Antioch Cemetery, Orleans-Arnold Township Morgan County Illinois

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Antioch Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
Orleans-Arnold Township T15N R9W 3rdPM
NE¼-NE¼, Section 16

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society
Additions donated by Dotty from TN

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

This well-kept rural cemetery is located seven miles east of Jacksonville, on the north side of the Old State Road. Legal description of the cemetery site places it in the southeast quarter of Section 9 of Township 15 N Range 9 W. Antioch Christian Church was formerly located adjacent to the cemetery. That building was moved to Ashland around 1955 and was still used for church purposes as late as April 1978. Antioch Cemetery was not incorporated until July 14, 1873. Shortly thereafter bodies were removed from nearby family cemeteries and re-interred in Antioch Cemetery. It is believed that an unusually large number of Negroes are buried in this cemetery, being family members of workers hired by the Strawn family. For a time this cemetery was the second burial site of the famous preacher, Elder Barton W. Stone. His body has since been disinterred and removed to Cane Ridge, Kentucky. A list of burials published in the Jacksonville Journal of Jan. 29, 1911 should be disregarded as it contains many errors.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Alexander, Alicia D. 1 Yr 7 Mo 14 Da 16 July 1849 d/o J. T. & Ida Alexander      
Alexander, Robert T. 8 Mo 10 Mar 1870 s/o George D. & Mary E. Alexander      
Allen, Albert E. 15 Yr 4 Mo 28 Da 18 May 1862 s/o J. H. & E. J. Allen      
Allen, Elizabeth J. 33 Yr 11 Mo 3 Da 3 Mar 1855 w/o J. H. Allen
d/o A. & M. Henderson
Allen, Ellen F. 7 Yr 5 Mo 10 Da 5 Jan 1855 Dau of J. W. & B. Allen      
Allen, Infant   8 Mar 1855 Infant Son of J. H. & E. J. Allen      
Allen, James W. 63 Yr 2 Mo 25 Da 27 Feb 1866        
Allen, John H. 49 Yr 1 Mo 21 Da 13 Feb 1870        
Allen, Sarah A. 20 Yr 17 Jan 1860 w/o John H. Allen      
Allen, Thomas L. 2 Yr 2 Mo 28 Da 18 Oct 1860 s/o J. W. & R. Allen      
Andras, John C. 21 Feb 1911 5 Aug 1980 s/o J. Cennick and Meda Strang Andras
(His obituary appeared in the Jacksonville
Daily Journal of Wednesday, August 6, 1980)
Armstrong, Isabell 18 Yr 5 Mo 5 2 Mar 1863 d/o J. H. & S. Armstrong
(Stone leaning against west fence)
Artt, James B. 27 Yr 9 Mo 7 Da 15 Jan 1871 s/o J. B. & A. Artt      
Artt, John B. 57 Yr 6 Mo 28 Da 19 Oct 1866        
Astell, Mary Louisa 1 Yr 9 Mo 27 Da 17 Feb 1865 d/o J. & L. Astell      
Babb, Anne E. 30 Yr 7 Mo 9 Oct 1865 w/o H. R. Babb
Only d/o H. W. & E. V. Osborne
Baker, Matilda (Morris) 1 May 1851 10 Nov 1919 (Her death certificate shows that she was
born in Pickaway County, Ohio, daughter of
Irish-born Frank Morris and his wife, not named
on the document although her birthplace was given
as Ohio.)
Baker, Rachel Maude 18 Apr 1897 17 Nov 1976 (Head nurse at Illinois Braille and
Sight Saving School in Jacksonville for
several years, she was born in Aurora,
Nebraska. Her parents were Richard W.
and Harriet Keister Robinson. Her
husband was Charles E. Baker.
A good obituary was printed in
the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Thursday,
Nov. 18, 1976.)
Baxter, Earl W. 14 Dec 1895 30 Sept 1970        
Baxter, Elizabeth 1842 1920 Mother
(After the death of Mr. Baxter she
married a Mr. Crain. She
was known as Eliza.) w/o George
Baxter, Ethel C. 1870 1958        
Baxter, Eva L. 1868 1943 (Her stone matches that of Wm. C. Baker)      
Baxter, George 1845 1891 Father h/o Elizabeth      
Baxter, Infant 7 Oct 1920 7 Oct 1920 Infant Son of Earl & K. Baxter      
Baxter, Infant 2 Jan 1926 2 Jan 1926 Infant Son of Earl & K. Baxter      
Baxter, James Earl 24 Feb 1928 27 Nov 1977 (Jim was born in Morgan County, IL,
son of Earl W. and Kathryn Mae
Davies Baxter. He married Mary
Kathryn Brown on Sept. 5, 1948.
His obituary appeared in the
Jacksonville Journal of Tuesday,
Nov. 29, 1977.)
Baxter, Kathryn (Davies) 9 Dec 1892 7 June 1975 w/o Earl W. Baxter
(She was born at Philadelphia, IL,
daughter of J. William and Etta Shafer
Davies. For a fine obituary see
the Jacksonville Journal-Courier
of Sunday, June 8, 1975.)
Baxter, Mary Kathryn (Sorrill) ?       Dotty  
Baxter, Ruby May 30 May 1897 19 Feb 1980 (Her obituary appears in the Jacksonville Daily
Journal of Thursday, Feb. 21, 1980. She was
born in Morgan County, Ill., a daughter of
William and Eva Baxter. An educator, she
was recognized with an honorary doctorate
degree from Shimer College. She was a
member of Daughters of the American Revolution.
Her death occurred at Mt. Carroll, Illinois.)
Baxter, Samuel W. 1875 1951 (Same stone as Ethel C. Baxter)      
Baxter, William C. 1867 1934        
Beach, Amanda 14 Feb 1849 16 June 1927        
Beach, Martin V. 51 Yr 1 Apr 1893        
Beach, William Henry 1869 1924        
*Bedwell, Jessie 57 Yr 4 Jan 1890        
Belton, Eva M. Bertram ?       Dotty  
Belzer, George E. 1855 1889        
Belzer, Lou Helmick 1851 1928 (Same stone as George E.)      
Biggs, Hulda A. 3 Yr 1 Mo 18 Da 26 Oct 1841 d/o J. G. & M. E. Biggs      
Biggs, Jane Gurney 1812 1860 Of Winnwick, England Immigrated 1833      
Biggs, John 1804 1856 Of Welford, England Immigrated 1833      
Bocking, Sarah Hannah 1861 1898        
Bolton, Dora 8 June 1870 8 June 1870 d/o James H. & Selah/Celah J.
Overman Bolton
Bolton, Edward E. 21 Yr 1 Nov 1879 Born in Indiana
(To read the story of the Bolton
family that is buried here see page
688 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois".)
Bolton, Ida A. 1 Yr 7 Mo 26 Da 3 June 1870 d/o H. H. & C. J. Bolton      
Bolton, Infant Twin Daughter   8 Apr 1864 Infant Twin daughter of J. H. & S. J. Bolton      
Bolton, Infant Twin Daughter   8 Apr 1864 Infant Twin daughter of J. H. & S. J. Bolton      
Bolton, J. W. 75 Yr 22 Aug 1900 (His death certificate shows his occupation
as harness maker.)
Bolton, Lilla May 5 Yr 12 Apr 1879 d/o J. H. & S. J. Bolton
(Born in Illinois, she died of meningitis.)
Bolton, Lucy E. 1 Yr 7 Mo 11 Da 5 Sept 1867 d/o J. H. & C. J. Bolton      
Bomkamp, Boone M. ?       Dotty  
Boston, Harry A. 22 Jan 1870 5 Oct 1959        
Boston, James (Mrs.)   20 Feb 1886 (The following paragraph is copied from
the Jacksonville Daily Journal of
Thursday, February 25, 1886.)
The remains of Mrs. James Boston,
who died Saturday at York, Neb.,
reached this city Tuesday
afternoon and were taken immediately
to the residence of Mr. Andrew Bacon
east of town. The funeral occurred
yesterday morning at 11 o'clock at Antioch
church, Rev. E. G. Rice officiating.
Antioch grave yard was the place of interment.)
Boston, James W. 25 Jan 1836 30 May 1925        
Boston, Sarah Artt 12 Sept 1841 20 Feb 1886        
Brannam, Nettie R. 68 Yr 15 Nov 1872 w/o L. D. Brannam      
Breeden, A. L. Jr. 1 Day Old 4 July 1929        
Breeden, Abraham Lincoln 12 Aug 1906 3 Feb 1974        
Breeden, Charlotte Emo 9 Nov 1910 25 May 1972        
Brown, Richard 78 Yr 4 Mo 17 Apr 1896 Co. H 32 Ill. Reg. Vol. Inf.      
Brumley, Doisha C. ?       Dotty  
Brumley, Lillian M. ?       Dotty  
Brumley, William L. ?       Dotty  
Carson, Infant   10 Oct 1867 s/o W. and A. Carson
(No more information on this tombstone
which is in a pile of markers that have
been removed from the proper grave sites.)
Cassell, James T. 1 Yr 4 Mo 26 Da 15 Sept 1855 s/o W. M. & M. Cassell      
Cassell, James T. 11 Yr 1 Mo 17 Da 3 Dec 1853 s/o Dr. J. T. and Sarah Cassell      
Cassell, Maggie 10 Mo 12 Da 1 Oct 1861 d/o W. M. & M. Cassell      
Cassell, Mary Royster 16 June 1802 6 July 1896 Age 94 Yr 20 Da
w/o Robert T. Cassell
Cassell, Robert T. 3 Jan 1802 25 July 1886 Age 84 Yr 6 Mo 22 Da
(Death certificate gives birthplace as
Fayette County, Ky.)
Cassell, Sarah 47 Yr 4 Mo 23 Da 10 Dec 1849 w/o Dr. J. T. Cassell
(For a biography of Dr. John T. Cassell
see page 51 of "Atlas Map of Morgan
County, Illinois, 1872".)
Cassell, Susan R. 6 Nov 1842 7 Dec 1924 (Her death certificate shows that her father,
Robert Cassell, was born in Lexington, Ky.,
and that her mother, Mary Royster Cassell,
was born in Frankfort, Ky.)
Catlin, Richard Jr   30 July 1905 (Three different sources give three different
ages for this Negro child: 18 months, 2 years,
and 14 months. His obituary appeared in the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of Tuesday, August 1,
1905 as follows:
DEATH RECORD: CATLIN - Richard Catlin Jr.,
the 18 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Catlin,
 of Sinclair, died at the family home Sunday morning at
1 o'clock. The remains were laid to rest at Antioch
Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Coe, Alfred B. 1908 1943        
Coe, Amanda J. (Stephens) 21 Jan 1850 2 Apr 1916        
Coe, Clara Kinnett 1886 1864        
Coe, Edward B. 1878 1949        
Coe, Emma Mae 1909 20 Sept 1927 Age 18 Yr 3 Mo      
Coe, Mary Emma (Wilson) ?       Dotty  
Coe, William E. ?       Dotty  
Coffman, Ellen R. 11 Yr 6 Mar 1873        
Coffman, Lawence 2 Yr 8 Mo 6 Mar 1870        
Cole, Hattie W.   22 May 1864 w/o G. W. Cole
(A friendly mouse has its nest in the
crack along the numerals where her age
is given. Several tombstones have been
piled atop her broken tombstone which
seems to be protruding from the proper grave.)
Cole, Willie ?       Dotty  
Collins, Emily 59 Yr 11 Mo 18 Da 3 May 1862 w/o J. Collins      
Comens, Infant   10 Dec 1870 s/o C. & E. Comens      
Comens, Infant 10 Da 20 Oct 1875 d/o C. & E. Comens      
Conner, Florence S. 1889 27 Dec 1980 (See Jacksonville newspaper of Dec. 28, 1980)      
Conner, John H.     (No inscription - fresh grave in 1978)      
Coop, Lola Dixon 8 Oct 1883 14 Feb 1975 (According to her obituary in the
Jacksonville newspapers she was
a former resident of Farmersville.
She was born in Wayne County, Kentucky,
a daughter of William Thomas Dixon and
Minerva Decker Dixon. She married Pitts
Coop on July 2, 1906. Lola E. Dixon Coop
died at the All American Convalescent
Center in Springfield.)
Coop, Pitts 1884 30 June 1970        
Corcoran, Gertrude 11 Feb 1871 26 Mar 1880 d/o T. J. & M. E. Corcoran      
Corcoran, Thomas 58 Yr 27 May 1901 (From Death Certificate)      
Corrington, Ann E. 56 Yr 4 Mo 29 Da 15 Aug 1883 w/o Joel W. Corrington
(The grave marker of J. W. and
Ann E. Corrington is the most unusual
marker in Antioch Cemetery. Comprised
of several sections and of concrete, limestone
and gray granite, it is engraved with a
vine and topped by a marble arch and urn,
one of them draped.)
Corington, Benjamin L. 23 Yr 7 Mo 23 Sept 1874 s/o John W. & Ann E. Cassell Corrington
(To learn of this early Corrington family
history see page 75 of "Atlas Map of
Morgan County, Illinois, 1872".)
Corrington, Cassander 1 Yr 8 Mo 22 Da 27 Jan 1855 d/o W. W. & C. Corington      
Corrington, Elizabeth J. 32 Yr 12 May 1875 d/o George & S. Corrington
(The entire date here is questionable)
Corrington, Ellen 22 Aug 1797 19 Dec 1872 Age 75 Yr 3 Mo 27 Da
w/o Joel Corrington
Corrington, Eugenia S. 1869 1922 (Her tombstone is next to and matches that
of John B. Corrington)
Corrington, Infant Age 4 Da 22 Apr 1902 s/o J. B. Corrington      
Corrington, Joel 27 June 1795 31 July 1879 Born in Millersburg, Ky.
(For a good obituary of this man see the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of Saturday,
Aug. 2, 1879.
For an item about his funeral see the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of Tuesday,
Aug. 5, 1879.)
Corrington, John B. 25 Oct 1859 27 Mar 1927 (His death certificate shows that he was
born in Illinois, son of John W. and
Anna Cassell Corrington.)
Corrington, John E. 30 June 1892
23 Feb 1894 s/o J. B. & E. S. Corrington      
Corrington, John W. 11 Nov 1824 22 Mar 1911 (John W. Corrington's death certificate
shows he was widowed, born in
Kentucky. It also shows that his parents
were Joel and Eleanor Nichols Corrington,
both natives of Kentucky. He was a farmer
from 1840 to 1911.)
Corrington, John William 6 Mo 26 May 1855 s/o W. W. & C. Corington      
Corrington, Lou ?       Dotty  
Corrington, Mary E. (Reeve) 21 Yr 1 Mo 27 Da 27 May 1885 w/o John B. Corrington      
Corrington, Robert T. 10 Yr 2 Mo 30 Oct 1865 s/o J. W. & A. E. Corrington      
Cox, Sally A. 36 Yr 11 Mo 18 Feb 1855 w/o Peter Cox

d/o J. & M. Henderson
Craycroft, Joseph L. 1891 1953 (His name is engraved on the same tombstone
with Charles and Catherine Kitterman)
Crum, Frances D. E. 60 Yr 2 Mo 6 Da 30 Aug 1888 w/o John W. Crum
Niece of George and Sarah Orear
Cully, Eliza Anna 28 Jan 1839 4 Mar 1926 (Her death certificate shows that she
was born in Indiana, daughter of
Wallace and Mary Beck Cully.)
Cully, Irvin W. 5 Aug 1854 4 Nov 1926 (This man's death certificate shows
that he was born in Jacksonville, son of
Wallace and Mary Beck Cully. Wallace
was born in Ohio and Mary was born
in Indiana according to the death certificate.
It also shows that Irvin was unmarried.)
Cully, John Marshall 1851 1894        
Cully, Mary 1814 1894 Mother is gone from our home but not
from our hearts.
Cully, Mary Alice 30 Apr 1849 25 Mar 1877 d/o Wallace and Mary Cully      
Cully, N. W. 1854 1926        
Cully, Sarah Jane 28 Sept 1834 10 May 1882 d/o Wallace and Mary Cully      
Cully, Wallace 59 Yr 10 Mo 6 Da 28 Jan 1869        
Cully, William Henry 1842 1894        
Cummings, Charles 19 Oct 1837 26 Jan 1924 (This widowed Negro laborer's
death certificate shows that he
was born in South Carolina.)
Cunningham, Emily G. McCoy 5 Nov 1834 5 Dec 1917        
Curts, Barton S.   22 Mar 1850 s/o G. & Nancy Curts
(Remainder of the tombstone
inscription is covered with cement)
Curts, Elizabeth 31 Yr 5 Mo 12 Da 27 Apr 1866 d/o G. & N. Curts      
Curts, George E. 8 Feb 1803 1885 (A detailed biography of this man
appears on page 71 of "Atlas Map
of Morgan County, Illinois, 1872".)
Curts, George Washington 61 Yr 9 May 1901 (This widower was a son
of George E. & Nancy Huffaker Curts.)
Curts, Grace F. 1842 1920 w/o J. Frank Curts      
Curts, Jacob Frank 40 Yr 11 Mo 26 Da 15 Dec 1882 (He served as a private in Co. C
of the 145th (100 Days) Illinois Infantry
in the Civil War. He was a son of George
E. & Nancy Huffaker Curts.)
Curts, Margaret J. 18 Yr 6 Mo 9 Apr 1855 d/o George & Nancy Curts      
Curts, Marietta 14 Yr 8 Mo 24 Aug 1864 d/o George & Nancy Curts      
Curts, Nancy 58 Yr 11 Dec 1862 w/o George E. Curts
(Nancy was a daughter of
Jacob Huffaker, Esquire.)
Curts, William C.   19 July 1840 Son of G. & N. Curts      
Dadisman, Virginia 1858 1898 Mother
w/o William
Dadisman, William 1858 1941 Father
h/o Virginia
Dalbey, Annie E. 23 Yr 10 Mo 29 Da 19 Sept 1872 w/o H. T. Dalbey      
Dalbey, Maude ?       Dotty  
Davis, Harriet A. 28 Nov 1842 31 Jan 1909 w/o Leonidas Davis      
Davis, Leonidas 9 Feb 1836 1 Nov 1895        
Davis, Mary 21 Jan 1808 3 Nov 1876 (Her name is engraved on the
Mason monument)
Decker, Infant 8 Jan 1908 8 Jan 1908 d/o Martin Decker
(From Death Certificate)
Deweese, Caroline 34 Yr 13 Aug 1855 w/o Wm. M. DeWeese
d/o _. & _. Henderson
Deweese, Lydia A. G. 28 Yr 3 Mo 6 Da 7 May 1855 w/o J. H. DeWeese
d/o A. & M. Henderson
Deweese, Mary Jane 23 Yr 23 Da 7 Sept 1846 w/o Wm. M. DeWeese
d/o _. & _. Henderson
Dickerson, Infant Stillborn 20 Dec 1926   d/o George M. & Tincy L. Tedder
Dickerson (The father was born at
Columbia, Kentucky and the mother
was born at Travedale or Tranedale,
North Carolina.)
Dixon, Alonzo 10 July 1896 8 Oct 1968        
Dixon, Cecil Ferrel 30 Nov 1917 12 Nov 1957 Sgt. Co. B, 112 Inf., World War II, BSM      
Dixon, Doris Georgia ?       Dotty  
Dixon, Dorothy Erma Mcmann 1913 1969        
Dixon, Eliza E. ?       Dotty  
Dixon, Hanable ?       Dotty  
Dixon, Helen   13 Jun 1924 (This married woman was born in Kentucky, a
daughter of Kentucky natives James & Mary
Susan Kinnett Meadows.)
Dixon, Infant Stillborn 13 Apr 1924   d/o Oliver & Helen Meadows Dixon
(Both parents were listed as
Kentucky natives.)
Dixon, John Thomas 12 May 1887 25 May 1967 Kentucky, Private, 38 Co., 159 Depot
Brig. World War
Dixon, Mary Helen ?       Dotty  
Dixon, Minerva F. (Decker) 23 Oct 1865 17 July 1940        
Dixon, Minnie J. Arthur 17 July 1894 4 Dec 1968        
Dixon, Oliver S. 20 July 1885 20 Jan 1956        
Dixon, Roy E. 1907 1963 Father
(His gray granite marker is in
the northeast corner of the cemetery.)
Dixon, Roy Lee ?       Dotty  
Dixon, Samuel E. 12 May 1889 13 Feb 1970        
Dixon, William Thomas 3 Aug 1862 6 Sept 1941        
Dodd, Albert H. 1 Yr 9 Mo 21 Aug 1858 s/o J. H. & O. A. Dodd      
Dunlap, Dicy (Runkle) 100 Yr 11 Mo 15 Da
25 Jan 1912 (Dicy was born in Ohio but lived in Illinois
72 years. Her Ohio-born parents were
William and Mary Runkle. Dicy was
the wife of Stephen Dunlap. This item about
Dicy appeared in a Jacksonville Journal of
September, 1902: "The Primitive Baptists
met Sunday at the home of Mrs. Dicie Dunlap,
east of the city. Mrs. Dunlap is now past 90
years of age and members of the congregation
meet with her two or three times a year.")
Dunlap, Franklin D. 3 Yr 11 Mo 3 Da 16 Feb 1873 s/o S. & H. Dunlap      
Dunlap, Samuel W. 1852 1941 (His wife was a daughter of Oliver
Pyatt and Josephine Jones Pyatt.
Oliver Pyatt died in Pekin, Illinois
on Nov. 25, 1903. The following item
was printed in the Jacksonville Courier
of Friday, April 1, 1977, under A Glance
Into The Past, 75 Years Ago: "At Durham farm,
northeast of this city, Sam W. Dunlap had a
sale of high bred Short Horns, with very
good results.")
Dunlap, Stephen 10 Feb 1811 9 Feb 1877 Born Fleming Co., Ky.
(Much information about this man
is available in nearly every Morgan
County history book.
Care should be taken not to confuse him
with the Stephen Dunlap who is buried
on Lot 230 of Section B in Jacksonville's
Diamond Grove Cemetery. The following
item appeared in the Jacksonville Courier
of Friday, Feb. 11, 1977, under A Glance
Into the Past, 100 Years Ago: "The reaper's
work goes on. One by one the old settlers of
Morgan Countyare being called to eternal rest.
The last to be summoned to a higher than earthly
court was Judge Stephen Dunlap of Durham farm.")
Eades, Horatio H. 45 Yr 3 Da 18 Nov 1868 (Page 510 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois,
1878" shows that Horatio H. Eades was
formerly of Bourbon County, Kentucky, but
was a resident of Morgan County, Illinois, on
Nov. 17, 1846 when his daughter, Miss Lena M.
Eades, became the second wife of the widower Hon.
William Orear.)
Farrell, Infant 9 Sept 1856 9 Sept 1856 d/o F. G. & M. J. Farrell
(This child's tombstone is in a pile
of grave markers under a tree.)
Farrell, Lenora A. 2 Yr 2 Mo 14 Da 10 Feb 1867 d/o F. G. & M. J. Farrell      
Farrell, Mary Jane Dunlap 29 July ____ 23 Feb 1864 w/o Felix Farrell
Only daughter of Judge Stephen
& Dicy Runkle Dunlap
(See page 103 of Morgan County
Family History, 1976". Mary Jane's
tombstone showsher age as 26 years,
6 months 24 days.)
Ferguson, Anthony 21 Feb 1836 22 May 1917 (See Civil War OBIT)
(The following information is copied
from page 685 of History of Morgan County,
Illinois, 1878.) FERGUSON, A., farmer for
Dr. Brown, Section 28, Township 15 North Range
8 West, Post Office Alexander; was born in this county
in 1836; enlisted in Co. D 101 Illinois Volunteer
Infantry and discharged after two years service for
disability; was at the siege of Vicksburg and the
battles of Holly Springs, Mission Ridge, Resaca,
and Dallas; married Lucinda Tunnell in 1855;
she was born in Macoupin Co., in 1839;
have eight children living: William T., Albert J.,
Susie E., Lizzie, Ida, Benny, Edith, and Horace;
holds the office of school director.)
Ferguson, Horace 2 Yr 7 Mo 19 Da 12 May 1879 s/o A. & L. Ferguson      
Ferguson, Lucinda (Tunnell) 24 June 1839 20 June 1905 (She was born at Palmyra, Ill.)      
Filkin, Charles 1872 1944        
Filkin, Nora 1875 1957 (Buried beside Charles Filkin)      
Fisher, Bessie K. 8 Feb 1882 5 Nov 1886 d/o George & Susan Fisher      
Fitch, Emily J. 2 Yr 10 Mo 23 Da
30 Aug 1846 d/o H. F. & P. Fitch      
Fleming, Sarah Henderson 1833 1889        
Foster, Ellen Marie   1 Feb 1921 w/o Harry W. Foster      
Foster, Emma R. 6 Nov 1859 18 Nov 1909 (Emma was born near Woodson, Morgan County,
Illinois, a daughter of Charles & Rachel Willoughby
Robinson. Her father is buried in Antioch Cemetery,
her mother is buried in Liberty Cemetery west of
Jacksonville. Emma attended Central Point rural
school and won academic honors in 1875 and
1877. To learn of Emma's genealogy see page
671 of "History of Morgan County, Illinois,
1878" and page 282 of "Morgan County Family
History, 1976".)
Foster, George William 7 May 1859 10 May 1927 (George William Foster, best known as "Will",
was born in Carlton, West Riding, Yorkshire,
England. His parents were Frank and Elizabeth
"Bessie" Collins Foster. Will was widely known
for the fine horses he owned. He suffered from
rheumatism for many years, often being bedfast
for weeks at a time. The following item appeared
in the Jacksonville Journal of Sept. 12, 1897:
"William Foster, of Alexander, was in the city
Monday for the first time since May, as he has
been laid up by a bad case of rheumatism.
Mr. Foster has 785 acres of growing corn
this year." For more information about
George William Foster see page 107
of "Morgan County Family History, 1976".
Foster, Harry W. 21 Nov 1895 -   (Harry's parents were
George William & Emma
Robinson Foster.)
Foster, Mabel F. 6 Oct 1895 22 Feb 1941 w/o Harry W. Foster (Mabel was
originally buried in Jacksonville's
Diamond Grove Cemetery.)
Fox, George Eugene ?       Dotty  
Fox, Marietta 1922 1924        
Fox, Nelle L. Mathews 23 July 1894 14 June 1959        
Fox, Roy O. 26 Aug 1890 25 Jan 1981 (He was born in Farmersville, Illinois,
a son of Gardner and Hester Brubaker
Fox. His obituary appears in the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of Tuesday,
January 27, 1981.)
Funk, Doris E. ?       Dotty  
Gilliam, ______   __ Apr 1883 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Gilliam
(From Jacksonville Journal of Tuesday, April 24,
1883: Mortuary - Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Gilliam
arrived in the city last night, from Chicago, bringing
with them the body of a three year old daughter.
The remains were taken to the residence of Mr.
Abe Smith, on East State St., uncle of the afflicted
parents, and services will be held there at 10 o'clock
this morning, Elder L. W. Welch officiating.
The body will be taken for burial to Antioch church yard.)
Goldsby, Ernest G. 9 Mo 23 Dec 1908        
Gore, Angelina 6 Da 12 Feb 1861 d/o J. & P. Gore      
Gore, Eva Bell 9 Yr 1 Mo 10 May 1862 d/o J. & P. Gore      
Gore, James Harvey 8 Yr 7 Mo 2 Da 6 Oct 1865 s/o J. & P. Gore      
Gore, John Rector 21 Da 19 Mar 1855 s/o J. & P. Gore      
Grant, James D. 7 Mo 12 Da 8 Jan 1855 s/o D. W. & M. P. Grant      
Grayson, Lillian Mae ?       Dotty  
Green, Amy Riggs 31 July 1870 22 Apr 1901 d/o H. R. & M. E. Green
Age 30 Yr
(Her Death certificate shows that
this unmarried school teacher died
of pneumonia at the home of Charles
Coons six miles east of Jacksonville, Illinois.)
Green, Annie G. 30 Yr 3 Mo 17 Da 21 Aug 1876 w/o M. W. Green      
Green, Effie May   24 Apr 1945 (Her name is on the large gray marker of
Horatio and Amy and Mary Green)
Green, Eliza no dates   w/o Nathan J. Green      
Green, Eliza Orear     d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Orear
(This name is on the Orear family
Green, Elizabeth T. 3 Nov 1843 8 Oct 1889 w/o M. W. Green      
Green, George Stephen 6 Mar 1903 26 Jan 1977 (He is buried in the easternmost row of graves.
His obituary appeared in the Jacksonville Daily
Journal of Thursday, Jan. 27, 1977.)
Green, Horatio R. 2 Apr 1834 23 Sept 1896 (The following biography is copied from page
689 of "history of Morgan County, Illinois,
1878".) GREEN, HORATIO R.., farmer
and stock raiser, Section 7, Township 15
North Range 9 West, Post Office Jacksonville;
was born in this county in 1834; married Mary
O'Neal in 1863; she was born in this county; have
six children, all living, Edward O., Laura J.,
Thomas S., Amy R., Effie M., and Baby;
owns 308 acres, valued at $23,100.)
Green, Infant ?       Dotty  
Green, Katherine I. Smith 30 Dec 1875 29 Oct 1958 w/o John S. Green
(She is buried beside George Stephen Green.)
Green, Laura J. 22 Oct 1866 18 Jan 1949 (Her name is on the same marker with
the names of Horatio, Mary and Amy Green.
It is a large gray marker along the west fence.)
Green, M. W.     no dates      
Green, Mary 9 Yr 30 Nov 1909 Born & Died @ Jacksonville
(Information is from her death
Green, Mary Ann Runkle ?       Dotty  
Green, Mary E. 18 Apr 1838 24 Dec 1883 w/o H. R. Green      
Green, Mittie   17 Dec 1908 d/o Marshall W. Green      
Green, Mittie Bell 11 Mo 1 Da 11 Sept 1874 d/o M. W. & A. E. Green
(Three different sources refer
to her as Mittie, Mattie and Mettie.)
Green, Nathan J. 11 June 1870 23 Jan 1900        
Greene, Mary Ellen 1919 -   d/o S. B. & Oretta Curts      
Greene, Oreta Curts 1880 1962 w/o Scott Bryant Greene      
Greene, Scott Bryant 1877 1955 (Although the name is spelled
Greene on his tombstone he was
a son of Horatio Green.)
Hagerty, Edward   17 Oct 1854 s/o G. W. & E. Hagerty      
Hagerty, Eliza 29 Oct 1823 18 Aug 1883 w/o George W. Hagerty      
Hagerty, George W. 3 Apr 1821 19 Aug 1901 (Born at Lexington, Ky.)      
Hagerty, Infant ?          
Hagerty, Kate 1854 1929        
Hagerty, Mary J.   25 Nov 1852 d/o G. W. & E. Hagerty      
Hagerty, Nelly   25 Nov 1852 d/o G. W. & E. Hagerty      
Hagerty, Robert G. / C. 4 Apr 1845 _ June 1877 (His obituary appeared in the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of Wednesday,
June 12, 1877)
Hagerty, William C. 24 Dec 1856 12 Sept 1876
(His obituary appeared in the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of Wednesday
Sept. 13, 1876.)
Halligan, Frances A. ?       Dotty  
Halligan, James T. ?       Dotty  
Harris, Alamarinda F. 30 July 1849 7 Feb 1930 w/o Andrew Harris
(Her death certificate shows that
her father was Tennessee native
W. C. Owen and that her mother's
maiden name was Jane Flinn, a native of Ill.)
Harris, Alice ?       Dotty  
Harris, Alice Francine ?       Dotty  
Harris, Andrew J. "Jack" 1918 1933 (s/o A. O. & Louise Harris.)      
Harris, Andrew Jackson 1843 1933 (f/o Andrew O. Harris)      
Harris, Andrew Owen 1881 1943        
Harris, Barbara (Clary) ?       Dotty  
Harris, Charles W. ?       Dotty  
Harris, Ella Mae ?       Dotty  
Harris, Frank R. ?       Dotty  
Harris, Ida Joe (Drinkwater) ?       Dotty  
Harris, James O. ?       Dotty  
Harris, Louise Robertson 1887 1975 w/o Andrew O. Harris
(She was a daughter of F. & M.
Harris, Phillip J. ?       Dotty  
Harris, Samuel Thomas ?       Dotty  
Hayes, Liza F. 1874 1927        
Headington, David P. 29 June 1842 14 June 1864 s/o Joel & M. Headington
Co. D., 101st Regt., Ill. Inf.
Volunteers Wounded in battle at Dallas, Ga.,
May 25, 1864.
(His military record on page 455 of
"History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878"
shows that he enlisted as a private on Aug. 4, 1862
and died at Ackworth, Georgia, on June 14, 1862.
Apparently the tombstone has the correct date
of June 14, 1864.)
Headington, George M. 25 Yr 5 Mo 25 Da
20 Oct 1857        
Headington, J. A. Elder ?       Dotty  
Headington, Joel, Elder 55 Yr 8 Mo 31 Jan 1858 (He was a well-known Christian preacher
and school teacher. The name is often
seen spelled Heddington.)
Headington, Melvina 19 Yr 3 Mo 31 Mar 1855 d/o J. & M. Headington      
Headington, Utie 23 Yr 20 May 1869 w/o Elder Joel A. Headington Jr.      
Helmick, George E. 1855 1889        
Helmick, Lou 1851 1928        
Henderson, James A. 21 July 1826 19 Jan 1866 Born in Fayette Co., Ky.
Died of consumption in Morgan Co.,
Henderson, Macy L. 1824 1907        
Henderson, Rebekah E. 40 Yr 3 Mo 18 Apr 1863        
Henderson, William Alex 48 Yr 4 Mo 1 Da 29 Nov 1867 s/o A. & M. Henderson      
Hendricks, Lulu W.     (Copied from a 1911 listing of
Antioch burials.)
Hendricks, Lula Mae ?       Dotty  
Hendricks, Julia Mae 8 Jan 1881 28 Sept 1892        
Hicks, Arthur L. ?       Dotty  
Hicks, Norma L. ?       Dotty  
Hines, Sarah 48 Yr 26 Mar 1904 (Her death certificate shows
that this married woman was born
in Missouri and lived in Illinois 8 months.)
Hoag, Richard N. 11 May 1842
Oct 30 / 31, 1864 Co. K. 101st Reg't., Illinois Volunteers.
Born 11 May 1842. Killed at Lafayette,
Ind., Oct. 30, 1864. Aged 22 years
5 months 19 days. (The muster roll of
Co. K shows that R. M. –
Correct Initial. – Hoag enlisted as
a private on Aug. 7, 1862 and was
accidentally killed on Oct. 31, 1864.)
Horton, Arleigh 1892 1939        
Horton, Arzula 1854 1939 (Her stone matches that of William Horton.)      
Horton, William 21 Nov 1847 25 Apr 1925 (His death certificate shows that
he was born in Fulton Co., Ill.,
a son of Ohio natives J. W. Horton
and Rachel Packer Horton.)
Howe, Mary Jane 18 Yr 7 Mo 11 Da
22 Sept 1864 d/o Aaron & Mary A. Howe      
Huffaker, Jacob 83 Yr 5 Mo 23 Da 7 Apr 1855 (To learn of the early Huffaker family history see
page 67 of "Atlas Map of Morgan County, Illinois,
1872" and page 93 of "A Guide To Cemeteries
Of Morgan County, Illinois, Volume 2".
Both books may be found in the Jacksonville
Public Library.)
Huffaker, Margaret in the 84th year of her age. 17 Apr 1857 w/o Jacob Huffaker
(Her maiden name was Bodkin.)
Huffaker, Mary 9 Feb 1799 10 Oct 1843        
James, Frank   1945 Just one date.
Probably death.
Jobe, Margaret Ann Wilson ?       Dotty  
Johnson, Raymond 6 Aug 1919 3 Oct 1944 Illinois, PFC, 325 Glider Inf. 82 Abn.
Div., WW II
(He is buried on the same lot with
Stewart P. & Venetie E. Johnson.)
Johnson, Stewart P. 1870 1946        
Johnson, Venetie E. 1880 1945 (Same tombstone with Stewart P. Johnson)      
Kaiser, Joseph 2 Yr 5 Da 9 Mar 1864 s/o F. J. & M. Kaiser      
Kennedy, Floyd 10 Nov 1925 3 Jan 1927 (His death certificate shows he was a son
of Kentucky natives Roy and Josie Mae
Decker Kennedy.)
Kinchelow (?), Julia 26 Yr 8 Mo 13 Feb 1883 (This married Negro woman was born in
Tennessee and died of pneumonia. The
handwriting on her death certificate is uncertain
regarding the family name. A search for her
obituary in the Jacksonville Daily Journal was
Kindred, Granville ?       Dotty  
Kindred, Lucy (Windsor) 6 Apr 1852 7 Jan 1913 (She was born in Morgan Co., Ill., a
daughter of Jesse and Matilda Large Windsor.
Jesse was born in Morgan County but
Matilda's birthplace was unknown to
the death certificate informant, Granville Kindred.)
Kinkead, Jessie 1 Yr 3 Mo 13 Da 26 July 1888        
Kinnett, Annie 1894 -          
Kinnett, Claude 1878 1961 (Same tombstone with Annie & Josie Kinnett)      
Kinnett, Josie 1872 1933 (The Kinnetts are buried in the east row of graves)      
Kitterman, Catherine 1858 1952 (Also on the tombstone of Catherine
and Charles Kitterman is the name of
Joseph L. Craycroft, 1891 - 1953).
Kitterman, Charles 1860 1952        
Kumle, Amelia K. 2 Yr 8 Da 10 Oct 1867 d/o S. & G. Kumle      
Kumle, Infant Infant 16 July 1852 s/o S. & G. Kumle      
Kumle, Rosena 25 Da 13 July 1852 d/o S. & G. Kumle
(The above tombstone reading
was made by Mrs. Sara John
English in 1927. Another reading of
this tombstone, source unknown,
was recorded as Rosena Kumle,
daughter of S. B. & G. Kumle,
died July 15, 1859 aged 25 days.)
Lamont, Joseph 1819 27 June 1895 (His obituary in the Jacksonville
Daily Journal of Saturday, June 29,
1895 shows that this man was
born in Paris, France. He married
Hannah Knapp in 1855 in Harrison Co.,
Indiana and they moved to Illinois in 1890.
They became parents of four daughters
and six sons. One son preceded Joseph
in death. Joseph died near Antioch church.).
Larue, Albert 1857 1922 (See also Lerew in this listing.)      
Larue, Lydia 1833 1914 w/o George Larue
(To learn more about this woman
see page 70 of "Atlas Map of Morgan
County, Illinois, 1872". Her husband is
recorded in this listing under LEREW
as that is the way the name is spelled
on his tombstone.)
Laurent, Annie (Frainer) 1874 1973        
*Laurent, Hannah 23 Dec 1823 7 Aug 1918        
Laurent, Infant Daughter 10 Apr 1898 17 Apr 1898        
Laurent, John 1868 1954        
Laurent, Joseph ?       Dotty  
Laurent, Lewis ?       Dotty  
Laurent, Mack 10 Oct 1873 1 Feb 1905 (He was born in Harrison County Indiana.
He left a wife, four children, mother, four
brothers and three sisters, names not given
in his obituary in the Jacksonville Journal.)
Laurent, Mack   10 Oct 1873 (From a 1911 listing of Antioch burials.)      
Law, Mary E. 1 Yr 1 Mo 3 Da 30 Oct 1859 d/o J. & L. Law      
Lawson, Alice Florence 1868 1952 (She is buried on the Mathews lot
and her tombstone matches that of
her brother, Edward "Bert" G. Mathews.)
Layton, J. Irvin 1863 1887        
Layton, Malinda E. (Boyce) 1843 1931 w/o William T. Layton      
Layton, Ninetta 8 Sept 1869 27 Nov 1913 (This unmarried school teacher was
born in Illinois, daughter of William T.
Layton and Malinda Boyce Layton.
Ninetta died of a heart ailment at
305 Woodland Place in Jacksonville.)
*Layton, W. 24 Yr 14 Aug 1894        
Layton, William E. 1868 1884        
Layton, William T. 1833 1901 (His death certificate shows that he
was born in Morgan County, Illinois
and died 24 Nov 1901 aged 64 years.)
Ledferd, Beulah (Johnson) 26 Aug 1900 17 May 1999        
Ledford, Fannie 23 Yr 22 Oct 1881 (She was born in Johnson County,
Missouri, daughter of William and
Julia Ledford. She lived in Illinois
16 years.)
Ledford, George T. 20 Yr 1 Mo 6 Da 20 Sept 1873 s/o William H. & Julia Ledford
(The family name is found in various
records as Ledford, Ledfred and
Leinberger, Andrew H. ?       Dotty  
Leinberger, Dorothy M. ?       Dotty  
Lentner, Uree 54 Yr 6 June 1851        
Lerew, Daughter ?       Dotty  
Lerew, Elmira ?       Dotty  
Lerew, George 40 Yr 7 Mo 4 Nov 1862 (This marker is in a pile of discarded
tombstones piled on the G. W. Cole lot.
To learn of this man's family history see
page 70 of "Atlas Map of Morgan County,
Illinois, 1872" where he is listed as George
LaRue. See also the Larue family listing for
Antioch Cemetery.)
Lerew, Son ?       Dotty  
Lerew, William Yr 6 Mo 28 Jan (?) 1861 (In a pile of discarded tombstones
on the G. W. Cole lot.)
Lindsey, Richard 35 Yr 15 June 1887 (His death certificate and page 81 of
"Coroners Record Book A" show
that this Kentucky born unmarried
laborer's death resulted from being struck
by a train.)
Logan, Carl 1914 1920        
Loman, Mary Margaret 5 Mo 17 Da 10 Aug 1878 (Her death certificate shows
that she was born in Pike County,
Luster, J. Alvin 1873 1944        
Luster, M. Betty 1869 1929 (The death certificate of Mrs. Elizabeth Luster
shows that she was born Oct. 18, 1869 and
died Aug. 31, 1929. Her parents were
Kentucky native James Harnett and Tennessee
native Jane Hope Harnett. Elizabeth "Betty"
married J. A. Luster.)
Luster, Manning 1914 1961        
Luster, Robert E. 12 Feb 1908 9 Jan 1962        
Luster, Troy L. 1902 1938        
Lynn, William H. 30 Yr 10 Mo 10 Da 20 Oct 1863 (Possibly his age should be read as
30 Yrs 10 mos 19 days)
*Maghn, Samuel Gregg 78 Yr 11 Mo 1 Da 7 Dec 1904        
Majerus, Joseph 3 Mo 18 Da 18 July 1876 s/o M. M. & M. Majerus      
Marker, Charles W. 23 or 25 Yr 31 Oct 1853 s/o S. & M. Marker      
Marker, Mary Ann 62 Yr 6 Mo 22 Da
8 Sept 1867 w/o S. Marker      
Marker, Samuel About 78 Yr 30 Nov 1884 (This man's death certificate shows
that he was born in Pennsylvania but
lived in Illinois about 32 years.)
Mason, C. J. 15 Aug 1829 16 Feb 1911 (He was a blacksmith and wagon maker.
Born in Washington Co., Ohio, he came
to Illinois in 1865).
Mason, Carl James 18 Nov 1905 29 Feb 1964 (He also has an individual marker
showing that he served in World War II
as a captain in the 14th Depot Supply
Squadron, Army Air Force.) (Possibly
Support Squadron.)
Mason, Ellsworth Elvin 1866 1936        
Mason, Elmer Eugene 20 Jan 1911 -          
Mason, Louisiana M. 21 Sept 1832 20 Mar 1895        
Mason, Lucy A. Stubblefield 1869 1949        
Mason, Martha M. 22 May 1902 9 Sept 1968        
Mason, Minnie M. Guyette 1890 1932        
Mason, Ruth Tennery 17 Dec 1904 26 Sept 1980 w/o Carl Mason
(Her obituary appears as follows in the
Jacksonville Journal-Courier of Sunday,
Sept. 28, 1980)
Mathews, Charles W. 1862 1917        
Mathews, Cyrus W. 69 Yr 8 Mo 24 May 1905        
Mathews, Edward G. 1872 1955 ("Bert", brother of Alice Lawson.)      
Mathews, Elizabeth P. ?       Dotty  
Mathews, Etta L. Curts 1865 1946 w/o Charles W. Mathews      
Mathews, Frances B. ?       Dotty  
Mathews, Infant ?       Dotty  
Mathews, John C. ?       Dotty  
Mathews, John G. 1871 1926        
Mathews, John H. 11 Apr 1839 26 Aug 1890        
Mathews, John R. ?       Dotty  
Mathews, Louisa 10 Aug 1841 21 Apr 1907        
Mathews, Margaret S. ?       Dotty  
Mathews, Margaret W. ?       Dotty  
Mathews, Marietta Fox 1922 1924        
Mathews, Mary J. 1843 - 1909 Wife of Cyrus          
Mathews, Mary J. (Babb) ?       Dotty  
Mathews, Miranda F. ?       Dotty  
Mathews, Richard ?       Dotty  
Mathews, Roy W. 1880 1915        
Mathews, Sarah ?       Dotty  
Mathews, William B. ?       Dotty  
Mattson, Herbert R. ?       Dotty  
McCall, Clifford M.   May 22 1940 Illinois, Pvt., 102 Field Artillery, 26th Division Yes    
McCall, Harry Lee ?       Dotty  
McCall, Richard Lee 2 June 1859 21 Sept 1919 (His death certificate shows that he
was born at Rockport, Indiana. His father
was Sylvester McCall who was a native of
Massachusetts. The mother of Richard
Lee McCall was Mary Barker McCall
who was born in Rockport, Indiana.)
McCann, Robert 73 Yr 15 Da 1 Apr 1938 (His death certificate shows that this
Negro was born in Quincy, Illinois, on
March 16, 1865. He was a son of Anderson
and Emily Brannum McCann, both of whom
were natives of Missouri.)
McCoy, William D. 27 Jan 1825 6 Feb 1873 Age 48 Yr 8 D
a Born in Bourbon Co., Ky.
McGhee, Merrill 10 Yr 8 Mo 22 Nov 1893 Son of W. H. & M. K. McGhee      
McGownd, Mary W. 1860 1923 w/o J. H. McGownd
(Her beautiful reddish brown spire is in the
northeast corner of Antioch Cemetery
despite the fact that her death certificate
incorrectly shows the burial place as Salem
Cemetery. The death certificate shows that
Mary W. McGownd was the wife of John H.
McGownd, that being the spelling on the
It further shows that she was born in
Wayne Co., Ky., on May 24, 1861,
a daughter of Joseph Upchurch and Sarah
W. Matland Upchurch, both natives of
Wayne Co., Ky. Mary's death date is listed as
Aug. 1, 1923.
Her obituary in the Jacksonville Daily Journal
of Friday, Aug. 3, 1923 showed that she
died at the family home, 832 North Main
Street in Jacksonville.)
McMann, Dorothy Erma 1913 1969        
Meadows, Elizabeth 20 Apr 1878 26 Mar 1926 (Her death certificate lists her as Mary
Elizabeth, wife of Charles Meadows.
It lists her birthplace as Kentucky and
her parents as Kentucky natives Thomas
Spradlin and Emaline Fair Spradlin.)
Meadows, Harold E. 1928 1931        
Meadows, J. T. 16 Oct 1904 12 May 1923 (His death certificate shows he was born
in Kentucky, a son of Kentucky natives
Charles Meadows and Elizabeth Spradlin
Meadows. His name was James T. Meadows.)
Meadows, Talbert 1904 1939        
Molen, Alexander C. 28 Yr 5 Mo 19 Aug 1859        
Morgan, Arthur Gill 1892 1948 Age 28 Yr 5 Mo      
Morgan, Lucille Mason 1898 -   w/o Arthur Gill Mason      
Morris, Earl C. 1923 -          
Morris, Martin Dale   1951 Infant Son of E. C. & M. F. Morris      
Morris, Millie F. 1925 -   w/o Earl C. Morris      
Morris, Rachel 18 Yr 3 Mo 27 Da 25 Apr 1909 (She is buried beside her grandfather,
Charles Robinson.)
Morton, Gilbert W. 1863 1937        
Morton, Nellie C. 1864 1910        
Mullens, Anderson 2 Jan 1828 8 Feb 1896        
Mullens, Joanna 2 Oct 1835 26 Oct 1896        
Nicholas, John 19 Yr 29 Apr 1865        
*O'Daffer, Myrtle 2 Mo 12 Da 8 May 1889        
*Olive, Lillie 6 Mo 25 Da 10 Feb 1892        
Orear, Benjamin 98 Yr 26 June 1862 Born in Berkley Co., Va.
Died in Morgan Co., Il
Orear, Benjamin     s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Orear
(From 1911 listing.)
Orear, Delia 48 Yr 3 June 1865 d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Orear      
Orear, Elizabeth 64 Yr
July 1835 w/o Benjamin Orear      
Orear, Elizabeth 32 Yr 12 May 1875 d/o George & Sarah Orear
Granddaughter of Benjamin & Elizabeth Orear
Orear, Franklin 27 Yr 9 Mo 23 May 1846 Born in Kentucky
s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Orear
Orear, Franklin 27 Jan 1849
5 Feb 1918 (Son of Geo. & Sarah Orear)      
Orear, George 4 June 1804 11 Feb 1889 84 Yr 8 Mo 7 Da      
Orear, Maria L. ?       Dotty  
Orear, Sarah (Heslep) 20 Sept 1812 19 Jan 1891 Age 78 Yr 3 Mo 29 Da
w/o George Orear
(Miss Sarah Heslep married
George Orear on March 22, 1838)
'Orear, Spicey 46 Yr
12 Mar 1846 d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Orear      
Orear, Sue C. (Hagerty) ?       Dotty  
Osborne, _________ 5(?) Mo 12 Da 13 Aug 186_ d/o D. W. and E. F. Osborne      
Osborne, Edward Austin 10 Sept 1848 17 Mar 1860 Age 11 Yr 6 Mo 7 Da
s/o Robert T. & Elizabeth J. Osborne
Osborne, Eliza V. 24 Mar 1806 5 Oct 1858 Age 52 Yr 6 Mo 11 Da
w/o Elder Harrison W. Osborne
Osborne, Ernest     s/o D. W. & E. Osborne      
Osborne, Florence     d/o D. W. Osborne      
Osborne, Harrison W., Elder 1 July 1800 8 June 1883 Age 82 Yr 10 Mo 22 Da
(He was born in Georgia and
settled in Morgan County, Illinois in 1830.)
Osborne, Ida Kate 27 Mar 1853 27 Mar 1854 d/o J. W. & E. Osborne      
Osborne, Joel H. ?       Dotty  
Osborne, Mary Eliza 1 Yr 5 Mo 4 Da 18 Mar 1852 d/o Robert T. & Elizabeth J. Osborne      
Parker, Anna C. 1884 1954        
Parker, Jacob T.   22 Jan 1941 Illinois, Pvt., 25 Inf.
(Another marker for this man says
J.T.P., 9th & 10th Cav., 4 Aug 1883
- Jan 23 1941)
Parker, John C. 1871 1926 ?Patterson      
Parker, Roy W. 1880 1915 ?Patterson      
Patterson, E. Frank 1872 1958 ?Parker      
Patterson, Lou N. 1869 1944 ?Parker
(Same tombstone as E. Frank ?Patterson)
Prunty, Sarah 63 Yr 9 Mo 25 Da 15 Nov 1852        
Rankin, Albert Hurt 29 Nov 1876 30 Mar 1962        
Rankin, Lillian Robertson 5 Dec 1878 19 Sept 1952        
Rannem, Nettie 68 Yr 15 Oct 1872        
Rearick, Sally J. (Smith) 10 Apr 1847 20 Oct 1880 w/o J. D. Rearick
d/o R. R. & Ellen Smith
Reeve, Hettie May 31 Yr 9 Mo 1 Oct 1901 w/o R. W. Reeve      
Reeve, Isaac Hardin 30 Mar 1894 17 Oct 1953 Illinois, Pvt., Btry, F, 139 Field
Artillery, W.W. I
(See page 267 of "Morgan County
Family History, 1976".)
Reeve, Robert Wilson 25 Apr 1856 20 Aug 1930        
Reuck, Blanche May (Eades) ?       Dotty  
Reuck, Robert J. ?       Dotty  
Reynolds, Minerva 2 Mar 1821 25 June 1891 (Her name is on the same monument
with those of John M. Smith and
Joseph M. Smith.)
Richards, John ?       Dotty  
Riggs, Amy 31 July 1870 22 Apr 1901 (Her name is on the Horatio Green
Roach, Martin B. V.   11 Apr 1893        
Roberts, Infant ?       Dotty  
Roberts, Mary Ellen 24 Yr 11 Mo 11 Da 23 Mar 1853 w/o R. T. M. Roberts      
Roberts, R. T. M. 37 Yr 2 Mo 16 Da 30 Mar 1857        
Robertson, Alexander 81 Yr   (Moved to Lot 362, Section A in
Jacksonville's Diamond Grove
Cemetery on April 30, 1896.)
Robertson, Eliza 81 Yr   Mrs. Alex (Eliza) Robertson
(Moved to Lot 362, Section A in
Jacksonville's Diamond Grove Cemetery
on April 30, 1896.)
Robertson, Elizabeth no dates   (Moved to Lot 362, Section A in
Jacksonville's Diamond Grove Cemetery
on April 30, 1896.)
Robertson, Frank 16 Yr 9 Mo 27 Sept 1887 s/o W. & ? Robertson      
Robertson, Frank 1852 1941 (He was a brother of Wesley Robertson.)      
Robertson, John     (A child. Moved to Lot 362,
Section A in Jacksonville's Diamond
Grove Cemetery on April 30, 1896.)
Robertson, John     (Commonly known as "Scotch John".
His body was moved to Diamond
Grove Cemetery.)
Robertson, John Wesley 1875 1951        
Robertson, Leverett 1 Yr 2 Mo 4 Da 9 Feb 1890 s/o Frank & Mary L. Robertson      
Robertson, Mary L. 1856 1943 w/o Frank Robertson      
Robertson, Rinda 80 Yr 6 Mo 7 Da          
Robertson, Wesley 29 Yr 1 Mo 7 Da 18 Jan 1876        
Robinson, Charles 1 Apr 1825 19 Mar 1903 (Charles Robinson was born at Scarborough,
Yorkshire, England on April 1, 1825, a son of
William and Elizabeth Robinson. He married
Rachel Willoughby (4 July 1840 - 21 Dec 1871)
on Feb 19, 1857 in Morgan County, Illinois.
Charles and Rachel made their home in the
Woodson area and became parents of ten children.
Rachel and some of their children are buried
in Liberty Cemetery west of Jacksonville, but there
was no more room on the burial lot for the
interment of Charles Robinson.
From 1888 to 1902 Charles Robinson lived at
Aurora, Nebraska. One adult son, James Robinson,
is buried at Aurora, Nebraska. For more information
about Charles Robinson see the microfilms of the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of April 3, 1871 and Dec. 9,
1871. The microfilms are available at the Jacksonville
Public Library and at the Illinois State Historical
Library in Springfield. See also page 671 of
"History of Morgan County, Illinois" and
page 282 of "Morgan County Family History, 1976".)
Robinson, George W. 1898 1946 s/o Richard W. and Harriett E. Robinson      
Robinson, Harriet E. 8 Mar 1879 1956 (She was born at Aurora, Nebraska,
daughter of James and Jane Thomas Keister.
She was married in Nebraska to Richard
W. Robinson on Nov. 4, 1896 and he
preceded her in death on May 2, 1934.
She was survived by two daughters,
Mrs. Rachel Maude Baker and Mabel,
wife of Ben Roodhouse.)
Robinson, Richard W. 10 Dec 1871 2 May 1934 (He was the youngest child of Charles
and Rachel Willoughby Robinson. A
farmer, he was often called "Uncle Dickie"
by family members.)
Rogers, Lucinda ?       Dotty  
Rogers, Mary Virginia   20 Dec 1905 (d/o James F. and Minnie Lee)      
Rogers, Minnie Dorland /Darland 26 Yr 17 July 1905 (Her death certificate shows that Minnie
was born in Cass County, Illinois. She
died 3 miles north of Orleans as the result
of heart failure following artificial delivery
of twin children.)
Roosa, Eva Belton (Bertram) ?       Dotty  
Rose, Alma Louise 2 Yr 16 June 1904        
Rowe, Mary Eades     Buried 16 Sept 1851 Wife of Rev.
Charles Rowe
(Her grave was unmarked as early
as 1927. She was the mother of Mrs.
Charles Hayden. Rev. Charles Rowe
was buried in Wyoming.)
Rufus, Mabel 1887 1900        
Rufus, Ora 1885 1885        
Runkle, James Irvin 17 Sept 1827 29 Oct 1899 Son of W. and Mary Runkle      
Runkle, Mary Ann Green 1 Feb 1849 27 Nov 1899 Wife of Wm. L. Runkle      
Rupel, Fred L. no dates          
Rupel, Martha (Cervinka)   8 Apr 1974 (She is buried next to Fred L. Rupel.
Her obituary in the Jacksonville Daily Journal
showed that she was born in Chicago,
Illinois, daughter of the late James and
Theresa Vessale Cervinka. She married
Fred L. Rupel. Their surviving children were
LaVerne Martha Rupel and Allan J. Rupel of
Jacksonville and Fred Rupel Jr., of Creve Coeur,
Missiouri. She was a member of First Church
of Christ Scientist.)
Saffer, John F. 4 Mar 1822 10 Jan 1894        
Salley, Elijah ?       Dotty  
Salley, Margery ?       Dotty  
*Schribner, Albert D. 12 Da 5 Jan 1893        
Sellars, Emma G. 24 Jan 1899 -          
Sellars, William 1 Mar 1885 26 Dec 1966        
Shepard, Deborah (Smedley) 3 Dec 1845 23 Mar 1918 d/o Hiram & Margaret J. Weagley
Shoopman, Georgia ?       Dotty  
Shrader, Jacob A. 11 Yr 10 Mo 3 Da 21 Aug 1859 s/o J. A. and J. Shradar      
Shrader, John G. 32 Yr 1 Mo 7 Da 17 Mar 1851        
Shrader, Mary A. ?       Dotty  
Shrader, Mary H. 20 Yr 6 Mo 27 Da 8 Mar 1854        
Shrader, Mary G. 1 Yr 10 Mo 3 Da 8 Mar 1854 Dau of J. and J. Shradar      
Shrieve, Emmaline 25 Dec 1837 15 May 1911 Age 73 Yr 7 Mo 20 Da
(She was born in Schuyler County,
Illinois, and died in Jacksonville.)
Shuff, Amanda F. 1847 1904 w/o J. L. Shuff      
Shuff, Angelina (Lindsay) 11 Nov 1814 18 Oct 1893 Born in Carroll Co., Ky.      
Shuff, Ella 9 Apr 1854 20 Apr 1917 d/o John & Angelina Lindsay Shuff      
Shuff, Ervin 22 Yr 3 Mo 28 Da 18 July 1863 Died near Vicksburg, Miss.
Co. K, 101st Volunteer Infantry
Shuff, Fannie 1861 1907        
Shuff, James H. 24 Yr 8 Mo 10 Da 7 June 1872 Died by drowning      
Shuff, Jennie     (Died before 1911)
d/o Ira A. and M. L. Shuff
Shuff, John 27 Aug 1807 12 Apr 1872 Age 64 Yr 7 Mo 15 Da
Born in Scott Co., Ky.,
emigrated to Illinois Sept. 1833
Slater, Charles F. 4 Yr 3 Mo 7 Da 2 Mar 1867 s/o W. D. and M. A. Slater      
Slater, Berdrich or Deidrich S. 9 Mo 4 Da 23 Aug 1867 s/o W. D. and M. A. Slater      
Slater, Matilda A. 10 Mo 25 Sept 1865 d/o W. D. and M. A. Slater      
Slater, William 31 Yr 4 Mo 11 Da 26 Sept 1866        
Smedley, Daniel 53 Yr 7 Mo 19 Da 30 Sept 1845        
Smedley, Daniel 1 Yr 1 Mo 23 Da 28 Feb 1847 s/o D. and R. Smedley      
Smedley, Hiram 30 Dec 1819 30 Nov 1899 Born Paris, Ky., Died Jacksonville, Illinois      
Smedley, Isaac W. 12 Yr 8 Mo 4 Da 7 Feb 1853 s/o D. and R. Smedley      
Smedley, John 2 June 1857 19 Nov 1857 s/o Hiram and M. J. Smedley      
Smedley, John T. 23 Apr 1844 31 May 1872 Age 28 Yr 1 Mo 8 Da
(He served as a corporal in Co. C
of the 145th (100 Days) Illinois Infantry
during the Civil War.
He enlisted on May 7, 1864 and was
mustered out on Sept. 23, 1864.)
*Smedley, Lloyd 6 Yr 1 Mo 9 Da 15 July 1861 s/o H. and M. J. Smedley

(This is the same child listed on 16th page
of this listing. The following news story
appeared in the Jacksonville Journal of
Thursday, July 25, 1861: SAD ACCIDENT –
On Saturday before last, a fearful accident
occurred at Antioch church to the family of Mr.
H. Smedley. After the close of the religious
services of the forenoon, the family had taken seats
in their carriage to return home, when, before
Mr. Smedley himself who was driving got in,
it was necessary for some reason to back the team.
As the horses threw their weight on the neck yoke, the
pole broke and the sharp end struck one of them i
n the flank, exciting him beyond control. Mr. Smedley,
being on the ground, could not manage them to any
advantage, and breaking from him, they ran rapidly up
the road.
Before running far the end of the broken pole
struck the ground in such a manner as to lift the
carriage violently up dashing it upon the ground
with terrible force. A son of Mr. Smedley received
a violent concussion of the brain from which he has
since died. Mrs. Smedley was cut upon the head
and was badly bruised and strained. A daughter
had an arm broken, and a young lady, not a member
of the family, had a collar bone broken. All were
bruised and injured from the concussion.
This accident resulted from the fact that the
maker of the carriage used an unsound piece of
timber for the pole. An indictment for manslaughter
against the mechanic who made it would
probably give him a lesson and a warning
against building traps for the indiscriminate
slaughter of unsuspecting women and children.
(Compilers note: The following week's newspaper
carried a statement from the maker of the carriage.
He said he did not wish to add to the grief of the
Smedley family, but that Hiram Smedley himself had
chosen the piece of wood that broke. Mr. Smedley
had on a previous occasion had an accident breaking
the pole, which was replaced by a piece of his
own choosing.)
Smedley, Margaret Jane (Weagley) 42 Yr 11 Mo 17 Da 24 Aug 1866        
Smedley, Mary E. 4 May 1841 3 July 1918 d/o Hiram & Margaret Weagley Smedley
(Her grave is marked by a small flat red
granite tombstone, hard to see, located west
of the very tall Smedley spire.)
Smedley, Sarah A. 11 Yr 9 Mo ? Da 22 Apr 1862        
Smedley, Thomas H.     Co. K 101st Reg't. Illinois Volunteers. Killed at the
Battle of Dallas, Ga., May 24, 1864 aged 21 Yr 11
Mo 6 Da. (He is listed on the muster roll of Co. K
as Pvt. Henry Smedley, enlisted Aug. 7, 1862,
killed near Dallas, Ga., May 25, 1864.)
Smith, Annie E. 3 Yr 2 Mo 3 Da 24 Aug 1851 d/o R. R. and E. Smith      
Smith, David 11 Da 13 July 1844        
Smith, DeWitt G. 4 Yr 1 Mo 10 Da 22 Oct 1861 s/o R. R. and E. Smith      
Smith, Eleanor Nellie 7 Sept 1898 9 Jan 1923        
Smith, Ellen 63 Yr 7 Mo 10 Aug 1887 w/o R. R. Smith
(Born in Wayne County, Illinois,
she came to Morgan County in 1823.)
Smith, George 63 Yr 13 May 1922 (His death certificate shows that he was
in born in Illinois in 1858, son of Virginia
native John M. Smith and Minerva Reynolds
Smith who was born in Illinois.)
Smith, Infant     Infant Son of Nolan and Louise Bromley Smith
Stillborn 29 ?Mar May 1923
Smith, Infants     SMITH sacred to the memory of two infants,
children of Abram P. and Mary Smith, born, and
died Jan. 1858.
Smith, James Haden 28 Apr 1896 7 Aug 1975 (His grave is marked by a funeral home marker.
He is buried in the easternmost row of graves,
third grave space north of George Stephen Green.
His obituary appeared in the Jacksonville Courier
of Friday, August 8, 1975.
Smith, James W. 26 Apr 1846 25 June 1927 (He was the husband of Louiza Jane Smith.
His parents were William B. Smith and Maria
Smith, John M. 14 Apr 1809 1 Jan 1892        
Smith, Joseph M. 2 Feb 1842 3 Aug 1863        
Smith, Louise (Bromley) 15 Apr 1896 26 May 1979 w/o Nolan Smith

(Her obituary appeared in the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of
Wednesday, May 30, 1979.)
Smith, Margaret Ann (Adams) 68 Yr 22 May 1926 w/o Haden Smith
(She was born in Kentucky,
daughter of James Adams.)
Smith, Maria (McDonald) 4 Sept 1815 4 June 1906 w/o William B. Smith
(Her son's death certificate shows
that her maiden name was McDonald
and that she was born in Pennsylvania.)
Smith, Mary E. 1 Yr 7 Mo 19 Da 22 Mar 1847 d/o R. R. and E. Smith      
Smith, Mary Martha 1843 14 Dec 1923 Age 66 Yr 10 Mo 11 Da
(Her death certificate says she died at age
79 years. It shows that she was born in
Jacksonville, daughter of James R. Smith
whose birthplace was given as Kentucky.
The death certificate of Mary Martha Smith
is listed at the Morgan County court house
under the name of Mattie Smith.)
Smith, Milton B. 1859 1928        
Smith, Minerva (Reynolds) 2 Mar 1821 25 June 1891        
Smith, Nolan 20 Sept 1894 25 Mar 1965 Illinois, Pvt., Co M 52 Infantry,
World War I
Smith, Octavia D. 1864 1933        
Smith, Ophelia 20 Da 19 Sept 1846        
Smith, Robert R. 56 Yr 10 Mo 13 Da 3 Feb 1868        
Smith, Roy 1 Da 29 Mar 1902        
Smith, Sarah 70 Yr 5 Mo 12 Da 25 Nov 1857 w/o William Smith      
Smith, Sarah R. 1 Nov 1849 15 July 1872        
Smith, William 65 Yr 28 May 1828 Died and buried in Fayette Co., Ky.,
28 May 1828
Smith, William B. 53 Yr 8 Mo 1 July 1868        
Springer, Alice / Algy 81 Yr 11 Mo 13 Da 11 Mar 1868 w/o George W. Springer      
Springer, Armilda 13 Oct 1820 13 Dec 1851 Age 31 Yr 2 Mo
w/o George W. Springer
Married 13 Dec 1838
Springer, Eliza J. 38 Yr 10 Mo 14 Aug 1861 w/o F. M. Springer      
Springer, George 9 Yr 1 Mo 24 Dec 1856 s/o F. M. and E. J. Springer      
Springer, Infant 3 Mo 22 Aug 1860 Infant Son of F. M. and E. J. Springer      
Stone, Barton W. (Elder) 24 Dec 1772 9 Nov 1844 (One of the greatest American religious
reformers of the 19th century, he was one
of the co-founders of the Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ). He was born near Port
Tobacco, Maryland. After a long and useful
life he died at Hannibal, Missouri. The body
was returned by wagon to his homestead on
Diamond Grove Prairie about four miles southeast
of Jacksonville (just north of what is now Lake
Jacksonville) and there he was buried in the
locust grove west of his cabin. The farm was
sold by Barton W. Stone's heirs in January
of 1846 and his body was removed to the
cemetery of Antioch Christian Church.
Then, according to C. C. Ware, a Stone
biographer, "In the spring of 1847 Kentucky
friends by an irresistible sentiment removed
finally his dust to Cane Ridge (Kentucky).
There by all the canons of taste and of the
fitness of things it will remain." For more
information and a portrait of Elder Barton W.
Stone see page 36 of the Jacksonville Journal
Courier of Sunday, April 24, 1977.)
Strawn, Clifton 49 Yr 1 Mo 6 Da 27 Aug 1923        
Strawn, Jacob 4 Dec 1850 24 Jan 1894 Age 43 Yr      
Strawn, John A. ?       Dotty  
Strawn, Mabel Lillian 1 Yr 8 Mo 15 Mar 1880 Died of Scarlet Fever
d/o William S. and E. Rosa Mason
(Information from the death certificate
and other sources.)
Strawn, William S. 28 July 1853 26 Oct 1903 (Moved to Diamond Grove Cemetery)      
Stubblefield, Calvin 2 Oct 1856 5 Dec 1912 (This unmarried engineer was born in
Green Co., Illinois, son of Joseph and
Elizabeth Sandusky Stubblefield, who
were also born in Greene County.)
Stubblefield, Elizabeth (Sandusky) 8 Feb 1835 6 Feb 1922 d/o Jacob & Matilda Hayes Sandusky      
Stubblefield, Joseph 52 Yr 7 Mo 15 Da 6 Apr 1882        
Stubblefield, Mary Elizabeth 20 Yr 7 Mo 1 May 1900        
Stubblefield, Ross 7 Mo 12 Da 26 Sept 1900 (Born at Alexander, Illinois, this
child died of "summer complaint".)
Sutter, George W. 1 Mo 12 Da 10 Aug 1856 s/o J. and M. Sutter      
Sutter, Jacob 5 Mo 10 Da 28 Feb 1852 s/o J. and M. Sutter      
Sutter, John M. 9 Mo 9 Da 4 Sept 1855 s/o J. and M. Sutter      
Thompson, Annie W. / V. 11 Sept 1858 12 Mar 1880 d/o T. and E. J. Thompson      
Thompson, Diannah 58 Yr 5 Apr 1871 w/o Robert Thompson of Alexander
Thompson, Elizabeth Jane (Edwards) 29 May 1830 4 Dec 1915/8 88 Yr
d/o John & Elizabeth Edwards
Thompson, William Thomas 4 Feb 1857 9 Mar1917 s/o Thomas & Elizabeth Jane Edwards
Tindall     (A large pink granite monument along the
east row of graves, it has no other inscription.)
Tindall, Ann E. 1831 1901 (Her father was Isaac N. Tindall.)      
Tindall, Daniel 19 Yr 6 Mo 15 Da 11 Jan 1854 s/o J. T. and I. Tindall      
Tindall, David (no dates)          
Tindall, Eva P. 23 Yr 7 Mo 24 Da 17 Jan 1867 w/o D. Tindall Daughter of G. and N. Curts      
Tindall, Isaac 24 Feb 1828 21 Sept 1919 (He was born at Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, son of Isaac N. Tindall.)
Tindall, Isaac N. 81 Yr 13 1881 (Born in New Jersey)      
Tindall, Isabella Ferguson 30 Nov 1805 13 Feb 1890 w/o Jacob Tindall
(See page 338 of "Morgan County
Family History, 1976".)
Tindall, Jacob Taggert 17 Feb 1800 19 Dec 1861 Age 61 Yr 10 Mo 2 Da
Born in the State of New Jersey
Tindall, Jeanette (Ferguson) 1801 1876 w/o Isaac N. Tindall
(Her maiden name was Ferguson.)
Tindall, Mary 87 Yr 3 Mo 2 Da 1 Mary 1857 w/o Daniel Tindall
(Possibly the weathered stone
reads 37 years, not 87.)
Trent, J. O. Bud 1884 1948        
Trent, Mary Ann (Campbell) 23 Jan 1888 17 Feb 1976 (Her obituary appeared in the Jacksonville
Courier of Friday, Feb. 20, 1976)
Unknown Child   9 Mar 1886 (This Negro girl's death certificate
shows that she was aged 2 years 2 months
and 6 days and died of consumption
(tuberculosis). However, the handwriting
is so bad it is impossible to figure out the
child's name. Apparently this child's death
was not printed in the Jacksonville
Daily Journal.)
Unknown ?       Dotty  
Unknown, Child ?       Dotty  
Voight, Frank 28 Yr 28 Apr 1887 (This employee of the Wabash railroad
took his own life by hanging himself with
a seagrass rope.
A German, He had been in this country
about four years. His obituary was published
in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Friday,
April 29, 1887.)
Waltman, Edward   9 Mar 1903 (His tombstone shows his age as 22 years
and his death certificate shows his age as
24 years.)
Waltman, John Arnold 8 Oct 1814 5 Aug 1884 (His death certificate is listed as Arnold
Waltman. It shows he died Aug. 5, 1884
at age 69 years 9 months 28 days. It further
shows that he was a married man of German
birth who resided in Illinois for 36 years.)
Waring, Frank   3 Apr 1882 (His obituary appeared in the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of Tuesday,
April 4, 1882.)
Wasson, Infant     Infant Child of J. D. and M. E. Wasson      
Wasson, Mary ?       Dotty  
Wasson, Mary E. 29 Yr 11 Mo 21 Da 12 Apr 1853 w/o J. D. Wasson      
Weagley, Amanda C. 7 Mar 1830 20 Sept 1911 w/o Dr. S. G. Weagley
(She was born in Georgetown, Ky.,
her maiden name being Layton. She lived
in Illinois about 80 years, dying at age 81
years 6 months 13 days. The following item
appeared in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of
Thursday, October 1, 1903: Dr. and Mrs. S. G.
Weagley expected to come to the city Wednesday
night to take up their abode in one of the new
houses erected on the Elliott property on South
Church street. City life will certainly seem
very strange to the good people who have lived
so long in the country, but no one would be more
cordially welcomed to the place than the worthy
doctor and his wife. May they live long to enjoy their
new home is the wish of hosts of friends.)
Weagley, Martin H. 1852   1866      
Weagley, S. Gregg 1854   1890      
Weagley, Samuel Gregg, Dr. 1826 7 Dec 1904 (His death certificate shows that he was
born in Kentucky. He lived in Illinois 54
years and died at age 78 years 11 months
1 day. The following news item appeared
in the Jacksonville Daily Journal of Tuesday,
June 25, 1878.: Purely Personal. Miss Katie
Weagley is lying ill at the residence of her father,
Dr. S. G. Weagley, east of the city.)
(The following news item appeared in the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of Sunday, Oct. 4,
1903: City and County. Dr. S. G. Weagley, who
recently became sick from taking a dose from a
bottle he thought contained medicine, is getting
along nicely and there will be no serious results
from the accident.)
Weagley, William I. 1850 1872        
Weisenberger, Franz J. 19 Mar 1807 9 July 1870 May He Rest In Peace
(This large decorative marble
tombstone is in a pile of discarded
tombstones stacked on the
G. W. Cole lot.)
West, Charles W. 24 Feb 1860 12 Apr 1942 Father      
West, Cleda Marie (Retzer) ?          
West, Etta 20 Apr 1865 27 Oct 1897 Mother (?w/o Charles W)      
West, Eugene G. 12 Mar 1912 25 Feb 1980 (He was born in Morgan County, Ill.,
a son of Charles William and Margaret J.
Cade West.
He was a carpenter and a trustee
of Antioch Cemetery. A very fine
obituary of this man was printed in the
Jacksonville Daily Journal of Wednesday,
Feb. 27, 1980.)
West, Jess 1886 1908        
West, Margaret J. 3 Nov 1878 9 Mar 1967 Mother (?w/o Charles W.)      
Westrope, William P. ?          
White, Amelia 28 Yr 4 Mo 15 Da
15 Sept 1875 d/o Nicholas and Deborah White
of Wilmington, Del.
(A listing of unknown origins lists
the death year as 1857)
Williams, John Wright   19 Dec 1925 s/o George and Mamie
Corrington Williams
Wilson, Elfrey E. 30 Mar 1947 6 Mar 1967 Illinois, PFC, US Marine Corps      
Wilson, Elfrey E.   June 27, 1933 Illinois, Pvt., 2 M. Corps      
Wilson, Henry Clay 24 Nov 1929 23 Apr 1956 Illinois, Sgt., 10 Marines 2
Marine Division, Korea
Wilson, Howard Eugene ?       Dotty  
Wilson, Jeanne Kessinger ?       Dotty  
Wilson, Maggie Oakes 27 May 1897 2 June 1974 (Maggie and the Elfrey E. Oakes
Listed directly above her are buried
on the same lot.)
Winchester, Dora 1886 1940        
Winchester, Herbert 1904 1942 (Buried on same lot with Dora
Wingler, John 1 Dec 1824 8 Feb 1918 (His death certificate shows
that he was born in Pennsylvania
and died at age 93 years 2 months
7 days.)
    CW Obit
Winklemann, Emma L. ?       Dotty  
Winklemann, Kermit A. ?       Dotty  
Yehle, Cathrina 63 Yr 1 Mo 10 Da 13 Mar 1867 w/o Conrad Yehle
(In 1978 this broken tombstone is in a
pile of discarded tombstones on the G. W.
Cole Lot.
The portion containing this woman's first
name could not be found by Robert W. Dalton.
The first name of this reading is taken from the
reading of Mrs. Sarah John English made
in 1927. It should be noted that Mrs. English
incorrectly transcribed the family name as Yuele.
A 1911 listing of Antioch Cemetery burials
lists this burial as Catherine Yehle but has a
three year error in the death date.)
Young, Mary E. 1 Yr 3 Mo 1 Nov 1867 d/o William F. and Abigail Young      
Young, Phebe J. 1 Yr 2 Mo 12 Da 4 Sept 1872 d/o B. J. and Mary Young      

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