carter, John

Carter, John A.

Carter, John C.

Carter, John Gordon

Carter, John L.

Carter, John P.

Carter, Josephine F.

Carter, Julia Wolcott, Mrs.

Carter, Katherine

Carter, Kittie Sibert

Carter, Lilla Gordon

Carter, Lola M.

Carter, Louella Chrisman

Carter, Mary

Carter, Mary H. Gordon

Carter, Myrtle L.

Carter, Ralph M.

Carter, Robert W.

Carter, Roger W.

Carter, Roy R.

Carter, S. Wilford V. S.

Carter, Sylvester J. V. S.

Carter, Thomas

Carter, Truman Lee

Carter, Truman P.

Carter, Virginia

Carter, W. Chauncey

Carter, Walter L.

Carter, William Chauncey

Carter, William Wallace

Carter, Willie

Carter, Zalmon

Case, Edward Nixon

Case, Emily V.

Case, Frank

Case, Linda Mcguire

Case, Warren

Casey, Beulah R.

Casey, Frank

Cash, Anna

Casina, Barbara

Casner, Gertra

Cassell, Anna J.

Cassell, Charles

Cassell, Clara

Cassell, Ellen D.

Cassell, Eugene

Cassell, Eugene C.

Cassell, Herbert

Cassell, Jennie S.

Cassell, Joseph J.

Cassell, Mady

Cassell, Martha Dalton

Cassell, Mary Lynch

Cassell, Maude L.

Cassell, Myrtle

Cassell, Robert O.

Cassell, Robert T.

Cassens, Gerald J.

Cassens, M. Elizabeth

Casten, Barney

Castle, Mary S.

Caston, Elizabeth

Cather, Amanda F.

Cathy, Letha

Cathy, Lucinda

Cathy, Mary E.

Cathy, Roy H.

Cathy, William Sandy

Catlin, Augusta

Catlin, Belinda

Catlin, Calista

Catlin, Carrie

Catlin, Charles

Catlin, Charles Augustus

Catlin, Cornelia

Catlin, Gussie

Catlin, Harry

Catlin, Joel

Catlin, Lucy

Catlin, Margaret E.

Catlin, Mary E.

Catlin, Mrs.

Catlin, Roxanna Goltra

Catlin, Willis

Caulk, Eunice

Cavanaugh, Patrick

Cavendar, John

Celestin, John

Celestine, Daniel

Cephe, Joshua

Ceranski, Minnie

Cerney, Mary

Cerney, Simon

Chalton, Ellis

Chamberlain, Amanda H.

Chamberlain, Dennis

Chamberlain, Harriet

Chamberlain, Mary J.

Chamberlain, Susan Hope

Chamberlain, Timothy

Chamberlain, Willie H.

Chambers, Alice Askew

Chambers, Anna Adams

Chambers, Anna Belle

Chambers, Eleanor Estill Irwin

Chambers, Father

Chambers, George J.

Chambers, George M.

Chambers, George Maxwell

Chambers, Georgia Trabue

Chambers, Georgie

Chambers, Infant Of J.E. & E.

Chambers, John I.

Chambers, L. W.

Chambers, Lula May

Chambers, Martha

Chambers, Mother

Chambers, Priscilla Mccartney

Chambers, Rowland Ross

Chambers, Sarah

Chambers, Willis Gates

Chance, John L.

Chandler, James

Chandler, Myrtle Mae

Chandler, Nevada E.

Chapin, Augusta

Chapin, Edward D.

Chapin, Ellah M.

Chapin, Ellen Markoe

Chapin, Harry

Chapin, Horace, Capt.

Chapin, Quartus

Chapin, Quartus Horatio

Chapin, Samuel Leonard

Chapin, Unknown

Chaplin, Clara M.

Chaplin, Elmer J.

Chapman, Donald S.

Chapman, Edith Woodward

Chapman, Lois Biggs

Chapman, Luetta W.

Chapman, Mary

Chapman, Mary A.

Chappell, Clara M.

Chappell, Moses

Chappell, Volney S.

Charleton, Anna

Charleton, Ellis

Charlton, Alice J.

Charlton, Nan

Chase, Samuel W.

Chase, William H.

Chastain, Roberta

Cheatam, George W.

Cheatham, Maggie

Cheatham, Sarah A.

Cheatman, George W.

Cheek, Spurgeon

Cheek, Wilhelmina

Chenowerth, George

Chenoweth, Harry K.

Chenoweth, Helen C. Kenneth

Chenoweth, Martha I.

Cherry, Father (John Sr.)

Cherry, John

Cherry, Minnie S.

Cherry, Mother (Frances)

Chesney, Melissa

Chesney, Samuel P.

Chestnut, Alexander B.

Chew, Ilene Carter

Chew, James W.

Childers, Sarah

Chipchase, Della A.

Chipchase, Helen

Chipchase, John W.

Chipman, Alice A.

Chipman, William E.

Chrisman, Allen B.

Chrisman, Alma L. Hopper

Chrisman, Benjamin F.

Chrisman, Clara Eliz. (Allen)

Chrisman, E. B.

Chrisman, E. M.

Chrisman, Harriett

Chrisman, John W. G.

Chrisman, John Wellington

Chrisman, Kenneth Linn

Chrisman, Mattie M. Coultas

Chrisman, Richard Bert

Chrisman, Robert D.

Chrisman, Wilma H.

Chrismark, George

Christen, William R.

Christian, Samuel

Christie, Elizabeth Dunlap

Christie, J. Wallace

Christion, Clyde

Christison, Clarence

Christison, Mary E.

Christison, Mary Louise

Christison, Ruth Fitch

Christison, Vernon H.

Christy, Amanda

Chriten, Irene

Chrysler, Esa

Chumley, Frances Ann (Loomis)

Chumley, Glenn

Chumley, Myrtle Cannon

Chumley, Phyllis J. Wilder

Chumley, Robert A.

Chumley, Thomas Cleveland

Cincire, Mary E.

Cisne, Amplias Ralph

Cisne, Bessie Mae

Cisne, Edwin R.

Cisne, Ruth Jean

Cissna, William

Clagett, Lottie B.

Clampit, Baby

Clampit, Charles Everett

Clampit, Charles W.

Clampit, Child Of L. H.

Clampit, Clarence M.

Clampit, Edith Drake

Clampit, Eva

Clampit, Helen E.

Clampit, James Preston

Clampit, Lena G.

Clampit, Lizzie

Clampit, Louis H.

Clampit, Louis H. Jr.

Clampit, Mary E.

Clampit, Mary M.

Clampit, Mattie

Clampit, Peter

Clampit, Ruth Ann Cope

Clampit, Thomas

Clampit, William H.

Clapp, May Mattoon Wolcott

Clark, Albert

Clark, Arthur R.

Clark, Baby

Clark, Benjamin

Clark, Child

Clark, Dorothy Newport

Clark, Eliza

Clark, Eliza E.

Clark, Ella Lee

Clark, Frank

Clark, Frankie

Clark, George

Clark, George Jr.

Clark, George W.

Clark, Hardin H.

Clark, Henrietta

Clark, Henry

Clark, Ira L.

Clark, James

Clark, John F.

Clark, Julia, Mrs.

Clark, Mabel

Clark, Malinda

Clark, Margaret

Clark, Margaret J.

Clark, Marietta B.

Clark, Marjory C.

Clark, Mary

Clark, Milton

Clark, Rachel Wood

Clark, Robert E.

Clark, Rose P.

Clark, W. C.

Clark, Wayne Alan

Clark, William D.

Clarke, Eliza

Clarke, Harry Everett

Clarke, Mother

Clarke, Son Of A. C.

Claus, Emily

Claus, Jacob F.

Clauser, David

Clauser, Elizabeth Francis

Clay, Dan V.

Clayton, Elizabeth

Clayton, Harriet Chase

Clayton, Joseph

Clayton, Maude E.

Clayton, Robert

Claywell, Benjamin

Cleary, Clara Anna

Cleary, Elizabeth

Cleary, Helen

Cleary, Infant Of M. E.

Cleary, John

Cleary, Mary H.

Cleary, Mary J.

Cleary, Michael E.

Cleary, Minnie Wait

Cleary, Patrick

Cleary, S. Phillip

Cleary, Sophia H.

Cleary, Zoe Zella

Cleavelin, Martha

Clegg, Betty

Clegg, Judith Ann Miller

Clemens, Harry

Clement, Clara R.

Clement, Harold C.

Clements, James H.

Clements, Mattie

Clements, Stella C.

Clemmens, Mary

Clemmons, Esther L. Negus

Cleveland, Leo G.

Cleveland, V. Lorraine

Clifford, Margaret C.

Clinch, James

Cline, Ira Oral

Cloud, Daniel Tutle

Cloud, Theresa Ann

Cloud, Trissie Adams

Clouser, David

Clowter, Mary E.

Cloyd, Lula Ethel

Cloyd, Mary E.

Coates, Amos

Coates, Annetta R.

Coates, Ella May

Coates, Gary A.

Coates, Gladys

Coates, Glenn M.

Coates, H. Alvin

Coates, Job

Coates, Mary Elizabeth

Coates, Pringle A.

Coates, Rebecca

Coates, Robert

Coates, T. Helen

Coates, William

Coates, William E.

Cobb, Anna Taylor

Cobb, Arthur

Cobb, Charles

Cobb, Clara C.

Cobb, Electia A.

Cobb, Florence M.

Cobb, Harry Edward

Cobb, Hugh

Cobb, Kate

Cobb, Margaret A.

Cobb, Mary Jane

Cobb, Maude A. Packard

Cobb, Sarah J. Trahey

Cobb, Thomas M.

Cobb, W. H.

Cobb, Walter

Cobb, William Taylor

Coble, Janet M.

Cochran, Anna Belle

Cochran, Caleb C., M.D.

Cochran, Gladys L.

Cochran, Jenna B.

Cochran, Jennie Gale

Cochran, Lawrence C.

Cochran, Mary

Cockerill, Austin

Cockerill, Fay

Cockin, Ethel Lindsay

Cockin, Eva A.

Cockin, George

Cockin, George C.

Cockin, George Walter

Cockin, Harold E.

Cockin, Harriet C.

Cockin, Harriet Ethel

Cockin, Harriett

Cockin, Helen Irene

Cockin, John P.

Cockin, John Robert

Cockin, Olga Louise

Cockin, Sarah E.

Cockin, Thomas Edward

Cockin, William J.

Cocking, Byron Henry

Cocking, E. L. E.

Cocking, George

Cocking, Henry

Cocking, Mary Ann

Cocking, Sarah J.

Cocking, William H.

Cocking, Winona B.

Cockrell, Scott

Cockrell, Scott, Col.

Coclasure, Chloe Marie Walker

Coclasure, Donald Edward

Coclasure, Donald Matthew

Coclasure, Jessie Irene

Coclasure, Lowell

Coclasure, Lowell Lee

Coclasure, Maude

Codding, Lillian D.

Codding, Nelson

Coddington, Baby Of M. B.

Cody, Arthur C.

Cody, Charlotte

Cody, Margery Ann

Cody, Margery Mayhew

Cody, Myra A.

Cody, Virginia Merle

Cody, Willard D.

Cody, Willard Giles

Coe, Ellison M.

Coe, Fred C.

Coe, George F.

Coe, Irene M.

Coe, Mildred Goodwine

Coffman, Alice

Coffman, Clarence

Coffman, Elizabeth

Coffman, Lillian

Coffman, Ora L.

Coffman, Philip

Coffman, Susan

Coffrey, Maggie

Cogan, August

Cogger, Roy

Coghill, Josephine B.

Coghill, Matilda

Coghill, Richard J.

Coghill, William A.

Cogswell, Elizabeth

Cogswell, Judge M.

Cogswell, Mildred

Cohagen, Susan J.

Cohen, Iris D.

Coin, Cynthia B. Marshall

Cokavich, Joe

Cokeland, Nels

Coker, Dennis

Colburn, Lena Mcdonald

Colburn, Ruth Nelson

Colby, Martin

Cole, Ben James Franklin

Cole, Bert B.

Cole, Bessie Dace

Cole, Catherine E.

Cole, Charles E.

Cole, Christopher T.

Cole, Clarke S.

Cole, David

Cole, Edward

Cole, Elizabeth

Cole, Flora E.

Cole, Harvey

Cole, Helen Hutson

Cole, Henry T.

Cole, Jack B.

Cole, James W.

Cole, Jeffrey J.

Cole, John Edgar

Cole, John M.

Cole, Lenore S.

Cole, Lydia

Cole, Mamie D.

Cole, Marie C.

Cole, Mark A.

Cole, Mattie

Cole, Rebecca

Cole, Sabina

Cole, Samuel

Cole, Sarah

Cole, Stella L.

Cole, William C.

Cole, William D.

Colebough, Sherman

Coleman, Frederick C.

Coleman, George W.

Coleman, Horace A.

Coleman, Isaac C.

Coleman, Jessica Arenz

Coleman, Our Baby

Coleman, R.

Coleman, Sarah A.

Coleman, Sarah Eleanor

Coleman, Sylvia

Coleman, W.

Collean, Frank W.

Collins, Edward

Collins, Floyd

Collins, Henry Talmage

Collins, J. Robert

Collins, Julia Maria

Collins, Martha

Collins, Mary A.

Collins, Mary, Mrs.

Collins, Mike

Collins, Steve

Collins, Thomas

Collins, Verne J.

Coloney, Edward E.

Colton, Ina Gibson

Colton, Irene

Colton, James E.

Colton, Joyce Blane

Colton, S. Chester

Colton, William

Colwell, Bertha L.

Colwell, Donna J.

Colwell, Frank Newman

Colwell, Gertha Young

Colwell, Gilbert L.

Colwell, John S.

Colwell, May Wood

Colwell, William Dean

Combs, Allen S.

Combs, Frances Barwick

Combs, Frances N. Barnes

Comerford, Howard L.

Compton, M. Sage

Conboy, Philip

Condit, Bert Demarest

Condit, David D.

Condit, Mary E.

Condon, Agnes J.

Condon, Lewis C.

Conkle, Lula, Miss

Conkle, Jennie F.

Conkle, Loyd P.

Conkle, Mitchell

Conkle, Nellie

Conkle, Sarah J.

Conklin, Adaline

Conklin, Alice M.

Conklin, Charles A.

Conklin, Esther P.

Conklin, Oscar F.

Conlee, A. D.

Conlee, Albert B.

Conlee, Alonzo D.

Conlee, Bernard Allen

Conlee, Carrie Ruth

Conlee, Julia (Brown)

Conlee, Lucille V.

Conlee, Lula Harshaw

Conlee, Oral Owen

Connell, Eva

Connell, Joseph Burton

Connell, Joseph H.

Connell, Margaret

Conner, Mary A.

Connolly, Patrick

Connor, Charles H.

Connors, Elizabeth

Conrad, Everett

Conrad, Marie E.

Conrad, Stanley

Coogan, Susie James

Cook, Cyrus

Cook, Ellen C., Mrs.

Cook, Ellen Hewson

Cook, Emma Gibbs

Cook, Eva

Cook, Gerald Lavergne

Cook, Helen Meyer

Cook, James Wyatt

Cook, Jerelyn S.

Cook, Margaret

Cook, Martha M.

Cook, Mary

Cook, Oran H.

Cook, Paul

Cook, Polly

Cook, Stephen M.

Cookson, Hattie

Cooley, Eleanor R.

Cooley, Joe

Cooley, Kenneth G.

Coons, Charles

Coons, Charles M.

Coons, James P.

Coons, Sarah Annis

Cooper, Alice

Cooper, Andy

Cooper, Augusta Fralick

Cooper, Clara M.

Cooper, Drue Morris

Cooper, Elias

Cooper, Florence Hogan

Cooper, George R.

Cooper, George W.

Cooper, Inese

Cooper, James

Cooper, Joe

Cooper, John C.

Cooper, L. Clyde

Cooper, Leroy

Cooper, Margaret H.

Cooper, Margery A.

Cooper, Mary H.

Cooper, Maurice Albert

Cooper, Unknown

Cooper, William H.

Coover, Flod Burrell

Coover, James Verans

Coover, Louisa P.

Coover, P. V.

Cope, Mattie

Copeland, Charles

Copher, J.

Coppack, Howard

Coppage, Lena

Coppage, Susan

Corbitt, George

Cordes, Milton M.

Cordes, Stella J.

Corey, John Christopher

Corey, Mary L.

Corey, Suzanne

Corey, Warren C.

Cornell, J. R.

Cornick, Charles W. Sr.

Cornick, Lottie

Correa, Charles E.

Correa, Charles Edward

Correa, Dorothy D.

Correa, Frank V.

Correa, Jamie

Correa, Jean Meeker

Correa, Joseph P.

Correa, Mary

Correa, Mayme D.

Correll, Mildred

Correll, Ronald

Corrington, Clayton

Corrington, Frances

Corrington, Frank

Corrington, Lucille Riggs

Corrington, Marguerite

Corrington, Pauline B.

Corrington, Roy

Corzilius, Ida, Mrs.

Cosgrove, Lillie

Cossart, Ernest J.

Coste, Mary

Costello, George

Costello, William

Costigan, William

Coultas, Anna L. Lazenby

Coultas, Anson M.

Coultas, Beatrice L.

Coultas, Carl R.

Coultas, Clyde

Coultas, David F.

Coultas, Elbert J.

Coultas, Ella M.

Coultas, Gaynell Leta

Coultas, Georgiana

Coultas, Gratia Elizabeth Hall

Coultas, Harry Lincoln

Coultas, Hugh G.

Coultas, James C.

Coultas, James Cunningham Jr.

Coultas, Jane

Coultas, John T.

Coultas, L. C. "Dewey"

Coultas, Lafern Hess

Coultas, Laura F. Gibbs

Coultas, Leta F.

Coultas, Lota L.

Coultas, Lucy

Coultas, Martha

Coultas, Mary B.

Coultas, Matilda R.

Coultas, Mattie Berryman

Coultas, Orville F.

Coultas, Reginald H.

Coultas, Robert Clyde

Coultas, Robert R.

Coultas, Roy James

Coultas, Ruth E.

Coultas, Samuel L.

Coultas, Sherman V.

Coultas, William

Coultas, William Jr.

Coultas, William R.

Coulter, Joseph

Coumbes, Annie A.

Council, Alice M.

Council, Nellie

Councilman, William

Courtney, William H.

Coverley, Dora B.

Coverley, Molly Worrall

Coverley, William M.

Covey, Cora Oneta

Covey, Doris M.

Covey, Harold Glen Jr.

Covey, Jesse E.

Covey, Madge

Covey, Maude S.

Covington, Bertha

Covington, Bessie

Covington, Della E.

Covington, Emma J.

Covington, Hannah

Covington, Jesse J.

Covington, Mary A.

Covington, Merle G.

Covington, Roy H.

Coward, George

Cowden, Elmer R.

Cowdin, Clifford

Cowdin, Jennie B.

Cowdin, Lincoln P.

Cowdin, Louise

Cowdin, Rose

Cowdin, Truman

Cowgill, William Henry

Cowgur, John H.

Cowgur, Joyce

Cowin, M. C.

Cox, Albert W.

Cox, Alma Winter

Cox, Charles V.

Cox, Charlotte

Cox, Clifford D.

Cox, Daily Elder

Cox, Daisy D.

Cox, Elizabeth Strawn

Cox, Floyd

Cox, Frank S.

Cox, George T.

Cox, Gordon

Cox, Harold Manton

Cox, Ivan Wood

Cox, J. Earl

Cox, Jesse O.

Cox, L. Lawrence

Cox, Laura E.

Cox, Louis W. Sr.

Cox, Louise Hitt

Cox, Lutie A.

Cox, Manton

Cox, Mary E.

Cox, Matilda King

Cox, Nellie Beekman

Cox, Newman

Cox, Norma E.

Cox, Samuel

Cox, Stella M.

Cox, Thomas

Cox, Tillie

Cox, William

Coyle, F. Geraldine Grizzle

Coyle, H. Don

Crabbe, Bertha M.

Crabbe, C. Blondel

Crabbe, George A.

Crabbe, Harriett

Crabbe, Mary Ellen

Crabbe, Maurice

Crabbe, Mildred Smith

Crabbe, Mount B.

Crabtree, Anna Farrell

Crabtree, Baby

Crabtree, Charles

Crabtree, Christina A.

Crabtree, Edgar E.

Crabtree, Edgar Farrell

Crabtree, Eleanor Farrell

Crabtree, Elmer E.

Crabtree, Florence M.

Crabtree, Ida M.

Crabtree, J. W.

Crabtree, L. Farrell

Crabtree, M. R.

Crabtree, Mary F.

Crabtree, Mary W.

Crabtree, Maurice Leroy

Crabtree, Neva N.

Crabtree, Pearl B.

Crabtree, Ruth E.

Crabtree, William I.

Crabtree, Winton  W.

Craby, Mary

Craddock, Hazel Meyer

Craft, Charles Arthur

Craft, Elliotte L.

Craft, Floyd L.

Craft, Vera M.

Craft, Vida Servoss

Crafton, William

Craig, Abbie L.

Craig, Amy

Craig, Edgar Warren

Craig, Edna Taylor

Craig, Eleanor M. Liter

Craig, Ferbay J.

Craig, Georgia Sutton

Craig, Hezekiah

Craig, J.

Craig, James

Craig, James Dalton

Craig, James W.

Craig, John

Craig, Lemuel

Craig, Margaret Mathews

Craig, Margaret S.

Craig, Maurice

Craig, Sarah Chappell

Craig, William T.

Crain, Donald D.

Crain, Emma

Crain, H. R.

Crain, Irene Preston

Crain, Sarah

Cram, Fannie A.

Cramer, Alonzo

Crampton, A. F. (Adaline F.)

Crampton, E. H. (Edward)

Crampton, R. C. (Rufus C.)

Crandall, Lucy

Crandall, M.

Crane, Eliza B., Mrs.

Crane, Frank W.

Crane, Marion F.

Crane, Minnie M.

Crane, Mrs.

Cranston, James B.

Cranston, Laura Alda Martin

Craven, Fred B.

Craven, Winnie Campbell

Crawford, Alfred C.

Crawford, Carolyn Hart

Crawford, Carrie S.

Crawford, Clarabelle

Crawford, Eli W.

Crawford, Emma A. Ricks

Crawford, Gladys F. Slater

Crawford, Henrietta

Crawford, James

Crawford, Lawrence W.

Crawford, Lee Roy

Crawford, Louis Francis

Crawford, Lucile

Crawford, Lucille V.

Crawford, M. May

Crawford, R.

Crawford, Thomas D.

Crawford, W. H.

Crawford, Walter A.

Crawford, William

Crawley, Arthur W.

Crawley, Ida Ketner

Crawley, W. A.

Crawley, William A.

Crayton, Paul

Crenshaw, Juanita

Crenshaw, Leo L.

Cressinger, Elizabeth

Crews, M.

Crichfield, Rena M.

Cridland, Adella R.

Cridland, Clara

Cridland, James

Cridland, Joseph H.

Crim, John H.

Crim, Vesta B.

Crisup, James

Crisup/Cresop, William

Critten, Sophia C.

Crocker, Charles E.

Crocker, Elecpia

Crocker, Josephine

Crocker, Mary N.

Crocker, Norma W.

Crofford, Carrie

Cromwell, Hazel M.

Cromwell, Helen

Cromwell, Lloyd S.

Cromwell, Mary

Cromwell, Oliver L.

Cromwell, S. O.

Cromwell, Vincent Garroll

Crooker, Louisa L.

Crooks, Harriett

Crooks, Oliver

Croquart, Bertha

Crosier, Albert G.

Crosier, Charlotte M.

Cross, Betty Palmer

Cross, David C.

Cross, Infant Of Rev. Cross

Cross, Joseph

Cross, Mary Gibson

Crouch, Joseph J.

Crouch, Mary Clardy

Croun, George

Crouse, Bertha M.

Crouse, Charlotte

Crouse, Elisha H.

Crouse, Emma Ora

Crouse, Jessie

Crouse, John H.

Crouse, Kate N.

Crouse, Lillian

Crouse, Ray L.

Crouse, William

Crouse, William Lee

Crow, Gilbert L.

Crow, Helen L. Sluder

Crowcroft, Edith Reed

Crowe, Lois E. Howe

Crowley, John

Crown, George

Crowser, Harrison

Crozier, A. Lloyd

Crozier, Albert N.

Crozier, Alfred

Crozier, Louise Desollar

Crozier, Martha

Crozier, Ralph

Crozier, Rose

Crozier, William

Cruddine, Estra

Crum, Aubrey

Crum, Cecil Alvin

Crum, Maella Liter

Crum, Milda I. (Lovell)

Crum, Ora/Ona Everett

Crum, W. Maude

Crump, John A.

Cruse, Charles

Cruse, Child Of James

Cruse, Eliza S.

Cruse, Infant Of J. & H.

Cruse, James

Cruzan, A. Evelyn E.

Cruzan, B. Kirk

Cruzan, Donald William

Cruzan, Eliza E.

Cruzan, G. Lorene (Tigner)

Cruzan, Garrett M.

Cruzan, Joseph R.

Cruzan, Mary Frances

Cruzan, Merrill I.

Cruzan, Norval E.

Cruzan, Ralph D.

Cruzan, Ralph L.

Cruzan, Vera Quinn

Cruzan, Walter M.

Cruzan, Wanda Ethel

Cruzan, William T.

Cryes, Vince

Cull, Jones

Cullimore, Joy

Cullimore, Mary Joy

Cullimore, Thomas M.

Cully, Albert E.

Cully, Albert R. "Bud"

Cully, Alice Holmes

Cully, Benjamin C.

Cully, Blanche H.

Cully, Byron O.

Cully, Catherine H.

Cully, Charles B.

Cully, Charles E.

Cully, Clara B.

Cully, Clarence S.

Cully, Claribel

Cully, Edgar O.

Cully, Edna M.

Cully, Effie O.

Cully, Elvira J.

Cully, Fannie F. Stevenson

Cully, Homer G.

Cully, Howard M.

Cully, James A.

Cully, James M.

Cully, John H.

Cully, John J.

Cully, Lloyd

Cully, M. Toinette

Cully, Margaret E.

Cully, Minnie L.

Cully, Nelle J.

Cully, Oliver H.

Cully, Ruby P.

Cully, Turner Homer

Cully, William Charles

Culp, Alfred

Culp, Alma L.

Culp, Charles H.

Culp, Effie Angelo

Culp, Gussie

Culp, Jerome B.

Culp, Luther J.

Culp, Lydia

Culp, Mary Elizabeth

Culp, William H.

Culver, Charles

Culver, Dona M.

Culver, H. M.

Culver, Theodorre

Cunningham, Catharine

Cunningham, Edgar

Cunningham, Elizabeth Russel

Cunningham, Isabella Beattie

Cunningham, J. H.

Cunningham, James

Cunningham, Lydia

Cunningham, Margaret

Cunningham, Marguerite H.

Cunningham, Mary

Cunningham, Mary A.

Cunningham, Mary Esther

Cunningham, Mary L.

Cunningham, Mary L. Dorwart

Cunningham, Michael

Cunningham, Nellie Alberta

Cunningham, Patrick

Cunningham, Payton

Cunningham, Robert T.

Cunningham, William D.

Cuppy, William

Curran, Julia

Currier, Alexander

Currier, Donald H.

Currier, Frances Fearneyhough

Currier, Harry Dean

Currier, Harry O.

Currier, Lena

Currier, Margaret C.

Currier, Maria H. Hall

Currier, Mariah A.

Currier, Mrs.

Currier, Warren F.

Curry, Mary

Curry, William

Curtin, Margaret

Curtis, George S.

Curtis, Harvey

Curtis, Pearl

Curtis, William C.

Custer, Hattie

Cutler, Charles

Cutler, Charles E.

Cutler, Emily S.

Cutler, Fred H.

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