Diamond Grove Cemetery, Jacksonville Township Morgan County Illinois

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Diamond Grove Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Jacksonville Township T15N R10W 3rdPM
SE¼-SE¼, Section 30

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society



























Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Abbott, Augustus W.

Abbott, Caroline J.

Abbott, E. Adelaide

Abbott, Fidelia N.

Abbott, Lulu

Abel, Hattie

Abell, Edward

Abell, Heber

Abell, Jacob

Abell, Mary L.

Abell, Monroe

Abell, Ross S.

Abell, Sarah

Abell, Thomas

Abernathy, Earl

Abernathy, Hester E.

Abernathy, Infant

Abernathy, James H.

Abernathy, Rose

Abernathy, Roy

Abrams, George W.

Abrams, Lura B.

Acree, Myrtle Britton

Acree, Sandra S.

Acree, William A.

Acton, Della

Acuff, Leonard

Adams, Albyn Lincoln

Adams, Albyn Lincoln Jr.

Adams, Arthur J.

Adams, Bert

Adams, Cameron T.

Adams, Charles

Adams, Charlie

Adams, Clare

Adams, Emma A.

Adams, Florence

Adams, Frances

Adams, Frances E. Cody

Adams, Francis J.

Adams, Frank

Adams, Frank, Lt. Col.

Adams, J. O.

Adams, James

Adams, Joel S.

Adams, John D.

Adams, John, L.L.D.

Adams, Lucy C.

Adams, Lyman L.

Adams, M.

Adams, Mabel

Adams, Mary B.

Adams, Mary Catherine Graham

Adams, Mary J.

Adams, Mary J. Moulton

Adams, Minna Worthington

Adams, S. *

Adams, Samuel, Dr.

Adams, Susan C.

Addison, John

Adkins, Sarah E.

Adolph, John

Adwell, Rosa Belle

Aeschback, Maria

Agee, Alfred W.

Agee, Harriett S.

Agee, Ivan W.

Agee, Lillie Gordon

Agee, Louise G.

Agnew, Leland James

Ahlquist, Alvin Urban

Ahlquist, Anna Marie

Ahlquist, Anna Wallgreen

Ahlquist, Carl Julius

Ahlquist, E. Caroline

Ahlquist, Edith Forwood

Ahlquist, Etta Suiter

Ahlquist, Helen M. Hempel

Ahlquist, Infant Of John & Anna

Ahlquist, John Aron

Ahlquist, Louis Septimus

Ahlquist, Mildred M.

Ahlquist, Victor F.

Ahlquist, Walter C.

Ahrens, Elizabeth

Ainsworth, Anna

Ainsworth, Joshua

Akers, Ann

Akers, Anna Mae Wilson

Akers, Cynthia Wright

Akers, Edwin W., D.D.

Akers, Eleanore Rosalie

Akers, Eliza Ellen

Akers, Ellen

Akers, Joshua Soule, D.D.

Akers, Milburn

Akers, Miriam Cynthia

Akers, Peter

Akers, Riley

Akers, Robert Newton

Akers, Samuel G.

Akers, Susan Clampit

Alberding, Ella

Alberding, George H.

Alderman, Charles W.

Alderman, Gladys R.

Alexander, ?. F.

Alexander, Ann

Alexander, Annie Reese

Alexander, Bertha E.

Alexander, Child Of James

Alexander, Clara G.

Alexander, Cynthia C.

Alexander, Dorothy Stribling

Alexander, Edward H.

Alexander, Edward P.

Alexander, George D.

Alexander, George Henry

Alexander, J. L.

Alexander, James

Alexander, James C.

Alexander, Jeanette

Alexander, John A.

Alexander, John T.

Alexander, John Tracy

Alexander, John Tracy Jr.

Alexander, Louise H.

Alexander, M. E.

Alexander, Margaret

Alexander, Mary E.

Alexander, Mary Hook

Alexander, William

Alexander, William D.

Alexander, William L.

Alkire, Alexander

Alkire, Charlotte

Alkire, Dorlesky

Alkire, Frances Minnie

Alkire, James S.

Alkire, Mary F. Henry

Alkire, Nellie Bacon

Alkire, Patsy Knoles

Alkire, Riley

Alkire, Riley J.

Allan, Albert L.

Allan, Alma

Allan, Charles G.

Allan, Christina

Allan, David Wayne "Slim"

Allan, Edward

Allan, Elizabeth

Allan, Floyd

Allan, Harold L.

Allan, Hazel Marie Mcclelland

Allan, Helen Aileen

Allan, Helen I.

Allan, J. W.

Allan, James

Allan, Jane

Allan, John R.

Allan, Lena

Allan, Lillie M.

Allan, Marilyn Y.

Allan, Peter

Allan, W. Grant

Allan, William H.

Allcott, Harlan A.

Allcott, Helen A.

Allcott, Lee P.

Allcott, Louisa M.

Allcott, Louisa P.

Allcott, Martha H.

Allcott, William A.

Allcott, William L.

Allen, Carrie H.

Allen, Charles W.

Allen, Child Of Rev. Peter

Allen, Cordelia

Allen, Don

Allen, Edward Emerson

Allen, Emma

Allen, Harrison

Allen, Harve

Allen, Ira E.

Allen, Isaac

Allen, John R.

Allen, John S.

Allen, Kelly Lee

Allen, Laura A.

Allen, Marinda H.

Allen, Mary F.

Allen, Nellie

Allen, R. W., Rev.

Allen, Terry

Allen, William

Allin, Lena Walker

Allin, Luman Davis

Allison, Elijah

Allison, Elizabeth

Allison, Hazel

Allison, Infant

Allison, Infant Son

Allison, Jennie

Allison, John

Allison, Lucinda

Allison, Mary M. Thompson

Allison, Minerva

Allison, Pearl

Allison, Rispy

Allison, William H.

Allman, J. W.

Allyn, Howard O.

Allyn, Mary Elizabeth

Alston, Fannie

Alves, Anna

Alves, Bernice

Alvies, Antonio

Alvies, Ben

Alvies, Emanuel

Alvies, John

Alvies, Lizzie

Alvies, Mary

Alvies, Mary Jane

Alvies, May

Alvies, Rosa Della

Alvies, William

Ambeau, Adalord H.

Ambrose, Jane

Ambrose, Lee

Ames, C. H.

Ames, Chris H.

Ames, Ernie

Ames, Matilda

Ammons, J. Paul

Ammons, Leah Cassell

Ammons, Margaret P.

Ammons, T.

Amos, John

Anderson, Adolph F.

Anderson, Alice

Anderson, Anders

Anderson, Augusta

Anderson, Baird

Anderson, Bessie M.

Anderson, C. O.

Anderson, Carrie

Anderson, Catharine S.

Anderson, Celia A.

Anderson, Charles G.

Anderson, Charles S.

Anderson, Charles W.

Anderson, Charley Lee

Anderson, Child

Anderson, Child Of Cyrus

Anderson, Clarence I.

Anderson, Claribel

Anderson, Claus

Anderson, Eliza R.

Anderson, Emelia Berniece

Anderson, Emma

Anderson, Emma A.

Anderson, Esta Lee

Anderson, Estella D.

Anderson, Esther

Anderson, Frank E.

Anderson, George M.

Anderson, Hannah

Anderson, Hiram

Anderson, Infant Son Of John

Anderson, J. Wilbur

Anderson, James

Anderson, Jobe

Anderson, John

Anderson, John R.

Anderson, John T.

Anderson, Jonathan

Anderson, Kate L.

Anderson, Kate Rook

Anderson, Katherine

Anderson, Laura May

Anderson, Lois Evelyn

Anderson, Lucille

Anderson, Lucy

Anderson, Lula

Anderson, Margaret

Anderson, Mary Lucile

Anderson, Mrs.

Anderson, Peter

Anderson, Raymond

Anderson, Robert

Anderson, Robert O.

Anderson, Robert S.

Anderson, Rose Bentena

Anderson, Theresa P.

Anderson, Thomas

Anderson, Virginia (Ashes)

Anderson, Vivian Marie

Anderson, William D.

Andrade, Caroline

Andrade, Manuel

Andras, Alice Z.

Andras, Cary F.

Andras, Clara A. Wilson

Andras, Eliza W.

Andras, Georgia S.

Andras, John C.

Andras, Sarah

Andras, Sarah C.

Andras, William S.

Andre, Elizabeth A.

Andre, George B.

Andre, Harriet V.

Andre, Henry M.

Andre, Louisa Reyland

Andre, Lu Vica Jane

Andre, Margaret C.

Andre, Mathias F.

Andres, E.

Andrews, Alfred C.

Andrews, Anthony

Andrews, B. Blair

Andrews, Baby

Andrews, Benjamin

Andrews, Benjamin C.

Andrews, Charles

Andrews, Child

Andrews, Clarence E.

Andrews, David

Andrews, Emanuel C.

Andrews, Emma B.

Andrews, Ernest G.

Andrews, Ethel Mcintyre

Andrews, Fountain J. Jr.

Andrews, Fountain Jones Iii

Andrews, Frank J.

Andrews, Helen Leach

Andrews, Ida S.

Andrews, Isaac

Andrews, Johannah

Andrews, Larry Lee

Andrews, Lenore S.

Andrews, Lucile

Andrews, Mary E.

Andrews, Mary J.

Andrews, Mary M.

Andrews, Mcneil

Andrews, Miss

Andrews, Mrs.

Andrews, Nellie

Andrews, Nelly

Andrews, Presley E.

Andrews, Robert Charles

Andrews, Silas

Andrews, Sylvia E.

Andrews, Virgil R.

Angel, Alice Coultas

Angel, David

Angel, Julia Ann

Angel, Mary A. Reid

Angelo, Annie M.

Angelo, Baby

Angelo, Charles H.

Angelo, Clara Olive

Angelo, Elihu R.

Angelo, Elizabeth

Angelo, Floyd S.

Angelo, George E.

Angelo, Hael

Angelo, Infant Daughter

Angelo, Joseph Arthur

Angelo, Laura

Angelo, Mary

Angelo, Mary J.

Angelo, Mary L.

Angelo, Oliver C.

Angelo, Pearl C.

Angelo, Polly

Angelo, Priscilla

Angelo, Reuben

Angelo, Samuel P.

Angelo, Sarah E.

Angelo, Sarah J.

Angelo, Stephen Oscar

Angelo, Thomas M.

Angle, Frank

Anhalt, Mary C.

Antecki, Julian

Anthis, Sara

Anthony, Ernest

Anthony, Herbert Cecil

Anthony, Ida L.

Anthony, Mary J.

Antle, Anna M.

Antle, Marilyn Jean

Antle, May L.

Anton, William

Applebee, A. Wadsworth

Applebee, Elizabeth Forrer

Appleby, Mary A.

Appleby, Robert

Aputis, Evelyn W.

Arbuckle, Amanda

Arbuckle, Gabriel

Arbuckle, Sylvester

Archer, Edith A. W.

Archer, G. W.

Archer, Nellie B.

Archer, Tunis V.

Ardinger, Carrie A.

Arenz, Baby Girl

Arenz, Charlotte

Arenz, Edna M. Busey

Arenz, Henry U.

Arenz, William H.

Arington, Albert

Arisman, Josephine

Armentrout, Ellen

Armitage, Clara E. Robinson

Armitage, James Edward

Armour, Julius

Armstrong, Adele

Armstrong, Alec Russell

Armstrong, Alex

Armstrong, Alexander Siddons

Armstrong, Annie T.

Armstrong, Christiana J.

Armstrong, Clinton

Armstrong, Everett S.

Armstrong, Hannah R.

Armstrong, Harry Wilson

Armstrong, Helen Carlisle

Armstrong, John William

Armstrong, L. W.

Armstrong, Louise

Armstrong, Louise Grater

Armstrong, Mary E.

Armstrong, Mary Elizabeth

Armstrong, Matilda

Armstrong, Norma Wahl

Armstrong, Robert E.

Armstrong, S. R.

Armstrong, Susan

Armstrong, Thomas

Armstrong, Vida Dobson

Arnold, A. D.

Arnold, Clarence

Arnold, Elizabeth K.

Arnold, Elliott L.

Arnold, Florence M.

Arnold, James

Arnold, James F.

Arnold, James W.

Arnold, Jim Lee

Arnold, Laura A.

Arnold, Lena C.

Arnold, Louis

Arnold, Lucy

Arnold, Ocee M.

Arthur Agnes E.

Arthur, Frank

Arthur, Thana E.

Artz, Frances

Artz, J. Edward, Rev.

Artz, Martha Eleanor

Artz, Martha Sites

Artzger, Mary

Asbell, C.

Asbury, Emma

Ash, Elizabeth Holley

Ash, Ruth Elizabeth

Ash, William

Ashbaker, Charles J.

Ashbaker, Pauline W.

Ashbury, Eva

Ashelby, Henrietta Harriet

Ashelby, Matthew

Ashley, Lucia

Ashlock, Sarah E.

Ashworth, Belle

Askarnit, Anna

Askew, Annie A.

Askew, Edith

Askew, Edward H.

Askew, Joseph R.

Askew, Nancy L.

Askew, Nellie

Askins, Alice

Atenberg, August

Atkins, Andrew J.

Atkins, Annie Groves

Atkins, Arthur J.

Atkins, Clarence E.

Atkins, Harvey Devore

Atkins, Henry J.

Atkins, Herbert F. (Ashes)

Atkins, Keziah E.

Atkins, Mabel L.

Atkins, Margaret Elizabeth

Atkins, Maud E.

Atkins, Myra Gertrude

Atkins, Terry Lee

Ator, Charles J.

Ator, Charles William

Ator, George William

Ator, Mattie Clampitt

Ator, Murwin D.

Ator, Thelma Arnold

Atwood, Anson W.

Atwood, Mary J.

Atwood, Mollie

Aulabaugh, Jacob

Aune, Hilda

Austin, Hattie

Austin, John

Austin, Joshua D.

Austin, Sarah B.

Awe, Robert

Axe, George Ottis

Axe, Martha Mattie R.

Axelberry, Cecelia

Ayers, Abigail

Ayers, Annie E.

Ayers, Archie Allan

Ayers, Augustus E.

Ayers, Augustus M.

Ayers, Baby

Ayers, Catharine M.

Ayers, David Ball

Ayers, Eliza

Ayers, Gertrude

Ayers, Gladys Aley

Ayers, Helen Leigh Palmer

Ayers, John Allan

Ayers, Laura Allan

Ayers, Lucia Brownell

Ayers, Marshall P.

Ayers, Mary Abigail Farrell

Ayers, Mary Eliza

Ayers, Mary Freytag

Ayers, Walter

Ayers, Wilfred Smith

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