Delayed Birth Records
1858 - 1878
Morgan County IL

"The following names, birthdates and parents' names were NEVER recorded on the ORIGINAL indexes in the County Clerk's Office of Morgan County because they were delayed birth certificates filed from 1940 - 1943. The persons who were born between 1858 and 1878 (Jan. 1), were filed in a book which was discovered when Mrs. Florence Hutchison," then President of the Morgan Area Genealogical Society"(now disbanded), and at that time, "chairman of the Archives Committee of the Morgan County Bicentennial Commission was taking an inventory of the County Archives. The Historical Records Survey of the WPA for 1939 was used as a basis for relocating the older records. This special book of birth certificates was prepared after that first survey, no doubt as a result of the thorough job the WPA workers did prior to 1940." Mrs. Hutchison published the list of names for genealogical purposes.

One can obtain copies of these records from the Morgan County Courthouse, but be sure to specify Delayed Births, as they are a separate record from the Original Birth Index.
Click here for address of courthouse.

The list digitally copied and entered here:


ABERNATHY, Eva Gertrude, 4 Nov 1876, James H. Abernathy, Hester E. Kershaw

ACOM, Bertha Gertrude, 24 Dec 1876,George Acom, Martha E. Patterson

AGARD, Elsie, 3 Feb 1875, Norman Agard, Marietta Ward

ALLEN, Bertha Ida, 19 Nov 1866, Ellis M. Allen, Mary R. Patterson

ALLEN, Clara Bell, 14 Dec 1864,Ellis M. Allen, Mary R. Patterson

ANDERSON, Ida Dell, 24 Sep 1876,Thomas Anderson, Eve Elizabeth Roberts

ANDERSON, Martha Helen, 11 June 1876, Charles L. Anderson, Margaret Hoagland

ANGEL, Jessie, 11 Oct 1875, Thomas Angel, Sarah Harriet Weston

ARNETT, Elizabeth, 8 Sep 1874, James W. Arnett, Sarah Ellen Woods

ASH, Ellen, 14 Oct 1876, Peter Ash, Sarah McCan

ATOR, Ashford, 20 Jan 1876, Jacob Ator, Mary Smith

BABENHAUSEN, Hannah C., 25 Dec 1866, Herman Babenhausen, Sophia Babenhausen

BAILEY, Albert Wood, 9 Aug 1874, George Warren Bailey, Lucy Dustin

BAILEY, Joanna Briscoe, 19 June 1876, William B. Bailey, Mary H. Briscoe

BAILEY, Stella, 14 Jan 1877, George Warren Bailey, Lucy Dustin

BANE, Mary Bessie, 3 May 1877, Winfield Scott Bane, Lucinda Berry

BAPTIST, Louise, 15 Mar 1872, Antonio Baptist, Louisa Mends

BAPTIST, William Lincoln, 23 Sep 1874, Joseph Baptist, Mary A. Vieira

BARNHART, George M., 2 Jan 1871, Levia M. Barnhart, Susan Jane Walker

BECKER, Sophia, 26 Jan 1872, Frederick Becker, Catherine Behr

BEESLEY, James Gordon, 1 Apr 1873, Benjamin Fr. Gordon, Sarah Gordon

BEGGS, Carey Temple, 10 Sep 1868, William Harvey Beggs, Sarah Jane Rex Kelly

BEIN, Daisy Elizabeth, 6 Mar 1877, Otto Bein, Anna Eliz. Brown

BELK, Mack Everett, 6 Jul 1876, Chamberlain Belk, Elizabeth Whitlock

BENTO, Thomas, 12 Jan 1871, John Bento, Mary Gonsaloes

BILLINGS, Ada, 21 Jul 1875, Henry Clay Billings, Harriett Louisa Wall

BILLINGS, Eva, 18 Jan 1873, Henry Clay Billings, Harriet L. Wallis

BLACK, Effie Susan, 10 Nov 1875, Samuel W. Black, Mary Jane Self

BLACKBURN, Annetta, 24 Nov 1870, Edmund Blackburn, Sara Eliz. Cheaveres

BLACKBURN, Elmer Wallace, 22 Sep 1875, Robert Blackburn, Samantha Jane Angelo

BLACKBURN, Mary Lillian, 4 Aug 1869, Robert Blackburn, Samantha Jane Angelo

BLACKBURN, Sarah Luella, 10 Mar 1869, Edmund Blackburn, Sarah Eliz. Cheaveres

BLACKBURN, Sarah Rosetta, 30 Sep 1874, George D. Blackburn, Louella Margaret Todd

BOBBITT, George Burton, 26 Dec 1864, Elzerah Bobbit, Elizabeth Ann Cash

BOLLAR, Anna May, 11 Feb 1876

BONDS, Flora Belle, 1 Mar 1875, John B. Bonds, Eliza Tuke

BONNETTE, Royal, 21 Dec 1875, Samuel Bonnette, Sarah Jane Wilday

BOSTON, Clarence Anthony, 20 Jul6 1868, John Wm. Boston, Mary Ellen Craw____

BOSTON, Eleanore, 28 Mar 1872, George Edward Boston, Mary Malvina Caldwell

BOSTON, Maggie Jane, 2 Apr 1877, Richard Boston, Tarisico Sellers

BOWEN, John Edgar, 30 Aug 1876, John W. Bowen, Janet McKean

BOWYER, Mary Jane, 20 Oct 1874, James Bowyer, Emile Jane Spainhower

BOWYER, Robert, 10 Sep 1870, M. P. Bowyer, Mary Buck

BRADISH, Walter Chambers, 6 Dec 1873, Charles Eugene Bradish, Eleanor I. Chambers

BRAUN, William, 19 Aug 1876, Jacob P. Braun, Anne E. Long

BREWBAKER, Oliver P., 9 Oct 1876, Richard P. Brewbaker, Janis Shoemaker

BROWN, George Washington, 1 Dec 1874, Thomas C. Brown, Mary DeOrnellas

BUCK, Ella Cornelia, 13 Nov 1877, Thomas Buck, Eliz. Lavina Beavers

BULL, George Thomas, 10 Jun 1877, Madison Bull, Liza Jane Fanning

BURCH, Ella Lee, 13 Jun 1874, Benjamin H. Burch, Elizabeth Jones

BURKREY, Thomas Mitchell, 18 Dec 1877, Patrick Burkrey, Elizabeth Kingston

BURKREY, William, 22 Feb 1875, Patrick Burkrey, Elizabeth Kingston

BURNETT, Emma, 2 Apr 1877, George W. Burnett, Mary Jane McCormick

BURNETT, Felix Elmer, 2 Nov 1869, Micajah Burnett, Sallie Marston

BURRUS, William Groce, 3 Dec 1874, Benjamin Fr. Burrus, Mary Ellen Mayes

BURMEISTER, Dortha Marie, 9 Jan 1876, Charles F. Burmeister, Lorene Flynn

CALEMAN (?), Horace Ashley, 15 Apr 1871, Isaac C. Caleman, Sarah Ann Hawkins

CAMPBELL, Albert J., 4 Feb 1876, James H. Campbell, Ellen Rice

CAMPBELL, Alice Carry, 1 Jul 1872, James H. Campbell, Sarah Ellen Rice

CAMPBELL, George Elbert, 9 Jul 1869, Clinton Sam. Campbell, Mary Ann Eyre

CAMPBELL, John Green, 12 Feb 1859, Wm. Moore Campbell, Martha Ann Isomn

CAMPBELL, John Samuel, 27 May 1873, Clinton Sam. Campbell, Mary Ann Eyre

CANHAM, George Louis, 24 Apr 1877, Shade Canham, Mary Eliz. Pierson

CAPPS, Herbert Joseph, 30 Dec 1876, Joseph LaF. Capps, Eliza Ella Tandy

CARR, George Leonard, 30 Jun 1873, Harrison Carr, Martha Ellen Carr

CASSELL, Allie Mable, 18 Sep 1875, Henry Martin Cassell, Annie Marie Hall

CASSELL, Mary Eliza, 19 Aug 1872, Henry Martin Cassell, Annie Marie Hall

CHAPMAN, Robert W., 15 May 1877, Wm. D. Chapman, Hannah Mitchell

CLAYTON, John Hilyard, 29 Aug 1876, Joseph Clayton, Martha Jane Hilyard

CLAYTON, Tessie, 5 Oct 1877, Lafayette Clayton, Lilly Duncan

COCKERILL, Emma Catherine, 5 Jul 1870, Wm. Cockerill, Jane Atkinson

CODY, Jesse Joseph, 12 Jul 1877, James Edward Cody, Ella Milton

COE, Edward Asahel, 6 Feb 1874, Alfred Coe, J. Anna Gaines

COKER, Amos L., 12 Sep 1877, George D. Coker, Sallie Saylers

COMPTON, Frank Linkins, 15 Apr 1869, Peter S. Compton, Sophronia Corcoran

COOK, Wm. Thomas, 13 May 1870, James Marion Cook, Mary Ann Clegg

COOPER, Cora May, 28 Aug 1877, Wm. Henry Cooper, Caroline M. Burbank

COULTAS, Henry Lincoln, 9 Mar 1876, Oliver Coultas, Margaret E. Headen

COULTAS, Wilhelmina, 19 Aug 1874, William Coultas, Gloriana Leach

COULTAS, William E., 8 Oct 1877, Oliver C. Coultas, Margaret E. Heddin

CRABTREE, Edgar E., 4 Aug 1869, James W. Crabtree, Mary E. Woods

CRAIG, Mary Rebecca, 22 Nov 1872, Lemuel D. Craig, Abbie Louise Sutton

CRATZ, George William, 16 Jan 1875, George Cratz, Mary E. Gilbert

CRAWFORD, Thomas David, 4 Oct 1873, Eli Wagner Crawford, Henrietta Lindsay

CRAWFORD, Walter Arthur, 7 Mar 1876, Eli Wagner Crawford, Henrietta Lindsay

CRUM, Mary Katherine, 13 Oct 1877, James Alvin Crum, Keturah Lois Rogers

CULLY, John Angel, 8 Jul 1877, Thomas B. Cully, Mary Angel

CUNNINGHAM, Albert Darwin, 17 Nov 1877, Albert T. Cunningham, Emma Percilla Harris

CURTISS, Theodore T., 8 Sep 1870, Theodore E. Curtiss, Augusta L. Tupper

DANIELS, Elizabeth English, 29 May 1876, Veerin Daniels, Sarah Virginia English

DANIELS, Joseph Hupp, 23 Oct 1869, Veerin Daniels, Sarah Virginia English

DANIELS, Veerin Barton, 22 May 1871, Veerin Daniels, Sarah Virginia English

DARLEY, Charley, 14 Jul 1875, George Darley, Milred Ann Fanning

DAVIS, Thomas John, 28 Mar 1869, Charles Davis, Eliza Jane Erving

DEATHERAGE, Amanda Jane, 6 Mar 1876, James Step. Deatherage, Amanda Sharp

DEATHERAGE, John N., 1 Sep 1871, Henry Harrison Deatherage, Elizabeth White

DEATHERAGE, Leonard, 3 Aug 1873, Henry Harrison Deatherage, Elizabeth White

DEATHERAGE, Mary Ella, 26 Nov 1872, James Stephen Deatherage, Amanda Sharp

DEATHERAGE, Minnie Frances, 7 Jul 1874, James Stephen Deatherage, Amanda Sharp

DEATHERAGE, Sarah Melinda, 5 Mar 1874, James Newton Deatherage, Lydia D. Burch

DEFRATES, Sarah, 24 Nov 1876, John DeFrates, Mary Viera

DETREITAS, Isabelle, 11 Mar 1869, Joaquine DeFreitas, Loudevina DeShara

DENNIS, Fred A., 25 Jan 1876, James H. Dennis, Lucy A. Crain

DEORNELLAS, Ed. Moses, 29 Sep 1876, Moses DeOrnellas, Elizabeth Vierira

DEORNELLAS, Lillian May, 19 Dec 1875, Jacob DeOrnellas, Elizabeth Cherry

DETRICK, William Albert, 10 May 1871, Franklin Detrick, Hettie Engle

DICKERSON, Effie Jenette, 22 Jan 1871, Henry Retzer Dickerson, Sara Eliz. Callen

DINWIDDIE, Anna Helen, 25 Aug 1877, John Thomas Dinwiddie, Harriot Richardson

DUER, Anna Cottingham, 29 Jan 1876, John Cottingham Duer, Caroline M. Rannells

DUER, Martha Rannells, 9 Feb 1871, John Cottingham Duer, Caroline M. Rannells

DUNAVAN, Leslie Martin, 30 Sep 1873, Jessie Monroe Donavan, Julia Ann Donavan

DUNN, Elizabeth Ann, 24 May 1874, Thomas Dunn, Eliza Waring

DUNNAVAN, Emma May, 11 Jun 1877, James W. Dunnavan, Hannah Eliz. Chamberl___

DYER, Arthur Lilburn, 18 Jan 1867, James Lilburn Dyer, Martha C. Boston

DYER, Eliza Ellen, 2 Apr 1876, John A. Dyer, Tracy Ann Daniel

DYER, Ida Mae, 14 Jan 1872, John Anderson Dyer, Tracy Ann Daniel

EDMONSON, Emma, 28 Mar 1868, William Edmondson, Mary Ann Finnegan

ELSOME, Thomas Richard, 9 May 1873, George Elsome, Anna Hopper

ENGEL, Emma Katherine, 18 Aug 1877, Henry Engel, Lina E. Miller

ENGEL, Lena C., 24 Dec 1875, Henry Engel, Lina E. Miller

ENKE, Frank, 12 Oct 1876, Charles Enke, Anna B. Evemeyer

EPLING, Alta Sweet, 17 Aug 1877, Floyd Epling, Johannah E. Sweet

EVANS, Nellie Mae, 8 Sep 1876, James W. Evans, Mary Jane Rigg

FANNING, George Washington, 22 Feb 1871, Wm. Francis Fanning, Nancy Morland

FANNING, Mary Elizabeth, 7 Feb 1859, Isaac Harrison Fanning, Millie Stigall

FELL, Eleanore Louise, 4 Nov 1876, Thos. Hardin Fell, Julia Spencer Wallace

FELL, Ora T., 8 Jul 1876, Wm. J. Fell, Mary Emma Carver

FERNANDES, Joseph C., 20 Sep 1863, , Rosie Fernandes

FERREIRA, Isabel, 25 Feb 1869, Manuel Ferrira, Mary DeFreitas

FINAN, Mary Anna, 18 Jul 1872, Patrick Philip Finan, Anna Marie Kenney

FINK, William Bismark, 15 Feb 1871, Peter Jacob Fink, Anna Rapp

FITZPATRICK, Anna, 4 Aug 1876, Edward Fitzpatrick, Mary Ann Rohm

FLACK, Clara Robb, 30 Jul 1875, Charles Edwin Flack, Mary Eliz. MacFaraland

FOLEY, John, 14 Feb 1875, John Joseph Foley, Julia Brown

FOLEY, Mary J., 29 Dec 1873, John Foley, Sarah Jane Whithurst

FOLEY, Thomas Mark, 29 Dec 1873, John Foley, Sarah Jane Whithurst

FORD, Ada Clare, 2 Jul 1874, Gilman Ford, Sarah P. Deatherage

FORTADO, Ida May, 22 Mar 1870, Antony M. Fortado, Priscilla Veary

FOSTER, Glen Angel, 14 Mar 1875, William Henry Foster, Margarette Angel

GABEL, Henry Charles, 27 Feb 1876, Henry Gabel, Catherine Lippert

GALLAGHER, Margaret Eliz., 12 Jan 1876, Edward Gallagher, Amanda E. Compton

GIBBONS, Mary Katherin, 7 Feb 1867, Alfred Gibbons, Rebecca Cole

GILBERT, William Monroe, 29 Aug 1871, James M. Gilbert, Lena Snack

GOFFINETT, Elizabeth T., 31 Dec 1877, Mathias F. Goffinett, Nancy Jane Van Pool

GOFFINETT, Martha Jane, 25 Oct 1874, Mathias F. Goffinett, Nancy Jane Van Pool

GOMES, Edward, 12 Sep 1876, Refino Gomes, Viola Fernandes

GOODRICK, Anna May, 9 Feb 1875, James M. Goodrick, Julia B. Grossman

GOODRICK, James Earl, 26 Aug 1877, James M. Goodrick, Julia B. Grossman

GRAVES, Grace, 3 Feb 1869, Jeremiah Graves, Jane Saunderson

GRANKEY, Lenora, 7 Nov 1874, Fred Oscar Grankey, Margaret Wright

GRAY, John B., 27 June 1875, Joseph Dunn Gray, Mary Ann Ironmonger,

GREENLEAF, Loulie Moffet, 9 Nov 1868, Lawrence A. Greenleaf, Martine Hardin

GUNN, Claude Atherton, 23 Jan 1876, Calup Gunn, Mary Ann Rickard

HACKETT, John Spencer, 17 Sep 1873, James Henry Hackett, Mary Bailey

HALE, Amos Everett, 26 Oct 1876, Minor Hale, Frances Kessler

HAMILTON, Arthur, 27 Feb 1865, Noah P. Hamilton, Rebecca Jane Webb

HAMILTON, Eldred Austin, 31 May 1875, James Calvin Hamilton, Sarah Evans

HAMMAN, Joseph Albert, 29 May 1875, Daniel Hamman, Mary Hamman

HARNEY, Martha Beatrice, 7 Apr 1877, Alfred Alonzo Harney, Julia Anette Ashbaugh

HARRISON, Edith Susan, 17 Jan 1877, Wm. Henry Harrison, Sarah Drucella Black

HARRISON, Gilbert Combs, 10 Jan 1876, Cornelius Combs Harrison, Italy Caroline Young

HARRISON, Mary Eliza, 3 Jun 1869, Lorenzo Dow Harrison, Eliza Palmer

HAY, Clyde Lemont, 26 Apr 1874, Abel Lamphier Hay, Maria Read Hurst

HAYNES, Sarah E., 17 Nov 1877, Ira Haynes, Mary Ann Anderton

HEATON, Winnifred V., 17 Aug 1872, Samuel Heaton, Margaret Campbell

HEINL, Adele C., 2 Sep 1870, Joseph A. Heinl, Mary Elizabeth Francis

HEINL, Edward D., 9 Feb 1873, Joseph Heinl, Elizabeth Francis

HEISER, Louise, 1 Jul 1876, John Heiser, Sarah Jane Evans

HEITZ, Cora Isabella, 5 Jun 1874, Sophia Franklin Heitz, Arthusa Jane Wagle

HEMBERGER, Sophia, 20 Jan 1871, Joseph Hemberger, Anna Faffner

HENDERSON, Ellis Edgar, 29 Sep 1876, C. Perry Henderson, Mary Frances Sylvester

HENLY, Anna Alena, 23 Jan 1865, Thomas J. Henly, Malissa A. Ryman

HENLY, Clara Luella, 22 Jul 1871, Thomas J. Henly, Margret M. McCurley

HENRY, Carrie, 2 Oct 1877, James David Henry, Margret M. McCurley

HILL, Tilden C., 29 Nov 1876, Isaac Hill, Sarah Ann Daulgherty

HINES, Edgar, 3 Oct 1877, Isaac Hines, Amenda Ann Culberson

HINNERS, Caroline, 2 May 1869, John Hinners, Caroline Miller

HINRICHSEN, Edward Eugene, 7 Aug 1876, William Hinrichsen, Louise Sparks

HODGES, George Allen, 27 Nov 1876, Levi T. Hodges, Samantha Perkins

HOFFMAN, Martin B., 3 May 1876, John W. Hoffman, Elizabeth Ruff

HOPPER, Ann Elizabeth, 18 Jul 1875, Hassell Hopper, Hannah Wood

HOPPER, Bernadette, 5 Oct 1876, Freeman Mercer Hopper, Nellie Baumann

HOWE, Andrew Francis, 29 May 1875, Daniel Webster Howe, Nancy Ann Key

HUDDLESON, Francis Marion, 28 Nov 1873, John Fredrick Huddelson, Permelia Jacques

HULL, Edward, 30 Aug 1877, Adam Hull, Alice Kath. Hudson

JAMES, Charles henry, 8 Apr 1874, George James, Melvina McLain

JEWSBURY, Albert Wilbor, 21 Apr 1868, Joseph Henry Jewsbury, Lucinda Adams

JOHNSON, Fred Eschel, 2 Feb 1872, Thomas White Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Harris

JOHNSON, John, 10 Mar 1870, Isaac Johnson, Mary Kerr

JOHNSON, Mary E., 21 Oct 1877, Jason Johnson, Martha Alice McMillan

JOHNSON, Mary Elizabeth 29 Nov 1858, John William Johnson, Chloe Tilda Ham

JOHNSON, Mattie Alelia, 31 Mar 1871, John William Johnson, Chloe Tilda Ham

JOHNSON, Nettie Ann, 17 Aug 1868, Thomas white Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Harris

JONES, Elmer Burton, 12 Dec 1876, Andrew Jackson Jones, Mary Deeker

JONES, Ralph Roy, 11 Dec 1874, Charles Woodward Jones, Lillie E. Gordon

JOY, Bertha Alice, 4 Sep 1877, John Bachelder Joy, Alice A. Pratt

KEARNS, John, 16 Apr 1875, John Kearns, Samantha Ellen Brady

KELLISON, Ollie May, 11 Dec 1877, Lafayett Kellison, Mary Jane McCormick

KENYON, Marian McPhee, 14 May 1875, James Kenyon, Jean Campbell

KERSHAW, John, 16 Jan 1876, Thomas C. Kershaw, Sarah Davis

KESSLER, John Jacob, 19 Apr 1876, Jacob Kessler, Louisa Mueller

KING, Allen Mason, 12 Aug 1876, W. H. H. King, Louise Allen

KINNEY, Dallas E., 3 Apr 1876, William Kinney, Sarah Collins

KITNER, Edward, 4 Jul 1876, David Jefferson Kitner, Caroline Eliz. Crouse

KLINE, Edeth, 23 Jul 1875, Jacob Louis Kline, Mary Zeigler

LAMB, John David, 20 Oct 1877, Wm. James Lamb, Martha Ellan Sheppard

LANDERS, Jesse Robert, 18 Oct 1872, George Landers, Ellen Willard Kriegh

LATHROM, Robert Tilden, 12 Sep 1876, William J. Lathrom, Jane Elizabeth Lathrom

LAUGHARY, Ida Mae, 9 Apr 1877, John Laughary, Elizabeth Osborn

LAUGHARY, Susan M., 22 Dec 1876, Jessie Laughary, Martha Lyles

LAYTON, Linda Boyce, 7 Mar 1876, Wm. Thomas Layton, Malinda Elizabeth Boyce

LEWIS, Annie Laurie, 10 Jan 1869, Wm. Douglas Lewis, Sarah Jane Campbell

LIVINGSTON, Edward James, 24 Sep 1877, David A. Livingston, Elizzie Finacy

LOCKHART, Katheryn Ann, 1 Nov 1876, John Lockhart, Mary Malone

LONG, Harry Abner, 5 May 1877, Frederick Long, Sarah Ellen Smith

LONGWORTH, John William, 21 Aug 1876, Francis John Longworth, Julia Agnes Brennan

LUMSDEN, John Fredrich, 22 Apr 1873, Francis Marion Lumsden, Rebecca Ann Wyatt

LUMSDEN, Rebecca Ann, 2 Jan 1876, Francis Marion Lumsden, Rebecca Ann Wyatt

LYNCH, James Francis, 21 Nov 1875, James Lynch, Mary McCarty

LYNCH, Margaret Theresa, 1 Jan 1877, James Lynch, Mary McCarty

MACK, Harvey Warren, 15 Sep 1877, James Mack Hart, Lizza Betty McKee

MCMAHAN, Lillie Belle, 22 Feb 1877, Ivan Taylor McMahan, Margaret Jane Foster King

MAGILL, Samuel Lloyd, 23 Jan 1875, James Magill, Katherine Waggoner

MAGILL, William Luther, 23 Sep 1875, Saml. Luther Magill, Ann Waggoner

MARSHALL, Alexander Wesley, 13 Aug 1874, Robert B. Marshall, Margaret DeLapp

MARSHALL, Florence Ann, 30 Jun 1876, Robt. Benjamin Marshall, Margaret Emma DeLapp

MARSHALL, John Tabor, 7 Apr 1877, Wm. Marshall, Ann Elliott Patter

MARSHALL, Mary Frances, 17 Sep 1872, Robt. B. Marshall, Margaret E. DeLapp

MARTIN, Elizabeth, 28 May 1871, Frank Martin, Mary DeFraties

MARTIN, Julia E., 4 Jan 1874, Frank Martin, Mary DeFraties

MASON, Charles, 16 Dec 1877, Thomas Mason, Mary Cook

MASON, John, 1 Oct 1876, John Mason, Sarah H. Robinson

MAYES, William, 16 Aug 1872, John Rate Mayes, Mary Hickling

MEACHAM, Milton Elmer, 25 Aug 1876, Milton Morris Meacham, Maria C. Holliday

MEACHAM, Martha Angelina, 29 Sep 1875, Wm. Draudy Meacham, Mary Jane Turnbull

MEACHAM, Nannie T., 25 Dec 1873, Wm. Draudy Meacham, Mary Jane Turnbull

MELTON, James Strawbridge, 4 Jun 1875, John Wesley Melton, Mary Elizabeth Strawbridge

MEREDITH, Fred Lyman, 1 Jul 1873, John Meredith, Hannah Johnes

MEYERS, Edward, 25 Nov 1876, Frederick M. Meyers, Mary Seeps

MIDDLETON, Alonzo Bolan, 2 Jan 1875, Jonathan Middleton, Maria Coates

MILLER, Susan Myra, 2 Apr 1871, Virgil C. Miller, Rebecca M. Miller

MITCHELL, Clarence Homer, 6 Feb 1876, James Mitchell, Catherine Fitzgerald

MITCHELL, Clarence Z., 4 Feb 1875, Zenas Thomas Mitchell, Julia Kate Pasley

MOLLENCOTT, Robert, 30 Sep 1868, Hugo Mollencott, Fanny Megowan

MONDAY, Daniel Richard, 19 Oct 1874, Reuben Erastus Monday, Rebecca Dulcena Westrope

MORGAN, Martha Olive, 10 Sep 1877, Chas. Albert Morgan, Mary E. Standley

MOORE, Effie, 26 Jul 1896, Charles Moore, Ellan Lambert

MORRIS, Clara Elsie, 11 Aug 1874, William Morris, Margaret Hart

MOSELEY, Frank Howard, 8 Aug 1872, Franklin A. Mosely, Susan Patterson

MUEHLHAUSEN, Magdalena, 15 Feb 1877, Henry W. Muehlhausen, Katherine Metzman

MURRAY, Clarence Floyd, 22 Dec 1877, Wm. Sam Murray, Margaret Ferguson

MURRAY, Janice Everett, 9 Mar 1875, Wm. Sam Murray, Margaret Ferguson

NUNES, Emma, 6 Sep 1876, Sanders Nunes, Mary Baptist

NUNES, Matilda, 16 June 1871, Sanders Nunes, Mary Baptist

NUNES, Rosa, 15 Feb 1877, Sanders Nunes, Mary Baptist

OGLE, Minnie Pearl, 8 Aug 1877, John Barnett Ogle, Margaret Ann Dinwiddie

OSTERHOLT, May D., 13 May 1877, Herman Osterholt, Jennie E. Dohbins

PARKIN, Bertha Mariana, 3 Jul 1877, Wm. Tapp Parkin, Amelia Gough

PARROTT, Willis Benton, 28 Sep 1877, Wm. Parrott, Jane Ann Martin

PATTERSON, Emma B., 27 Jul 1870, Lycurgus A. Patterson, Sarah Jane Thompson

PATTERSON, John Clifton, 6 Mar 1876, Thomas Franklin Patterson, Betty L. Beadle

PETEFISH, Harrison Wallace, 9 May 1873, Aaron N. Petefish, Martha L. Paul

PHALEN, Ann Elizabeth, 12 Sep 1875, John Phalen, Louise Aufrane

PHILLIPS, John R., 16 Jul 1877, Henry Phillips, Elizabeth Jan Davies

PIEPENBRING, Frank C., 22 Jul 1872, Chas. F. Piepenbring, Augusta Schmalz

PITNER, Nora Susan, 29 Aug 1874, Alexander Wesley Pitner, Elizabeth Black

PRATT, Fannie Ellen, 20 Apr 1865, Chas. Henry Pratt, Ellen Maria Wing

RADFORD, Lucinda Catherine, 19 Mar 1873, Chas. Kine Radford, Nancy Jane Morris

RAYNOR, Clara Mae, 6 Sep 1874, Eugene N. Raynor, Florence Ayers

REED, James N., 15 May 1875, James M. Reed, Elizabeth Sargent

REEDS, Isaac, 4 Feb 1868, John A. Reeds, Elizabeth Hull

REICHERT, Emma Odelia, 2 Sep 1867, John Simon Reichert, Anna Henritta Reiker

REID, Arthur C., 22 Aug 1875, John Birch Allison Reid, Mary Ann Weir

REYLAND, Louisa Eleanore, 19 Oct 1873, Eigen Emmanuel Lorenz Reyland, Maria Emily Walds

RICHARDSON, Katie Belle, 12 Apr 1867, Wm. Kelsey Richardson, Helen Mary Dinwiddie

RICKS, Emma Alice, 12 oct 1876, John Henry Ricks, Frances Alice Mayers

ROACH, Bessie Alice, 24 Dec 1873, Albert Robt. Roach, Sarah Columbus Palmer

ROACH, Charles Edward, 6 Nov 1871, Chas. Jephanah Roach, Katherine Vallentine

ROBERTSON, Kathryn, 2 Aug 1875, John Robertson, Cassandra Rawlings

ROBINSON, Carrie E., 13 Aug 1875, Martin L. Robinson, Lyda Ann Latham

RUBLE, Sarah Jane, 28 May 1877, Richard Ruble, Sarah Jane Smetters

SAMPLE, Martha May, 13 Dec 1877, John David Sample, Margaret Emily Morris

SARGENT, Hunt Balentine, 26 Jun 1875, Richard Carter Sargent, Utopia Hale

SAWYER, Helen, 21 May 1865, Chas. Kimbel Sawyer, Virginia Briggs

SCHAUB, Josie E., 6 Jul 1875, John Anselm Schaub, Martha Marie Pfiffler

SCHAUB, Molleye Hayes, 4 Mar 1877, John A. Schaub, Martha Pfiffler

SCHOLL, Jake E., 20 Jan 1876, Virgil Scholl, Medora A. Mansfield

SCHOONOVER, Bertha May, 13 Jan 1876, James Schoonover, Anna Watson

SCHULER, Henry, 25 Nov 1876, John Schuler, Caroline Reiuter (?)

SCOTT, Edward Dawane, 19 May 1870, Sylvanus Scott, Elizabeth Dodsworth

SCOTT, Henrietta Elizabeth, 5 Sep 1877, John Wm. Killiam Scott, Ellan Elizabeth Scott

SCOTT, John Walter, 16 Oct 1877, Frances M. Scott, Sarah Clementine Scott

SEYMOUR, Otto Warren, 20 Apr 1877, Baker Seymour, Sarah Kieble Fagen

SEYMOUR, Wilmirth, 1 Dec 1873, Wm. Robt. Seymour, Melinda Ann Grimsley

SHUMAY, Laura May, 17 Jun 1873, Henry Shumay, Jemima Gooch

SIEBER, Emil Albert, 23 Jul 1871, Edward Rudolph Sieber, Kathern Bardill

SKELTON, Jennie Bell, 31 Jul 1877, Jacob Clay Skelton, Sarah Cline

SKINNER, John Wilbur, 4 Oct 1876, John Freeman Skinner, Mary Ann Beeley

SMITH, James M., 23 Apr 1869, Manuel Smith, Mary Gonsolves

SMITH, Frank Zachara, 2 Mar 1876, Talma Smith, Mary Jane Kirkman

SMITH, Frederick Carl, 6 Jan 1871, John Smith, Anna Julia Woolen

SMITH, Harry Lurton, 4 Sep 1875, James R. Smith, Mary E. Lurton

SMITH, Harry Talma, 31 Oct 1872, Talma Smith, Mary Jane Kirkman

SMITH, Hattie, 14 Apr 1877, John F. Smith, Jo Anne Smith

SMITH, Melvin Oscar, 9 Apr 1875, James A. Smith, Margaret Reside

SMITH, Minnie, 24 Jan 1877, Joseph C. Smith, Andrizza DeFrates

SNOW, Sallie Edith, 17 Nov 1876, William Snow, Evelyn Deatherage

SOOY, Maria Katherine, 30 Nov 1876, Chas. Edward Sooy, Sarah Ann Anderson

SORRELS, David H., 22 Mar 1871, , Mary Ann Hawkins

SORRELLS, Estus McKinley, 2 June 1875, Peter Sorrells, Mary Ann Hawkins

SORRELLS, Irven T., 11 Mar 1877, Irven Sorrells, Loney Kelly

SORRELLS, Minnie Belle, 28 Aug 1872, Joseph Sorrells, Louisa Helen Smith

SPENCER, Daisie Deane, 5 Sep 1876, John Spencer, Josephine Bracewell

STEINBERG, George B., 17 Jul 1877, John Steinberg, Hilke Rolfs

STOCKTON, Eva Lena, 29 Aug 1875, Jacob Henry Stockton, Mary Ellan Bingman

STONE, William Albert, 11 Sep 1876, Wm. Aaron Stone, Mollie Adelia Lewis

STREET, W. Adelaid, 5 Nov 1877, William Street, Adelaid Johnson

TAYLOR, Charley Allen, 12 Feb 1877, Edward Allen Taylor, Susan Sooy

TERRY, Lillian Brooks, 4 Jul 1874, James M. Terry, Mary E. Ayers

THEIS, John, 2 Aug 1875, William Theis, Louise German

THOMPSON, Hattie May, 5 Sep 1877, Maurice Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson

TRIBBLE, Finis O., 22 Apr 1877, Thos. J. Tribble, Margaret E. McNeely

TURNER, Andrew, 1 Nov 1877, Mart Turner, Mary Beck

UNGLAUB, Frank, 31 Oct 1868, John C. Unglaub, Mary Ann Roesch

VALENTINE, Harry Welch, 29 Jan 1867, Enoch Valentine, Mary Jane Jockensmith

VASCONCELLOS, Anna, 19 Nov 1869, Joseph Vasconcellos, Joana Martin

VASCONCELLOS, Edward, 19 Sep 1875, John H. Vasconcellos, Christina Roderick

VIEIRA, William, 22 Oct 1874, John Vieira, Jessie Vieira

WARD, Clifford Earle, 27 Dec 1876, Albert Jay Ward, Emma Chapman

WARD, Mable Chapman, 23 Apr 1875, Albert Jay Ward, Emma Chapman

WATSON, Fred Richard, 3 Aug 1877, Wm. Henry Watson, Electa Adkisson

WHITLOCK, Oscar, 5 Apr 1874, Jeptha Whitlock, Georgetta Smith

WIDMAYER, Emma Louise, 17 Nov 1873, Chas. Henry Widmayer, Louise Ann Ream

WIDMAYER, Louisa Cornelia, 4 Oct 1874, Ernest Paul Widmayer, Mary Matilda Ream

WINTERS, Mary Elizabeth, 30 Apr 1874, Wm. Harrison Winters, Alpha Jane Clayton

WOOD, Lula Belle, 20 Sep 1873, John Wood, Mary Jane Davis

WOODS, Charlie Chesnut, 3 Aug 1874, Jas. Jefferson Woods, Mary Ellen Luttrell

WOODS, Clarence H., 17 Jan 1877, John Henry Woods, Mary Cornelia Woods

WOODS, Jim Jr., 12 May 1877, James Jefferson Woods, Mary Ellen Luttrell

WRIGHT, Martha Eliza, 17 Dec 1875, John E. Wright, Margaret J. Henry

WYATT, Albert Hillman, 4 Dec 1877, Wm. S. Wyatt, Almira Johns Hillman

WYATT, Nellie Bell, 26 Mar 1873, Wm. Solly Wyatt, Elmira Johns Hillman

YOUNG, Ida M., 4 Aug 1877, George W. Young, Mary J. Norman

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