Allis Cemetery, Waverly Township Morgan County Illinois

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Allis Cemetery
Morgan County Illinois
aka Old West aka Bethel
Waverly Township T13N R8W 3rdPM
NW¼SW¼, Section 11

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Cemetery transcription by members of the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society
"A Guide to Cemeteries of Morgan County, Illinois, Volume One"
Mrs. Guy Martin
Additions from Dotty of TN

Words in brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( )are not on stone.

Long used as a pasture, this cemetery is situated on the southwest edge of Waverly. Three graves, those of Malinda J., Gabriel and Lucinda Dennis, are inside a fence at the east edge of the cemetery. A listing of tombstones in this cemetery was made on September 17, 1972 and appeared in "A Guide to Cemeteries of Morgan County, Illinois, Volume One". But during the autumn of 1977 a restoration of Bethel Cemetery was undertaken and several additional tombstones were unearthed. On October 12, 1977, a second reading of the cemetery's tombstones resulted in the addition of several readings and corrections of others. It is very obvious that there are many other burials in this cemetery and it is likely that more tombstones will be recovered as the restoration progresses.
On November 13, 1977 members and friends of the First United Methodist Church of Waverly dedicated a flag pole and shrubbery at the cemetery entrance. Care should be taken to avoid confusing this Bethel Cemetery with the much larger Bethel Cemetery that is south of Murrayville.

Name Birth Death Other or Notes Veteran? Donated By Obit?
Allis, Ann C. 80 Yr 2 Mo 13 Da 11 Jan 1888 w/o S.G.M. Allis      
Allis, Anne (Illegible) 3 Yr   d/o S.G.M. & Ann C. Allis      
Allis, Caroline 5 Yr 2 Da 6 Sept 1840 d/o S.G.M. & Ann C. Allis      
Allis, Fredric W. 4 Mo 10 Da 1 Aug 1839 s/o S.G.M. & Ann C. Allis      
Allis, Louisa 6 Mo 19 Da 7 Jan 184?        
Allis, Richard Tonges 22 yr. May 13, 1863 Sacred to the memory of)
Adopted son of S.G.M. and Ann C. Allis
who was killed by accident on board
gunboat Switzerland May 13, 1863
and buried near Alexandria, La., aged 22 Yr.
(This man was a member of Co. G, 101st Illinois Infantry.)
Allis, S. G. M. 82 Yr 1 Mo 4 Da 9 July 1887 (His first name was Stephen)      
Allis, William F. 12 Wks 12 Mar 1838 s/o S.G.M. & Ann C. Allis      
Barker, George W. 39 Yr 22 Nov 1843        
Barker, Sarah A. 53 Yr 11 Mo 5 Da 26 Aug 1859 w/o G.W. Barker      
C E C     Initials on a Footstone      
Chapin, Horace in the 60th year of his age 15 Sept 1858 Late of Newport, N.H.      
Chapin, John Orr 1824 (11 May) 1862 A soldier in the Civil War
(John O. Chapin enlisted as a private in Co. I
of the 14th Infantry on May 25, 1861. He
died of wounds on May 11, 1862.
His tombstone is inside an iron fence which
encloses the Allis family burials.)
Dennis, Gabriel H. 80th year of his age. 1895        
Dennis, Lucinda Aged 97 Yr 9 Mo 14 Da 30 Dec 1916 w/o Gabriel H. Dennis
Born in Tennessee March 16, 1819
Dennis, Malinda J. 49 Yr 8 Mo 11 Da 28 June 1890 d/o G.H. & L. Dennis      
E H     Initials on a Footstone      
Hitchcock, Lucius M.D. 48 Yr 17 July 1851        
Hudson, Katie M.         Dotty  
Hutchison, Eletha 32 Yr 5 Mo 15 Oct 1843 w/o James Hutchison      
Hutchison, James 43 Yr 7 Mo 22 Da 19 Sept 1851        
Hutchison, James B. 8 Yr 8 Mo 22 Da 8 Sept 1851 s/o J. & E. Hutchison      
Hutchison, Paulina 4 Mo 20 Aug 1843 d/o J. & E. Hutchison      
Hutchison, Susan   15 Feb 18(broken) w/o John Hutchison      
Jeffries, Elvira V. 23 Yr 2 Mo 14 July 1853 w/o W.P. Jeffries      
Jenny, Lauretta H. 5 Mo 22 Da 16 Jan 1838        
King, Cora 27 Yr 14 July 1901        
Mansfield, R. 2 Yr 8 Mo 20 Feb 1844 The above name is on the Allis family tombstone.      
Nunes, Justina V. 4 Apr 1844 2 Sept 1881        
Nunes, Margaret   23 June 1853 w/o R. E. Nunes
(Next to the tombstone of
Justina, this marker is very
difficult to read)
Orr, Sarah Mrs. 64 years. 29 Aug 1858 Widow of Rev. William A. Chapin
of Greensboro, Va.
(Mrs. Myra Martin's reading gives the
death date as 1859. The marker is
identical to that of Horace Chapin.)
Phelps, Anna 74 Yr 17 July 1851        
Philey, Dolly 55 Yr 8 Mo 13 Da 26 Nov 1855        
Philey, Elisha 55 Yr 10 Mo 7 Da
24 Mar 1850        
Price, R. A., Mrs.         Dotty  
Rakes, Ronald D.         Dotty  
Rawson, Anna G. 22 Yr 11 Mo 7 Da 7 June 1877 w/o J. R. Rawson      
Rawson, Edward 1 Yr 9 Mo 17 Da 24 Jan 1876 s/o J.F. & A.G. Rawson.
Rawson tombstones have not
been found.
Information is supplied by Mr.
and Mrs. Guy Martin of Waverly.
Salter, Jane Van Vechten 23 Yr 27 Aug 1836 w/o D.B. Salter      
Tanner, Cyrus     Died 1848 His tombstone
has not been found. Mr. And Mrs. Guy
Martin supplied the name and date
Tanner, Lucy Sturtevant 64 Yr 22 July 1845 w/o Cyrus Tanner      

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