More McCarty Family Photos
Morgan County IL

The narratives provided by Robert Bland.

These are the "McCarty Girls". Left to right are Mary Adelaide, Ruth Olivette (my mother), Ada Myrtle and Grace Louise. Seems that this picture was taken at just about 'marriageable' age. Before 1914.

This picture was taken in 1939 during Anthony James McCarty's funeral when all of the family gathered to celebrate his life.

This is the picture that is on the memorial service for Byron Monroe McCarty, my uncle. He was in the Pacific and I was in England with the 8th AF. We communicated during this time via "V-mail". He was my mother's youngest brother, thirteen years older than me. I had two letters returned during the war marked "Deceased", his being one of them.

Obituary of Byron Monroe McCarty as published in the Journal - Courier, April 1945.

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