Jacksonville-Markham Township, Morgan County IL

Jacksonville-Markham Township
Morgan County, Illinois
Township 15 North, Range 11 West, Third Principal Meridian

1875 County Map   County Map Sketch


The towns in Jacksonville-Markham Township are:

Cemeteries in Jacksonville-Markham Township


Cemeteries in Jacksonville-Markham Township

Allison E ½, Section 31
Bane aka Baines SE¼SE¼, Section 28
Caldwell SE¼-NE¼, Section 3
Chapin 7NE-8NW, Section 7
Campbell SW¼-SW¼, Section 30
Gravel Springs SE¼SE¼, Section 10
Hembrough SW¼SW¼, Section 15
Horrell NW¼, Section 32
Huckstep / Horrell SW¼SW¼, Section 31
James NW¼, Section 12
Joy NW¼, Section 4
Liberty SE¼-SW¼, Section 16
Massey NW¼-SE¼, Section 24
Morgan County Poor Sections 1 & 2
Mt. Zion SE¼-NE¼, Section 9
Noonan aka Wood NE¼-SE¼, Section 10
Richardson NE¼-NE¼, Section 10

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