Davis Cemetery, Franklin Pisgah Township Morgan County Illinois

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Davis Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Franklin Pisgah Township T14N R9W 3rdPM
NE¼-SW¼, Section 31

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

This cemetery can be seen from the Woodson-Franklin blacktop road, Davis Cemetery lies south of that road and about one-half mile east of the abandoned Clements railroad depot. The cemetery is named for Daniel B. Davis, whose home was located across the road from the cemetery entrance. Legal description of the cemetery site is in the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 31 in Township 14 N Range 9 W. The cemetery is midway between Woodson and Franklin and about a mile west of the former location of Durbin Methodist Church. The tombstone readings listed here are a combination of listings made by the late Guy and Mrs. Myra N. Martin of Waverly, year unknown, and by Bernard Kindred and Robert W. Dalton of Jacksonville, in 1969.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?

BROMLEY, John Died 19 Sept 1861 Age 22 Yr

BROWN, Sarah Died 9 Apr 1869 26 Yr 4 Mo 28 Da Wife of S. Brown

DARLEY, Dawson Died 30 Dec 1875 Age 61 Yr "History of Morgan Co., Ill, 1878"

DARLEY, Elizabeth Died 18 Mar 1853 Age 32 Yr 2 Da Wife of Dawson Darley

Sarah Died 22 Feb 1896 66 Yr 1 Mo 8 Da Wife of Dawson Darley

(Sarah Dodsworth married Dawson Darley in Morgan County on March 26, 1856, the ceremony

being performed by Justice of Peace Nathan Hart.)

DAVIS, Daniel B. Died 8 Dec 1873 Age 77 Yr 8 Mo Obit

DAVIS, Thomas J. Died aged 13 Mo Son of Daniel B. & Sarah A. Davis

Martha A. Died aged 7 Mo Dau of Daniel B. & Sarah A. Davis

DAVIS, Joseph Died 7 Aug 1893 20 Yr 5 Mo 13 Da Obit

(His name is engraved on the same tombstone with Edward Rawlings. Joseph's death

certificate shows he was an unmarried laborer. He was born in England but lived in Illinois

about ten years. He died of heart disease.

DAVIS, William R. Died 12 Sept 1907 Age 75 Yr 1 Mo Obit

** DIXON, Theodore 27 June 1942 Kentucky Pvt. 306 Field R.M. & 50 OMC Obit

Josia 31 Jan 1904 - 14 Apr 1952 Wife of Theodore Dixon

(She was born in Kentucky, a daughter of Porter and Rosia Patton Bertram. According to

her death certificate, Josie died at 236 East Douglas in Jacksonville. Informant was her

daughter, Mrs. Mildred Brogdon. Marriage records of Morgan County show that Miss Josie

Bertram married Theodore Dixon on June 15, 1929.)

DODSWORTH, Thomas ?L. D. Died 12 Dec 1896 43 Yr 3 Mo 14 Da Obit

DUCKWORTH, Dorcas Died 4 Oct 1851 Age 6 Yr Dau of A. & H. Duckworth

DUNSTON, Esther 1867 - 1895

George 1865 - 1948

William Died 22 Oct 1867 6 Yr 8 Mo 10 Da

ELLINGTON, Becca J. 1847 - 1910 Wife of John J. Ellington

John J. 1848 - 1901

FANNING, Andrew J. 5 Sept 1862 - 20 Sept 1863 Son of R.D. & E.E. Fanning

(Robert D. Fanning and Elizabeth Nall were married in Morgan County on Nov. 14, 1861 by

Justice Of The Peace Stephen Sutton.)

Andrew J. Died 9 July 1847 18 Yr 10 Mo 28 Da Son of J. & M. Fanning

Clara M. Died 26 Feb 1860 Age 3 Mo 11 Da Dau of S.A. & J.J. Fanning

George Sr. Died 25 Nov 1867 Age 76 Yr

FANNING, Jacob Died 31 Jan 1845 Age 45 Yr Husband of Mary Fanning

(This is not the Jacob Fanning who died at the Morgan County Poor Farm on Nov. 28, 1848

and whose body was claimed by his parents.)

Mary Died Age 63 Yr 10 Mo 6 Da Wife of Jacob Fanning

** Lafayette Corporal, C. F., 101st Ill. Inf. (He enlisted Aug. 6, 1862 and died

at Mound City, Illinois.)

M. M. Died 20 Apr 1853 Age 2 Yr 20 Da Dau of Z. & D. Fanning

Sarah B. Died 22 Aug 1849 16 Yr 2 Mo 21 Da Dau of J. & M. Fanning

** GRIMSLEY, Abraham 18 Mar 1828 - 26 May 1892 Co. G 1st Reg. Ill. Vol. Mexican War

Mary C. (Fanning) 5 May 1832 - 5 July 1911 Wife of Abraham Grimsley

Her parents were George & _____ Dalton Fanning.

GRIMSLEY, Fielding Died 25 Sept 1847 Age 45 Yr 4 Mo (He was a blacksmith)

Susan Died 22 Mar 1873 71 Yr 6 Mo 12 Da Wife of Fielding Grimsley

HANN (or HAHN), John Died 23 Sept 1862 Age 60 Yr 17 Da

(A native of Virginia, he and his Kentucky-born wife, Nancy, were living in Ohio in 1832.)

HASLER, William 1840 - 1906

HENSON, Infant Born & Died 5 May 1888 Son of J.C. & R.M. Henson

HOBBS, Charles 7 Oct 1869 - 5 Dec 1907

(Charles Hobbs was born in Dewitt Co., Ill. A carpenter by occupation, his home was at

712 East Lafayette in Jacksonville. He took his own life by drinking three ounces of

carbolic acid. He was survived by his wife of five years, Jessie; and his mother, Mrs.

Mary A. Hobbs of Franklin; two sisters, Mrs. Nellie Graham of Ashland and Mrs. George

Spires of Jacksonville; and six brothers, A.L. Hobbs of Paris, Mo., Curtis Hobbs of

Alexander, Henry Hobbs of Franklin, David Hobbs of Franklin, William Hobbs of

Waverly and Jesse Hobbs of Bonnor Springs, Kansas.)

** L. W. B. Corp. Co. F 129th Ill. Inf.

HOBBS, Mrs. Lincoln Died 7 July 1890 Obit

Mary E. 1865 - 1921 Wife of William Hobbs

(Mary Eliza's death certificate in the Morgan County Court House shows that she was

born in England on Dec. 14, 1866, a daughter of James and Elizabeth Lippitt England.

She was a widow when she died on Aug. 19, 1921.)

HOBBS, William 1871 - 1918

* William 3 Sept 1871 - 1 May 1918 Son of Wm. B. & Mary A. Jones Hobbs

(From Death Cert.)

Mary Ann 3 Dec 1840 - 29 Nov 1923 Wife of Wm. Bennett Hobbs

(No tombstone was found for this woman. She was born in Ohio, daughter of Jesse Jones

and Susan Corrington Jones. Both parents are buried in this cemetery.)

** HUTCHINSON, James Co. F 33rd Ill. Inf.

(He enlisted as a veteran in Co. F on Jan. 1, 1864 and was discharged, disabled,

on June 16, 1865.)

** JONES, J. G. Co. K 2nd Ill. Art.

(Joseph Jones enlisted as a recruit on Dec. 17, 1863 and was mustered out July 14, 1865

as artificer. A military history of Co. K will be found on page 467 of

"History of Morgan County, Ill. 1878.")

Jesse J. 1 Feb 1808 - 21 Mar 1884 Born Westchester, Pa. Obit

JONES, Susan S. 1 Feb 1818 - 11 Dec 1890 Wife of J.J. Jones Born Roseville, OH Obit

Margaret Died 24 July 1873 5 Yr 2 Mo 19 Da Dau of Jessie & Mary

(Jesse Jones Jr. married Mary Rawlings in Morgan County on March 9, 1871.)

* Zachary 12 Nov 1848 - 14 May 1921Son Jessie & Susan (Corrington) Jones

Wife - Sarah Hannah Jones (From Death Cert.)

LONG, Archie Truman 20 Oct 1925 - 8 Oct 1926

Edna Louise 7 Aug 1927 - 9 Sept 1929 Obit

MEREDITH, Hannah A. 16 May 1842 - 29 Aug 1926 Obit

(Her death certificate shows that she was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, a daughter of

Jesse Jones who was born in Philadelphia, Pa., and Sarah Corrington Jones who

was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hannah was a widow at the time of her death.)

** John 1842 - 1913

Page 645 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878

MEREDITH, Lon 1875 - 1924

NICHOLES, Barbara A. Died 21 Apr 1845 Age 20 Yr 11 Da Wife of J.F. Nicholes

(James Franklin Nichols married Barbara Fanning in Morgan County on Feb. 22, 1844.)

James M. Died 12 July 1845 Age 3 Mo 13 Da Son of J.B. & B.A. Nicholes

OXLEY, James Died 3 Mar 1895 57 Yr 1 Mo 23 Da

Page 646 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878

Mary Died 20 oct 1913 70 Yr 6 Mo 15 Da Wife of James Oxley

Robert E. 25 May 1883 Son of James & Mary Oxley

George Washington 26 Sept 1865 - 24 Jan 1938

(George W. Oxley was born near Franklin, a son of James & Mary Smith Oxley.

George married Sarah Rawlings.)

Sarah A. 5 Nov 1859 - 21 Apr 1930

(Sarah A. was born at Pisgah, Morgan County, a daughter of Henry and Catherine Dudhope Rawlings.)

Infant 14 June 1891 - 16 June 1891 Son of G.W. & S.A. Oxley

RAWLINGS, Henry 7 Mar 1825 - 28 Feb 1873 Aged 47 Yr 11 Mo 22 Da

(He was born in Yorkshire, England, and came to Morgan County in 1840. He married

Catherine Dudhope in Morgan County on Feb. 14, 1849. His grave marker is in the shape of a chair.)

Catherine 12 May 1825 - 31 Oct 1902 Wife of Henry Rawlings Obit

Charles H. Died 25 Aug 1864 Age 5 Mo Son of H. & C. Rawlings

Robert E. Died 1 Oct 1867 Age 1 Yr 9 Mo Son of H. & C. Rawlings

William Died 18 Oct 1853 Age 6 Mo 27 Da Son of H. & C. Rawlings

Charles 8 Nov 1873 - 9 Apr 1877 Son of W. & E. Rawlings

Edward Died 7 Nov 1892 62 Yr 5 Mo 6 Da Obit

(Edward Rawlings married Sarah Smith in Morgan County on Oct. 4, 1852. His name

is on the same tombstone with that of Joseph Davis.)

RAWLINGS, Sarah J. 1853 - 1937

(Her death certificate in the Morgan County Court House shows that she was born

July 5, 1853 in Belfast, Ireland, a daughter of Irish born John Simms. Sarah's mother

was born in Scotland and her maiden name was Holmes. Sarah died in Jacksonville on Oct. 26, 1937)

R. Aged 7 Mo

RICHARDS, Margaret E. 21 Oct 1916 - 18 Oct 1917

(Born in Jacksonville, her parents were Claum (?) and Minnie Hobbs Richards, both natives

of Illinois). (No tombstone)

RICHARDSON, Mary E. Died 2_ July 1835 Dau of V.S. & L. Richardson

(Her parents names were Vincent S. & Lydia Rawlings Richardson. In 1878 Vincent was

a director of the Central Illinois Banking and Savings Assoc. located in Jacksonville.)

ROBSON, John W. 1861 - 1924

SANDERSON, Robert Died 22 June 1863 Age 63 Yr

(Robert Sanderson was a native of England. he was the father of Ann Alice who married

William R. Richardson, a son of Vincent S. and Lydia Richardson.)







Infant Stillborn 21 Feb 1916

(The info given here is from the death certificate in the Court House. The infant is probably

buried in one of the graves with a "Babe" marker. The father was 44 year old John H. Shirley,

a merchant who was born in Logan County, Ill. The infant's mother was 43 year old Luella M.

Woland Shirley, also a native of Logan Co., Ill.)

Infant Stillborn 8 May 1915 Dau of J.H. & L.M. Shirley

Mary (There are no dates on her tombstone. However her death certificate in the

Morgan County Court House shows that she was born at Hartsburg, Ill., on April 16, 1900,

a daughter of John H. and Luella May Woland Shirley. Mary died of acute meningitis on March 14, 1912.)

Infant Born and died 24 Dec 1910

(She was a daughter of John H. and Louella May Woland Shirley)

SMITH, Benjamin Died 23 Aug 1858 Age 77 Yr

** Benjamin Co. G 1 Missouri Cavalry

Robert 1834 - 1916

SMITH, Mary King 1831 - 1896 Wife of Robert Smith

Amelia F. Died 25 Dec 1877 6 Yr 1 Mo 8 Da Dau of R. & Mary Smith Obit

Infant Child of R. & Mary Smith

Infant of R. & Mary Smith

John M. Died 24 Dec 1882 21 Yr 10 Mo 14 Da Son of R. & Mary Smith

Sarah E. Died 8 Oct 1864 1 Yr 5 Mo 23 Da Dau of R. & Mary Smith

* STILL, Frederick 27 Dec 1829 - 26 Sept 1918 Son ____ & Elizabeth Still (From Death Cert.)

TUCKER, John M. Died 9 Jan 1865 12 Yr 8 Mo 26 Da Son of J.E. & M. Tucker

WARTERS, James 1 Dec 1825 - 9 Aug 1858

_________, Josie Dixon

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