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Its Past and present
Chicago: Donnelley, Loyd & Co., Publishers, 1878.
(reprinted by the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society, 1975)

PAGE, JOSEPH P., farmer, Sec. 25, P.O. Manchester, Scott County. Son of Robert Page, native of Virginia; the father of our subject moved during a very early period to old Kentucky; was there united in wedlock to Miss Mary Park, the children to this union were: Frances, Ruth D., Joseph P., William J., Aeneas T.; the wife and mother of these children, died about the year 1843; was married to second wife, Miss Rebecca Dean; they have had three children: John W., Henry Clay, and Robert C.; in 1847 conceived the idea of emigrating to a new field of labor; packed his goods in a four-horse wagon, and started for Illinois, being destined to suffer mishaps, whilst crossing the river at Shawneetown, the tire of his wagon was lost in the muddy stream, got the necessary repairs made, and continued the journey; at length settled in Scott County, rented a farm from Robert Marshall, moved thence to Lynnville, Morgan County, journeyed here two years, again tried farm life, for two years east of Lynnville; then bought a farm of 80 acres in Scott County, 40 acres from Alfred Thompson, and 40 acres from W. Batty, lived there two years, sold out, and returned to the life of a renter; thence in 1859, moved to Camden County, Missouri, and rented a tract of 80 acres of land, improved it, but being a solid Republican, and the war being inaugurated, his life was in jeopardy, hence, moved himself and family back to Scott County again, followed renting until 1865, when he purchased a small farm in Greene County and died April 9, 1877; he was born July 4, 1804; his wife still survives him. The gentleman at the head of this biography was born Jan. 1, 1831, in Munroe County, Kentucky, followed the changes of life, and shared the hardships of his father, and toiled in the preceding lines; was married Jan. 2, 1851, to Miss Martha L. Pogue, in Scott County; they have had six children: William R., John T., George H., James A., Joseph P. and Ennis C.; Mrs. Page passed away to glory, Jan. 27, 1862; was married again, Aug. 5, 1872, have had one child, Mary Jane; in the dark days of our country’s history, when rebels assailed our flag, Mr. Page volunteered his life on the altar of his birthright, enlisted Aug. 1872, in Co. F, 101st Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, and followed the fortunes of his regiment in camp and field, as will be seen elsewhere in this work, and finally, had the proud satisfaction to see the nation saved, and his flag wave triumphantly over a nation freed from the trammels of slavery; Mr. and Mrs. Page are good members of the United Baptist Church, and well respected.

PARKER, H. J., DR., was born in Marion County, Wis., in 1845; his father emigrated to Ohio, from the State of Maryland, in 1844, and engaged in farming, and being a great friend of education, embraced every opportunity to school his children; the Dr. therefore received a liberal education, though not without his own exertions, and is what might be termed a self_made man; he took a regular academic course at “Van Renselaer” Academy, situated ten miles west of Hannibal, Mo., and commenced the study of medicine at the age of twenty; he graduated at the Missouri “Medical College,” in March, 1870; was one of the few who passed a satisfactory examination at the end of the first term, and consequently received from the faculty a certificate of qualification, and commenced the practice of his profession in 1869, one year previous to his graduation; he practiced in Clinton County, Ill., until 1874, when, in consequence of his father’s ill health, he removed to Hannibal, where he was, in 1875, appointed to the office of City Physician, which position he held one year; while in Hannibal he assisted in the organization of the “Hannibal Society of Moralists,” and delivered the opening address before that society, on the 7th day of November, 1875, a chain of causes and circumstance, unnecessary to mention here, induced him to leave the State of his choice, and to locate in Meredosia, September, 1877; the Dr. has a wife and three children, having married, in 1870, a daughter of Louis Busby, of Montgomery City, Mo., and formerly of Ky.; his wife is a sister of the Rev. William P. Busby, of Hannibal, Mo.

PARROTT, JAMES B., farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 36, P.O. Waverly. Mr. Parrott was born in Christian Co., Ky., near Hopkinsville, July 1, 1822; the seventh child of Tyre and Nancy Parrott, whose maiden name was Shrock. The father of James was born in Virginia (probably born in 1787). Moving to Kentucky in an early day he married the lady mentioned above, and lived there many years. During the Autumn of 1825, he emigrated to Illinois, settling on Indian Creek, where he stopped in a cabin built by ‘Squire Page. Remaining in this dwelling during the winter, the following spring he built a similar structure, into which he moved his family. An industrious man, generous to a fault, he never became wealthy; he died in 1852, an estimable citizen. His loss was deeply deplored by all who knew him; his wife died in 1832. James, who heads this sketch grew up in Illinois, and inherited from his father that energy that marks his business transactions today. His education was derived in a log cabin, common in those early days. In 1843 he married Miss Jane Sims, a daughter of Wm. Sims, one of the first settlers of this county; with Mr. Parrott, in early days, money was generally an unknown quantity; for many years he saw but few comforts, but in time, as improvements swept over the county, he began to accumulate property amounting to four hundred acres; now owns 220 acres. By this marriage four children, two of whom are living: Mary Jane, who married J. W. Wrightsman, and John W., who married Miss Rilda Edwards.

PARROTT, W. J., farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 14, P.O. Prentice; Mr. Parrott was born in Fayette County, Kentucky, Dec. 6, 1842; his father, R.D. Parrott was born in 1812; a native of Kentucky, who there married Miss Sarah Bonham, of whose antecedents little is known; in 1829 the family set foot in Morgan County, and located a short distance from what is now the village of Yatesville; for many years the head of the family met every discouragement of pioneer life, with that manly fortitude peculiar to a Western people, and when the unbroken prairie gave place to cultivated fields and farms, he went steadily forward to a successful career; W.J. who heads this sketch, grew to manhood in Morgan Co.; received the usual education, and turned his attention to farming; March, 31, 1875, he was united in marriage to Miss Jennie A. Martin, of Mason Co.; by this marriage two children, Martin and Willis; Mr Parrott owns 40 acres.

PATTERSON, A. C., farmer, Sec. 5, P.O. Jacksonville; born in Kentucky in 1823; settled in Morgan Co. in the Fall of 1830, the winter of the deep snow; married in 1853 to Miss Mary F. Botts; born in Morgan Co.; have five children (lost three) living: Martha E., Mary F., Chas. E., William B., Oliver L.; owns 430 acres, valued at $21,500.

PEAK, JACOB H. farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 23, P.O. Franklin; oldest son of Absalom and Rebecca Pak, natives of Tennessee, where Jacob was born, May 26, 1829; the following autumn the Peak family, then consisting of husband, wife, and three children, set out in a covered wagon for the far West, settling in Morgan County; purchasing a farm of 80 acres, the head of the family built a log cabin of the usual description, no floor, rough logs, etc.; Absalom Peak lived in Scott County from the time of his settlement until he died, May 23, 1867; it should be stated the farm property settled on first was afterward merged into Scott County; he became a successful farmer, an energetic man, who contributed very materially to the present prosperity of the county in which he lived; the wife, aged seventy-three, is living on the old estate in Scott County; when quite young, Jacob attended school in a log cabin that stood near where the town of Exeter is now located; at Exeter also attended school; in 1852, purchased a farm of 119 acres, in the vicinity of the old homestead; two years later married Miss Matilda Campbell, daughter of John B. and Cynthia Campbell, who settled in Scott County prior to the deep snow; in 1857, Mr. P. moved from Scott County to Morgan, and there purchased part of the farm he now owns, comprising then 160 acres; now owns 400 acres; in 1862 enlisted in Co. F, 129th Regt. Ill. Vol., in Scott County; was in the battles of peach Tree Creek, Buzzard Roost, Resaca, Dalton, siege of Atlanta; with Sherman in his famous march to the sea; he attained to the rank of third sergeant; honorably discharged at the close of the war; has six children now living: Scott, Alice, May, Mary L., Kate L., Dora, and Lulu; John C. deceased.

PETREE, FRANCIS, Sec. I, P.O. Franklin; retired farmer and stock raiser. A native of North Carolina; was born Feb. 2, 1792. In 1802 the family moved to Kentucky, where Mr. Petree grew to manhood; formed the acquaintance of and married Sallie Luttrell,, a daughter of Richard and Nancy Luttrell, in 1811. He longed for a home in the far West, and finally concluded to make an attempt at reaching the coveted spot. Accordingly, not being able to purchase the necessary wagon, he placed his wife and two children on one horse, his son John, on another, himself being on foot, and driving three cows, the little family started. After three weeks of privations and hardship, they landed in Madison County, Illinois; two years after he moved to Morgan County, and entered 200 acres of land on Mauvaisterre Creek; Mr. Petree drove hogs to St. Louis, and sold them for $1.50 per hundred; the money to pay for his land. Some years after settling in Morgan County, Mr. Petree became afflicted with cancer; he tried all the physicians within his reach, but all united in pronouncing him incurable; hearing of a man in Alabama, who was “endowed with power to heal,” he bid his family and friends farewell, not thinking he would ever return, and was hauled the entire distance in a wagon, not being able to get up when down. In three weeks after arriving in Alabama, he was able to walk around, and improved so rapidly that he was soon pronounced well. Nine children; only two of whom are now living: John, who lives in Morgan County, and Sarah, who married James Cox, of Mauvaisterre. In 1845 Mrs. Petree departed this life; in the same year Mr. Petree married Tabitha, relict of Thomas Luttrell; this union proved of long duration; Mrs. Petree living till Oct. 1873

PHILLIPS, JAMES, farmer and stock raiser, sec. 13, P.O. Jacksonville; born in Devonshire, Eng., Nov. 13, 1827, and came to U.S., settling in Morgan Co., 1852; was married in Canada, June 12, 1849, to Ann Molone, daughter of Wm. and Ann Molone, formerly of Ireland; this union has been blessed by eight children, five of whom are living, viz: Mary Jane, Oct. 20, 1850, now Mrs. T.J. Davison, Morgan Co.; John H., Jan. 1, 1856; Caroline O., April 27, 1861; Richard E., Aug. 24, 1863; and Annie, Jan. 2, 1867. Mr. Phillips has devoted his industries solely to agricultural pursuits; homestead consists of 100 acres well improved land, wrought from the timber and brush by the industry of its owner.

PLANK, JOHN H., farmer on Sec. 14, lives in Meredosia; was born in Missouri, April 11, 1841; came to this county in 1858; he enlisted in 1861, in the 14th Regt. I.V.I., Co. A, and served three years; he married in 1864, Julia Webster, who was born in this county, in 1843, and who died in 1868; he had two children by her, both of whom died; he married again, in 1869, to Sarah Blackstun; was born in Jacksonville, Ill., in 1847; they have four children, three living, and one dead.

POE, B. W., farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 30, P.O. Jacksonville; Mr. Poe was born in Cincinnati, Ohio; at the age of eight years his parents moved to Galesburg, and located near the farm now owned by Judge Wood; on the farm then purchased the father passed the remainder of his days: five children survived him, of whom are now living: C.T. Poe, Thos. B., Mary Ann, and B.W., now a resident of Morgan County, who married Miss Sarah A. Wood, daughter of Thomas Wood; one child, died in infancy; when the war came on he enlisted in the First Missouri Cavalry, for three years’ service; participated in the battle of Sugar Creek, there twice wounded, also in the battle of Pea Ridge; honorably discharged; since the war has been a resident of Morgan County.

PORTER, JAMES, farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 36, P.O. Woodson, son of William and Sarah Porter, natives of Kentucky, where James was born, August 14, 1818, in 1834, the family moved to Morgan Co., locating ten miles southeast of Jacksonville; James received his preliminary education in Kentucky, which was afterward completed in Morgan Co.; in 1843, the head of the family died, and James and Sinclair Porter became heirs to the property; Sinclair Porter is not living; James resides on the old homestead purchased so many years ago; owns 200 acres, which, for its size, is one of the best farms in the State; in 1870 he built a handsome residence; a strictly hones man, he has the respect of the community in which he lives. Two of his sisters, Mrs. Coughman and Miss Nancy Porter, reside with him.

POST, JOHN M., farmer, Sec. 15, P.O. Meredosia; dem; lib; born in Morgan Co. on this section, April 19, 1844; married Sept. 14, 1870, to Mary E. Ray, born in Logan Co., Jan. 13, 1847. Has two children by her: Lawrence, born March 20, 1873, died Sept. 18, 1873; Ellen, born July 8, 1871. Mary E. Ray died March 28, 1873. Married again Dec. 29, 1874, to Louisa Pankey, born in Morgan Co., March 14, 1854. Has two children by her: Esther, born Sept. 14, 1875; Phoebe, born Sept. 1, 1877. Enlisted in the Spring of 1862, in Co. K, 27th Ill. Vol. Inf.; engaged in following battles: Belmont, Mo., Fort Donaldson, Farmington, Miss., Corinth, Miss., Iuka, Miss. Discharged and re_enlisted in the regular army, at Nashville, Tenn., in Co. G, 4th U.S. cavalry; was in following engagements: Stone River, Oakaloony, Miss., Winchester, Tenn., Salem, Tenn., Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga. Was taken prisoner at or between Winchester and Salem. Was imprisoned in following prisons: Libby, Richmond, Va., Belle Island, in James River, Andersonville, Blackshire, Florence, and Charleston; here he was exchanged, and returned to his regiment, first having been paroled. Was in one more fight, Macon, Ga., after returning to his regiment. Discharged Dec. 25, 1865. His father, William Post, has held the office of Justice of the peace forty years, with exception of three years while residing at Jacksonville, and while there he held the office of deputy sheriff, in 1858; during his past life he also held the offices of deputy assessor, school treasurer, and school director. He was born in Warwick, Orange Co., N.Y., Jan. 27, 1802; married twice; first wife was Phoebe McConnel, born Oct. 23, 1804; second wife, Elizabeth McGee, born June 12, 1809, died in 1877. First wife’s children are: Harriet, married James Allan; Mary Ann, married Dr. L.H. Calloway; Ellen, died July 26, 1834; Esther, married Perry Craig; Marrilla, married George Elliot; and John M., born April 19, 1844. No children by his second wife. Politics, Greenback party.

POTTER, HENRY, deceased; he was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1841; he with his family emigrated to the United States in 1849; They left Liverpool May 7, and landed in New York in June of the same year, and located at Oriskany, Oneida County, New York; moved to Lynnville, Morgan County, in September, 1851; seven children were born in England, James, Elizabeth, Ann Elliott, John, Henry T., Martha, William, and five born in America, Ruth, George, Thomas, Edward E., Charles W.; Mr. Potter followed his trade as wagonmaker till 1857, then moved to Scott County; lived there four years; in 1860 purchased 240 acres of Jacob Strawn, and in the Spring of 1861 moved to Morgan County; he was married to Mary Elliott in 1837; he died in 1876.

POWERS, WILLIAM, farmer, Sec. 30, P.O. Meredosia, born Nova Scotia, May 30, 1822; married March 23, 1851, to Mehale Jane Warner, who was born in Putnam Co., Ind., March 6, 1836. Have eight children living: Sarah E., born Nov. 20, 1852; Katie M., born Aug. 18, 1856; Patrick William, born July 18, 1858; John Wesley, born Oct. 8, 1860; Edwin J., born Dec. 8, 1862; Samuel B., born March 14, 1865; Francis, born May 12, 1869; Julia Belle, born July 28, 1871; lost three: Walter, born Sept. 24, 1874, died in infancy; Margaret Jane, born Sept. 8, 1857, died Aug. 8, 1877; Mary M., born April 18, 1855, died in infancy. Mr. Powers was born in Nova Scotia, and as far as he remembers, he lived in Philadelphia in infancy. Then went to Ohio where he worked on a farm until he was 22 years old. Then in 1844, he removed to this county. Has lived here since; owns 40 acres of land, value $1,200. He is doing well here.