Burris Cemetery, Concord-Meredosia Township Morgan County Illinois

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Burrus Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Concord-Meredosia Township T16N R12W 3rdPM
SW¼-NW¼, Section 2

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society

This cemetery was used for burials for many years before its legal deed was recorded on the land records of Morgan County. Not until Nov. 6, 1893 did William Burrus and Nancy J. Burrus, his wife, sell to (unnamed) trustees of Burrus Cemetery this small plot of ground high atop a bluff overlooking the Illinois River Valley. Legal description of the land which they sold for one dollar is described as "beginning at a point 280 feet west and 320 feet south of the northeast corner of the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 2 in Township 16 N Range 12 W of 3rd principal meridian, running thence west 120 feet, thence south 162 feet to the place of beginning. The above lands are conveyed for a burying ground only. "The deed is recorded on page 508 of Deed Book 53 in the Morgan County clerk's office. A visual description of the cemetery describes it as being about _ of a mile southeast of the junction of Boulevard Road and the Meredosia- Arenzville blacktop road. The cemetery is about 100 yards south of the latter road. It is not possible to see the cemetery from the road. At the very pinnacle of a steep bluff, the unkept cemetery has a good fence and gate. A tree has fallen across some burials, knocking over and breaking several tombstones. No road or path leads to Burrus Cemetery which is one of many burial sites scattered atop the bluffs overlooking the valley of the Illinois River. Nearly all of them have something in common: they are difficult to find and hard to reach but fine scenic views are to be seen from them. While spending several hours searching for Burrus Cemetery the compilers discovered that almost none of the surrounding population is aware that the cemetery exists. The compilers are indebted to Richard Webster of Jacksonville who knew of the cemetery's existence and to genial Mrs. Carl Tiemann who allowed trespass of her property for a visit to the cemetery.

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Burris, Albert 5 Yr 2 Mo 19 Da 19 Feb 1886 (His death certificate shows that
he was born in Concord Precinct.
No tombstone could be found at
the cemetery.)
Burris, Alice Ann 19 Yr 10 Da 9 May 1879 Wife of William Burrus
(A large tree has fallen across her
tombstone and the marker is tilted
back. Her death certificate gives
her name as Mrs. Alice burrows
and says that she is buried in
Burrows Cemetery.)
Burris, Thomas 14 Aug 1828 31 Aug 1904 (The compilers did not find a
tombstone for him.)
Burris, Nancy 6 Yr 10 Da 6 Mar 1875 Dau of T. & E.J. Burrus
(Her spire-style tombstone is
Burris, Emma L. 12 Yr 10 Mo 14 Da 26 Aug 1879 Dau of T. & E.J. Burrus      
Burris, Ellen J. 48 Yr 6 Mo 23 Da 14 Feb 1880 Wife of Thomas Burrus      
Burris, William 26 Apr 1820 10 Feb 1902 (The graves of William and
his wife are marked with a large
brown granite tombstone.)
Burris, Nancy J. 2 May 1826 17 Sept 1896 Wife of William Burrus      
Burris, William Henry 6 Apr 1875 25 Nov 1896 (Modern style tombstone)      
Burris, Thomas J. 1847 1915        
Burris, Eliza 1849 1926 (Thomas and Eliza have a
large granite tombstone.)
Burris, Paul C. 24 Jan 1894 30 June 1907 Son of Wm. And Sarah Burrus
(His death certificate lists him
as C. Paul Burrus, dying of
Burris, Harry Andrew 20 Nov 1878 4 Dec 1878 Son of T.J. & Eliza      
Burris, Benj. Martin 1 Apr 1880 4 May 1880 Son of T.J. & Eliza      
Burris, Elmer J. 18 27 Jan 18 Son of T.J. & Eliza      
Coffin, Charles 28 Jan 1806 22 June 1863 Born in Newburyport, Mass.      
Loughary, Esther   28 Mar 1856 Wife of John Loughary
(Remainder buried)
Stewart, Manerva A. 6 Mo 5 Da 31 July 1859 Dau of J. and M.A. Stewart      
Stewart, Two Infant Sons
of J. & M.A. Stewart
  15 Oct 1856        
Webster, Alice Ann   1 Apr 1870 Wife of Thomas Webster      
Webster, Sarah Olive 13 Yr 6 Mo 7 Da 13 Feb 1886 Dau of Thomas & Alice Webster
(Richard Webster recorded death
year as 1883 when he visited the
cemetery on April 17, 1976.)
Webster, Joseph E. 1 Yr 9 Mo 11 Da 25 Oct 1869 Son of T. & A.A. Webster      
Mother-in-law of Henry Kuhlmann   Abt 1947 to 1957        
Weathered fieldstone marker
without any lettering

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