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Its Past and present
Chicago: Donnelley, Loyd & Co., Publishers, 1878.
(reprinted by the Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society, 1975)

NEAL, JOHN TERRY, farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 24, P.O. Murrayville. His parents were natives of Kentucky; in the Spring of 1829, packed their goods in a covered wagon, and made the trip overland, and after a journey of nearly three weeks, having suffered many hardships on the route, landed and settled on a small tract of land, two miles east of Manchester (then Morgan County), Scott County. Sold out the little claim, and moved back to “Old Kentucky;” having lived there one year, returned and entered a new tract of land; a substantial log cabin soon loomed up on the western confines of civilization, attesting the enterprise of the new emigrants; by steady toil and judicious economy, a bright and pleasant home crowned his labors; having lived to see the white man displace the red man, died Nov. 9, 1873, aged 80 years; three children survive him: James, Squire C., and John Terry. The mother died in February, 1843, aged 38 years. The gentleman whose name heads this sketch, was born Jan. 1, 1828, and worked on his father’s farm until he was eighteen years old, then hired for one year to Mr. Lemmons, at the then good wages of $120 per annum; this was his starting point in life, which afterward ripened into success in life; was married to Miss Caroline Lemmons, July 4, 1850; they have been blessed with a very interesting family of nine children: Mary E., born Dec. 17, 1852; Sarah J., Aug. 2, 1856; George Milton, July 23, 1859; Martha E., Oct. 13, 1862; Emma H., Sept. 23, 1865; Anna Lula, July 5, 1868; Rose E., Jan. 2, 1870; Belle, Dec. 15, 1873; Edith C., Oct. 21, 1877; Mary E., married William H. Martin, whose biography appears elsewhere in this work. In 1873 Mr. Neal served his interests with the good people of Scott County, moved, and located in Morgan County, on Sec. 24; Mr. and Mrs. Neal are devoted Christians, and fear God rather than man, and are well esteemed by all.

NEECE, M. C. farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 33, P.O. Waverly. The subject of this sketch was born in Greene Co., Ill., Sept. 18, 1833, son of Robert and Peninah Neece, natives of Tenn., and among the first settlers of Ill. Mr. Neece grew up in Greene Co., Ill., but for many years has been a resident of Morgan Co., Ill. During the war he became a speculator in provisions, breadstuffs, etc., etc. He married in his twenty_first year Mrs. Ann Swinden, a daughter of Henry and Sarah Swinden. Five children, three living: Mary E., Sarah E., and Edward N. Mr. Neece owns some two hundred acres, and is a live energetic man; he is a credit to the vocation which he has followed for so many years

NEVINS, T. V. farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 23, P.O. Waverly; oldest son now living of John and Edith Nevins, who settled in Morgan Co. prior to the deep snow; first, on their arrival in Illinois, they settled at Chapman Point, Macoupin Co. John Nevins was born in Tenn., 1804, and married in 1825 to Miss Edith Gerhardt, a native of Virginia. Ten children born of this marriage, seven of whom are living. T.V. Nevins, as previously mentioned, being the oldest; he was born on the old homestead Jan. 14, 1831, receiving his education in a log cabin, where everything was of the plainest description, and where the principal studies were the Webster’s spelling book and New Testament; married in his twenty_first year. Nov. 1852, Mrs. Mary A. Sims, relict of Robert Sims, and daughter of Wm. Campbell. Mrs. Nevins married Robert Sims Nov. 21, 1844; by this marriage, two children, Wm. A., who married Harriet Allen, and John J., who married Miss Mattie Alderson. Mrs. Nevins, who gives this narrative, relates that in the earliest settlement of this county the people were sociable and friendly, and did a wedding occur, the pioneer, accompanied by his family, joined in the festivities of the occasion. Mr. Nevins, for many years, a resident of Morgan Co., now owns land in Mo., where with his family he will shortly become a permanent resident. Two children, Alexander, born Aug. 23, 1855, Clara A., born March 20, 1863.

NEWBY, ROBERT, farmer and stock raiser, P.O. Jacksonville; only son of John Newby, formerly of Yorkshire, England; was born Aug. 12, 1827, in England; but came to this country with his parents at the early age of three years, and settled at his present residence in the Spring of 1833, thus having grown up as it were with the county, and one who is closely identified with its growth and improvements; was married Feb. 23, 1854, to Mary, daughter of Wm. and Elizabeth Hall, of Morgan Co.; this union has been blessed by six children, viz.: John W. born May 1, 1855; Charles S. Nov. 1, 1856; Frank R. Sept. 9, 1864; Mary Etta, April 23, 1868; George Albert, Oct. 21, 1869, and Emma Jane, Aug. 20, 1872; Mrs. Newby died April 1, 1875, aged 45 years; Mr. Newby married again Jan. 23, 1877, to Julia Ann McGinness, born Nov. 23, 1849; Mr. Newby’s parents still reside on the old homestead; they were both born in 1801; the homestead consists of about 100 acres beautifully located and highly improved land, wrought by the industry and able management of its owner from the wild timber and brush.

NEWLAND, WM. T. renter, Sec. 17, P.O. Jacksonville; first son of John Newland, of Adams Co., Illinois, born Oct. 31, 1850, removed to Morgan Co., in 1869, and has lived here since that time; married Oct. 28, 1875, to Mary Juaneta, daughter of John and Mary DeLapp, of Morgan Co., born Aug. 29, 1859; this union has been blessed by one child, Clara J. born Sept. 6, 1877; rents 160 acres of land, the general appearance of which indicate the industry and thrifty husbandry of its occupant.

NICHOLS, J. V., farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 4, P.O. Jacksonville, son of John and Mary Ann Nichols; he was born in Pike Co., Mo., Dec. 1, 1832; became a resident up to 1857; his father was a farmer in good circumstances, and on the farm young N. grew up and received a district school education; in 1856, he married Mary Ellen Whitlock, daughter of John and Mary; in 1857, he removed to Morgan Co.; in 1862, he enlisted in Co. D, 101st Ill. Inf. for three years’ service; mustered at Jacksonville, he went to the front in October of the same year, was engaged in the battle of Mission Ridge, was under command of Sherman when he made his famous march; at the close of the war he was mustered out of the service at Camp Butler, situated at Springfield, Ill.; he then returned to Morgan Co., and began cabinet making, to which trade he was regularly apprenticed. Mr. N. owns 100 acres. Children: Herbert Wm., John E., Whitlock and Frederick L.

NIEHAUS, AUGUST, farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 4, P.O. Alexander. The subject of this sketch is the youngest of a family of ten children; his parents were natives of Prussia, Germany, where August was born, about 1835; on the old homestead, young Niehaus passed his boyhood; at twenty-two, he left his German home for America; after a long voyage, he landed in New Orleans; from this point to St. Louis, and thence to Morgan Co., settling in the vicinity of Alexander, where he first worked by the month. In 1861, he married Miss Minnie Meyers, daughter of Henry and Mary Meyers, natives of Germany, where Mrs. Niehaus was born, in 1842. Nine children blessed this union, seven living: Caroline, born in 1863; Louis, 1865; Louisa, 1867; Minnie, 1869; August, 1872; Anna, 1876; Emma, 1878; Katy and Mary, deceased.