Floyd Family Picture
Morgan County IL

This is a picture of my great-grandfather, Charles Thomas Floyd and his wife, Minnie Mae Allen, taken on their golden wedding anniversary in 1950. They resided in Meredosia, Morgan County, Illinois. They had 10 children. Charles was born in March 1880 in Brown County, and died in 1956 in Meredosia, Morgan County, Illinois. Minnie was born Jan 10, 1883 in Slater, Saline County, Missouri, and died July 15, 1966 in Meredosia, Morgan County, Illinois. Both are interred in Oakland Cemetery in Meredosia. Their house still stands and is occupied by one of their numerous grandchildren. One of their daughters, Myrtle "May" still lives across the street from the family home. Anyone wishing info on this family can e-mail Kimberly Hicks.

Charles Thomas Floyd and Minnie Mae Allen Floyd in 1950

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